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Najam Sethi parrots Deep State’s lies by equating Pashtuns with Taliban – by Salma Jafar

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Najam Sethi ki Pashtun dushmani!

A lot can be written in response to Najam Sethi’s recent diatribe on Pashtuns which is highly offensive to any Pashtun. So offended we challenge Najam Sethi:  Taliban represent an ideology of hate and violence; Najam Sethi by stating that Taliban represent Pashtuns has insulted the entire Pashtun nation be it in Pakistan or in Afghanistan.

Here is Najam Sethi’s  provocative and insulting tweet: “Taliban represent Pashtuns, NA Tajiks/Uzbeks of Afghanistan. MQM Muhajirs of KCHI, PMLN/PPP/PTIPunjab.”

Can this so called guru of Pakistani journalism tell us how he arrived at this conclusion? And why he is not telling us who the Punjabi Taliban represent?

Taliban representing Pashtuns means Pashtuns represent Taliban ideology. Evidently Sethi knows what Taliban ideology is so he has conformed to the Pashtun enmity by equating it with Pashtuns so recklessly. Only a month or so back Hamid Mir demonstrated the same and later apologized.

Najam Sethi, you in other words are propagating that:

  • The Pashtuns represent the largest single ethnic group in Afghanistan so are they all represented by Taliban. Right!
  • The Pashtuns in KP who have elected a progressive party like ANP and sacrificed thousands of lives fighting against the Taliban are represented by Taliban Right!
  • The Pashtuns of FATA who have sacrificed immensely for peace; 1000 tribal leaders have been killed by Taliban are represented by Taliban Right!
  • The Pashtuns of Karachi (largest Pashtun City in the world) who believe in a progressive Pakistan which is demonstrated through their work and businesses are represented by Taliban Right!
  • The Pashtuns of Balochistan who have not only cherished but safeguarded peace at all times are represented by the Taliban right!
  • The poor Pashtun workers in Middle East and elsewhere are also represented by Taliban Right!

The majority of Pashtuns have political affiliation with either ANP that believes and follows the non violent movement of Bacha Khan who himself remained in prison for 40 years but remained peaceful. Or the Pashtuns are a part of  PKMAP that again holds peace at its center; both non violent parties. Other Pashtuns support mainstream political parties like PPP and PMLN or now PTI also. There is a very small minority of Pashtuns that has any allegiance with Islamic parties and that is true of every ethnic group be it Pashtuns, Baloch, Punjabi or Sindhi.

Najam Sethi knows the election results in KP even of by elections and in Balochistan he is also aware that the nationalist party representing Pashtuns PKMAP had boycotted the elections. Therefore his antagonizing statement arising from his own ethnic prejudice and bigotry is intentional and is considered by us as a strike on Pashtun identity.

We can’t allow him to make such sweeping and demeaning statements to insult the entire Pashtun nation. This is not the first time as he has been humiliating Pashtuns he has done this before also; refer to his editorial in Daily Times: Say ‘yes’ to ‘naswar’!  


Aapas Ki Baat (Geo TV Najam Sethi and Muneeb) 30 November 2011:
NATO Attack, Pakistan and Taliban


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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • Instead of Pashtuns, Taliban represent their Saudi financiers and Punjabi stewards sitting in Aabpara, LeJ-SSP and Jinnah Institute

    This is where Najam Sethi, Javed Ch, Sherry Rehman, Hamid Mir, Ejaz Haider and Orya Maqbool converge: Taliban = Pashtuns (viva Deep State)

    Gradually but surely LUBP’s pioneering stance on Najam Sethi, Ejaz Haider, Sherry Rehman and other more refined friends of the DS is being vindicated.

  • As usual, LUBP is resorting to slanderous and malicious propaganda against credible journalists.

    If Sethi is bad, who would you prefer? Ansar Abbasi?

  • Yes Najam is a well known stooge of aabpara industry.
    Both ansar & Najam are chips of the same block.

