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Protesting the Appointment of Babar Awan as VP of PPP – by Assad Khan


So it would seem today that the party decided to, in all honesty, dig a very shallow grave for itself. Appointing Babar Awan Vice President of the party is not only an insult to the hard work of older members such as Ghazanfar Gul, Aftab Mirani, etc but it also insults the memory of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

What kind of dystopian world are we living in where we reward one of Pakistans most incompetent lawyers not to mention despicable human being as the Vice President of the Party. That too without elections. A man who as we all recall not only distributed sweets after the assassination of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto but then heckled and swore at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto when she was addressing the Rawalpindi Bar Association after her return in 1986.

Then let us not forget his fake degree.  A Monticello University PhD worth less than the paper it was printed on. Are we actually sinking the level of the party to such an extent that we are handing out key party positions to morally and intellectually bankrupt individuals? Individuals that not only have no history within the party but have also not won a single direct election? 

And then there is that whole ugly business of his stance against the Ahmedis or to put it in his spokesmans terms ‘the Qadiani lobby’. For Gods sake. This is the kind of ugliness we as a party are supposed to fight against but yet we are rewarding it.

What has Babar Awan done for this party to deserve being its Vice President? Also don’t us party members have a say in who gets positions of power within the party? This is a man with no mandate from the people or from party supporters and yet we are handing him the keys to our ‘amaanat’. We as party members/supporters are supposed to protect the legacy of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto but instead we are doing whatever we can to bury it.  His opposition to amending and changing the Blasphemy Laws is also a disgrace to the party.

I cant speak for everyone in the party but I strongly condemn and protest the appointment of Babar Awan as party Vice President. He does not have my vote or support.

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  • Its Your Point of View !
    Dabaaaaaang Decision ! Jamhoriat Aur Mullayat Mai yahe Faraq Ha . Jamhori Log Agay barhtay rahtay Hain Aur Sab Idaro Ko aur Society K har Tabqay Ko aagye Barhatay Hain Jab k Mullayat Nafrat Aur Laker K Faqeer ka nam ha ! Jamhoriat Hamain aagay aur aagy aagy ahe aagay ke taraf barhnay dekhnay ,sochnay ko kahte ha !

  • i agree with the writer too. his appointment z a set back 4 the secular and progressive face/voice of ppp. his views r no different than any other mullah when it comes to blasphemy laws. say NO TO BABAR AWAN’S APPOINTMENT.

  • PPP’s digging its grace is a bit of overstatement. To be politically correct, it may be an unthoughtful decision, but its being suicidal is wrong. Awan has shown belligerence against the massively powerful N league in Punjab. His visit has mostly been to Punjab to activate the party, speaking vocally against the high-handedness of Sharifs. Small wonder he has got negative media coverage; being always the subject of accusations and scorns. Not that I support his misogynist take on women, or his obscruntism. That is unconditionally condemnable. But for now, out of sheer survival instinct, I believe he has to stay for a while.

  • If PPP wants to remain a People’s party, then it must introduce democracy within itself and not allow people to inherit offices or make appointments. It should let the party membership elect its leaders. The party which makes so much noice about democracy must first practice it. Failing that it is no less than a dictatorship.

  • There is merit in the writers view , however Mr, Zardari has no one else in the center after Shaheed Taseer , who is taking head on the Sharif’s, after all it was always the vision of Taseer to have a alliance with PML Q , MQM and isolate Sharifs, which is today in place by Mr, Zardari… Unless others like Aitzaz become really active in the party , decisions are like these bound to happen.. I find them temporary as the future depends on Bilawal, Asifa & Baktiwar, who i am sure would induct new generation on merit…