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Pakistan’s Nazi Judiciary vs Babar Awan

We condemn the Pakistan army-backed Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and his tribe in the Supreme Court on their ongoing attacks on the elected government and its various ministers and officials. Supreme Court is currently hearing a reference filed by President Asif Zardari under Article 186 (advisory jurisdiction of Supreme Court) of the Constitution seeking revisiting of the death sentence awarded to former prime minister and PPP founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1979. However, instead of providing relief to the party whose founder was judiciary murdered 32 years ago by Pakistan army, CJ Iftikhar and his judicial co-tribals are using the case to victimize and attack the aggrieved party.

What we are currently witnessing in Pakistan is the action replay of how Teen Jeem (Jenerals and their loyalist Judges and Journalists) act in close coordination to undermine and derail a democratic government.

In the latest development, the vice president of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) senator Babar Awan was today (5 January 2012) issued second show cause notice in two days on contempt of court order by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The court was hearing the Bhutto reference case on Thursday when Awan, who is federation’s lawyer in the case, was reprimanded after a video was played in the courtroom in which the PPP leader was seen commenting on the show cause notice issued by SC on Wednesday.

The video was recorded and misrepresented by one Jeem (journalists), shown to another Jeem (judges) and the order against the PPP’s VP was passed to appease the third jeem (jenerals). Arrangements were made on the court’s orders for footage and news clips of the remarks given by the former minister.

After watching the video (in which there was hardly anything objectionable said by Babar Awan, it was a tiny piece of Punjabi poetry), the court issued another show cause notice to the senator and senior PPP leader.

The chief justice asked Awan as to why he ridiculed the notices issued to PPP leaders and said: If you would not respect the state’s institutions, then who would? [Will the ISI-backed judges show similar respect to the country’s elected president and prime minister that that they are expecting others to show to them?] Justice Iftikhar said that he was in favour of criticising the judiciary [Really? Then why this outrage against Awan?] but Awan’s comments were not criticism, adding that Awan was not issued a license to insult the apex court.

Justice Jawwad Khwaja said that Awan’s comment was not contempt of order but insult of judiciary. Justice Khwaja decided to quit the bench after viewing footage of the comments. He was quoted as saying that he would not forgive Awan even if 10 other judges on the bench would decide to pardon him.

In reply, Awan said that he did not intend to insult the judiciary rather he was appreciating the court and its order through Punjabi poetry. CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry warned Awan of cancelling his licence in view of his statement and asked him to bring his file having the details of his license in the next hearing. Awan has been directed to submit his reply by 9th January.

While we have in the past disagreed with certain statements and actions of Babar Awan (e.g., his objectionable statements about Ahmadi Muslims), such steps by the ISI-backed judiciary are in fact increasing PPP workers’ sympathies towards Awan.

As noted by Asad Munir on Twitter:

asadmunir38 Asad Munir
PPP real Jiyalas never had a great liking for Babar Awan but these contempt notices may change their opinion

It is pertinent to mention that the Supreme Court had issued show cause notices to Babar Awan and several other senior leaders of PPP over the December 1 press conference to against SC’s initial hearing on the ISI-made memo case. The other PPP leaders who were issued show cause notices on Wednesday include Federal information minister Firdous Ashiq Awan, Farooq Awan, Khursheed Shah and former federal mister for information and broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira.

Here is a copy of Babar Awan’s video shown in the court. Pakistan’s supreme court, it seems, is acting like a kangaroo court or a Nazi court which does not want to tolerate even a light sarcasm on its ISI-inspired political activism. Where is free speech, My Lord?


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  • Pakistan’s supreme court it seems is acting like a kangaroo court or a Nazi court which does not want to accept even a light-hearted sarcasm in the shape of poetry. Where is free speech, My Lord?
    Teen Jeem Really Destroy Democracy !

  • نوٹس ملیا ککھ نہ ہلیا
    کیوں سوہنیاں دا گلہ کراں
    میں سو وری بسم اللہ کراں

    A judiciary that is unable to appreciate these beautiful lines, is either out of their wits or plainly uneducated. To what Babar Awan has said so eloquently, let also add: سو بسم اللہ

  • نوٹس ملیا ککھ نہ ہلیا
    کیوں سوہنیاں دا گلہ کراں
    میں سو وری بسم اللہ کراں

    A judiciary that is unable to appreciate these beautiful lines, is either out of their wits or plainly uneducated. To what Babar Awan has said so eloquently, let me also add: سو بسم اللہ

  • Is it a joke? What is the anti-Christ upto?

    عدالت میں موجود ہمارے نامہ نگار شہزاد ملک نے بتایا کہ جمعرات کے روز چیف جسٹس افتخار محمد چوہدری کی سربراہی میں سپریم کورٹ کے گیارہ رکنی بینچ نے جب ذوالفقار علی بھٹو کی سزا سے متعلق عدالتی ریفرنس کی سماعت شروع کی تو چیف جسٹس نے صدر کے وکیل بابر اعوان سے استفسار کیا کہ اُنہوں نے گُزشتہ روز عدالتی فیصلے کا مذاق کیوں اُڑایا تھا۔

    بابر اعوان کا کہنا تھا کہ اُنہوں نے عدلیہ کا مذاق نہیں اُڑایا بلکہ اُس کی عزت کی ہے جس پر عدالت میں چیف جسٹس کے حکم پر بابر اعوان کی صحافیوں سے گفتگو دکھائی گئی۔ اس کے علاوہ اخبارات کے تراشے بھی عدالت میں پیش کیے گئے۔