  • Really dissapointed by Sethi on this. Last night’s show was terrible. All of sudden, as if after given a finger-wagging telling off by some Army dude, Sethi saheb suddenly began to sound like a cross between Ansar Abbasi and Kamran Khan.

  • “All of sudden, as if after given a finger-wagging telling off by some Army dude”

    Sounds like the case to be, I was very surprised as well at this blatant lie. Only ISI would say such a thing.

  • najamsethi Najam Sethi
    @mazdaki @MujMash Taliban represent Pashtuns, NA Tajiks/Uzbeks of Afghanistan. MQM Muhajirs of KCHI, PMLN/PPP/PTI Punjab. JD/LET no support.

    MujMash Mujib Mashal
    Najam Sethi just said “Taliban ko ek amn AFG meiN ek seat dena chahye kyo keh woh Pashton ko represent kartay hay or majority hay”! really?!

    usmanehmad Usman Ahmad
    @najamsethi Sir some liberals haven’t taken kindly to some of your stances. Like shery’s appntmnt, afghan issue, crtcsm of US. what’s wrong?
    56 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    muiz2610 abdul muiz iqbal
    @najamsethi in yesterday’ AKB program u said all the same stuffs that #IK has been saying for many yrs abt the sol. of this war on terror

    pkinside PkInside
    Aapas Ki Baat Najam Sethi Kay Sath – 30 November 2011 tinyurl.com/76w66ad

    nzoha Nusrat Zoha
    All “desi liberals” US policy lovers , Pakistan haters must watch today’s Najam Sethi Aapas ki Baat

    ImaadUDin Imaad
    @najamsethi Sir, ur program last nite has been IK’s stance since ever. however, d punch you hav in ur communication is missing in IK’s team

    Chiltan salma jafar
    and who the hell is @najamsethi to tell us who represents us #Pashtuns

    aamir_khan82 Aamir Nawaz Khan
    @Chiltan what went wrong with him?

    @Chiltan salma jafar
    @aamir_khan82 he was always…pointed out earlier…LUBP pointed out so many times.

    fayazmgi Fayaz Ahmad
    @SamadK @hafsaq can u tell us comparative %age of Talib supporting journalists both Pakhtun n Punjabis?

    SamadK Samad Khurram
    Over 95% of Taliban are Pushtoon, and over 95% of Pushtoons are not Taliban.

    SamadK Samad Khurram
    @hafsaq I believe the 95% figure was quoted in this paper [PDF] bit.ly/sXyNQ1

    fayazmgi Fayaz Ahmad
    Unlike Pakhtuns, it Punjabi politicians,journalists,army-walas, lawyers,”intellectuals” who support Taliban.bcz Taliban represnts Punjabis?

    hafsaq Hafsa
    @SamadK no. but statistics can be used to promote an agenda. better to contextualize it. as @fayazmgi suggests, how abt % of their victims?

    hafsaq Hafsa
    @SamadK I’d suggest KP textbook board’s head Dr Marwat’s book: bit.ly/hjqLeX these surveys are not conducted in ideal circumstances & also tainted by author’s perceptions

    fayazmgi Fayaz Ahmad
    @SamadK @hafsaq Among their victims,how much % r Pakhtuns?

    aliarqam aliarqam
    #Taliban represents #Pashtus but they are considered protectors of #Punjabi dominated #pakarmy #TalibanVsPashtuns

    fayazmgi Fayaz Ahmad
    All Muslims n Pakis r silent on Pakhtuns genocide by Taliban, but it touchs only Pakhtuns everywhere n world. Why is so?

    fayazmgi Fayaz Ahmad
    Pakis+Saudis agents Taliban has nothing with Pakhtunwali, they r assind by their masters 2 destroy Pakhtuns n their culture.

    fayazmgi Fayaz Ahmad
    Let the world listen, Khushal Khattak, Ahmad Shah Durrani, Ghazi Amanullah Khan, Baacha Khan,n Ghani Khan,represent 2 Pakhtuns not Taliban!

