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Zaid Hamid admits links to Yousef Ali

The following is cross-posted from Khawer Khan’s blog.

These videos have recently come to light. In them Zaid Hamid admits his links to Yousef Ali (disparagingly called Yousef Kazzab by opponents). Zaid Hamid had always denied any links to ‘Yousef Kazzab’. A sessions court found that Yousef claimed to be a false prophet, a charge that Yousef (and Zaid Hamid) denied.

These videos are reproduced without extensive comment. I will be commenting, but just don’t have time right now.

I must add that I support religious freedoms for all, including Zaid Hamid. However, the problem is that Zaid Hamid does not support secularism himself. I will later argue that Zaid Hamid and Yousef Ali are far more likely to enjoy their freedoms under a secular as opposed to a theocratic framework.

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  • I must reassert that we at LUBP support freedom of speech for all including for those who we disagree with.

    I personally believe that the killing of Yousef Ali was a tragedy; an expression of intolerant, Talibanic mindset in Pakistani society. I am concerned that any effort to link up Zaid Hamid with Yousef Ali may pose threat to Zaid Hamid’s personal safety. I am concerned because our society is replete with religious zealots and intolerant people.

    I have previously expressed my concern in the following comment:


    and also in this post:


    The above is, however, my personal view.

    My colleague Khawer Khan, the author of the above post, has a different view. He believes that the above post is in support of Zaid Hamid’s religious freedom.

    In a nutshell, while we (may) disagree with Zaid Hamid’s political or religious views, we will however defend his right of free speech and belief.

  • I agree. His right to his religious beliefs must be supported unequivocally. I have only highlighted his deceit, since he was previously denying this.

    I will be posting an in-depth analysis of Zaid Hamid, Yousef Ali and religious freedom.

    These videos were already public. My intention is only to suggest that a secular legal framework is most likely to defend ZH and other religious dissenters.

    More later.

  • You must tell people that all the property belonging to Yusuf was stolen by Zia Shaihd. The offices of Khabrain etc are housed in Yufuf’s property.

  • i agree with abdul , we should not discuss zaid hamid religious affliation to counter his monster “ghaza-hind “.

  • Khan, you must write about it. I used to have a lot of material on how Zia Shahid stole Yusuf’s property. But an Islamist journalist, a colleague, borrowed those from me, and the rest if history. do not have them any more. You must write whatever you know. I wish I could help you.

  • Zaid Hamid bays for everyone’s blood, everyone who does not agree with him. But we must be different from this Islamofascist.

  • The point to note here is that the same media which on one side gives Zaid Hamid enough room to share his thoughts gives room to people who can disagree with his vision. That’s healthy debate but I hope Mr. Zaid Hamid would stop calling everybody a CIA agent.

  • @abdul nisharpuri. I would agree with your first part only. The question about here is not who is linked to zaid hamid. It is more of a fact that his personal safety is in jeopardy. The death of Yousaf ali was ofcurse another attack by Taliban but I think to quote him as a corrupt man by a third party is wrong I think. Without any ground realities or facts no1 should be charged or alleged.

  • Part 3, first two minutes of the clip suggest that those who recorded this video might have breached Zaid Hamid’s trust by placing this video on Youtube.

    The clip also suggests that according to Zaid Hamid, supporters of Taliban and other terrorists are behind this hate campaign against him by wrongly associating his name with Yousef Ali.

  • Excerpts from Zaid Hamid’s email:

    I will add only a few more points to answer your questions and to complete
    the hujjat: details on personal meeting inshallah. For now this should

    I am NOT a follower of that idiot Yusuf. May Allah’s curse upon those who
    accuse me of following him. But you should also try to study his case. Did
    he really claim to be a Prophet? what did Maulana Sattar Niazi and dozens of
    scholars say in writing about Yusuf? what is the sessions court judgment on
    his conviction ? is he sentenced to death on claim of prophet hood or
    something else? who were the witnesses whose evidence was used? Were sharia
    and sunnah requirements were fulfilled in the sessions court ? Why no
    religious scholar appeared in the court to testify against him? What was the
    judgment of council of Islamic ideology after this case verdict? why no
    media group projected the case except Khabrain and Takbeer ? In fact, Nawai
    Waqt and nation defended Yusuf by publishing statements of top scholars
    defending yusuf ????? Was that a case of blasphemy or money disputes and
    sectarian warfare??? You MUST find this out.

