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A Citizen’s Petition

I was going through the text of infamous petition of Mr. Nawaz Sharif , that “My Lord” has taken an immediate notice.  I realized if this was written by Nawaz Sharif himself and were “آئنی” and not “فرمایشی”, then it would have been like this. I am sure “My Lord” will not have the courage to even read such petition.

A Citizen of Pakistan 


1. General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani Chief of Staff, Pakistan Army, GHQ RAWALPINDI
2. Lt. General Ahmed Shuja Pasha Head the Inter Services Intelligence Government of Pakistan ISLAMABAD
3. Mansoor Ijaz contributor of an article title “Time to take on Pakistan’s Jihadist Spies” ℅ Ministry of Foriegn Affairs ISLAMABAD.




PETITION under Article 184(3) of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Respectfully states;

1. The petitioner has the honour and pride of being a citizen of Pakistan. He is also blessed to be a humble common Pakistani without any titles including being the president of any political party or the officer in armed forces, and has the continuous privilege of serving the nation by contributing in gross domestic product of the country by sheer hardwork. Gravely dismayed by the disclosure of certain facts which threaten the very existence of his motherland. So petitioner approaches this August Court craving for its indulgence and intervention to come to the aid of his homeland and to rescue it from the clutches of those who wish it dead.

2. That the petitioner had been appalled to read an article titled “Time to take Pakistan’s jihadist spies” published in an issue of the Financial Times dated October 10, 2011 authored by Mansoor Ijaz respondent wherein it had been claimed, inter-alia, that:

” Early on May 9, a week after US Special Forces stormed the hideout of Osama bin Laden and killed him, a senior Pakistani diplomat telephoned me with an urgent request. Asif Ali Zardari, Pakistan’s president, needed to communicate a message to White House national security officials that would BYPASS  Pakistan’s MILITARY AND INTELLIGENCE CHANNELS. The embarrassment of bin Laden being found on Pakistani soil had humiliated Mr Zardari’s weak civilian government to such an extent that THE PRESIDENT FEARED A MILITARY TAKEOVER WAS IMMINENT…..
Gen Ashfaq Kayani, the army chief, and his troops were demoralised by the embarrassing ease with which US special forces had violated Pakistani sovereignty. Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan’s FEARED SPY SERVICE, was charged by virtually the entire international community with complicity in HIDING BIN LADEN  for almost six years. BOTH (ISI & ARMY) CAMPS WERE LOOKING FOR A SCAPGOAT; Mr Zardari WAS THEIR MOST CONVENIENT TARGET was their most convenient target.”

3. That later on, a frightfully disturbing comment also came from the spokesman of Admiral Mike Mullen to the effect that:

“Adm. Mullen had no recollection of the memo and no relationship with Mr. Ijaz. After the original article appeared on Foreign Policy’s website, he felt it incumbent upon himself to check his memory. He reached out to others who he believed might have had knowledge of such a memo, and one of them was able to produce a copy of it,” Kirby said. “That said, neither the contents of the memo nor the proof of its existence altered or affected in any way the manner in which Adm. Mullen conducted himself in his relationship with Gen. Kayani and the Pakistani government. He did not find it at all credible and took no note of it then or later. Therefore, he addressed it with no one.”

This confirmation of the existence of the memo in question and its receipt by Chief of Staff of the U.S. Armed Forces, was a shocking disclosure of how brazenly, the democratic government was threatened by the military yet again, if all this was true, and that also only for the power hungry generals.

4. That Mansoor Ijaz released the Black Berry Message conversation which inter-alia mentions that:

“I was just informed by senior US intel that GD-SII (read DG-ISI) Mr P asked for, and received permission, from senior Arab leaders a few days ago to sack Z.”

Where, according to Mr. Mansoor Ijaz, Mr. P referred to DG ISI General Pasha. It is also a known fact that during this period DG ISI visited the Arab countries during that period.

5. That a further blow to a patriotic mind came from the availability of the said memo, which had since been made public by those possessed of the same. The said memo which now stands published and is available even on the internet reads as under:

During the past 72 hours since a meeting was held between the president, the prime minister and the chief of army staff, there has seen a significant deterioration in Pakistan s political atmosphere. Increasingly desperate efforts by the various agencies and factions within the government to find a home – ISI and/or Army, or the civilian government – for assigning blame over the UBL raid now dominate the tug of war between military and civilian sectors. Subsequent tit-for-tat reactions, including outing of the CIA station chief s name in Islamabad by ISI officials, demonstrates a dangerous devolution of the ground situation in Islamabad where no central control appears to be in place.