    fayazmgi Fayaz Ahmad
    If Talibans represent Pakhtuns, they would hav not busy n killing Pakhtuns, but gone for capturing Punjab!

    fayazmgi Fayaz Ahmad
    Most of Pakhtuns r anti-Taliban, therfore, they gets killd by Taliban. Otherwise, there would have been no casualty of Pakhtuns by Talibans.

    fayazmgi Fayaz Ahmad
    Why agents of Paki Army+KSA i.e. Tliban hits our primary school? There r no USA/NATO forces! Only 2 stop Pakhtuns eductionl develpmnt!

    fayazmgi Fayaz Ahmad
    Taliiban on mission 2 destroy Pakhtuns culture, identity, economy,n stop their educationl progress,lest not pose threat 2 Punjab’s monoply.

    fayazmgi Fayaz Ahmad
    Talibans represents Saudi Arabia+Pakistan Army, the former fund them, the later fascilitate.

    fayazmgi Fayaz Ahmad
    @najamsethi If Taliban represents Pakhtuns, then why all of their victims r Pakhtuns? @mazdaki

    ilyasakbarkhan Shahid Ilyas
    @najamsethi @mazdaki @MujMash LT/JD represent Punjabis, NA Tajiks-Uzbeks, ANP/PQMAP/Karzai Pashtuns, MQM muhajirs, Taiban ISI/GHQ

    hafsaq Hafsa
    If #Taliban represent #Pashtuns why do they not go for the ballot box? Why did anti-Taliban ANP win the election? #TalibanVsPashtuns

    hafsaq Hafsa
    @takhalus @najamsethi @mazdaki @MujMash extremism needs to be curbed at earlier stages e.g. busting of KKK. Pak estb sowed & nurtured it

    fayazmgi Fayaz Ahmad
    All Muslims n Pakis r silent on Pakhtuns genocide by Taliban, but it touchs only Pakhtuns everywhere n world. Why is so?

    hafsaq Hafsa
    If #Taliban represent #Pashtuns why does contemporary Pashtun literature & poetry give totally opposite impression? #TalibanVsPashtuns

    hafsaq Hafsa
    If #Taliban representing #Pashtuns why are there lashkars all over #KhyberPakhtunkhwa who fight them? #TalibanVsPashtuns

    hafsaq Hafsa
    @mazdaki @MujMash @najamsethi ‘s statement is equivalent to: ‘Nazis represent holocaust survivors’

    hafsaq Hafsa
    What explains the deliberate suppression of Pashtun culture by Pak estb & now attacks by Taliban on cultural norms? #TalibanVsPashtuns

    aliarqam aliarqam
    #Taliban represents #pashtuns that is why they punish lesser pashtuns by bombing at bazaars n punlic places

    aliarqam aliarqam
    #Taliban represents #Pashtus but they are considered protectors of #Punjabi dominated #pakarmy #TalibanVsPashtuns

    aliarqam aliarqam
    @marvisirmed GHQ wallas are architects of these lies and @najamsethi s are promotors and propagators

    aliarqam aliarqam
    #Taliban represents #Pashtuns but all the #ghairatmand columnists amd journos belong to #Punjab

    aliarqam aliarqam
    #Taliban represents #Pashtuns but the political parties immuned from their attacks are #PMLN #PTI from #Punjab @najamsethi

    aliarqam aliarqam
    @marvisirmed this time we are asking the brilliant but dishonest comrade @najamsethi who last night said taliban=pashtuns

    aliarqam aliarqam
    And #Punjab ‘s CM Shahbaz vowed in a public jalsa, #PMLN shares Taliban ideology #TalibanVsPashtuns

    aliarqam aliarqam
    If #Taliban represent #Pashtuns why they did the first act of hanging #DrNajeeb aft capturing #Kabul

    hafsaq Hafsa
    If #Taliban represent #Pashtuns why does contemporary Pashtun literature & poetry give totally opposite impression? #TalibanVsPashtuns