    I work, live and inshallah will die only for Allah and Sayyadna Muhemmed
    Rasul Allah alone. I don’t work for any agency or secret group or cult,

    Life of every Muslim is sacred and cannot be taken on suspicion. Property
    of every Muslim of sacred and cannot be violated on suspicion. honor of
    every Muslim is sacred and cannot be violated without fulfilling
    requirements of Sharia and deen. The last sermon of Rasul Allah equates
    life, property and honor with sacred day of Hajj and sacred city of Makka.
    It is most unfortunate that those calling themselves as Muslims violate each
    and every basic tenant of Islam by involving themselves in utter and
    absolute Haram without any proof, sharia requirements or verifications. If
    we believe in Allah and Rasul Allah and fear the day of judgment, then we
    should be very very careful when a Muslim is accused of being a Kafir or
    murtid or doing his Takfir.. This is greatest of sins.

    Isn’t this strange that none of the accusers who write these articles seek
    any clarification from me nor have met me, nor know me, nor know nor willing
    to listen to any explanations. they keep coming back with pen names, e-mail
    names, refusing to listen to any clarifications nor accepting my invitation
    for a face to face debate ? what are they afraid of ? I left Karachi in 1992
    and have never met any of these accusers ever since, if ever. most of them I
    don’t even know. Have they given any proof of any allegations or still it is
    just hearsay or stories of “personal” experiences so factually wrong and
    lies that it is nauseating.

    All my life has been spent on razor edge for the sake of Allah and Rasul
    Allah (saw), risking and sacrificing everything that is considered precious
    in this world for the sake of Sayyadna Rasul Allah (saw) and this deen. I
    was 22 years old when I went to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets when a life
    of worldly promise and brilliant career awaited me in Dunya. Spent six year
    in battle fields, surviving on daily basis, with my parents, wife, kids and
    loved ones not knowing in which valley my grave would be. I did not do all
    that for money, sense of adventure or to serve any secret service. By Allah
    it was and it still is for Allah, Rasul Allah and this Ummat e marhoom. When
    I came out after six years, i had to struggle on daily basis once again to
    feed and support my family. Jihad was NOT a paying venture. We spend from
    our own pockets or given most minor wazeefa of few hundred rupees per month
    by the jihadi commander we fought along with.

    My present work of BrassTacks and its Azaan is also with the same junoon
    and ‘dewangi”. It is Not for money or to serve any secret agenda. We have
    done over 70 programs. Apart from being anything against Islam, Quran or
    sunnah, these are highly subtle, sublime and sophisticated essence of deen
    and khair reviving the Ummah and nation and attacking the entire exis of
    Kufr and Dajjal. Cant we see the baraka and khair which Allah is giving to
    this mission and its message.

    My dear brother, in these times of fitnas, we need to be careful with
    people, I agree. But we should also be careful that we don’t shoot down the
    only message of dignity, honor and hope which has come out for this nation
    to fight and confront those who have declared war on Allah and Sayyadna
    Rasul Allah (saw). By Allah, I can say with confidence that those fighting
    against us are either Nadan dost or Dana dushman. By trying to destroy us,
    they only serve Zionists, bankers, Indians and our enemies of Pakistan and

    May Allah be our guide and be my witness in what I have written. He is my
    Wakeel and I rest my case with Him alone.

