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Amn Tehrik protest in Peshawar

We strongly condemn arrest of Amn Tehrik leaders; Governor NWFP should be removed immediately because of his support for a pro-terrorism cleric. Members of Amn Tehrik and leaders of various students organisations who opposed Zaid Hamid’s entry into the Islamia College University were locked up.

Zaid Hamid, a pro-terrorism speaker, came to Islamia College University Peshawar today. He was however forced to stop his way into college premises by the pro-peace movement students organisations. The Amn Tehrik has a secular program, which aims to promote peace and fight terrorism and extremism in the region.

It has been learnt that Governor Pukhtunkhwa Owais Ahmad Ghani granted permission to Zaid Hamid to deliver a lecture in Islamia College University. The administration of the University were ignorant about his arrival an the University.

About 13 Students belonging to pro peace federation and student societies were arrested, prominent among them were Tariq Afghan, Majid Khan, Riaz Marwat, Imtiaz Wazir, Ayaz Khan, Zohaib, Dosat Mohammad these students opposed to militant Agenda in region. The students were in the lock up of the university police station for more then 8 hours, and finally were released by the intervention of Amn Tehrik . Amn Tehreek leader rush to Islamia College University and protest against Zaid Hamid and their supporters, chanted slogan against the administration and the Governor NWFP.

The Amn Tehrik Convener Idrees Kamal and other leaders including Dr. Said Alam Mahsud, Qaiser Khan Advocate, Arbab Tahir, Asad Mayar, Zahid Buneri, Gulzar Khan, Tariq Khan, Aziz Buneri participated in protest in Islamia College University. Students of Islamia College University chanted slogan against the administration.

Amn Tehrik demanded of the federal government to dismiss the Governor who favored a terrorist religious cleric who is engaged in promoting an agenda of terrorism and extremism in the region especially among students of schools, colleges and universities in Pakistan with strong support from Secret Agencies and Pakistani establishment. Amn Tehrik and students organisations will hold a joint press conference in Peshawar Press Club shortly.

Issued by: Amn Tehrik

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Nadir Ali Dirojay Pukhtunyar


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  • we love pakistan and zaid hamid and i was present dre at da function.the speech was supreb of zaid hamid and wee strongly condem these stupid imature boys who were ceating panic but we rush them out of the haal. keep it up zaid hamid , hum ap ke saat hee. masood khan peshawar

  • Zaid Hamid is a son of a bitch and a gustakh-e-rasool. I wonder why the ghairat-mand youth of peshawer allowed him to get back alive?


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  • In the last part of “Zaid Hamid Buries the Yusuf ‘Kazzab’ Myth – The TRUTH 6-6 (ORIGNAL)”, Mr Zaid had openly issued a “Fatwa of Takfeer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7owM_U3ySQ&feature=related” against Pakistani State. I wonder how would you defend this latest “Whiplashing by Zaid”, there may not be good Muslims in State/Establishment [Being Fasiq and Fajir doesn’t make you a Kaafir] but Zaid knows better and declaring whole system based on “Kufr” and if that is so then why Mawdudi, Mufit Mehmood and other Mawlvis signed on 1973 Constitution and Parliament adopted it.

    Above all the disease is not called Bi-Polar but it has another word “Neo-Fascism”.
    Zaid Hamid is quoting Abdus Sattar Niazi so let me quote an incident of General Ayub tenure about that Rampant Mullah Abdul Sattar Niazi. Maulana Abdul Sattar Niazi was vociferous on the matter of riba. But he is sticking to his central portfolio. The maulana has been known to compromise his position in the past. Perhaps,public memory will recall the incident when he shaved his beard in the Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore to evade arrest in Ayub Khan’s time and escaped by wearing a burqa [veil]. Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi http://www.senate.gov.pk/ShowMemberDetail.asp?MemberCode=300&CatCode=0&CatName=

    Nobody has the right to execute/punish anybody for the crime except State even “Mirza Yousuf Ali” [Justice must prevail as per the Law of the Land] who as per Zaid Hamid was a Member of General Zia’s Majlis-e-Shora like Dr Israr [names meaning is mystery like Israr’s deviant ideology], he speak/preach in India using Indian Democracy [Secular or whatever] and when he is in Pakistan always “discuss Khilafa”.

