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Haqqani must resign: A PPP Jiyala’s view on the memogate

HH should resign and apologize to the nation and PPP for the mess he has created through the memogate.

A few things come to mind when observing the fallout of Mansoor Ijaz ratting out Hussain Haqqani on the Memo. The first is that PPP’s media strategy or lack therof has reached a crisis point and secondly that few tears are being shed by genuine PPP workers, activists and leaders at the much speculated resignation of Hussain Haqqani.

Allow me to elaborate:

Mr. Haqqani has a tendency to appropriate the credit that was never really his to begin with. Since the beginning, certain journalists have done their best to apportion this government’s sane foreign policy solely to Hussain Haqqani, when in reality, he was simply a decent officer entrusted with executing policies and strategies that were laid out by the late Benazir Bhutto and carried onwards by President Zardari. Many journalists have been cultivated by Hussain Haqqani by (mis)using his station as Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States. Many of them are known for their rabid hatred of the PPP and for their soft corner for the military establishment.

Unfortunately, a few of them are highly respectable anti-establishment progressives who are likely to suffer now due to their association with Haqqani and their defense of him during the memogate saga. He clearly pointed them in the wrong direction.

In the last four years of this government, many of the HH lobby journalists have done their best to give credit to Hussain Haqqani for ensuring sanity to Pakistan’s foreign policy without realizing that none of it would have been possible without President Zardari. However, the elected president is a man whose hatred by these journalists exceeds any limited objectivity that they might possess. Like others before them, they know that a pathological and vile hatred of PPP leaders will definitely further their material interests in Pakistan.

It is for this reason that they have chosen the path of selective amnesia regarding his Jamaat-e-Islami background and his vicious propaganda against Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and Late Begum Nusrat Bhutto. Those two generous ladies, giants for the struggle for democracy in Pakistan, might have forgiven him. PPP workers, however, were always wary of him and his continuing sycophancy with known PPP-hating journos. This has lost him their sympathy forever.

The only thing important to Hussain Haqqani is his own reputation; for example, not once during his tenure has he requested his network of friendly journalists on Twitter to defend President Zardari or Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto – a fact that has not gone unnoticed by PPP writers, activists, bloggers and workers. They are the segment that Hussain Haqqani deemed fit to ignore. Today, none of them are upset at the likely prospect of Hussain Haqqani’s resignation being accepted and someone with a more consistent stance being made the next ambassador.

Hussain Haqqani put his job and reputation above that of the government and the PPP and that is evident from his recent actions. Ever since, Mansoor Ijaz blew the whistle on the memo, Haqqani’s selfishness ensured that he made crucial errors in judgement.

In order to protect his career, he and his lobbyists are presenting him as the only respectable voice of sanity in the entire PPP, presenting him as equivalent to the entire institution of democracy, presenting a nominated diplomat at par with an elected president. The HH lobby writers are presenting Zardari’s fate tied with Haqqani’s fate. For example, message in this pro-Haqqani post at New Pakistan blog is simple: If Haqqani goes, Zardari will go to gallows.  Similarly, the gist of Najam Sethi’s editorial in The Friday Timesis : Husain Haqqani = Democracy. If Zardari fires Haqqani, he will weaken his indispensable links with Washington.

For starters, choosing Mansoor Ijaz for delivering sensitive information was a blunder that was committed by Haqqani but whose fallout will have to be borne by the PPP and Zardari as HH will once again shift seamlessly back to being a well paid academic at Boston. Mansoor’s past, especially with respect to his animus against Benazir Bhutto’s second government was common knowledge. Was this the only name that popped up in Husain Haqqani’s vast rolodex?

After Mansoor Ijaz wrote the famous Financial Times article, Haqqani committed his second blunder. He could have then used his vast network of journalists to concentrate on the second aspect of that article instead of using these them to make personal attacks on Mansoor Ijaz and concentrate solely on protecting his (HH’s) reputation. Such a tactless blunder forced Mansoor to expose the full details of the memo.

This whole incident should be an eye opener for the PPP. They have failed to develop an effective media strategy and have been completely let down by Hussain Haqqani’s actions of using the media for his self promotion instead of countering the vicious anti-government and anti-PPP propaganda.

Lately Ambassador Haqqani has issued a number of statements showing his love for army. In the words of Mohammed Hanif “Hussain Haqqani’s interview on Kamran Khan show was scary. Do we now have to say things like ‘my mom is buried in a military graveyard’ to survive here”. Haqqani said his mother is buried in an army graveyard in Pakistan and his father and brother served in the Pakistan Army. He also said: “Fauj se mohabbat aur fauji hakoomat se mohabbat doh alag alag cheezain hoti hain.” We beg to ask how can anyone love an army which has killed thousands of Balochs, Pashtuns, Shias, which has nurtured, trained and protected beasts such as LeT, LeJ, TTP etc? Clearly, Haqqani is not helping his case by posing as army lover and army apologist. He will be easily beaten on this pitch by liberal nationalists and right wingers!

However, HH lobbyists are conveniently rewriting history, including PPP’s history, and twisting facts in their quest to defend and promote Husain Haqqani. For example, read this editorial in Express Tribune which eulogizes his life long struggle against military while ignoring his services to army (via IJI, JI, PML).

Our criticism of HH is different from right wingers who are criticizing him for different reasons (PPP-phobia, army-philia). Our view is also different from urban flatterers who are promoting him because of class and opportunistic reasons.

