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Kaptaan Imran Khan’s new deputy, Shah Mahmood Qureshi – by Abbas Ather

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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • Modern thinking of PPP:

    If you are supporting Zardari League, You are among us. We will give you respect, power and money. The every right to loot Pakistan and its resources. You can eat KESC, WAPDA, NEPRA, NADRA, RAILWAY, PIA, KPT, BISP, or whatever you like. Reap the benefits of supporting us.

    If you quit, you are worthless creature. We don’t need you. We will forget your services, the faith BB put on you by nominating PM, we just don’t need you. We will complete this tenure, and we will be elected for the next tenure.

    Tch Tch Tch, I guess only Zardari hawarees are the most loyal and down to earth team which will save drowning Pakistan. So if you can’t vote for PPP, leave this country. Quaid-e-Azam made Pakistan just for PPP. What are you guys doing here?

    BB k naam ka jitna mazak PPP walay uratay hain utna to doosri party k b nahi uratay. You are heading towards a collapse. Ubi be time hai kuch karlo PPP waloon. Ub mulk ko nahi bacahana, party ko tukray honay se bachana hai. Yo man !

  • Hey what about Babar Awan, his father didn’t distribute candies but he HIMSELF was handing out free candy on Bhutto’s hanging.

    What a weak column!! Jiyalay are disheatened and disoriented, GET A GRIP!