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Stop ridiculing yourself Chief Sahab!

Dear Chief Justice of Nawaz Sharif, Jang/Geo Group and all those who hate to see democracy in Pakistan,

I hope that you have some sense of seriousness in yourself. Some writers have begun terming you a “monumental failure” for you chose to take a difficult path for your self restoration but then made a hash of the opportunity that was handed over to you. You have played to the galleries just to earn brownie points from all democracy and PPP haters and done everything in your capability to side with those who have left no stone unturned to make Pakistan a sorry state. You have sided with the right wingers in politics and media and openly given refuge to the terrorists who are wreaking havoc with the country. You have been one sided in trying to give yourself a heroic stature and ridicule anyone who could have been in your way.

But as they say, “Sayyana Kawwa, Guu Khaye”, you are doing everything to make the proverb true on yourself. There is a long list to give for your inactions  and misactions, but your judgment on a Mian Nawaz Sharif and PML-N led constitution petition in relation to the “memogate” is nothing but laughable and ridiculous at best. You have quoted in your judgment “The News” as a credible source and also not been honest that the issue was first raised by none other than Imran Khan in his jalsa on 30th October in Lahore possibly at the behest of people whom you are going to use for bringing your godfather, Nawaz Sharif back to the throne.

Also you are not disputing the reports related to Husain Haqqani’s resignation which were aired on the media and are quoting media reports verbatim but later on you and your learned bench members say  that “We are told that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has also announced that the Parliamentary Committee on National Security will probe into the matter. We do not know the mandate of the Committee. However, we have been informed that as far as this Committee is concerned, it has no constitutional backing, i.e. it has not been constituted under any provision of the Constitution.” Can one dare to ask you that while you asked the Attorney General present if he was against the probe or not, but you nor any of the “learned” judges could ask him about what the Parliamentary Committee would do and under what clauses of the constitution it has been established?

Reading about quoting Article 5 and Article 6 of the constitution being quoted by the court is nothing but a sick joke on the people of Pakistan. weren’t you one of the judges that gave Pervez Musharraf three years to set things in order? In my opinion, you aided and abetted a military takeover, shouldn’t you be tried under the Article 6 of the Constitution?

Also it is most funny tp read in detail how much you care about the emoluments and TA/DA that will be accorded to your and your godfather Mian Nawaz Sharif’s blue eyed boy,  Tariq Khosa. You didn’t mention that he be paid unlimited fuel and his traveling be in first class and stay at minimum 5 star hotels having rack rates of USD 500 a night with breakfast and dinner covered. You are ordering such things, why doesn’t the Supreme Court bear these expenses? This is called “Halwai kee dukaan pay, dada jee kee fateha!!!”

And please do a little fact checking than just giving an order: the person you should have cited in your order was “James Jones” and not “James John” mentioned thrice (point 1 and point 6) in your order. And by the way, your another blue eyed supporter i.e. The News has corrected the mistake in their report calling him “James Jones”. Please get Mohamed Mallick or Ansar Abbasi to proof read your orders.

Thank you,

An Aggrieved Pakistani

Short Order text as downloaded from Supreme Court Website

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  • Aitzaz recommends SC to proceed in memo case astutely

    Aitzaz rejected government’s stance that only executive has the constitutional authority to appoint a commission to investigate ‘Memogate’ issue. He said the government was doing inordinate delays in every matter. “Had the government started investigation of the ‘Memogate’ issue, the Supreme Court would not have intervened into the matter”, he added.

  • From Twitter :

    People commenting on ‘dismal record’ of parliamentary commissions seem to forget judiciary’s dismal record on ‘justice’.

  • Yaar Tariq Khosa ko lagta hay paison kee zaroorat thee issi liye CJ nay unki imdad kay liye yeh faisla diya. He could have asked Al Khdimat to help him

  • Thank you LUBP for posting the review as well as the text of the judgement in downloadable form.
    It is quite a ridiculous order.
    Is it possible to get a copy of the petitions of Nawaz Sharif and his humnawa


    You are the best man,
    You are a just man
    Let us take a walk
    May I ask?
    How your dull son became a doc?
    Is it true?
    You pushed him through!
    And to C.S.S too

    They say you took PCO oath
    And complied with Mush
    Till he gave you a push
    I know you did not
    Just asking!!

    They also say
    And they say lot
    Don’t they?
    That you broke the rules
    And devised Asif Saeed
    To be CJ like you indeed
    Oh! He is son in law of CJ like you!!
    What is his name??
    Naseem Hassan Shah!!
    Now I see
    Why Tariq is Panacea

    Some blame
    You don’t touch Asghar Khan’s writ
    Give them a shit
    You are an angel
    If you touch that
    Your wings inflame

    You are the jest man
    You are detest man
    May I ask?
    Do you have shame?
    I know

  • WELL WRITTEN ARTICLE…. I am impressed, not everyone single Pakistani is dead yet, there are still A VERY FEW people out there alive making it clear on this face of this UNJUST CJ of NS and GEO/Jang and his corrupt team of LEARNED dishonest Justices (Injustices) and that pathetic hypocrite Aitezaz Ahsan who didnt feel ashamed minting millions from those money scammers to get their bail.

    And NO PAKISTANI is getting justice at ALL… may it be lower courts, high or supreme court.

    I am with you, this MF CJ Iftekhar MUST be trialed under article 6 and treason for what he’s done to Pakistan…. and specially giving his ex BOYFRIEND Musharaf legitimacy……..

    for more:

  • We are all fighting this together. I feel this man will crumble and the fake institution of honesty he is carrying with it will fall as well.

  • Personal representation by none other than Nawaz Sharif in the Supreme Court clearly tells that now there is no compromise on any issue between PPP and PML-N, all is fair in love and war. PPP must reciprocate and do this soon. Every time the question why the judgment on Asghar Khan petition was not being pronounced, a simple anwer is given if the government makes an application in SC only then it will happen. Now is the time for ppp to pay back. Let us see if it is a Nawaz Sharif court or Supreme Court.

    A man is innocent and honorable citizen unless proved guilty. That is for Hussain Haqqani. Let us see what the ISI and Army Chief reply. The position would be clear to some extent as to what is cooking in the town. I smell a rat. Where Army has left, Supreme Court has started.

    Any foolish attempt would result in Bangladesh revisited, please note well.

  • just we shuld keep quiet,nothing will happen Army seems to be happy,and who beats a running horse.President ZARDARI WHY SAY SOMETHING WHERE IS HE….how long he will keep his opinion to himself. Is he so royal that he CARE LESS…..i m a very small man but i m worried what will happen to our country….JAMHOREET WILL NEVER BE IN DANGER…DIVINE HELP IS REQUIRED..

  • LUBP adding more trash now . . .
    in its attempt to save MR TEN PERCENT LUBP will keep crying democracy (read lootocracy)to hide thir chordari mafia

  • Basically Pakistan People Party is the most Corrupt Party of Pakistan and the purpose of this party is just Corruption and Corruption every member of this party just want money and money and this party has Snatched Roti, Kapra and Makan and now they want to Snatched Live of a Poor Man.They just want to get the possession of Whole Pakistan always. they all are mentally sick and they have sold out Pakistan in the hand of America and now they are seeing themselves in Jails so they have become Completely Mental
    Inshallaha they will be Soon in Jail till Death

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