    Jazak Allah once again and duago

    Zaid Hamid

    Source: http://imak47.wordpress.com/2009/03/30/a-look-at-the-propaganda-against-zaid-hamid/

  • Sorry for this rather long cross-post from Pakistan Defence Forum, but is very useful. A must read:

    Ababeel said

    First, the accusation was that Yusuf Ali claimed he was a Rasool or Nabi, when no conclusive evidence was provided from audio, video or writings of Yusuf Ali (if any) then accusation changed to that he was involved in sexual orgies and adultery, when there was no proof of that, then Takfiri elements pointed to a an audio sermon, and in it while there were objectionable things in terms of belief and extreme sufi rhetoric nothing conclusively pointed to the fact that Yusuf Ali claimed himself to be a Rasool or Nabi. Then argument was made well since Ghulam Ahmed Qadian (the real Kazzab) started off with extreme Sufi rhetoric and worked up to blasphemous claims hence logic follows Yusuf Ali would have done the same had he continued. Now the argument has changed once again, now accusation is that Yusuf Ali didn’t claim it out right that he was a prophet rather he said stuff (comparing himself to Prophet Muhammad pbuh) which implied that he Yusuf Ali was himself claiming prophethood. Now Schmuck is bringing arguments from the very same organization (Anjuman-e Tahaffuz-e Khatim-e Nabuwwat ) that launched a case against Yusuf Ali as his proof. The book contains secondary hearsay statements from Newspapers, if Yusuf Ali really claimed himself to be prophet he would have openly said it like the false Dajjal before like Ghulam Ahmed Qadian, False Mehdi from Fez, or False Mehdi of Sudan and not publish an add in his defense refuting these claims.

    All one need is to have an audio, video or writings of Yusuf Ali in which he makes the claims that proofs what his accuser are accusing him off. Till then we can only say that he was an extreme Sufi nutcase with some errors in his belief but we cant make Takfir on the evidence provided thus far. If we were to have that evidence I have no problem agreeing with Schmuck and gladly say that Yusuf Ali is a Kazzab. Takfir is not a light matter as Schmuck is making it out to be. Here is a different perspective that has not yet been mentioned.

    A DEADLY CRISIS is simmering in South-East Asia region where religious
    extremism and an intolerant culture is fast escalating. A case in point
    is of a moderate Muslim scholar in Pakistan, Mr Muhemmed Yusuf Ali, an
    activist of Peace, religious tolerance and human excellence. He has been
    condemned to death and 35 years of rigorous imprisonment on 5th August
    2000 by a lower in Pakistan under the pressure of a local religious
    organization on the baseless allegations of blasphemy. Moreover, without
    any evidence and without any authority, the lower court has called him
    liar (kazzab), kafir (infidel), murtad (apostate) against all
    requirements of justice and Islamic Shari’ah.

    Religious zealots in Pakistan are highly abusing vaguely formulated Law
    of Blasphemy as a “handy-tool” to harass and prosecute those who
    challenge their power-base by calling for sectarian harmony and
    religious tolerance or hold divergent religious beliefs.

    Mr Muhemmed Yusuf Ali, a staunch Muslim of Ahl-e-Sunnah school of
    thought, has been actively working against growing religious extremism
    and human excellence for last two decades. He wrote columns and articles
    in “Daily Pakistan” for 5 years, and trained people around the world for
    more than 15 years. He openly spoke against extremist elements of
    religious clergy in Pakistan, and often said in his recorded interviews,
    today Islam portrayed in Muslim countries by religious clergy is a
    highly distorted version of real Islam ” a way of living with love &
    peace, and serving the Creator and creation.”

    In 1997, Mr Yusuf Ali stepped up his efforts to serve humanity and on
    28th February arranged the first assembly of an association founded by
    himself (World Assembly for Human Excellence) in a local mosque. In
    reaction, his opponents started a vilification campaign against him in
    the local press. He was accused of adultery, fraud, claiming
    prophet-hood, and blasphemy against Islam. He clarified his position
    through paid advertisements in the newspapers. But, a case was
    maliciously registered against him on 29th March 1997 by a local
    religious organisation. He was immediately detained and locked up in a
    prison in inhumanly conditions for a period of 2 years.

    Judiciary kept avoiding hearing his case to stay away from argument with
    religious extremists. After 2 years of detention he was released on bail
    on statutory grounds. A trial finally started in February 2000. However,
    against all hopes and (as Amnesty International reports) in
    contravention of international fair trial standards, the trial was
    conducted in the private chamber of the learned judge, in camera, and in
    an oppressive atmosphere. No independent observers or media
    representatives were allowed in. Most of the hearings were commenced at
    about 2:30pm and continued till as late as 7-8pm. The final arguments
    were heard on 28th July till 11:45pm, and the counsel for the defence
    were asked to conclude.