Civilians cannot withstand much more of the hard pressure being delivered from the Army to succumb to wholesale changes. If civilians are forced from power, Pakistan becomes a sanctuary for UBL s legacy and potentially the platform for far more rapid spread of al Qaeda s brand of fanaticism and terror. A unique window of opportunity exists for the civilians to gain the upper hand over army and intelligence directorates due to their complicity in the UBL matter.

Request your direct intervention in conveying a strong, urgent and direct message to Gen Kayani that delivers Washington s demand for him and Gen Pasha to end their brinkmanship aimed at bringing down the civilian apparatus – that this is a 1971 moment in Pakistan s history. Should you be willing to do so, Washington s political/military backing would result in a revamp of the civilian government that, while weak at the top echelon in terms of strategic direction and implementation (even though mandated by domestic political forces), in a wholesale manner replaces the national security adviser and other national security officials with trusted advisers that include ex-military and civilian leaders favorably viewed by Washington, each of whom have long and historical ties to the US military, political and intelligence communities. Names will be provided to you in a face-to-face meeting with the person delivering this message.

In the event Washington s direct intervention behind the scenes can be secured through your personal communication with Kayani (he will likely listen only to you at this moment) to stand down the Pakistani military-intelligence establishment, the new national security team is prepared, with full backing of the civilian apparatus, to do the following:

1. President of Pakistan will order an independent inquiry into the allegations that Pakistan harbored and offered assistance to UBL and other senior Qaeda operatives. The White House can suggest names of independent investigators to populate the panel, along the lines of the bipartisan 9-11 Commission, for example.

2. The inquiry will be accountable and independent, and result in findings of tangible value to the US government and the American people that identify with exacting detail those elements responsible for harboring and aiding UBL inside and close to the inner ring of influence in Pakistan s Government (civilian, intelligence directorates and military). It is certain that the UBL Commission will result in immediate termination of active service officers in the appropriate government offices and agencies found responsible for complicity in assisting UBL.

3. The new national security team will implement a policy of either handing over those left in the leadership of Al Qaeda or other affiliated terrorist groups who are still on Pakistani soil, including Ayman Al Zawahiri, Mullah Omar and Sirajuddin Haqqani, or giving US military forces a “green light” to conduct the necessary operations to capture or kill them on Pakistani soil. This “carte blanche” guarantee is not without political risks, but should demonstrate the new group s commitment to rooting out bad elements on our soil. This commitment has the backing of the top echelon on the civilian side of our house, and we will insure necessary collateral support.

4. One of the great fears of the military-intelligence establishment is that with your stealth capabilities to enter and exit Pakistani airspace at will, Pakistan s nuclear assets are now legitimate targets. The new national security team is prepared, with full backing of the Pakistani government – initially civilian but eventually all three power centers – to develop an acceptable framework of discipline for the nuclear program. This effort was begun under the previous military regime, with acceptable results. We are prepared to reactivate those ideas and build on them in a way that brings Pakistan s nuclear assets under a more verifiable, transparent regime.

5. The new national security team will eliminate Section S of the ISI charged with maintaining relations to the Taliban, Haqqani network, etc. This will dramatically improve relations with Afghanistan.

6. We are prepared to cooperate fully under the new national security team s guidance with the Indian government on bringing all perpetrators of Pakistani origin to account for the 2008 Mumbai attacks, whether outside government or inside any part of the government, including its intelligence agencies. This includes handing over those against whom sufficient evidence exists of guilt to the Indian security services.

Pakistan faces a decision point of unprecedented importance. We, who believe in democratic governance and building a much better structural relationship in the region with India AND Afghanistan, seek US assistance to help us pigeon-hole the forces lined up against your interests and ours, including containment of certain elements inside our country that require appropriate re-sets and re-tasking in terms of direction and extent of responsibility after the UBL affair.

We submit this memorandum for your consideration collectively as the members of the new national security team who will be inducted by the President of Pakistan with your support in this undertaking.


6. That a bare perusal of the above quoted memorandum in question and its content would reveal that Pakistani nation was once again live under the fear of military junta take-over which the honourable judges of this August Court and the people of Pakistan are quite familiar, to say the least, the said contents, inter-alia :-

  • a, Reveal that the generals of Pakistan once again planned a coup against the democratic elected government, following the tradition of their predecessors.
  • b, declare the generals of Pakistan military and her agencies to be guilty of “….. THEIR COMPLICITY IN THE UBL (Usama bin Laden) MATTER.”
  • c, Civilian government is threatened and is put under pressure and generals plan to make the democartically elected president of Pakistan a scapegoat and dismissed through extra-constitutional measures.

