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Make Husain Haqqani a Senator and Slap the Military

Source: Farahnaz Ispahani's blog

There are no two doubts that this blog is of critical supporters of the Pakistan Peoples Party, who are operating independently of party guidelines and support. Pakistan’s Ambassador to USA,  Husain Haqqani has been forced to resign from one of the most important as well as lucrative positions any Pakistani technocrat could have. It was an important post as a reactive or an inefficient person could make the case of Pakistan a joke. Husain Haqqani was a proactive and an efficient person, the elements which are disliked by our military establishment. Some of our authors and contributors at LUBP have a number of times criticized Husain Haqqani for his past as well as alignment with those people on cyberspace who are known for spewing their hatred against the PPP in general and President Zardari in particular.  Ambassador Haqqani’s resignation will sure be a blow to the party and the President who considered him to be an efficient and an effective representative in Washington. Ambassador Haqqani will be replaced by a foreign office diplomat or in a worse case scenario, by a retired military man. Pakistan ka Khuda hee hafiz in Washington!

Whatever has happened, has happened. President Zardari did the right thing in getting Ambassador Haqqani out of the way as his presence could have been used as a pretext for an adventure.   Ambassador Haqqani was hated by the military as they ideally wanted their man in Washington to toe their line and was removed through the assistance of a man (Mansoor Ijaz) who is well known for his hatred for the Pakistani Military. Here we see the proverbial “enemy’s enemy, my friend” in action.

Husain Haqqani is an important person and the PPP must not let go of him. We  suggest that the party seriously consider making Husain Haqqani as a senator in the upcoming elections in March 2012. If successful, Husain Haqqani may seriously be considered for the position of Foreign Minister, state or federal. That will be the right slap on the face of our Smart Alecs in the ISI.

We take this opportunity to thank Husain Haqqani for being a proactive diplomat and wish him the very best. Our differences aside, we have lost an efficient representative in one of the most important posts around world.

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Ahmed Iqbalabadi


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  • Excellent suggestion. Pakistani people need Mr. Haqqani’s sane voice in the parliament.

  • Make any of the loyal PPP fan Ambassador and it will be slap on the faces of forces who think they can control. Choice of any civil servant in FO or retired general will be an option of playing their game. As first ones do not have balls to go out of army dictation and second does not care anything other than himself..

  • If Haqqani is STILL in PPP, he should do following;
    1. Clear his name from investigation committee of parliament,
    2. Strengthen his position in party,
    3. Get rid of anti-PPP cult of journalists who he financed during his tenure, as they could not save his job

  • put politics on the side, take care of rural and urban voters. fact and figures urea fertilizer in 2007Rs 410 Dap Rs620 in 2011 urea 2200 Dap 4500 t0 5000 petro $145 baril Rs 56 leetrs now Rs 71 to81 in open market oil is low were PPP standing i think president now should bring the PPP back to the grassroots, all over Pakistan, and we will win the coming election.

  • Tum LUBP walon kee koi haisyat nahee in twitter walon kay muqablay mayn. Tum loag kuch bhee likho, akhir mayn jeet Tammy, Ejaz aur deegar hum piyala, hum niwalaon kee hoti hay.
    Husain Haqqani ko senator bana kar Zardari apna kaam tamam karaye ga?

  • Very nice suggestion you feel. Are you really sincere to our country and our Military who is safe guard of the country. Our military is the Guarantee of our safety and you want to slap shame on the suggestion. PPP is the security risk for Pakistan from the very begining and it’s leadership will not leave to sale the country to it’s enemies if get chance. This is their agenda.

  • @mmk, in that case, all those millions who vote for the PPP and supporters are all security risk for the country?

  • Excellent suggestion.
    And now most loyal party Jiyala who should be appointed as ambassador in U.S and this is also the way to slap the military.
    The person whom the Jiyalas are proud of, should be new ambassador of Pakistan in U.S.

  • Ijaz ul Haq is a jiyala and should be made ambassador. His father was a founding member of the PPP.

  • @Ahmed Iqbalabadi, do not play on peoples shoulder, the peoples are illitrate. when they vote they dont know what their leaders will do for them, as they have done and they are doing. These politicians are damaging the country. Thier job is just to fill their pockets with the money and thats all. These all are corrupt. The only way is to eliminate the present leadership without any descrimination, the beurocrats, the Generals who is not sincere to their country and work for others.

  • Sherry made the ambassador. I am thrilled. A brave move by Zardari after a long long time. This is already a slap in the face of Army. Seems like PPP has still got something to stand up for themselves. I was fearing an establishment stooge to take over the post.

  • Is this ARMY of Pakistan or other country’s one for which you are humilating, the are trhe one who are saving your lives, your country where you are living. They are not white aunts (Deemak) like the politicians. Every aunt is busy in making money and making hollow the country.

  • Would that suggestion wont put us in line of the fake liberal classes we were cursing ome time back. the HH fan club?

    its sad, the way things are being done.

  • Great Leader & Honourable President of Pakistan, being an obedient worker its my request to nominate Mr Haqqani not only a senator but also nominate him Foreign Minister because he is be fitting for this post.Mr Haqqani is most competent, hard woking, skilled,learned & experienced man.

  • Dear Shaheryar,
    I think you know all of us at LUBP and very well know the diversity of views our authors have. The reason why HH was being asked by some of our authors to resign as he was playing in the hands of known PPP haters who were asking him to stay on and his exit would mean doom. How their allegiances have have changed post appointment of SR are well known.
    HH being made a senator, will be the decision of the party just like his removal (even under pressure) as ambassador was. If he is made a senator, his election will sure be a slap on the face of our establishment.

  • So, instead of representing and serving the People of Pakistan, has the raison d’etre of PPP become just to play games and show up the Army and cling to power, come what may ? Does it not matter how actions of PPP office holders affect the country, its image and its interests ?

    A little reality check here, promoting and defending Pakistan’s interest is not just the army’s job. It is incumbent upon all citizens and their collectives such as political parties as well.

    A little less paranoia and bit more sense of duty and service would do a lot more to rehabilitate the PPP’s image and fortunes.

  • @IHSAN DAYO: friend, ever thought of moving to North Korea ?

    Alas, Libya is no longer an option. The King of Kings of Africa is no longer ;(

  • To All who still think PPP or Politicians r sincere: Kindly wake up or kindly don’t fool others coz u people r traitors same like these Son of Bit***** who use to rob country, violate laws n when it comes to them, they start shouting about law, Just answer me 1 question. Who will rescue if being attacked by these Israel backed American beasts or Bhindia or Israel, then u ll either flew to other country or will b singing the jangi naghmay ” ae putar hattan te nai milday” shame on all of u who r against their own army, i never give clean sheet to Army buh if they have committed a mistake they wiped it wz their BLOOD not like these bas**** politicians ” Qaum imtehan k liye tayar ho jaye” @ that time y u don’t ask these madar***** that y now v should b ready u people have done this now face the music n @ dat time ur type of cowards hide them self behind Army n ask them to protect u. SHAME on all Traitors