    aliarqam aliarqam
    Bayaan-e-GHQ ba zuban -e-comrade @najamsethi he shd join anthr comrade #ImranKhan as advisor

    aliarqam aliarqam
    Its an irony that Hamid Mir supports #Taliban but hate #Pashtuns #TalibanVsPashtuns

    aliarqam aliarqam
    If #Taliban representing #Pashtuns why 1500 tribal elder got killed opposing them #TalibanVsPashtuns

    aliarqam aliarqam
    @mazdaki here’s a point where hamid mir, ejaz H, rustam shah mohmand, imran Khan and many others come closer@najamsethi

    aliarqam aliarqam
    We shd not forget thay comrade @najamsethi too was part of #JinnahInstitute report, reading frm de script

    KhanSarban Dilawar Khan
    @Chiltan @najamsethi hates pashtuns, remember ‘say yes to naswar’ 2nd editorial DT, 2006 tiny.cc/gwyhc

    ijazkhan Ijaz Khan
    @marvisirmed @aliarqam @najamsethi expereinced that in LHR on Tues Interestingly Punjab youth understood, the so called experts were adamant

    ijazkhan Ijaz Khan
    To Pakistan’s self styled Pashtun experts – listen to What a German says http://t.co/KYs5jhQb

    Chiltan salma jafar
    #NajamSethi shows his true colors yet again ….. Congrats @CriticalPPP @AbdulNishapuri

    Chiltan salma jafar
    Provocotive & insulting RT:@najamsethi Taliban represent Pashtuns, NA Tajiks/Uzbeks of Afghanistan. MQM Muhajirs of KCHI, PMLN/PPP/PTIPunjab

    UsamaKhilji Usama Khilji
    RT @mazdaki: @MujMash Lets ask @najamsethi if Taliban represent Pashtuns why doesn’t Hafiz Saeed represent Punjab

    mazdaki Mohammad Taqi
    @najamsethi Aali jaah, this I’d respectfully differ with. @mujmash

    emeskay Maha Kamal
    @najamsethi I respect you as a writer/pol. analyst. Very disappointed of your comparison of an entire ethnic group with an extremist faction

    BushraGohar Bushra Gohar
    How can those with blood of the Pakhtuns on their hands ever represent us? How can those holding us hostage represent us? BG

    mo2005 Mona
    @najamsethi @mazdaki Taliban don’t rep the comon pukhtuns but yes they do rep the estab Indian obsesion and their screwed up strategic depth

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @najamsethi millions of #AfghanRefugees #AfghanStreetChildren are also represented byTaliban #stopit @mo2005 @fayazmgi @mazdaki

    ilyasakbarkhan Shahid Ilyas
    @najamsethi @mo2005 @fayazmgi @mazdaki Najam Sb, you think Mahmood Achakzai represents nobody? And which Afghan civil war? didnt abt any!

    mazdaki Mohammad Taqi
    @MujMash I am hopeful @najamsethi will reconsider his fundamentally flawed,skewed and ominous comment that #Taliban represent #Pashtuns

  • Evidence of Sethi’s racism against Pashtuns:

    EDITORIAL: Say ‘yes’ to ‘naswar’!

    Before the Pushtuns took a fancy to the Hasba Bill, we thought naswar was sheer ignominy as a national snort. Originally meant for the nose, as the nas part of it suggests, the moist paste is also stuck behind the back gums, producing a lot of coloured, ill-smelling spit, which is then sprayed all over the place, included on newly constructed public offices. Only a Pushtun can say what pleasure it gives, but we can say today that it is better than the opiate of the Hasba Bill that is being injected into the already much abused veins of the people of the NWFP.