    Mr Muhemmed Yusuf Ali denied all allegations in their entirety. (Verdict
    available at http://www.wahe.net)
    According to the trial record the complainant, office bearer of a local
    religious organization, alleged that Mr Yusuf Ali ‘indirectly committed
    blasphemy’ by showing his resemblance with Prophet Muhemmad (peace be
    upon him) on an unknown date, during a Friday sermon, more than 2 years
    before registration of the case. The complainant also admitted that all
    his information were based on word of mouth and unfounded reports
    published in a local newspaper.

    The learned judge of Pakistan’s lower court found no evidence of
    adultery, as the complainant could not produce any information to
    support false allegation. No proper evidence of blasphemy or fraud was
    produced in the court except a few people’s word against Mr Yusuf Ali’s,
    including a local newspaper reporter who reported the fabricated stories
    in the first place. The complainant produced video/audio pieces of
    several sermons copied onto two cassettes. Nothing objectionable or
    offensive was found in the sermons. The date of sermons and maker of
    cassette were unknown, which make the produced evidence highly
    unreliable and legally inadmissible.

    Honourable Judge acknowledges in his verdict that evidence in this case
    was oral in nature. In his verdict, Judge accepts the complainant’s word
    against Mr Yusuf Ali’s. He praises the complainant’s religious
    organization, on record, and gives them credit of bringing provisions of
    blasphemy law in the Pakistan Penal Code. However, he nullifies the
    statement of Mr Muhemmed Yusuf Ali in his defence by simply calling him
    a liar! Mr Muhemmed Yusuf Ali testified during the trial that according
    to Islamic beliefs all human beings are representative of God Almighty
    and all Muslims should also strive to be a representative of Prophet
    Muhemmed (peace be upon him). He advocated that to gain human excellence
    all human-being should respect each other and live life according to
    examples set by their great leaders such as Prophet Muhemmed, Prophet
    Jesus, Prophet Moses, Mahatama Buddha (peace be upon them). Mr Yusuf Ali
    admitted that he himself lives life according to teachings, examples and
    guidance of Last Prophet Muhemmed (peace be upon him), strives to fulfil
    his mission, and considers himself his humble and true representative.
    However, the judge deduced that the last statement amounts to indirectly
    committing blasphemy. He declared Mr Yusuf Ali an infidel, an apostate,
    liable to death, and 35 years of rigorous imprisonment on several

    A number of oft consulted Islamic scholars in juristic matters of
    international repute, have declared the verdict of Pakistani lower court
    unfounded, invalid and against all norms of dispensing justice. However,
    Mr Muhemmed Yusuf Ali is again languishing behind bars in a C class
    cell with fast deteriorating health, with no medical facilities, waiting
    for a fair trial. His family and his own life is in danger from
    religious extremists. ”

    Yusuf Ali was killed by a guy name Tariq who was convicted death row inmate belonging to Takfiri Sipah Sahabah terrorist outfit in Prision, till this day Yusuf Ali murder is unsolved and whereabouts of Tariq are unknown.



    Tamerlane said:

    We know all about the Sepah e Sahaba who killed Muhammad Yusuf Ali. Let’s see schmuck say that these terrorists did a bad thing to murder Yusuf Ali.

    Sepah e Sahaba also have even more extreme organizations. One is Lashkar e Jangvi and also the TTP. Hakimullah Mehsud of the TTP is a past member of Sepah e Sahaba.

    So you can see what we’re dealing with here? The sort of people who like to declare other Muslims as apostates and then kill them. That is the type of mentality we’re facing with the large scale suicide bombings by TTP all over Pakistan. The Lal Masjid crowd also subscribe to the same thinking. All Pakistanis, including the Army are kafirs and should be killed.

    No wonder the enemies like America and India love the TTP.

    Even before 911 Sepah e Sahaba were blowing up mosques in Pakistan. Apart from the Americans no one has blown up as many mosques as these people.