7. That the contents of the MEMORANDUM in question reflect the current state of affair in the country, the generals have put the gun on the heads of people of Pakistan and are continuously busy in planning coup d’etat against the democratically elected government and derail the democratic process of which honourable judges, this August Court and the common people of Pakistan are major stakeholders.

8. That since the very existence of the State stands put at stake theryby threatening the fundamental rights of the people to life, liberty, property, trade, and profession as guaranteed by the Articles 9, 14, 15, 16, 23, 24, of the Constitution, therefore the petition which involves serious question of public importance related to the enforcement of the said fundamental rights, deserves immediate attention of this August Court.


WHEREFORE, it is respectfully prayed, in the name of Pakistan, in the name of those who founded it with their sweat and blood and in the name of common people of Pakistan who work hard to keep the ideal of Pakistan alive, that:

  • a, all the respondent be summoned to appear, before this Honourable Court in person to explain their position on the contents of this MEMORANDUM.
  • b, the dreadful conspiracy to undermine, overthrow the democratically elected government and derail the democratic process, be un-earthed, and
  • c, the culprits exhibiting grave disloyalty to the State, the constitution of Pakistan and people of Pakistan and who are found guilty of the crimes as afore-said be brought to book.
  • d, the Cheif of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani (Respondent Number 1) and Director General Inter Services Intelligence General Pasha (Rrespondent Number 2) be immediately refrained from exercising their duties so that during the investigation they can not exert any pressure due to their position.

Any other, better and appropriate relief or action warranted by the stated or the discovered facts, may also be graciously granted or taken.


NS Petition

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  • A consensus against democracy

    194 37

    Supporters of opposition leader Nawaz Sharif burn an effigy of President Asif Ali Zardari during a demonstration

    Pakistan is united against the United States, against the international community worried about Afghanistan, and against the elected government in Islamabad. It is united in favour of the Pakistan Army, gratefully, because of its resolve to oppose the world, the US and India, and it eulogises the Supreme Court because it will somehow get rid of the PPP government before its term in office. This national consensus flies on the wings of the overwhelmingly uniform media which refuses to decide what to do about terrorism in Pakistan if it is solely an American war which Pakistan should not fight.

    It would be a first in history of democracy if treason is presented as a crime aimed against the Army
    President Asif Ali Zardari got sick and had to go to the UAE to get himself medically looked after. The media began to talk most blatantly about his ‘exit’ from Pakistan without realising what it would look like to anyone looking in from outside Pakistan. The two aggressive bantams it gave time to were: Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif whose message of sympathy for the sick president contained ironic exaggeration, thus confirming his earlier hate speech delivered so strongly that even the mikes in front of him were disturbed; and Sheikh Rashid who is betting on the Army winning the round by knocking Zardari out and winning the war against an elected government.

    The visceral non-intellectual approach to presidential illness conveyed the extent of degradation Pakistan has allowed itself when it comes to democracy. The implication was that Zardari had fled the country after failing to destroy it through corruption and treason. It recalled the ‘escape’ from the political system by two former prime ministers: Ms Benazir Bhutto and Mr Nawaz Sharif. The quality of comment assumed that not only was the exit of Mr Zardari welcome as a step towards ‘cleansing’ the system from corruption but also that the earlier departures of the two prime ministers were good for Pakistan.

    Even Imran Khan who is considered to be least fearful of undemocratic forces including the Army has admitted on an Indian TV channel that he is scared of the non state actors
    From the nature and quality of discussion in Pakistan, it appears that there is a consensus against the democratic process and there is subliminal support to any unconstitutional replacement that may occur. No one cares for the constitution because the reflex of ignoring it in favour of military intervention is highly developed. So frequent has been the removal of the elected government in the recent past that it looks normal. The besieged PPP has had to fend against this reflex only at the cost of ignoring the inherited crises of a terrorism-disabled national economy. Those who have been toppled in the past become the topplers; and the PPP will soon enough become the next toppler after Nawaz Sharif’s party takes over.

    Public statements after the Memogate Affair are worshipful of the Pakistan Army; and accusations of ‘treason’ are being directed at an elected government. It would be a first in history of democracy if treason is presented as a crime aimed against the Army. The nation is agreed that an elected government has been guilty of trying to ‘replace’ the military leadership and must be ousted for exercising its right to survive military encroachment on its domain of governance. The nation praises the Army for its treasonable interference in matters of state, such as the Kerry-Lugar-Berman law, and fawns on it for taking on the world instead of getting rid of the non state actors it nourishes.