    Of course, out should not forget that there are more Pushtuns in Karachi than in Peshawar. The government of Sindh has dramatically decreased the sale of various types of gutka and other chewable mild narcotics in the city but has failed to get people to shake off naswar. The dough-like narcotic is Pakistan’s best product because it has beaten back the imported naswar. Three kinds are favoured by the Pushtuns of Sindh: Kali (black) naswar is a speciality of Peshawar, powdered hari (green) naswar belongs to Quetta and the slightly pasty hari naswar represents the Kashmiri taste. When the people of Bannu are not busy in the more manly pastime of sectarian violence they make the country’s best naswar and there is no threat to their product from globalisation. *

    November 15, 2006


  • Najam Sethi is a long-time friend of ISI …and… CIA.

    ISI + CIA = Pashtun Genocide

  • Yesterday’s program “Aapas Kee Baat” was so pathetic that I switched channels!!!

  • افغانستان پر امریکی حملے کے بارے میں تبصرہ بلکل غلط ہے ، اسامہ کو حوالے کرنے کے لیہ پورا ٹائم دیا گیا تھا پر مذہبی جنونی اس وقت جہاد سے نشے سے سرفراز تھے انہوں نے کبھی بھی اسامہ اور دہشتگردی کے کیمپ بند نہیں کرنے تھے ، طالبان کے دور میں افغانستان پوری دنیا میں دہشتگردی کر رہا تھا ، افریقہ میں خود کش بمباری کر کے چار سو لوگوں کو ہلاک کر کے اسامہ نے افغانستان میں پریس کانفرنس کی تھی اور قبول کیا تھا پر وہا ملا عمر کی شریعت جو داڑھی اور برقے تک تھی انہوں نے اسامہ کی اس قتل و غارت گری پر کوئی شریت لاگو نہیں کی

    دوسری بات یہ کے یہ طالبان اور القاعدہ امریکا دو سال میں ختم کر سکتا تھا اور افغانستان میں کب کا امن ہو جاتا اگر پاکستان القاعدہ اور طالبان کی مدد نہ کرتا ، پاکستان نے ایسے گروہوں کو سپورٹ کیا اور امریکا سے بھی پیسے لیہ ، جب القاعدہ اور طالبان سے ڈبل گیم کھیلا تو انہوں نے پاکستان میں حلے شورو کر دے ،اور جب امریکا سے ڈبل گیم کھیلا تو امریکا نے اب پاکستانی فوجیوں کو مارنا شروع کر دیا

    اس ڈانگری پالیسی کا فائدہ نہ پاکستان کو ہوا نہ امریکا کو ہزاروں لوگ مروا دیے اور کچھ ہاتھ نہ آیا ،بلکہ اس دو نمبری افلاطونی معرکے نے خود پاکستانی فوج کو نشانہ بنا لیا

    اس امریکی حملے کا مقصد پاکستانی فوج کو بتانا ہے کہ اگر دم ہے تو سامنے آکر لڑو ،یہ امریکا کا انتقام ہے .

    ایک طرف جہادی ساتھ بھی ہیں اور ان کا نشانہ ہی دوسری طرف امریکی ساتھ بھی ہیں اور دشمن بھی

    ڈرائنگ روموں میں بیٹھے ،عیاشی کی زندگی گزارنے والے کلین شو جہادی ڈنگروں نے یہ پالیسی بنائی اور سمجھے کے ساری دنیا بیوقوف ہے

  • پاکستان افغان طالبان کی حمیات کیوں کرے ؟

    کیا بیت الله محسود جس نے ہزاروں پاکستانیوں کو قتل کیا اور اس کا اقرار کیا ،کیا وہ ملا امر کا منتخب خلیفہ نہیں تھا ؟ پھر ملا عمر سے ہمیں اتنی محبت کیوں ہے ہمیں ؟

