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Imran Khan’s sermon at the Laal Masjid

JI's Munawar Hassan an PTI's Imran Khan are two leading US phobes and ISI's puppets in Pakistan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Chairman and desperately waiting to capture Pakistan , Imran Khan, visited the “Holy” Laal Masjid in Islamabad on 18th March 2011. Yes readers, he spoke at a Friday sermon in one of the most terrifying places in the country. Most importantly, our right wing media didn’t publish this major news for fear of alienating Great Khan’s support amongst the Urban-Middle Class-Drawing Room based chatterati.

Imran Khan claims himself to be a Liberal Muslim in this clip. Can any real “Liberal” politician even think of stepping into Laal Masjid let alone speaking at a Friday sermon!!! Beyghairat Brigade very rightly terms him “Good looking Jamaat-e-Islami”.

At 25 seconds, Imran Khan quotes the Quran that “Dont hate your enemies so much that you cant do justice with them”. He claims he now has Imaan.

There are many misrepresentations in the “sermon”:

  1. Misrepresentation of facts (32000 Pakistanis killed by USA/NATO)
  2. Spreading xenophobia against USA as in those days the Raymond Davis affair was hot
  3. He used this as a platform in order to malign the democratic government
  4. Misuse of Islam to justify jihad against zalim (“tyrant”) Americans
  5. Misuse of Islam to promote personal political interests

Isn’t this good enough fact for die-hard supporters of Imran Khan that he shares the same platform which was previously used by Taliban Commander Ghazi Abdul Rasheed and the great escapee of the modern times, Abdul Aziz, the molvi who used the burqa to run away (referred to as “mullah nasya vich hijab ay” – in the Aaloo Anday song).

Why doesn’t Imran Khan preach to his captive audience that the Quran also says “let there be no compulsion in religion” (Ayat 256, Sura-e-Baqara), something totally against which the Laal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa walas were operating!!!

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Ahmed Iqbalabadi


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  • Did not Imran Khan claim a few days ago that he is a liberal and that he was always a liberal?


    In this interview, Khan claims (3:10 onwards): “I am a liberal, was always a liberal.”


    In his interview with Karan Thapar, Imran Khan admits he is afraid of Mumtaz Qadri types, therefore refuses to comment on JuD, LeT, Hafiz Saeed etc. (commentary by Nusrat Javed in Bolta Pakistan):


  • All Pakistanis KNOW IT VERY WELL HOW AND WHEN THE DOWNFALL OF OUR CRICKET TEAM STARTED.It was Imran khan along with his cunning friends who intentionally lost the matches in India just because they were against Asif Iqbal who was team captain at that time.Other thing which he is still using as his success is the world cup, it was .not due to his individual effort.That was a team work, if he is such a good captain ,why can’t he manage his home ,which was a very little unit.Actually he is a Madari nothing more.The bloody inqalab about which he is shouting will never come ,Qazi sahib, maulvi Aziz his brother Rasheed and other soldiers are all Aalim-e-BAYAMAL. these are all wastage of our country.I request the president of Pakistan to give him some responsibility so people could see his abilities, after a little period he will become silent for ever ,it will be grand service for the nation.He is a hyper man and can create the patients of high bloodpressure.

  • Janjua, what’s ridiculous in this post? We have just highlighted whom Imran Khan sides with, gives false impressions and then uses religion for his personal and political gains. Isnt that hypocrisy?

    Also the fact that this was not reported in Media anywhere raises eyebrows!

  • He was at the lal masjid before he held a drone Dharna in Islamabad. PTI circulated a press release to all major news outlets.

    The idea behind delivering sermon at lal Masjid was to decrease the growing polarization amongst our society. Listen to his speech in the mosque and let me know if you disagree with anything.

    And BTW, Imran’s statement that “don’t hate your enemy so much that you can’t do justice with them”, what is so wrong in that statement? I find it beautiful and very heart warming because he said this to an ultra right wing crowd who feeds and propagates nothing but hate.

  • Lal Masjid is a symbol of terrorism and sectarian voilence; these are murderers, not some marginalized citizens

  • @Janjua,
    Please get me the published clipping in Dawn, The News, Jang, Nawai Waqt and Tribune. Not some roznama “Paani” to show his visit. Also if you can get me coverage played in Geo, ARY, Samaa, Dunya, etc, I will be grateful and will retract my statement ” Most importantly, our right wing media didn’t publish this major news for fear of alienating Great Khan’s support amongst the Urban-Middle Class-Drawing Room based chatterati.”

    Yes, whatever Imran Khan said was beautiful, but there are many other ayaat in the Holy Quran which the “Ultra Right Wing Crowd” doesnt believe or agree in. How are the Laal Masjid walas polarized? They themselves did the worst possible damage to themselves by playing in the hands of Taliban and those crazy brothers!

  • Iqbalabadi,

    I don’t give a hoot about the media, PTI is not scared of infact it is proud that Imran is trying to bridge gaps. This video was officialy released by PTI itself and also released an official press release.


    Here is the official video:


    Imran is trying to convice the misguidd youth that is attracted towards armed jihad and terrorism etc. He is giving them inspiration to turn away from terrorism and take an active and constructive part in our society.

  • I really like Imran Khan, but my only fear is the involvement of these maniac mullas in his rallies these days. We all could see Sipah Sahaba leadership and flags in some of his rallies this year. They are banned organizations known for ther part in secterian killing. Imran never clarifies his stance on them. Secondly he calls for stopping operation in tribal areas (despite the failure of negotiations with these radicals in swat) but calls a legitimate political party in khi a terrorist!! I’m really afraid that once he’s in power will he be able to protect Pakistan from the extremists??

  • Plz stop bashing Imran Khan! what solution do we have? You want these MORONS to keep ruling Pakistan? Its worth trying something new….Do givem a chance before criticising him.

  • What a piece of crap!! The picture (and caption) in the beginning of this article clearly depicts your hatred towards IK and Islam. I think you are one of those enlightened bloody moderates created by Musharraf, who had screwed this country big time. Well, if you think that ISI is behind IK, then be it. At least it is a better option than your other political forefathers.

  • Say what you want about Imran Khan, show me one good candidate besides him and then you can talk all this smack about him. Right now he is the best we have available, certainly better than anyone PPP has to offer.