    Politicians dreaming of revolution refuse to pause to think what they mean by it except that it will kill Zardari – possibly hang him the way the Pakistan-backed Taliban hanged President Najibullah in Kabul with dollars stuffed in his nostrils – and replace democracy with a utopia in which no one pays taxes and gas bills and Al Qaeda imposes piety
    No one is thinking of the constitutional way of changing the government – that of challenging it to show majority in parliament or wait till the next elections in 2013 and defeat it at the polls. President Zardari has to be removed because the next elections may not be ‘fair’ under him. No one thinks of what the Constitution says. It is difficult to hear repetitive and mutually imitative discussions on the TV channels about how Zardari deserves to be punished. Even his efforts to survive constitutionally through coalition alliances are considered an unforgivable villainy.

    Governance in Pakistan was never exemplary, and now that law and order has sunk low – because of al Qaeda and sundry other state-supported non state actors – it is possible that it would be more abysmal under any post-PPP government. Pakistan is now well set to return governments of split mandate after elections, which means coalition among unwilling partners embracing opportunism as the only creed. After the insertion of Imran Khan into the system, Nawaz Sharif has leaner chances of surviving in power. A permanently politically unstable state with an Army unwilling to let its governments be sovereign is about to enter its glissando phase.

    Politicians who would remove President Zardari before causing a mid-term election to take place have policies in place to reconcile with the non state actors and let them undermine governance. Even Imran Khan who is considered to be least fearful of undemocratic forces including the Army has admitted on an Indian TV channel that he is scared of the non state actors. There are cases going on at the Supreme Court involving the PPP government and President Zardari but no one makes any pretence of remaining impartial till the honourable court has delivered its verdict. It appears as if the accused is being prejudged and the court is sought to be influenced by this groundswell of ‘national consensus’.

    Interior Minister Rehman Malik has thanked the Taliban for not killing innocent Shias during Ashura and ace TV anchors have joyously wondered why the Taliban have not killed as much as they normally did when Pakistan was cooperative to the US. Retired bureaucrats like Rustam Shah have welcomed the government’s overtures to Maulvi Faqir Muhammad of Bajaur – which the Army has denied – and hopes that Islamabad will yield to Faqir Muhammad’s savage sharia under which schools are dynamited, banks looted and businessmen kidnapped for ransom to replenish the coffers of Al Qaeda.

    Pretend to be a non-Pakistani for a moment and you will see that that there is a collective lemmings-like tendency for self-destruction in all this. Intensely aroused politicians looking for populist acclaim repeat that President Zardari is partisan and that somehow it is not right that he is president and leader of the party at the same time. The truth is that the Constitution is silent on the matter and a future legislature must amend it to disallow a party leader becoming president.

    Innovative legal eagles doing roaring business at the Supreme Court after doing the Long March in favour of its restoration, expect that where the Constitution is silent the Supreme Court will somehow stretch its activist agenda and remove this constitutional grey area to target Zardari. Instead of doing all this, why not wait till the next elections, and force the PPP government to meet its comeuppance? If corruption has become a national crisis and there is no way left but to kick out an elected government prematurely, again the Constitution will need to be amended, if you can’t break the PPP’s majority in the National Assembly.

    It doesn’t look nice that Pakistan is currently giving the impression of ganging up against its own elected government and that even the Supreme Court is being made to look like the bellwether of the march against democracy. The media and the politicians are at their visceral worst, if for nothing else than for the crime of consolidating the traditional supremacy of the Army. The PPP government’s mode of survival, given these circumstances, is to blindly follow the lead of the Army. Those who want to pull it down loudly express their intent to do more of it.

    Politicians dreaming of revolution refuse to pause to think what they mean by it except that it will kill Zardari – possibly hang him the way the Pakistan-backed Taliban hanged President Najibullah in Kabul with dollars stuffed in his nostrils – and replace democracy with a utopia in which no one pays taxes and gas bills and Al Qaeda imposes piety. No one realises that revolutions are pure destruction, at times rescued by an intellectual realisation about where they went wrong. Muslims in general and Pakistanis in particular are so intellectually deficient that a revolution in Pakistan will stop only after the agony of the invalid warrior state is ended by a second fall.

    By Khaled Ahmed
    Another crisis?

    Pakistan is united against the United States, against the international community, and against the elected government in Islamabad


  • Excellent petition. There is no double that a dreadful conspiracy to derail democracy has been hatched by the most dreadful institution in Pakistan.