  • ملا عمر یا طالبان اسامہ کو کبھی حوالے نہیں کرتے اور نہ ہی دشتگردی کے کیمپ بند کرتے ، کینکہ یہ مذہبی الف لیلوی دسستانوں کے مانے والے اسامہ بن لادن کو امام مہدی تصور تیرتے تھے اور ان کے خیال میں طالبان اور القاعدہ کا لشکر مکّہ جانا تھا جہاں امام مہدی کا اعلان ہونا تھا اس کے بعد پوری دنیا میں ملا عمر اور اسامہ کی خلافت پھیلنی تھی ، مگر خلیفہ اسامہ اپنی مرغیوں کے ساتھ پاکستان آرمی ہے مہمان خانے سے نکلے
    اس سارے خون خرابے اور ٹوپی ڈرامے کے پیچھے مذہبی تصورات ہیں اور تھے ، اور جب بندہ اپنی عقل کو مذہب سے باندھ لیتا ہے تو پھر کوئی مذاکرات نہیں ہوتے ہیں

  • سی ائی اے نے وہابیوں کو جھپی ڈالی ہوئی تھی ،پر آئی ایس آئی نے دیوبندیوں کو ،اب فوج نے طالبان کو جھپی ڈالی ہے اور نجم سیٹھی نے طالبان اور فوج جو جھپی ڈال لی ہے

  • After a fair and comparative analyses of most of the Anchors and Talk Show Hosts at the Pakistan Media, this is my honest observation, that as a whole, Mr. Najam Sethi is more rational and educative. Mostly, his analyses about National and International Affairs is much balanced and without prejudice.
    I have watched the following Talk Shows for the last three years, and being a student of Political Science and Current Affairs, I noticed that most of them made me feel if I was sitting at a Barber’s Shop.
    Some of them have been put in front of camera without any professional journalistic training and started using the position to make money through blackmailing.
    One can smell very easily the difference between Journalism and Blackmailing.
    1 Hamid Mir
    2 Javed Choadhry
    3 Nusrat javed
    4 Mushtaq Minhas
    5 Asma Sherazi
    6 Kamran Khan
    7 Talat Hussain
    8 Kashif Abbasi
    9 Nadeem Malik
    10 P J Mir
    11 Iftekhar Ahmed
    12 Naseem Zahra
    13 Dr. Danish
    14 Mazhar Abbas
    Mr. Najam Sethi, alongwith few more, so far cannot be blamed for Blackmailing.

  • At the very onset let me disclose that I admire Najam Sethi and think that he is on the whole an extremely balance journalist – perhaps that’s why I was very uncomfortable with what he said on AkB 1130. I disagree with him on this very very important matter because this will matter in the final outcome on Afghanistan.
    I wonder if in the sub-continent (in spite of Balraj Sahni playing Tagore’s Kabuliwali) we have grown so used to thinking of the “Pathans” as others that we’ve somewhere in our minds dehumanized them to the extent that it’s okay to think of them as pawns on the Shatranj mat ?


  • Osama left sudan and came to afghanistan in 1995 and Daar es slaam and nairobi bombing happened in 1998 . and Mr Najam Saithi is saying that after this bombing, US pressurized Sudan to handed over binladin and that time osama was in afghanistan . haha