    Jana said:

    The Takfiri terrorist was hired by a newspaper owner to kill Yousaf as the paper owner was grabbing the property of Yousaf worth millions of rupees.

    Anyway the court had thrown out the fake audio tap which mr schmuck is boasting about so much.

    Anyway i dont see any reason to run in circles about this non-sense misconception by Zaid Hamid haters.

    Schmuck said:

    Ghazi Ilm deen killed Rajpaal above the law and was hanged, but we praise him to date.
    SSP guy Tariq Ali may had similar thing in mind when he killed Yousuf kazzab. Govts need better security and justice arrangements during such trials.

    Jana said:

    The land mafia was not behind Ghazi Illim Din neither he did it for any fee from the land grabbers rather he was an Ashiq-e-Rasool.

    Now dont try to glorify the killing by terrorist Tariq Ali. You used the word “May” means you dont have any proof that he did for any just cause whereas the entire media and those who were involved in that trial know very well the facts.

    Even the reporter who had implicated Yousaf in false blasphemy case re-tracted from his statement in the Court.

    The reporter ealier blamed Yousaf for blasphemy on the behest of his newspaper owner who had grabbed the property of Yousaf. And interesting no one knows that this property of yousaf is worth crores and crores of rupees’ worth which is still in possession of the blackmailer newspaper owner.

    The bottom line is schmuck do not glorify the killings of people in fake blasphemy cases.

    May Allah give us light to be on right path. Ameen.

    Jana said:

    I said the building he owned and which was grabbed by the news paper owner and still in his possession is worth billions NOW. You can well imagine a building no matter small or big in a commercial area has a big price.

    Besides i would not comment if had wealth or not because i dont know anything about that neither it should be any of our business because he was an individual and in this country many individuals earn through many unlawful ways too. But unless we have a proove we cant say anything about them.

    Tamerlane said:

    Really, but your whole argument against Zaid Hamid is based on Sipah e Sahaba style arguments and you refuse to condemn the Sipah e Sahaba terrorist who killed Muhammad Yusuf Ali.

    4:93 (Y. Ali) If a man kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell, to abide therein (For ever): And the wrath and the curse of Allah are upon him, and a dreadful penalty is prepared for him.

    4:94 (Y. Ali) O ye who believe! When ye go abroad in the cause of Allah, investigate carefully, and say not to any one who offers you a salutation: “Thou art none of a believer!” Coveting the perishable goods of this life: with Allah are profits and spoils abundant. Even thus were ye yourselves before, till Allah conferred on you His favours: Therefore carefully investigate. For Allah is well aware of all that ye do.

    It’s clear that murder is haram and Allah tells us not to call someone an unbeliever so that you can declare him an enemy, attack him and take his property. This is exactly what Muhammad Yusuf Ali’s accusers did.

    Ababeel said:

    what we know from public domain is that disinformation campaign perpetuated by Zia Shaid was used to make the basis of outlandish claims, but after Judiciary dismissed evidence brought forth by AMTKN (aalmi majlis tahaffuz khatme nabuwwat), Judiciary made a verdict in favor of the complainant based solely on “he said/she said”. I wonder why the verdict was in favor of complainant, maybe the same forces that were able to provide a loaded weapon to a convicted Sipah Sahabah felon to kill Yusuf Ali in prison and then safely make the convicted felon disappear could have killed the Judge had judge not given verdict in favor of AMTKN and praised AMTKN. The whole system was compromised and had the Judge given any other verdict Sipah Sahabah would have paid him a visit as well. Why Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri feel ashamed to talk about Zia Shahid and Sipah Sahabah?

    I have my doubts on these self acclaimed guardians of prophets and their Sipah Sahabah sidekicks. My own cousin who was a deobandi sunni was shot at point blank range in the chest by Sipah Sahabah terrorist in Bahawalpur simply because he had a quarrel with a guy who made wrong accusation about my cousin to Sipah Sahabah. This happened in 1997 when these incidents were common occurrence in southern Punjab. From the day his dead body was brought to DG Khan till six month after my cousin’s family kept receiving threats from Sipah Sahabah not to make too much fuss about this incident. So excuse me if I have my doubts on these people who claim to be safeguarding honor of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) in actuality they have other ulterior motives. You would be surprise to know some of these Sipah Shabah people don’t even pray regularly. Love for the Prophet and safeguarding Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) honor is a noble cause but that doesnt mean we become so blind that we stop following the laws of Justice in Islam.

