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An unorthodox tribute to Salmaan Taseer

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I consider it a befitting tribute to Salmaan Taseer to say a few bold, controversial things on his first death anniversary, which others may be reluctant to say.

1. Most of the tributes written in Taseer’s honour are lacking both in context and content, do not specify his killers, present a false right-wing left-wing binary, ignore the sinister role of the military establishment, blame his own party etc. Several examples come to mind but most promoted and most disappointing tribute is by Ahmad Rashid (published in Daily Times and BBC) which is both factually and analytically inaccurate.

2. Many of Taseer’s friends including some family members in the media are completely silent on genocides of the Baloch, Pashtun, Shia by army and proxies, which are urgent human rights issues. They are either in denial or resort to tokenism and misrepresentation. This is an insult to Taseer’e memory. (We have some painful examples of how some of them actually supported Deep State’s narratives on Balochistan etc, e.g., when one of them praised Cyril Almeida’s column in which he had justified the killing of Baloch Professor Saba Dashtiyari.)

3. In a macro-context, by providing diplomatic legitimacy to the Taliban, Pakistan (army) and USA are rewarding the killers of Benazir Bhutto and Salmaan Taseer. This is painful and unacceptable.

4. Contrary to urban myth, Husain Haqqani’s trial has not yet begun. He will earn respect only by following the examples of Benazir, Zardari and Gilani.

5. Salmaan Taseer violated the mainstream by taking a bold stance on a sensitive issue. This element alone is clearly lacking in many of his fans and the so called champions of his cause.

An extract from Faiz’s poetry as a tribute to Salmaan Taseer, a little prayer:

aaiye hath uthayen hum bhi
hum jinhe rasm-e-dua yaad nahin
aaiye arz guzaren ke nigar-e-hasti
zehr-e-imaroz me shirini-e-farda bhar de
wo jinhen tabe garanbari-e-ayyam nahin
unki palkon pe shab-o-roz ko halka kar de
jinka deen peravi-e-kizbo-riya hai unko
himmat-e-kufr mile, jurat-e-tehaqiq mile
jinke sar muntazir-e-tegh-e-jafa hein unko
dast-e-qatil ko jhatak dene ki taufiq mile

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  • AhsanAbbasShah Ahsan shah
    Nobody cares that what happened to AllamaAfzalChisti who offered Namaz e Jannaza of Shaheed Salman Taseer

    Afzal Chisti faced hard time in Lahore. He escaped & No one frm PPP Punjab gave hiim shelter for first 5 nights after the Janza

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    We are aware of Afzal Chishti case, he was let down not only by PPP but also by the vigil brigade of the so called civil society.

  • One year on
    By Editorial
    Published: January 4, 2012

    On this first anniversary of the assassination of Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer, we must take stock of how much moral backbone the country has lost by acquiescing in the persuasion of terrorism and the creed of extremism activating it. Two agencies or two professions must be held responsible for the downfall of the conscientious in the country: the media and the lawyers community. One puts to shame the brainwash of the fascist regimes of history; the other must give the judiciary a pause when re-evaluating the role played by the district-level lawyers in its restoration. Governor Taseer did not insult the Holy Prophet (pbuh); he simply protested a flawed legislation that causes the victimisation of the disadvantaged communities in the country. The role played by the media and the lawyers scared off the sane elements in society and the political party in power. Instead of making Taseer the emblem of our righteous objection to a very controversial law, we allowed the murder to go by default. Prominent citizens expected to uphold his cause, absented themselves from his funeral and clerics ran away from their duty of leading the janaza. Later, as if to confirm the moral backsliding of the nation, Taseer’s son was kidnapped from Lahore and is still being held for ransom.