The Memogate has shown that PPP suffers from wrong advisors in government, in media, on Twitter, everywhere. This does not shed great light on the PPP, and we can only sympathize with President Asif Zardari.

The mishandling of memogate by HH and his lobbyists has caused significant damage to the PPP and caused unnecessary friction or mistrust between security establishment and the PPP govt. This is exactly a situation which right wingers and liberal nationalists (PTI, JI, PML-N, LeT, LeJ) wanted to create, HH and his lobbyists have helped them in creating such a situation.

Contrary to the delusions of urban flatterers, the powerful security establishment cannot be taken head-on, and the only way for the civil-military power balance to improve in the long run is for democracy to prevail and complete several cycles of democratic government.

In our view either Haqqani acted on his own or he gave poor advice to civilian government and poorly implemented a poor advice. A third possibility is that he was entrapped by elements within the security establishment. In any case, his actions have caused disrepute to the PPP and the elected government. If he were sincere to PPP he would have never written that memo and should have given the civilian government good advice.

The PPP’s core problem are these sycophants. Poor advisors have been an issue for PPP all along; HH maybe doing it to get the security post back in Pakistan or some other goal may be in his mind.

May God save PPP from fake liberals, opportunists and vultures.

In the current situation, the best service that Husain Haqani can offer to the PPP is that he should resign and apologize to the nation and the elected government for the mess he has created through the Mansoor Ijaz saga.

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Jehangir Hafsi


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  • Yes there is a creepy feeling he did it…and ill advised the President. PPP history is replete with sycophants and self motivated advisors or holier than thou loyalists.They damaged BB they are damaging AZ. LUBP should continue taking this genuine approach and stance.

  • as a staunch ppp supporter, i second ur opinion. un professional advisors and poor media management has cost ppp dearly. its high time 4 the honorable chairman 2 have new and professional people at the helm of affairs.

  • This post is so ironic in nature that one can lament on the credibility of such a popular blobzine as criticalPPP. You hide behind fake identities (call it pen-name but you can’t escape the truth), but ask others to say everything you say from the comfort of your anonymity. You are spewing venom against HH based on your enmity which is in no case in favor of PPP. It is also factually wrong that HH has never defended or persuaded anyone to defend President Zardari. He has been most potent voice on social media to defend the government and President Zardari. You people are probably in the habit of labeling everyone with little difference of opinion with you, as ‘urban liberals’ and sycophants and what not. You gave a reference to the earlier post on E Tribune editorial, in which Ms. Laibaah even cast aspersions on our very respectable scholar Dr Ayesha Siddiqa. All I can say is, shame.

    Please Note: I’m writing this with my own real and public identity.

  • some valid points have been raised in this post.what was the ‘motive’ behind such a move. why the govt or presidency was not given a ‘professional’ and ”sane” advise. why mr. haqqani chose mansoor ijaz (a controversial personality) 4 the ‘task’ , if there was any. he shld have imediately resigned insteasd of coming on the media and giving ”explanations”, its making things more complicated. its a media world, ppp needs 2 have a strong and ”efficient” media team . ppp also needs professional advisors and seasoned diplomats so such controversies shldn’t surface in the near future and damage ppp’s credibiltity.

  • What is more ironic that now Hussain Haqani is repeatedly demanding a ‘Judicial Inquiry’ for the mess he created. On face of it it is a simple and honest demand. But an idiot can guess whose neck the rope is being prepared for! If Hussain Huqqani’s demand is met, Generals and Judges will have a beautiful opportunity to hang Zardari and gift Sindh another dead president! I have called Haqani a traitor of PPP on same grounds as mentioned in your article, a couple of years back, while vultures were defending him, I do see a bigger conspiracy – I wish i am wrong – Haqqani may not be Mehsood Mahmood of Zardari!

  • For more clarity, read above post by Nadeem, as Ahmad Nadeem Gehla, it is the full name, my social media pages also have same opinion and question directed at Haqqani, which the coward thankless crook has not answered on his own page.

  • PPP stinks. Haqqani, Sherry Rehman and Aitzaz are only a few sane voices lefts.

    anthonypermal Anthony Permal
    Fact is – and no offence to anyone – @husainhaqqani brings class to the PPP’s usual crass. @AamnaTaseer @marvisirmed @Razarumi

    evo8X8 k
    by tammyhaq
    hh is the only intelligent man in ppp today.

    UroojZia Urooj Zia
    ‘If @husainhaqqani does leave his post, we will have lost our most effective lobbyist for the country.’ Aho

    fifiharoon Fifi Haroon
    Why are we taking Mansoor Ijaz’s word over that of @husainhaqqani ? What makes him credible? Anyone can claim anything, doesn’t make it true

    mazdaki Mohammad Taqi
    Lets face it, after Benazir passed @husainhaqqani is the foremost Pakistani consistently standing up for civilian supremacy over military

    beenasarwar Beena Sarwar
    I hope Prez Zardari does not accept the resignation letter. We need @husainhaqqani in Washington for Pakistan’s sake

    shobz Shoaib Taimur
    IMHO The only great Ambassadors to the US so far have been Dr Maliha Lodhi and Husain Haqqani so far (in this modern era) #pakistan

    AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    Undisputed Fact: @husainhaqqani has been a strong supporter of human rights of #Pakistanis in DC both as ambassador & before

    marvisirmed Marvi Sirmed
    RT @akchishti Hussain Haqqani remains a true patriot. He has served #Pakistan by giving 100% even in the toughest of times with honesty.

