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I wish I was a Khosa, Qureshi or a Ramday

I rue why I was born in Iqbalabad. Why my parents chose to take their city’s name as the family name. couldn’t they have selected names like Khosa, Qureshi, Ramday or even a Kiyani, I wonder! Our Supreme Court which is out with all its daggers and swords is leading a very potent front against the political and democratically elected government in the country. They love to give judgments or give preference to petitions that give the galleries enough chance to satiate their thirst for the government’s blood. On top of that, they love a few gentlemen who are used over and over again to hit the government. These include foot in the mouth award winner – Justice Khalil ur Rehman Ramday; Capt. Zafar Qureshi – the famous and “honest” officer who unearthed many a scams while at FIA and Tariq Khosa who is being trumpeted as a very competent individual and was named many a times by the Supreme Court to lead various investigations like the Swiss Cases.

Tariq Khosa with Rahman Malik in 2009

Mr. Khosa has been appointed to head a “One man commission” to investigate the “Memogate” scandal  and will be free to conduct the inquiry on his own or to associate any expert to collect forensic evidence. Mr. Khosa is   a brother of sitting Supreme Court Judge – Justice Asif Saeed Khosa (he is also the son-in-law of Justice Naseem Hassan Shah) and Punjab Chief Secretary Nasir Khosa. These are very important points to realize how independent and unbiased Mr. Khosa would be in conducting a fair inquiry. PPP has all the right to claim prejudice. Literally the prayer of Nawaz Sharif has been accepted. Those people have been appointed who have been used as a tool to pressurize the government and then somewhere the CJ has also said that the use of “Military Courts cannot be ruled out”.


Asma Jahangir, who has accepted to represent Husain Haqqani for a token fee of Rs. 4,000 in the case has said “Hum nay Adlia kee bahali kay liye larai iss liye nahee laree thee kay military courts mayn ja kar pesh hon. Agar yehi karna tha to aaj mayn bhee koi bara say uhda hasil kar saktee thee.”

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Ahmed Iqbalabadi


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  • Iqbalabad koi jaga bhee hay? huh! I am surprised.

    BTW, excellent point raised. Supreme court apnay pyaron ko hee NAWAZtee hay

  • I observed that mam Fauzia was wearing the colors of PPP, coincidence or not I think this is a good idea. All PPP representatives should start wearing black or PPP arm bands as a mark of protest and solidarity.

  • Memogate and SC
    From the Newspaper | Editorial

    BY wading into the memogate scandal in a controversial manner, the Supreme Court has raised more than a few questions about the separation of powers, the supremacy of parliament and the law itself. Consider. A government whose ambassador to the US was dragged into scandal has returned to Pakistan, resigned from office and pledged to submit himself before a parliamentary inquiry that the prime minister himself has vowed will be carried out. That the matter, involving a memo delivered to the office of the then US chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, is to be brought before parliament and not a handpicked investigation commission favourably disposed towards the government is highly relevant here. Thus far, the government does not appear to have taken any steps to shield one of its own from parliament or the court of public opinion. With the parliamentary wheels already in motion, what was the need for a parallel inquiry to be concluded `within three weeks` by a special investigator appointed by the SC? Would not the result of this inquiry, almost certain to be completed before parliament`s own probe, influence the minds of the members of the parliamentary commission?

    There are more questions here. In ordering the inquiry, whatever the narrow legal point at stake, the court has lent credence to the theory that the memo, had it in fact been drafted at the behest of someone in the government, was ostensibly a criminal or illegal act that needs to be investigated. Is this necessarily so? However ill-advised the memo may have been, a close scrutiny of the six points it contains does not reveal any decisive `treasonous` material. The president is the constitutional supreme commander of the armed forces and the prime minister is the constitutional chief executive. In a court of law, all that should matter is whether they have the authority to take certain measures.

    Moreover, given that no action whatsoever was taken on the basis of the memo — even the harshest critics of the government have not alleged this — a peculiar situation arises that an inquiry has been mandated by the SC to examine events that could have happened but in fact never did happen. Should such political conspiracies, whether real or fake, not be investigated by parliament, the highest political forum in Pakistan? In a country where the political divide is deepening and civil-military relations have worsened, the role of the SC as a neutral arbiter will be under intense scrutiny and we hope the court will take great care to avoid giving the impression that it is partisan in any way.


  • Geo has broken news that tariq khosa has declined accepting the assignment. Well done lubp.
    A little credit goes to you as well for raising voice On such issues. Question is who will cj favor now? Zafar qureshi or ramday or maybe kamran khan.
    Btw are you writing a review of the Order? It is a ridiculous Order

  • Mother of nation Fauzia wahab’s viewpoint is substantive, unbiased and absolutely fair in the light of constitution, law and ethics. She is true follower of BB shaheed. She defends PPP leadership on every forum in most efficient manner. We the jiyalas are proud of her.

  • Let US Build Pakistan should not be your slogan your slogan is means the slogan of Pakistan People Party is Let US Ruined Pakistan
    the Party which is full of Corrupt People and not a single person in this Party is human being all are decoit, Thief, Lotairay, Traitor
    I Pray to Allah
    Please Safe Pakistan from Pakistan People Party and Pakistan Muslim League N