    There is much that the media must hang its head in shame for. The fact that some opinion is eschewed because of fear of being killed — and some good journalists have been killed or thrashed — can be overlooked; but the fact that many media persons actually share the world view of the murderers cannot be forgiven. The case of Governor Taseer was a false reality manufactured by a large section of the media which acted irresponsibly. The default practice is to get the politicians to hate each other and fight in public view; or to frame the politician in such a way that s/he becomes a target of hate crime. A particular talk show host constantly traded accusations with him that put him on the defensive and projected Taseer as someone actually inclined to blaspheme. The fact was that he was not guilty of blasphemy; he was made to look like defending a community that is assumed to be blaspheming. The media followed up by actually giving airtime to people who accused him of committing blasphemy. The violence of words usually leads to violence of acts. And this is what happened. A policeman thought he could win the adoration of the nation by killing Taseer. What he killed was the reputation of Pakistan as a sane country.

    The lawyers usually come from the small districts where the writ of the state is weaker than in the big cities and there is a lot of violence used by the local strongmen to impose their order on the rural communities. After becoming successful there, lawyers usually relocate to big cities to educate their children and to escape the yoke of feudalism, police brutality and victimisation by an errant magistracy. But their minds remain arrested in the intolerant paradigm of religion, mixed with politics of power. Salmaan Taseer’s killer was lionised by the lawyers of the Rawalpindi Bar Association who showered him with flower petals and condemned the anti-terrorism judge who convicted him. The violence that the lawyers committed all over Pakistan — intoxicated with the sense of power imbibed from the restoration of the top judiciary — had reached its evil acme.

    Taseer’s death has signalled a new low point in our collective conscience. And we are reaping the tragic harvest of this depravity in the further killing of undefended communities. Taseer defended a poor Christian woman targeted by fanatic elements buttressed by a frequently-misused law. Today, a number of helpless women of the Hindu community in Sindh are being victimised without much reaction from the Muslim majority. The Muslims themselves are punished with internecine violence for this dulling of the sense of social justice. The state releases the dogs of sectarian war from jail only to have them kill members of the Shia community. Taseer wanted us to have a liveable Pakistan and he paid for that with his life. Today, as Pasban Jafaria activists gather in Karachi demanding justice from the government, we are reminded of a sacrifice in 2011 which we allowed to go waste.

    Published in The Express Tribune, January 4th, 2012.


  • marvisirmed Marvi Sirmed
    @OhSin What inqilaab the buggers talk about yar? Look at the way posted those personal pictures and then raised hue & cry @AbdulNishapuri

    marvisirmed Marvi Sirmed
    Absolutely so! RT @AbdulNishapuri: We also disagreed with Taseer on his unnecessary anti-India tweets. We stand (cont) tl.gd/f4ok6k

    marvisirmed Marvi Sirmed
    @AbdulNishapuri Shit. What a bunch of insenstivie self righteous inqiaabis. Utter contempts.

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    We also disagreed with Taseer on his unnecessary anti-India tweets. We stand by our criticism. This doesn’t reduce his respect in our eyes

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    The same picture-posting mafia criticized LUBP when we criticized Salmaan Taseer based on principles. For example: criticalppp.com/archives/34446

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    Repost 2010: Why is Governor Salman Taseer blocking appointment of new judges in Lahore High Court? http://t.co/MV74i97o

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    When several of Taseer champions today were posting insulting pictures of Taseer family, we took an urgent bold stance: http://t.co/NGuaXO5m

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    @marvisirmed Here is one of many examples of how they contributed to publicizing the pictures: http://t.co/e2HZxkhK

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    Fake liberals attacked Taseer because of his principled opposition of the ISI-backed judges, a position which is so clearly vindicated today

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    By publishing Taseer’s family pictures, the liberal looking Jamaatia homophobe and the dental doctor provided hate munition to Qadris.

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    Names of a Jamaatia homophobe, a dental doctor and a failed PTI NA candidate come to mind as members of ISI-backed lawyers movement.

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    Insulting and misleading pictures and articles about Taseer were published by some key supporters of ISI-backed lawyers movement.

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    Long before Taseer’s actual assassination, his character assassination was started by some famous writers & bloggers in English & Urdu.

  • Izat jis ka naseeb thah, Woh shaks yaqeenan ajeeb thah.
    Society is a deja vu of Nazi Germany, dead!