  • Zardari is under a lot of pressure. Haqqani has threatened him that if fired he will spill more beans than were spilt by Mansoor Ijaz.

    PPP is doomed. hahaha

  • I commend LUBP for taking a principled stance on this issue.

    Between the polarization created by likes of Shireen Mazari (ISI lobby) and Marvi Sirmed (HH lobby), LUBP has offered an objective assessment, which is almost completely absent in the sold-out mainstream media.

  • Shame on you for writing a slanderous post against a patriot Pakistani, an able diplomat and scholar.

  • Intiha Ho gai loyality ki to HH (not to PPP)……

    On Ayesha Siddiqa yeh kia batta hoi…why can’t a ‘respected scholar” be critisized for what she said! Laibbah didn’t misconstrue anything she quoted only but her.

    and I didn’t know HH is also “an able scholar”……..a book makes one a scholar!!

  • Chiltan salma jafar
    Fantastic! Thankyou LUBP for taking a principled stance -at the heart of it is the ill advice to AZ Haqqani must resign shar.es/of6Ng

    Thank you @LUBP for offering a perspective that has always been different no matter what your unrelenting critics say!

    kursed Abdullah Saad
    Softening of the blow, or preparation for the eventual fall out? Critical PPP on Ambassador Haqqani. criticalppp.com/archives/63210

  • I am not sure what is the point of Marvi, anonymity or an argument against Hussain Haqqani?

    What is wrong in anonymity as far as message is conveyed, argue against the message not against messenger, or does it hurt so badly that you want to abuse the person instead of arguing?

    Hussain Haqqani, is an ambitious person, self centered bigot, that is his history, from Jamiat to PPP, shall we ask why so many jumps and that from far right to center left, is he short of IQ that he learn from his mistakes very late, if so he is not to be trusted for decision making roles. Or he is just an opportunistic, climbing the ladder of success, just like all his liberal elite sympathizers, earnings in millions and posh living in DHA, with utmost worries for the poor. Selling poor and earning from poor.

    We need answers?

    Those real (natural) sons and daughters of establishment who are already asking for death sentence to Zardari, they will die as bastards just like they live as bastards.

    I ain’t no hardcore supporter of Zardari, but PPP. PPP and its leadership has made many blunders, they relied on establishment and its touts, they relied on foreign powers to come to power, they relied on feudal who can always switch sides, still they have done and achieved many things which no other right wing party can achieve. They along with ANP and MQM are the only hope of secular, social, democratic Pakistan.

    Go against them, and pray that you live to see ruining of this country and its people by the hawks.

    I am using an acronym, it is not my name, and I ain’t interested to claim anything, do not worry about me, do consider my point of view.

  • the only way for the civil-military power balance to improve in the long run is for democracy to prevail and complete several cycles of democratic government.

    Then say this clearly and loudly, so that everybody gets the message! Make it strikingly clear! That would be leadership!

    You have Firdous Ashiq Awan don’t you? Get her to say this fifty times. I know its a sentence with more then ten words, but I’m sure if you make her practice for an hour before she comes out on stage she’ll manage it.

    That by the way is part of your problem. You have a doctor running your media strategy. You need to be able to attract and keep media people.

    As far as it can be seen, LUBP itself looks like the sum total of the PPP media campaign online and possibly off it.

  • “””””beenasarwar Beena Sarwar
    I hope Prez Zardari does not accept the resignation letter. We need @husainhaqqani in Washington for Pakistan’s sake””””””

    Beena Bi BI, Contest next elections on platform of Anti PPP – Citizens for Democracy and appoint Haqqani in Washington.

    Bhutto’s blood is not for fulfilling your desires!

  • We also need Hussain Haqqani in Washington DC, Islamabad, Moscow, Geneva, London, Dubai, New Delhi etc. PPP is nothing without him. Hope we all realize this! Jiye Bhutto, Jiye Haqqani

  • Kuch Different Gup Shup

    RT by MarviSirmed @akchishti Whose the bigger criminal? Mushraff extra judicial killing of Bhugtti & bringing forever #Balochistan into a mess or HH’s memo?

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @akchishti Please stop using #Balochistan at this point….find another route to salvage HH

    Chiltan salma jafar
    Suddenly #Balochistan becomes so dear to ppl who never uttered much till now,but to salvage HH drawing comparisons of ISI-Balochistan-HH/memo

  • Is Hussain Haqqani moving in the same direction as Shah Mehmood Qureshi?
    Are we seeing an aik aur aik gyara situation where Hussain Haqqani will become the biggest champion of ghairat.

  • Found this excerpt interesting

    Politics of memo–3
    Syed Talat Hussain

    What are the politics of the memo? Obviously the People’s Party is trying its best to somehow portray it as a conspiracy against its president and the government. It is also trying to save the skin of its over-smart operator, Hussain Haqqani whose past is anything to write home about. If Hussain Haqqani is found guilty of instigating this memo or of contributing to its contents then the trail of this sad attempt at manipulating state affairs to personal advantage would go straight back to Asif Zardari. Saving Hussain Haqqani is therefore like saving Asif Zardari. Moreover knowing Haqqani and how unprincipled he is, all bets would on him dumping his ‘boss’ if he made the fall guy. It is in the nature of such operators that they save their own skin even if it requires hanging their loved ones by the skin of their teeth……(and he goes on…)

    (source Saach Vision for truth)

  • rshakoor rshakoor
    an utterly stupid move by haqqani but not surprising given his past. but as @cyalm points out, mullen’s behaviour very suspicious.