    However, Zaid Hamid is correct to the hilt about the Calamity of Issuing Fatwa of Takfeer [Apostasy] by Mullah against each other [same are issuing Fatwa against Zaid], instead of replying Zaid Hamid through Arguments/References [academic reply], Anarchic War Mongers Sectarians Pakistani Mullahs from every SECT [Are sects allowed in Islam] to justify their Campaign against Zaid Hamid. If we accept the Fatwas of Pakistani Mullahs [Deobandi, Barelvi, Wahabis, Jamati and Shias] against Yousuf Ali as a Genuine Fatwa then what about the “Fatwas” issued by the very same Maulvis against each other and that too of “Apostasy – Takfeer”. May Allah help and Guide all of us and have mercy on this Mullah Class. Here lies the so-called Muslim Ummah! – 1
    http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2008/11/here-lies-so-called-muslim-ummah-1.html Calamity of Takfir [Rulings of Heresy – Apostate] Here lies the so-called Muslim Ummah! – 2
    http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2008/11/here-lies-so-called-muslim-ummah-2.html Barelvi and Deobandi Maulvis on Shias being Infidels [in Urdu.] CLICK THE LINK AND READ THE LAST PART Here lies the so-called Muslim Ummah! – 3 READ AND LAMENT http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2008/11/here-lies-so-called-muslim-ummah-3.html

    Zaid Zaman Hamid assaulted!


    Zaid Zaman Hamid Assaulted! 2


  • Excellent Analysis

    Zaid Hamid Nominated In Murder FIR

    The murderous attacks on ‘religious scholars’ on March 11 in Karachi (Mufti Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri and his son, among others were killed; in another attack earlier in the day, another prominent cleric, Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Nadeem, was wounded and his son was killed). Interestingly, on the complaint of Mufti Jalapuri’s close aide Hafiz Shabbir, an FIR had been registered under Sections 302 (premeditated murder), 324 (attempt to murder), 109 (punishment of abetment if the act abetted committed in consequence and where no express provision is made for its punishment) and 34 (common intention) against our friend, the mad-hatter Zaid Hamid (Zaid Zaman Hamid). According to the complainant, Mufti Jalapuri “used to actively expose Zaid Hamid who, he alleged, was a close associate of ‘a person who had laid claim to prophethood’.”

    Note: A press conference was held last night by the ‘religiousos’ which appeared to be covered by all media outlets (I counted about 20 microphones) but curiously only Geo showed it live — but only for a few minutes. As soon as Hafiz Shabbir started and made the accusation against Zaid Hamid, they cut off the coverage, never to return to it. None of the other channels even showed that much, live or otherwise. In fact they all seem to have sent it down the rabbit hole. Today’s Dawn too makes no mention of the press conference and has this story about the FIR on page 5. Jang Group newspapers too make no mention of the press conference and only give the (regular) official spin:

    “The targeted attacks on Aalmi Majlis-e-Tahafuza-e-Khatam-e-Naboowat (AMTKN) Chief Mufti Saeed Jalalpuri and leader of banned outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Nadeem, were aimed at inciting sectarian violence across the city, investigators probing the attacks told The News.”

    (So shut up and remember, every attack that happens in Karachi is “aimed at inciting sectarian violence.” Now, walk along…)


  • i am german pashto toon,it is shame for all our pashtoons,to fight ,and kill each other by the name of islam,although the arabs don,t recognise us as muslim brothers.we should try to throu the cruppt military and rulling class,and to have a constitutional state,instad of banana state.we have to neutralise the religion.we need democracy in our country.we need to speak in our language,and to have our own way of life.

  • and now to our amn tehreek friends;dear friends—the inventer of white lies love more peace then truth,and the truth is there,violence in the shape of starvation,sickness,poverty,malnutrition,ignorance.pakistani state is the enemy of pashtoons.we need peace,but how?the people are dying,and the rulling class and military throatcutters enjoying the life.see it with your own eyes.compere the salries,is this our state?