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A poem on Asif Ali Zardari – by Zufli

Poem Contributed by Ahsan Abbas Shah

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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • Since Pakistan came into being, it witnessed crisis, uncertainty, and unrest. The democracy and dictatorship ruled like changing weather ( it is something else that season of dictatorship prevailed for long time). Forgive me, if I over step my boundaries, People from all the races, sects, clowns struggled and rendered sacrifices for Pakistan. There was no discrimination of Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi or Pukhtoon, they were united and equally sacrificed for Pakistan but as Pakistan came into being, the elite Punjabi class becomes Chaudhry, who thought they are sole inheritor of this land. For them Sindhi, Balochi and Pukhtoon were no more than Dallats, ( We got independence from India but we could freed our mind from Hindu Banya’s mentality). Punjabi elite class started considering itself Brahmins and all others were shudras. This was the basic line of difference that Pakistan never witnessed peace and stability.
    This mentality gave Pakistan an indispensible loss, we lost a great international leader. Who was praised even at international level. However her daughter Benazir Bhutto Shaheed tried to fill vacuum, Pakistan faced after the departure of Bhutto. Benazir followed the same ideology, she proved himself an international leader. The world confessed Benazir Shaheed is a great leader, that can change fate of any nation, but she was also engulfed by the mentality of elite Punjabi class. After both the leader, the same elite Punjabi class took Zardari into task because , after all he is a Sindhi, from a people most upper class Punjabis think off as backward, lazy, illiterate shudra who are unpatriotic and thus not deserving to be at the helm of affairs.
    It is unfortunate, that this upper elite Punjabi class did not learn a lesson in 1971. Even I know it feels no qualms either Pakistan exists or not. They can accept an integrated Pakistan but not a leader from a smaller province where they think Shudras live. I believe until elite Punjabi class change its attitude and shun its provocative attitude and clear its mentality, peace and progress is word wide goose.