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Zaid Hamid faces tough resistance in Peshawar

This was really a bad day for Zahid Hamid in Islamia College Peshawar when he was fully resisted by workers of Amn Tehrik and both factions of Pakhtun Students Federation.

Zaid Hamid arrived today with full VIP protocol to address youth at “Takbeer Hall” of Islamia Colege Peshawar. Young children from Islamia Collegate School and some disabled female students were also present on the occasion.

He started the show with a video show of General Hamid Gul and some Jihadi stuff but soon the program was suspended as Pakhtun students leaders started asking the questions about the purpose of his visit. However, these boys were arrested on the spot.

Later some young emotional boys opened fire on the spot.

The news arrived at the a local hotel whee senior members of the Amn Tehrik (Movement for Peace) were planning a peace program. They kept the program aside and rushed towards Islamia College where they chanted slogans against those who were disturbing the peace process in the Pakhtun land. This group was led by Dr. Syed Alam Mehsud, Idrees Kamal and Qaisar Khan.

The said Hall of Islamia College was fully guarded by security men and Zaid Hamid was sitting inside the hall, while Pakhtun students were rising slogans such as:

Monga Nor Maree Na Ghwaroo

Zaid Hamid was sent back ‘with full protocol’ to the Governor House.

It is learnt that the permission was given to Zaid Hamid by the Governor of the province and he was accompanied by anonymous, strange people who appeared to be highly trained persons (perhaps from an intelligence agency).

Later, Qaisar Khan, Said Alam Mehsud, Idrees Kamal, Zahid Buneray, Aziz Khan, Gulzar Khan went to a local police station; they held dialogue with the SSP; they refused to go back without securing the release of the arrested students. Late at the evening, all the arrested boys along with those of People’s Students Federation were released.

Courtesy: KhyberWatch

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  • fully fabricated article. da program was superb and we all were pesent thre for our country pakistan and zaid hamid a true muslim.only 5 stupid boys i wll cald dem a sahme 4 pukhtons star some panic bt we push dem out………. long leave pakistan

  • In the last part of “Zaid Hamid Buries the Yusuf ‘Kazzab’ Myth – The TRUTH 6-6 (ORIGNAL)”, Mr Zaid had openly issued a “Fatwa of Takfeer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7owM_U3ySQ&feature=related” against Pakistani State. I wonder how would you defend this latest “Whiplashing by Zaid”, there may not be good Muslims in State/Establishment [Being Fasiq and Fajir doesn’t make you a Kaafir] but Zaid knows better and declaring whole system based on “Kufr” and if that is so then why Mawdudi, Mufit Mehmood and other Mawlvis signed on 1973 Constitution and Parliament adopted it.

    I am not attacking Zaid Hamid’s Faith [indeed I have quoted the the source in the very start of this thread]. You are wrong again because when Prophets [PBUT] were mocked then Allah’s help came to defend their honour in Quran.
    Above all the disease is not called Bi-Polar but it has another word “Neo-Fascism”.
    Zaid Hamid is quoting Abdus Sattar Niazi so let me quote an incident of General Ayub tenure about that Rampant Mullah Abdul Sattar Niazi
    Maulana Abdul Sattar Niazi was vociferous on the matter of riba. But he is sticking to his central portfolio. The maulana has been known to compromise his position in the past. Perhaps,public memory will recall the incident when he shaved his beard in the Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore to evade arrest in Ayub Khan’s time and escaped by wearing a burqa [veil]. Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi http://www.senate.gov.pk/ShowMemberDetail.asp?MemberCode=300&CatCode=0&CatName=

    Nobody has the right to execute/punish anybody for the crime except State even “Mirza Yousuf Ali” [Justice must prevail as per the Law of the Land] who as per Zaid Hamid was a Member of General Zia’s Majlis-e-Shora like Dr Israr [names meaning is mystery like Israr’s deviant ideology], he speak/preach in India using Indian Democracy [Secular or whatever] and when he is in Pakistan always “discuss Khilafa”.

    However, Zaid Hamid is correct to the hilt about the Calamity of Issuing Fatwa of Takfeer [Apostasy] by Mullah against each other [same are issuing Fatwa against Zaid], instead of replying Zaid Hamid through Arguments/References [academic reply], Anarchic War Mongers Sectarians Pakistani Mullahs from every SECT [Are sects allowed in Islam] to justify their Campaign against Zaid Hamid. If we accept the Fatwas of Pakistani Mullahs [Deobandi, Barelvi, Wahabis, Jamati and Shias] against Yousuf Ali as a Genuine Fatwa then what about the “Fatwas” issued by the very same Maulvis against each other and that too of “Apostasy – Takfeer”. May Allah help and Guide all of us and have mercy on this Mullah Class. Here lies the so-called Muslim Ummah! – 1
    http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2008/11/here-lies-so-called-muslim-ummah-1.html Calamity of Takfir [Rulings of Heresy – Apostate] Here lies the so-called Muslim Ummah! – 2
    http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2008/11/here-lies-so-called-muslim-ummah-2.html Barelvi and Deobandi Maulvis on Shias being Infidels [in Urdu.] CLICK THE LINK AND READ THE LAST PART Here lies the so-called Muslim Ummah! – 3 READ AND LAMENT http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2008/11/here-lies-so-called-muslim-ummah-3.html

    Zaid Zaman Hamid assaulted!


    Zaid Zaman Hamid Assaulted! 2


  • to hell with psf and amn tehrik and anp and ttp ! they r all illegal kids of india. we fully support zaid hamid !
    pakistan zindabad !

  • I am sorry to say this guy zaid hamid seems to be working under some strong people, its same like they used to emotionalize people on the name of islam and we see this messed today in our lands specially pashtuns lands…I support the people who stood against him, the people who support zaid hamid never know the background of last 30 years for what they did in the past. These guys should be exposed.

  • @masood khan
    ok the programe was awsome.then wht.dnt u see that thr is so much distability inside ur country .and ths man is just working under a plan .he doesnt want stability in pakistan.

  • Frankly i am not able to understand a word of it ! what exactly you all guys trying to say , please explain a bit like @ Mister Amir Mughal did, using refferences !

    Regards …