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    Interesting times – those Pro PPP want #Hussain Haqqani to resign – Anti-PPP wants him to stay 🙂

    aliarqam aliarqam
    @Razarumi Amazed at stance of @Nadeem_Gehla and LUBP friends, HH may be disagreed, disliked 4 his past & changin side, but this time its bid

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    Ali, Haqani is intentionally or intentionally playing establishments game to ‘get zardari’, I am also not from LUBP @aliarqam @Razarumi

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    Get another President hanged! Not this time Sir @Razarumi A judicial commission, at least, follows due process instead of executive committe

    aliarqam aliarqam
    @Razarumi The whole HH-MI saga is to deprive AAZ of his window towards #US , as per a good friend @Nadeem_Gehla

    Razarumi Raza Rumi
    @aliarqam Typical myopia. HH is not the target and they cannot see it.Great opp once again=Civilians are security risks;let’s bring patriots

    aliarqam aliarqam
    @Nadeem_Gehla If that is the case, the rope will first put in HH neck, @Razarumi

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    “Wada Maaf gawah” is protected from punishment. Want Zardari @aliarqam @Razarumi If that is the case, the rope will first put in HH neck

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    Chief Justice will love to put rope in Zardari’s neck, if Haqqani’s demand of ‘judicial commission’ is met, whose game? @aliarqam @Razarumi

    DrAwab Awab Alvi
    #PTI has made a decent call urging Supreme Court to take suo moto on #Memogate a judicial inquiry into WHODUNIT? @husainhaqqani

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    I just want to know why Hussain Haqqani is demanding a judicial commission for probe, knowing Judges are assasins @aliarqam @Razarumi

    Chiltan salma jafar
    🙂 so true – first from his advisors and sycophants around RT: @aliarqam Saddar Zardari ko reha karo!

    therealfasih Fasih Ahmed
    That’s throwing the book at them. RT @mehreenzahra: #MansoorIjaz memo contravenes Articles 2A, 5, 9, 10A, 42, 243, 245 of the Constitution

    mehreenzahra Mehreen Zahra-Malik
    Nawaz Sharif has called on the Chief Justice to form a high-level commission to expose elements involved in the #MansoorIjaz memo

  • Its so funny how some people are presenting Husain Haqqani as the only warrior for democracy in Pakistan.

    Look at Express Tribune which says: “one constant in his life has been a principled opposition to military dominance over civilian affairs. It is in keeping with this ideology and character, then, that Haqqani would seek to curb the military’s power.”



  • It seems like Aabpara industry has taken over LUBP also.
    I entirely agree with Marvi Sirmed.
    Marvi U r my voltair
    I am laso writing with my real name.
    I hate nameless & faceless people. Have enough courage to face the truth.

  • Hussain Haqqani crying to prove his love of army and Pakistan:

    When the host recalled that this government had issued a notification in the beginning to give the operational, financial and administrative control of the ISI under the Ministry of Interior and said that the root of the incident exists, Haqqani said the top leadership of the ISI knows that Husain Haqqani was the first who had pointed out the flaw in that notification that the ISI, which is an external strategic organisation, could not be given under the control of the Ministry of Interior. He asked for not touching that incident, saying that the government was new and many people were inexperienced. He said that constitutionally the ISI is under the civilian control. He said the love for the army and the military government are two different things and the ISI is Pakistan’s national institution.

    To a question of Kamran Khan about his arrival in Pakistan, Husain Haqqani got emotional and said there could be no bigger trouble for a Pakistani than being called a traitor. He said his mother is buried in an army graveyard in Pakistan and his father and brother served in the Pakistan Army. He said he definitely has some political views but he was immensely perturbed that he was accused of being unpatriotic on that ground and his blood pressure was today high because of the same reason. He said he has appointment with a doctor and if the doctor allowed him to board a plane, he would be leaving by a flight scheduled for 8 p.m. the same night but if the doctor asked for staying for a day or two, hopefully there would be no objection to his arrival after one day.


    See Husain Haqqani’s interview with Kamran Khan (Geo TV) (from 13:00 minutes):


  • Marvi, You are lecturing these bloggers about anonymity without realizing the irony that the memogate is about a breach of anonymity. Do u give the same advice to other bloggers like Cafe Pyala or Pakistan Media Watch or is this only limited to this blog?

  • Thanks for this post LUBP. Hassan Haqqani is a career opportunist and the PPP govt. made him the ambassador for executing the basic functions of his job. Sadly, he used this to promote himself using the very same journalists who curse and abuse PPP all the time. President sahib should accept his resignation immediately. This is the problem of PPP. They are too trusting and generous which is why they get betrayed all the time. Zardari sahib needs to do some serious house cleaning; too many opportunists in the PPP now.

  • real ppp are all those who left it or have been sidelined. The twitter walas are the biggest ppp haters i think.

