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Some Unforgiven Crimes of Asif Ali Zardari -by Raja M Asad Abbas

While Watching different News Channels

I was Wondering that what is that fact that has made Asif Ali Zardari to be one of the Most Criticized Person In Pakistan I was Wondering the Fact that why He is being Criticized though he was Called MARD-E-HURR by his Opponents. I was Wondering the Fact that He Belongs to Pakistan a Tribal Head of the Zardari Tribe but people Own Affia a dual National More than Him.

I was Wondering the Fact that although Being from A Family whom founded Sindh Madrassa tul Islam People Own Mansoor Ijaz More than Him.

I was Wondering The Fact that a Same Kind of Memo was Brought Up against BB’s Gov. by the same person why still the Court,Military and Establishment Products Believe upon it.

I was Wondering the Fact that A Person Could be Sick for some reason but why People started to Spread Rumors Against him

I Came to a Result that Asif Ali Zardari has Committed Some Crimes……..Which are Discussed Below

His Biggest Crime is that he is the Son of Hakim Ali Zardari who Supported Fatima Jinnah against Ayub Khan
His Biggest Crime is that By facing all the Pressure he Married Shaheed Rani.

His Biggest Crime is that he is the Successor of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
His Biggest Crime is that He Hails From a SINDHI BALOCHI Tribe & Sindh(I am a Punjabi though).

His Biggest Crime is that he leads an anti-Establishment Party.

His Biggest Crime is that When Sindh was Chanting out
“ Pakistan ka jo Hami hae Harami hae Harami hae”.
He Said No.

“We Want Pakistan We Are Noting Without Pakistan”
His Biggest Crime is that He Wants to give Rights to The People of Baluchistan.

His Biggest Crime is that He Enhanced Relations with Russia setting aside all the Pressure.

Another List of Crimes done by Mr Asif Ali Zardari

His Crime is that he Gave Poorest of the Poor Benazir Income Support Program.

His Crime is that he gave needful People Waseela-e-Haq So that they can start their Business.

His Crime is that He Gave Shelter to the Poor By Bhen Benazir Basti Scheme.

His Crime is that he Reinstated The Poor Sacked Employees
His Crime is that he Ordered Every One On Contract to Be Permanent.

His Crime is that He Distributed 43800 Acres of Land to landless Poor Haries.

His Crime is that he gave 12% Share to Every Labour in 86 Different Companies Under the Benazir Employees Stock Option.

His Crime is that he gave Homes to PIA Workers under Shaheed Benazir Apna Gahr Scheme.

His Crime is that he Started The Works on Different Dams In Pakistan (Darwat,Winder,Ghabir,Basha etc.)
His Crime is that He Induced More than 2000 MW of Electricity in the National Grid.


Another Crime of Zardari is that when our Army was Near to be defeated in Khyber Pakhootkhaw he gave them the Support of the Nation.

His Crime is that he Singed an MoU of IRAN-PAKISTAN gas pipeline and so with Tajikistan.

His Crime is that he Wanted that the Nation Should be a Single Unit Against the Nato Attacks.

His Crime is that He tried To Investigated about those 325+ Engines Bought by our Army for Railways which failed to Run their Total Limit.

He Brought all the 4 Provinces to a One Point agenda in the NFC Award.

He Passed the 18th and the 19th Amendments to Restore the Constitution as it was in 1973.

His Crime is that He gave Rights to the People if Gilgit Baltistan FATA & Azad Kashmir.

And Surely Asif Zardari cannot be Forgiven on the Crimes
I leave the Decision upon Everyone of U that


Becaz What Matterz is Ur Opinion not Mine’s…………………………………………………………………………………………

About the author

Dr Uzma Ali


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  • Good to read that there are still people who like to spread truth but more efforts are required by us to defend democracy, our leaders, our party and I appreciate the temprament of mr. President who has been facing all the propaganda so calmly.

  • An excellent extraction of the bitter truth from the cruel and unjust history of Pakistan!!!!!!

  • wake up people! kya ho gaya hai sab ko? mein ye nahi kehta k PRESIDENT zardari mein sirf buraiyaan he hain aur achiyaan nahi mgr sach ye hai k zardar sahab k kartoot bht kharaab hain /// meray sath argument krnay se behtar hai k aap loog ‘OBAMA’s WARS'(written by Bob Woodward) parh lein
    aap ko lag pata jaye ga k hmari ARMY , SUPREME COURT , PRESIDENT, ISI CHIEF, ARMY CHIEF , PRIME MINISTER, OPPOSITION and more importantly MEDIA kahan stand krta hai !!!

  • well i was glad to read these points but some of the points tht i must raise r as follows:

    1. The benazir income support program just gave (not gives) a 1000 Rs. per month to the poor n wat comes in this situation of a 1000 Rs.????

    2. The 18th and 19th amndmment u said was to bring the 1973 constitution all back bt according to it the judiciary was totaly free and had all the powers while in ur 18th and 19th ammendments it made 3 steps HC Cheif justice sends the names to Constitutional assembly thn it sends to the Parliment and thten to the president which includes the parliment(Politicians)which is a hurdle in the freedom of judiciary…!!

    Other points are also there but dont want to discuss them..!!

  • @khawja Haseeb

    Yes who gave it before i know the crime he has done by giving a thousand rs to a poor consistently frm 3 yrz i will take u some time to the Market or either i will give u a rate list of how much could come in a thousand for a poor family
    Our Crime is that we don’t say that if you Can’t afford Pulses then eat Chicken
    But u didin’t see the Program listed very Next the Waseela-e-Haq Program 781 different families of different Districts are given 3 Lac every month means if 781 of Rwp gets thiz tym it may bhi lahore next tym

  • @khawja Hasseb
    Well in case the Politicians have always approved those names sent by the CJ of HC but it’s un baisness could be seen that every Party of the NA is there in the committee and to keep the Judiciary Independent they paseed the 19th Amendment on the RE MARKS of the Cheif Justice on the 18 Amendment and he was then satisfied with the 19 one

    Well our Judiciary is so Independent that they Say
    That if PPP doen’t Likes RANA MAQBOOL(a persons whose red warrents have been issued by the Sindh HC) why don’t the leave the gov…….



  • @Khawja Haseeb

    and if the Parliamentary Committee rejects those names of Ex-MPA ticket holders of Jammat-e-Islami (The Present CJ of Isb. HC) those sitting in black suits reject the Decision of the Parliamentary Committee and appoint him as the CJ
    As Malik Asad case was Over ruled by the Al-Jihad trust case by the Judiciary still as Khawja Sharif was the one as senior to go SC but they Preferred Justice Nisar against the law

  • @Khawja Haseeb
    This Committee was made to stop these kind of Discrimination for the Justices as Justice Yousafzai resigned from the Peshawar HC on a stance that i was the senior and according to law i would have been promoted to the SC but it didn’t happen why??????
    The Parliamentary Committee when asked the CJ he remained on his stance and at last the Parliamentary committee agreed upon that…..


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