    چیف جسٹس کا کہنا تھا کہ جب تک اداروں کا احترام نہیں کیا جائے گا اُس وقت تک معاملات آگے نہیں بڑھ سکتے۔

    چیف جسٹس کا کہنا تھا کہ ایک سینیئر وکیل کو عدلیہ کے فیصلوں کی تضحیک کا کوئی اختیار نہیں ہے۔

    یاد رہے کہ بابر اعوان کو سنہ دوہزار آٹھ میں سپریم کورٹ کے سنیئر وکیل ہونے کا درجہ دیا گیا۔

    بابر اعوان کا کہنا تھا کہ عدالت اُنہیں سُنے بغیر یکطرفہ کارروائی نہیں کرسکتی۔

    بینچ میں شامل جسٹس جواد ایس خواجہ کا کہنا تھا کہ اگر اس بینچ میں شامل باقی دس جج معاف بھی کردیں تو پھر بھی وہ ذاتی طور پر اس معاملے میں کارروائی کا حکم دیں گے۔ اُنہوں نے کہا کہ بابر اعوان کی طرف سے عدالتی فیصلے پر تنقید نہیں بلکہ توہین کی گئی ہے۔


  • چیف جسٹس نے بابر اعوان کو مخاطب کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ اگرعدلیہ اُنہیں لائسنس دے سکتی ہے تو اُن کا لائسنس منسوخ بھی کرسکتی ہے
    سپریم کورٹ نے سابق وزیر اعظم ذوالفقار علی بھٹو کی سزا سے متعلق صدارتی ریفرنس کی پیروی کرنے والے وکیل بابر اعوان کو ایک اور اظہار وجوہ کا نوٹس جاری کرتے ہوئے کہا ہے کہ کیوں نہ اُن کا لائسنس منسوخ کردیا جائے۔

    عدالت نے اُنہیں اظہار وجوہ کا نوٹس بدھ کے روز اس ریفرنس کی سماعت کے بعد سپریم کورٹ کے باہر میڈیا کے نمنائندوں سے گفتگو پر جاری کیا۔

    بابر اعوان نے میڈیا سے بات کرتے ہوئے عدلیہ کی طرف سے توہین عدالت سے متعلق نوٹس جاری ہونے پر اُنہوں نے عدلیہ کے فیصلے کی تضحیک کی تھی۔ اس گفتگو میں بابر اعوان نے پنجابی کا شعر بھی پڑھا تھا کہ ’نوٹس ملیا ککھ نہ ہلیاں کیوں سونیا دا گلہ کراں میں تے ست واری بسم اللہ کراں۔‘

    عدالت نے بابر اعوان کو نو جنوری سے پہلے جواب داخل کروانے کا کہا ہے۔

    اُنہوں نے بابر اعوان کو مخاطب کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ اگر عدلیہ اُنہیں لائسنس دے سکتی ہے تو اُن کا لائسنس منسوخ بھی کرسکتی ہے۔ چیف جسٹس کا کہنا تھا کہ تمام جونیر اور سینیئر ججز کا احترام ہونا چاہیے۔

    اس سے پہلے بدھ کے روز سپریم کورٹ کے دو رکنی بینچ نے پہلی دسمبر کو متنازع میمو سے متعلق عدالتی حکم پر پریس کانفرنس کرنے پر سینیٹر بابر اعوان سمیت حکمراں جماعت پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی کے پانچ رہنماؤں کو اظہار وجوہ کے نوٹس جاری کیے تھے۔
    دیگر رہنماوں میں وفاقی وزیرِ اطلاعات فردوس عاشق اعوان، وفاقی وزیر برائے مذہبی امور خورشید شاہ، پیپلز پارٹی کے سیکرٹری اطلاعات قمر زمان کائرہ اور وزارت قانون کے مشیر فاروق اعوان شامل ہیں۔


  • To all Iftikhar Chaudhries, Imran Khans and their loyal servants (Tammy Haqs, Samad Khurrams, Urooj Zias):

    The more you hate Babar Awan, the more we respect him:

  • Mirza

    All 17 judges should devote themselves fulltime against the elected govt. There is no reason to attend to the more important cases including murder appeals, legal petitions, missing persons, Abbottabad, Mehran Base, etc.


    supreme court should also take notice of Asma Jangir. All competent lawyer should be banned because they struggle for independent judiciary.


    zardari raised a very pertinent question that why could the chief justice only see the cases against the sitting government. so i also ask iftikhar chaudry, what about the asghar khan petition against the ISI’s high handedness.

    White Russian

    Contempt proceedings are to protect courts impartiality and integrity. It is not a cover to hide from valid criticism.


  • What a witty response, “In reply, Awan said that he did not intend to insult the judiciary rather he was appreciating the court and its order through Punjabi poetry.” 🙂

  • Cafe Jhangvi, notorious for Shia-phobia, now support ISI-backed Supreme Court’s Jihad against PPP leader Babar Awan:

    cpyala Cafe Pyala
    Whatever else one may think of what the Supreme Court is up to, have to say I’d be really happy if it actually disbarred Babar Awan…

    cpyala Cafe Pyala
    Slimebags like him deserve to get hit the only place it really matters to them: in their pocket.

    cpyala Cafe Pyala
    In any case, anyone who recites mediocre poetry as if reciting Ghalib or Shakespeare, deserves to be punished for his verse if nothing else.

  • i asked CJ why he did’t take the sue motto on Abbaitabad attack,GHQ attack ,mehran base attack,and Qargill issue………Our so called free courts are playing in the hands of undemocratic forces…..