  • Nadeem_Gehla
    Yeh jo memo-gardi hey – iske peechay wardi hey

    asherCFO Ash Dude
    Regardless if he is right or wrong #HusainHaqqani past has caught up with him in #MemoGate. His own ‘network’ causing him grief!

  • Why does PPP need to suffer because of personal animosity between Mansoor Ijaz and Hussain Haqqani?

    In a long statement given to The Cable over e-mail on 17 November 2011, Haqqani flatly denied all of Ijaz’s allegations:

    In HH’s words:

    “I refuse to accept Mr Ijaz’s claims and assertions. I did not write or deliver the memo he describes not did I authorize anyone including Mr Ijaz to do so.

    I was in London and stayed at the Park Lane Intercontinental on the date in May mentioned in one of the alleged conversations but I was there to meet senior British govt officials, including Sir David Richards Chief Of General Staff and Mr Tobias Ellwood then parliamentary Secretary for Defense. These officials will confirm that threat of a coup was not on my mind at the time, the state of US-Pakistan relations was.

    I fail to understand why Mr Ijaz claims on the one hand to have helped the civilian government by delivering his memo and on the other insists on trying to destroy democracy by driving a wedge between elected civilians and the military in Pakistan with his persistent claims. It is bizarre to say the least.

    Mr Ijaz, whom I have known and communicated with off and on for ten years, once said to me he was richer and smarter than me so I should pay attention to him. Clearly he does not think about the consequences of his actions.

    He may be the only so-called secret emissary in the world who likes so much publicity. He has yet to explain why, if all he says is correct, he wrote his Oct 10 oped and himself deliberately blew the cover off his own secret memo and mission.”


    Dear Husain Haqqani and Mansoor Ijaz, both of them are rich and smart. Now, can you please leave Pakistan and PPP alone? FFS!!!!

  • I won’t be surprised if Amb. Haqqani is worried about his personal safety in Pakistan.

    Haqqani meets Grossman before boarding Pakistan bound flight
    By Huma Imtiaz
    Published: November 19, 2011

    WASHINGTON: As Memogate continues in Pakistan and the United States, Pakistani Ambassador Husain Haqqani met with the US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Ambassador Marc Grossman hours before boarding a flight back home.
    A State Department official, who did not wish to be named, said that the case of the memo was discussed in the meeting.
    The official added that Ambassador Grossman said he had never seen the memo until it was made public. He also referred back to Admiral Mullen’s comments on the memo.
    In comments issued via his spokesperson in Foreign Policy, Admiral Mullen did not find the memo credible when he received it.
    Earlier on Friday, the State Department spokesperson Mark Toner told reporters at the press briefing that he was not going to engage in speculation. “Our understanding is that he’s still the ambassador of Pakistan to the United States, and we continue to have regular interactions with him, as we do with a number of people with – both within the Pakistani Government.”
    Toner added that the United States “clearly support the democratically elected Government of Pakistan, as well as its constitutional processes.”
    Haqqani on a flight to Pakistan
    Pakistan’s Ambassador waved good bye to America, maybe the last time as a Pakistani envoy to the US, as he boarded a flight back to his motherland.

    Minutes before his flight was to take off, the ambassador tweeted:
    On way to motherland. #Pakistan


  • Dawn editorial rightly describes Ambassador Haqqani as “a magnet for controversies”.

    Late Salmaan Taseer too, because of his redundant statements, was a magnet for controversies.

    Ever since Latif Khosa has assumed the charge of Governor of the Punjab, there has been no major negative publicity against him or the PPP in the Punjab province.

    Not unlike Taseer, Haqqani too has been misled and misused by PPP-hating urban elites.

    PPP does not need people who are a magnet for controversies!

  • Urban elites have started mourning democracy:

    shahidsaeed Shahid Saeed
    RIP Democracy. March 2008 – November 2011. Picking up my copy of the why-we-need-democracy arguments handbook for blogs

    shahidsaeed Shahid Saeed
    Fuck fuck fuck. These BBMs are just too damaging bit.ly/uAWGEW

    shahidsaeed Shahid Saeed
    JK = Jehangir Karamat? Only NB coming to mind is idiot Nayyar Bokhari bit.ly/viUt2g

    umairjav Umair Javed
    by shahidsaeed
    Look at the timing of the leak: Before the Senate elections, PTI is warming up, Army-US relations are at a low ebb. #HOR #CHUPO

    umairjav Umair Javed
    Just change the ambassador and let’s get a move on. Please.

    samishah Sami Shah
    by umairjav
    To be fair, Civilian govt. trying save itself from coup is like a beaten wife trying to stop abusive husband. Yet somehow, we blame her.

    umairjav Umair Javed
    @FiveRupees Can’t take out street agitation from this though. Army doesnt need to do anything directly, the right-wing will take care of it.

    umairjav Umair Javed
    @Razarumi judiciary will have no problems giving anything sanction after this memo. Quom kee izzat aur waqar ka sawaal hay @shahidsaeed

    umairjav Umair Javed
    Perfect stage for Meray Aziz Hamwatanon.

    umairjav Umair Javed
    Field day for army in the press. The memo gets translated into Urdu. The entire country will be shown how “zardari was selling out Pakistan”

    umairjav Umair Javed
    All I know is that if true, the military can fucking overthrow the government on the basis of this memo.

  • via Twitter

    MalikSirajAkbar Malik Siraj Akbar
    @husainhaqqani HH, if I were u & if I had written the memo, I,d be very proud of myself. if u wrote it own it. It was the best u could do.

