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Memogate: Pro-establishment fake liberals and right wingers’ coordinated plan against democracy

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Usual suspects have approached the Lahore High Court to place Ambassador Husain Haqqani’s name in the Exit Control List!

This is a serious development which suggests that noose tightens even further around Husain Haqqani. ISI-stooges (Iftikhar Chaudhry loving, Imran Khan worshipping lawyers) have approached the Lahore High Court to place Ambassador Haqqani’s name in the ECL.  While right-wing lawyers are doing this, their urban liberal counter-parts in Pakistani media are currently busy in providing ill-motivated appreciations and advices to Ambassador Husain Haqqani.

Pakistan’s urban elites (aka fake liberals) want to make another Salmaan Taseer out of Husain Haqqani, only to blame President Zardari and PPP in case something untoward happens to Mr. Haqqani.

Urban elites’ fake support for Husain Haqqani is aimed at creating a major rift between the civilian government and Pakistan army. If known anti-PPP journalists such as Abdul Qadir Hasan, Tammy Haq, Cyril Almeida, Nasim Zehra (and their trainees) are appreciating Husain Haqqani, it makes it very obvious that they want to cause damage to both Haqqani and the fragile democratic government.

Individuals come and go. No single individual is equal to democracy. Will the PTI loving, Iftikhar Chaudhry worshipping urban elites stop projecting Haqqani as indispensable to democracy? It is hilarious to see Abdul Qadir Hasan of JI/ISI vouching for HusainHaqqani’s patriotism.

Unfortunately some progressive writers too, such as Dr. Taqi, Ayesha Siddiqahave been (once again) entrapped by the establishment as they were entrapped during the so called lawyers movement. 

This may be recalled that urban liberals and right-wingers were well-coordinated in blaming and cursing President Zardari after Taseer’s murder. A similar unity between urban fake liberals and right wingers was evident during the ISI-backed Lawyers Movement.

Abdul Qadir Hasan and Tarek Fatah, Cyril Almeida and Dr. Taqi are united in support of Husain Haqqani. khuda ki qudrat hai.

If the establishment is able to place Husain Haqqani’s name in the ECL, it will be a great victory for the Teen Jeem (Journalists (both from right wing and fake liberal class), Judges, Generals), and a matter of further embarrassment and damage to Ambassador Husain Haqqani and the elected government.

We suggest that Ambassador Haqqani should avoid unnecessary verbal battles with Mansoor Ijaz, refrain from engaging with right-wing and fake liberal stooges of the establishment, and foil the right wing-urban elites’ coordinated plan to derail democracy in Pakistan.

LHC moved for placement of Haqqani name in ECL

LAHORE – Lahore High Court (LHC) has been moved in connection with the placement of the name of Ambassador to US Hussain Haqqani in the exit control list (ECL). Barrister Javed Ahmed has filed the petition taking plea if ban is not been imposed on Ambassador Haqqani for moving outside Pakistan then he would also flee like Raymond Davis who was involved in killing of two Pakistanis in Lahore. The petitioner prayed the court to issue orders for putting Ambassador Haqqani’s name in ECL, and he (Haqqani) be also directed to file details of his accounts and assets along with affidavit in the court.


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  • Shireen Mazari and Tammy Haq are working from different directions to achieve the same objective. Derail democracy and bring Imran Khan (of General Pasha) in power!

    May God be with Hussain Haqqani

  • newpakistan New Pakistan
    Lawyer who filed to put @husainhaqqani on ECL says he doesn’t want him to flee like Raymond Davis. Who didn’t flee. He was freed by a court.

    newpakistan New Pakistan
    If @ImranKhanPTI really wants to improve justice in this country, he should start a movement to improve the quality of our lawyers.

    chahsanriaz Ahsan Riaz Chaudhary
    Tomorrow we’ll see another suspect Molvi Iqbal Haider moving to SCP for trying HH under A-6.

  • Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    What about retards Jiala’s and LUBP supporting HH, rather than looking in to broader picture and estb plans against PPP @Laibaah1

    Laibaah1 Laibaah
    @Nadeem_Gehla By publishing pro-HH articles, LUBP have proven they are no better than SamadK and Beena Sarwar.

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @Laibaah1 I am also taken aback by the recent post…quite a U turn within hours!!! wonder why? @Nadeem_Gehla

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @JunaidQaiser yes but this is not what I am questioning @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @JunaidQaiser clear to you Juanid not to me…am a little confused…anyways can’t sort it over tweets @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @JunaidQaiser I knw politics is the art of impossibilities; but this is alternative media not politics @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @JunaidQaiser MashaAllah keep it up! @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @JunaidQaiser Huh! Propoganda! Monolithic! apologies bt appears (in other words) you don’t have a stance @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @JunaidQaiser No am not talking about others posts; I am talking about the editors notes? @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @JunaidQaiser U mean u have anything and/or everything for everyone @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    JunaidQaiser Junaid Qaiser
    @Chiltan Democracy and media are interlinked & social media make more democracy possible:) @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    JunaidQaiser Junaid Qaiser
    @Chiltan Our stance very clear on #Democracy #humanrights, #women, #constitutionalism #Federalism & #ForeignPolicy 🙂 @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    JunaidQaiser Junaid Qaiser
    @Chiltan Democracy means flexibility & we always review our opinion /thoughts 🙂 @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    JunaidQaiser Junaid Qaiser
    @Chiltan We love diversity & plural opinion and hate monolithic/1 color propoganda 🙂 @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    JunaidQaiser Junaid Qaiser
    @Chiltan It means we are promoting culture of debate, dissent/diaogue & accommodating voices of different authors 🙂 @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

  • marvisirmed Marvi Sirmed
    @VisionPakistan LUBP seems to be playing to galleries. They have personal problem with HH. My contempts for their recent posts @farhadjarral

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