    his Chiria is malfunctioning

  • Open Letter to Najam Sethi—by Jan Assakzai
    Written by:
    12/7/2011 12:23 PM
    Dear Najam Sethi
    As some other pro-establishment Journalists and anchors in Pakistan, you also believe that the proxy Taliban represent Pashtuns in Afghanistan and by extension are their (Pashtuns’) political and ideological representatives.
    The problem with this formulation is lack of understanding of non-Pashtuns/Afghans of Pashtun society in Afghanistan and Pakistan as mostly Pashtun/Afghan “Shinasi/Aggahi” (understanding) in Pakistan has come through the coloured lenses of the Deep State, (ironically, a term coined by my respected colleague and a liberal Punjabi intellectual Kamran Shafi). Look at the seminars, think tank papers on Afghanistan, Pashtun input comes from Deep State’s ex-affiliated mandarins who will love to sing the “song” of the DS on Pashtuns across the Durand Line.
    Secondly, (let us forget the Taliban for a moment) why the US despite being so frustrated with Karzai could not replace him was because he was and is well rooted among Pashtuns, as compared to the US-based and backed Pashtuns like Dr Ashraf Ghani or Ex interior Minister Ali Ahmed Jalal. (Karzai’s father was local (in geographical sense) to people. Karzai spent many years in Quetta where he used to meet delegations from Afghanistan on daily basis hence hooked with the people. Every Pashtun leader has to do the same thing.
    The process is like this: in Pashtun society, we say if you are a leader you must have a hujjra and be able to feed guest through which a leader at local or regional or national level is connected with people. By trying to resolve their problems or listening to their complaints, he gets votes, support, and money and commands their respect. But if you are planted/imposed, you cannot attract their allegiance, support and respect. Why Pashtuns particularly those supporting the nationalists in Pakistan continue to trust/support the second, third and even fourth generation of nationalist leaders like Mehmood Khan Achakzai and Asfand Yar Wali Khan’s family is because they have been around for decades and are amidst them. (If I go to them tomorrow and tell them I am their leader they will never accept me as I do not qualify this process. Some Pashtun intellectuals also idealise that traditional dynastic politics in Pashtuns in particular should be done with. It is not that simple as they do not understand the psyche of Pashtuns/Afghans).
    Coming back to the proxy Taliban, I believe they are the culmination of Pakistan’s policy of planting Islamists among Pashtuns both in Afghanistan and Pakistan to replace, weaken Pashtun/Afghan nationalist/secularists aspirations. The main reason is: the Deep State knows that Pashtun solidarity across the Durand Line is stronger than the lure of second class status of Pashtuns in Pakistan, as only flourished democracy would have bounded Pashtuns with far off Bengalis or Punjabis which did not happen over the last about sixty years. “Thus let us radicalise the nationalist soul of Pashtuns killing their aspirations of reaching out to each other’s”. (Remember the mantra of the DS: they are the “ideological” defenders as well).

    In other words, just because Afghanistan’s moderate nationalist leadership was defeated during the cold war by the grand alliance of the US-Pakistan-Saudi Arabia via proxy Islamists, does not mean the vast majority of Pashtuns support the Taliban in Afghanistan. Their support is either due to fear or lack of any other viable political option that could withstand the intimidation of the Taliban. (Even Karzai does not have a political party which is a serious deficiency in Afghanistan’s Pashtun/Afghan realpolitik which could deny space to the Taliban, unlike their Pashtun cousins in Pakistan with two old political parties like ANP and PKMAP countering the religious right and Islamists despite the promotion of the DS of these elements over decades).
    (Swat under the Taliban was the microcosm. In Swat the Taliban forced the ANP workers/cadres to hold pressers condemning the ANP and eulogising the armed Taliban, and terrorising the masses. The ANP was almost wiped out. Did that mean the people of Swat were supporting the Taliban, obviously the answer was and is big NO)?
    Taking this opportunity, I would very much appeal to liberal/democratic Punjabi intellectuals, media men and think tanks not to look at Pashtun/Afghan issues through the lens of the Deep State anymore and preserve their intellectual integrity.

    Best regards
    Jan Assakzai
    United Kingdom



    Najam Sethi Brackets Taliban with Pashtuns
    ON DECEMBER 3, 2011 AT 17:37

    In a latest controversy arising against the renowned private TV journalist, his tweet virally spread through internet in which he bracketed the Taliban with Pashtuns. On his part this may not have meant to be against any ethnicity, but to many it was a matter of plain understanding that Pashtuns and Taliban were categorized as same. The online Pashtun community has demanded an apology for his comments knowing that Taliban does not only comprise of Pashtuns but militants from many ethnicities.
    Sethi has been known for his blunt and rational remarks but such a comment and that also on a social network may not go well with his followers as well as the Pashtun readers. Such comments may are something of a surprise from such a senior journalist who is followed by a large number of Viewers.
    It is also noteworthy to mention that the program done by Sethi on a private national television is disowned by the channel through a disclaimer. This suggests that the program may not be on agenda of the channel unlike the other programs for whom the channel takes responsibility.