  • Unfortunately this article is once again a very sad example of faulty logic being applied. Ambassidor Haqqani was appointed to this post by PPP leadership fully knowing his old right wing background, the crimes he committed against the progressive students in Karachi university and the henious acts he committed against Shaheed BB. Despite this , it must not be forgotten that it was Shaheed BB herself who accepted him into party and he enjoyed his trust enough to given important position. He has been a Zardari loyalist and has acted as most important instument that president Zardari has used against military establishment. This government owes a lot to him. Military establishment hates him its very clear , they wanted to get rid of him. He didnt act without president orders. If a memo was recieved it was sent thats clear and it will not serve anyone to put the blame on HH alone. PPP govt should have taken a bolder stand instead of denying what is obvious. For long time he was in good books of Zardari does it makes Zardari an establishment agent?.
    What is being published is really sad. There are better ways to criticize people, atleast with some sanity and some consideration of whats being sad. its circular and faulty , doesnt make any sense

  • Daily Times editorial suggests exactly what is the wish of Pash and Iftikhar Chaudhry:

    “Nawaz Sharif’s suggestion that a high level committee comprising civil society members, senior judges and members of the national and provincial assemblies should investigate the Memogate issue should be welcomed. It is the appropriate thing to do. Pointing fingers at someone until facts are ascertained about the veracity of the memo through a transparent investigation would be jumping the gun. The government should take the Opposition on board and conduct an impartial investigation.” http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2011%5C11%5C20%5Cstory_20-11-2011_pg3_1

    Recipe for disaster. Haqqani has mismanaged the whole affair through poor advice and poor handling, he should resign and the matter should be closed!

  • An application has been submitted in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, seeking orders against Hussain Haqqani, Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, for his role in the memo written to Admiral Mike Mullen.
    Sources said that the application has been filed in the apex court registry of Lahore by Barrister Zaffarullah, stating that both Mike Mullen and Haqqani be declared unfavorued persons as both the personalities have accepted the presence of the memo.
    He prayed that an inquiry commission should be formed to probe the issue. http://www.thenewstribe.com/2011/11/19/supreme-court-moved-against-%E2%80%98memogate%E2%80%99/#.Tsg2ZsNAb8A

  • پتہ نہیں پیغام رساں نے خط والا راز فاش کیوں کر دیا۔ ہو سکتا ہے اس کے بدلے میں جو اس نے مانگا ہو وہ اسے نہ ملا ہو۔ کیونکہ وہ بھی ایک بزنس مین ہے۔ یہ بھی بعید نہیں ہے کہ منصور اعجاز برنس مین کے پیچھے بھی کوئی خفیہ ہاتھ کارفرما ہو۔


  • Hussan Haqqani should replace President Zardari as Co-Chairperson.
    Beena Server as Minister for Information,
    Shahid Saeed Incharge Propaganda Cell against PPP,
    Fifi Haroon and Urooj Zia, special Assistance to President on national security,

    Whatever democracy we have today is because of Hussain Haqqani. Why these Jialaya’s are scared of well educated, English speaking new faces to take over PPP?

  • @marvisirmed @fifiharoon @husainhaqqani RT @fifiharoon: The PPP would rob themselves of one of the finest minds of the party if they decide to throw @husainhaqqani to the wolves

    How worried they are about PPP. Remember how dumb people were running PPP during ZAB and BB’s time when Hussain Haqqani was serving ISI, Nawaz and JI?

  • @Shaheryar Ali,
    One has ackoweledged Hussain Haqqani’s service as a good ambassador, but why are crocodile tears being shed for him and not for those who have to suffer day in and day out because of the establishment? The point of this article is that going of HH will not matter in the long run. He was using the position to do good for the country as well as himself. Whoever comes into a such a position has to be an outstanding performer, else he is out.
    The “bolder stance” should have been HH stays even if the party is wrapped up? Cant you see that it is not HH they are after. They want to use this as an excuse to get to the party and the President. Expect a lot of tirade in the next 3-4 months!!!
    As far as HH being appointed by MBB is concerned, yes it is true that he was appointed then and he has also stuck with the President, but that doesnt mean that someone has a birthright to a position? If he is so sincere with the party, he would accept a step down position and then work for the party!

    In recent past we have seen this happen to a few people and they havent gone rogue. These include Makhdoom Amin Fahim, Qamarzaman Kaira, Raja Pervez Ashraf, Fauzia Wahab, Sharmila Farooqi, Shazia Marri etc. These people have quietly accepted the party decision and work for the party still. Look at all those who lost their ministries in the federal level and punjab. Have all left the party? The choice is for HH to be part of this group or to follow the route of Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

    Remember, no one is bigger than the party.

  • yes, Hussain Haqqani should resign and then on 27th November visit Ghotki with his millions of followers on Twitter!

  • Impeachment of the President, if he really asked Haqqani to deliver a message to Admiral Mullen through a messenger of dubious reputation, is the obvious route to take. People, sitting on the ruling benches in our ‘sovereign parliament,’ seldom feel motivated, however, when it comes to deliver on national security affairs.
    By demanding the calling of a joint parliamentary session for finding out the whole truth, Khawaja Asif made a move to open the same route. He failed and perhaps further attempts in the same direction would also prove futile in the end. We have to think of alternative routes.
    And, I have it from highly reliable sources that a discreet group of senior lawyers, widely acknowledged for professional competence, has been working overtime for the past 48 hours. They are ferociously combing ‘the memo’ and the constitution of Pakistan to look for the opportunity of approaching the apex court to find out whether the Zardari-Gilani government did conspire against the state of Pakistan. I do not need to add that a patriotic citizen or a group of such persons may approach the court in their ‘personal capacity.’ Who says only the exorbitant amounts motivate lawyers? There surely come times, when conscience ticks them to act.