    Tamerlane said:

    It doesn’t prove anything other than that the audience was rude and Zaid Hamid got fed up with it.

    I went to the Brasstacks office three days in a row and every day there were students there asking the same question and twice I heard Zaid Hamid answer their questions and one day his secretary gave a long lecture to around 30 students on the same topic.

    Basically the guy Yusuf Ali was a friend of a friend of Zaid Hamid’s and that is how they came together in some functions. Zaid was not a disciple or Khalifa of that person. In addition, Yusuf Ali was murdered extra-judicially without having been given time to clear himself of the charges against him.

    This news item appeared in the Ummat, which I read before even seeing it in here. That’s a Jamat-e-Islami paper of the Deobandi types who don’t seem to like Zaid Hamid too much. I’m surprised at this because the jihadi types in Pakistan are actually firm supporters of Zaid Hamid, for example, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and Jaish-e-Muhammad. Those organizations that support the Pakistan Army are in pro-Zaid Hamid while those that are opponents of the Pakistan Army are against him.

    On the other side you’ve got the Westernized liberals also against Zaid Hamid’s message. As far as I know the extreme right and and the extreme left are against Zaid Hamid’s message because he steps on their interests. If the antis succeed in demolishing Zaid Hamid it would be a great loss to Pakistan and the Pakistan Army.


  • Friends, this is a grave matter.

    A number of you have pointed out the threat to Zaid Hamid from extremists. That is no doubt a reality. He claims that this threath is from the TTP, or somehow linked to the TTP.

    On the other hand he also claims, in these videos, to have security provided from another Jihadi outfit. This is an indication that different elements in the state (and Jihadi outfits are part of the state) are in serious conflict. This is not a threat only to Zaid Hamid but to all of us.

    Once again, for those objecting to the reproduction of these videos they are already public on one of Zaid’s own websites. This video was not released without his consent, he said “I’ll tell you when to release it” and he has.

  • The brutal murder of Jaspal singh shows how tolerant the Taliban are towards religious minorities. The minorities are perhaps the most affected segment of IDP’s as they do not have support system, and their status is that of a second grade citizen. The state needs to ensure the well-being of such segments as they are vulnerable in a conflict situation.

  • In the last part of “Zaid Hamid Buries the Yusuf ‘Kazzab’ Myth – The TRUTH 6-6 (ORIGNAL)”, Mr Zaid had openly issued a “Fatwa of Takfeer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7owM_U3ySQ&feature=related” against Pakistani State. I wonder how would you defend this latest “Whiplashing by Zaid”, there may not be good Muslims in State/Establishment [Being Fasiq and Fajir doesn’t make you a Kaafir] but Zaid knows better and declaring whole system based on “Kufr” and if that is so then why Mawdudi, Mufit Mehmood and other Mawlvis signed on 1973 Constitution and Parliament adopted it.

  • Zaid Hamid is being implicated in the murder of some sectarian mullahs in Karachi. It is a worrying development.

    The Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) in Karachi has given a strike call for Saturday. The announcement was made at a press conference held at the JUI headquarter on Friday by Ameer, JUI Karachi, Qari Usman. The call has been supported by the leadership of Sipah-e-Sahaba in Karachi.

    Addressing the press conference, Qari said, “Zaid Zaman, commonly known as Zaid Hamid Khalifa of Yousuf Kazab, is the main person who brutally murdered our leaders. After hectic consultations, we have decided to nominate him in the FIR.”


    On a not much unrelated note, this is what Dr Israr Ahmed’s Tanzeem-e-Islami has to say about Zaid Hamid:


    Moral of the story:

    Deen-e-mullah fi sabeelillah fasaad

    Keep religion separate from politics, please!

  • He is speaking on facts, if any body wants to challenge him they should also come up with facts.