  • Memogate: Opposition bays for blood
    Published: November 19, 2011


    The opposition seems to be all set to make the most of the government’s new crisis.
    In the National Assembly on Friday, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz called for a joint session of the parliament, with the opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan saying “This issue won’t get resolved by somebody’s resignation. It constitutes a treason charge.” President Asif Ali Zardari will have to prove his innocence, Khan added.
    Khan said the government must explain what was secretively going on between the civilian and military authorities since Pakistani-American Mansoor Ijaz published an article in the Financial Times claiming that President Asif Ali Zardari had offered to replace Pakistan’s military and intelligence leadership.
    PML-N MNA Ayaz Amir went as far as to say that the threat democracy faces today is bigger than ever. The situation is “grave” and the military’s concerns “genuine.” Support to democracy apart, this is highly irresponsible. It is utterly bizarre behaviour, he added.
    Amir said that after Mullen’s acknowledgment of receiving the memo and the exchange of Blackberry messages between Haqqani and Ijaz that were published by a newspaper on Friday the ambassador’s involvement cannot be denied.
    “We cannot let this go so easily…there should be a treason case against Hussain Haqqani,” said PML-N’s Sardar Ayaz Sadiq.
    Senators call for special session
    Members of the upper house of the parliament have also demanded a special session to discuss the issue.
    “The requisition has been submitted by 29 senators from the opposition benches,” Senator Tariq Azeem, a signatory of the requisition who leads a disgruntled faction of the PML-Q in the Senate, told The Express Tribune.
    The requisition was signed by members of the PML-N, Jamat-e-Islami (JI) and members of PML-Q who sit on opposition benches since their party joined the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP)-led ruling coalition.
    “The government should convene the session till December 2,” Azeem said, while citing the rules of business according to which the government is bound to convene the session within 14 days of submitting a requisition.
    Nawaz sure it was Haqqani
    Nawaz Sharif, president of the PML-N, said he can “easily say the memo was written by Hussain Haqqani.”
    While speaking to journalists in Lahore, Sharif said that an inquiry committee should be formed to probe the secret memo scandal.
    He ruled out forming a tribunal comprising a Supreme Court judge to resolve the issue because the “Abbottabad Commission had failed to deliver seven months after the May 2 raid that killed Osama bin Laden.”
    Sharif said that following Mullen’s confirmation of receipt, the issue had become one of national sovereignty and could not go ignored. He said the inquiry committee should comprise members of both houses of parliament, representatives of civil society, judiciary and lawyers and submit its findings in 10-15 days.
    “Sending a memo to the US military to seek help against our national security institutions is a clear act of tarnishing the country’s sovereignty,” he said, adding “If the government does not form a committee then people will know that there is something doubtful on part of the government.”
    PML-N’s Deputy General Secretary Ahsan Iqbal said that the PML-N is well informed about Haqqani and it believes that the ambassador could never write such a sensitive memo without the approval of the president. “Zardari should be tried and penalized under High Treason Act,” he said.


  • رہ گئے حسین حقانی؟ تو ان کے لئے ولی خان مرحوم کا بارہا استعمال کیا ہوا پشتو محاورہ دہراؤں گا۔ ”بیلوں کی لڑائی میں مینڈک کچلے جاتے ہیں“۔

    اور کرو سفیری ….سویرے سویرے …نذیرناجی

  • Shaheryar, I do not understand your logic. So Haqqani must not fall but Zardari should. Are we saying that a job, that too of someone like Haqqani, is more important than the government that employed him! That makes no sense at all. Haqqani was doing what Zardari wanted him to do. It was part of his job description. It is President Zardari who used his wits to combat the military establishment and it was him who went to jail for 11 years but did not betray Shaheed Rani. I thought this blog was for PPP supportors, not Hussain Haqqani chamchas!

  • Also, why did Hussain Haqqani choose someone as discredited as Mansoor Ijaz. Why is he being given so much credit for landing an elected government is such trouble? With with his reckless behavior in DC and on doing chamcha-giri of anti-PPP chattering class on twitter, Zardari should accept his resignation immediately.

  • What Haqqani and Zulfi Mirza did was on behalf of their BOSS. So stop being an idiot while criticizing Haqqani but not Zardari

    Seems PPP used Haqqani as condom and threw him away. Surely, Democracy is the best revenge

  • Previously Marvi Sirmed alleged that LUBP authors hide behind fake identities.


    Now that this criticism is not applicable on Shiraz Paracha, she alleges that LUBP authors are playing to galleries and have personal problems with HH. Whose galleries by the way, and what kind of personal problems?

    VisionPakistan Suleman Hasan
    @marvisirmed Look forward 2 know your remarks! MT @farhadjarral Two psychopaths a ‘new threat’ to Pakistani democracy? bit.ly/tdeR6e

    marvisirmed Marvi Sirmed
    @VisionPakistan LUBP seems to be playing to galleries. They have personal problem with HH. My contempts for their recent posts @farhadjarral

  • Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    What about retards Jiala’s and LUBP supporting HH, rather than looking in to broader picture and estb plans against PPP @Laibaah1

    Laibaah1 Laibaah
    @Nadeem_Gehla By publishing pro-HH articles, LUBP have proven they are no better than SamadK and Beena Sarwar.

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @Laibaah1 I am also taken aback by the recent post…quite a U turn within hours!!! wonder why? @Nadeem_Gehla

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @JunaidQaiser yes but this is not what I am questioning @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @JunaidQaiser clear to you Juanid not to me…am a little confused…anyways can’t sort it over tweets @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @JunaidQaiser I knw politics is the art of impossibilities; but this is alternative media not politics @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @JunaidQaiser MashaAllah keep it up! @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @JunaidQaiser Huh! Propoganda! Monolithic! apologies bt appears (in other words) you don’t have a stance @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @JunaidQaiser No am not talking about others posts; I am talking about the editors notes? @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @JunaidQaiser U mean u have anything and/or everything for everyone @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    JunaidQaiser Junaid Qaiser
    @Chiltan Democracy and media are interlinked & social media make more democracy possible:) @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    JunaidQaiser Junaid Qaiser
    @Chiltan Our stance very clear on #Democracy #humanrights, #women, #constitutionalism #Federalism & #ForeignPolicy @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    JunaidQaiser Junaid Qaiser
    @Chiltan Democracy means flexibility & we always review our opinion /thoughts @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    JunaidQaiser Junaid Qaiser
    @Chiltan We love diversity & plural opinion and hate monolithic/1 color propoganda @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

    JunaidQaiser Junaid Qaiser
    @Chiltan It means we are promoting culture of debate, dissent/diaogue & accommodating voices of different authors @Laibaah1 @MaulaBuksh

  • If Haqqani is STILL in PPP, he should do following;
    1. Clear his name from investigation committee of parliament,
    2. Strengthen his position in party,
    3. Get rid of anti-PPP cult of journalists who he financed during his tenure, as they could not save his job

  • Keep in mind that Pakistan has lot of enemies it may be preplanned to trap Hussain Haqani, It is really embarrassing situation for Pakistan higher authority.

  • From Twitter:

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    Have you ever tasted a ‘chittar’ :p But agree with you, HH would be more than willing for new job rather than being forced @evo8X8

    evo8X8 k
    “Asma also told Dawn News….. that Hussain Haqqani feared the powerful spy agencies may force him into giving a statement.”

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    HH cronies put him in to trap of azad adlia @evo8X8 Hussain Haqqani feared the powerful spy agencies may force him into giving a statement
    9 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    Due process of Mr. raza Rumi, who 4 weeks back was biggest advocate of Judicial probe and due process through SCP @akchishti @Razarumi
    15 minutes ago

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    What to argue before an execution squad! @iamthedrifter Asma Jahangir declines 2 represent Hh in front of kangaroo court what’s happening?
    33 minutes ago

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    Asma Jahangir declines 2 represent Hh in front of kangaroo court what’s happening?

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    I expect an apology Mr. Rumi, you accused me of saying baseless stuff. Are you ashamed of your past views today? @SALSIKandar @Razarumi
    34 minutes ago

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    Check comments section, there Tweets of Rumi are coppied @razarumi @UsamaKabbir criticalppp.com/archives/63210
    37 minutes ago

    Razarumi Raza Rumi
    @Nadeem_Gehla it is time to ask you to produce evidence of the baseless accusations. Find a tweet or a blog on that and then we shall talk.

    SALSIKandar faWad
    @Nadeem_Gehla “due process & judicial Probe” r u kidding? everything is Drama & joke with people. Only to save a** of ARMY. @Razarumi

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    When it was Presidents neck, people like Rumi advocated for due process, it is their turn and they dont trust SC @akchishti @Razarumi
    38 minutes ago

    Razarumi Raza Rumi
    RT @tammyhaq: people must be allowed speak w/o fear their Lordships are big boys if they don’t like what @AliDayan says they will deal with it

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    Get another President hanged! Not this time Sir @Razarumi A judicial commission, at least, follows due process instead of executive committe
    40 minutes ago

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    Then those who were asking for judicial probe at the first polace were playing army’s game as well? Right? @SALSIKandar @Razarumi
    45 minutes ago

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    Asma is right, so is Ali Diyan. here exposing double standards of crooks who at first place wanted SC inquiry over parliament @UsamaKabbir
    47 minutes ago

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    But only due process and court of law can decide if comments are contemptuous or not, due process which they advocate @akchishti @Razarumi
    49 minutes ago

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    Bhai, Just reminding double standards of some ‘righteous’. For govt due process and judicial probe is OK, not for them! @akchishti @Razarumi
    51 minutes ago

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    Check your timeline, your tweets are also on LUBP on Haqqani topic, when you were advocating 4 due process and judicial Probe @Razarumi
    53 minutes ago

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    @akchishti let SC began contempt proceedings and decide who is guilty or innocent, has to be ‘due process’ @Razarumi @yasmeen_9 @najamsethi
    56 minutes ago

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    SC is wrong or right, it can not both. Those advocating for SC Judicial probe over parliament should trust it for #HRW @yasmeen_9 @Razarumi