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Murder of three Hindu doctors on Eid day: Crime against humanity – by Javed Qazi

The Hindu community staged a protest against the killing of the doctors before last rituals of the doctors.

Hardly a day of the great murder of the history of Sindh passed by, that 72 years back, Hindu mystic singer, Bhaghat Kanwar Ram, was killed near Shikarpur, that we always remember him on his anniversary day, 1st Nov. We have got a blow due to another shock that three Hindu doctors have been killed by the Bhayo Tribe in Shikarpur.

Prima Facie it is due to the fact that recently the persons of this tribe had kidnapped a Hindu girl and wanted to convert her religion to escape from the crime of kidnapping.

The Hindu community, who was in majority prior partition of India, is still living by about 50000 houses, in Shikarpur. They couldn’t let this happen and they got the girl back from the Bhayo tribe. In the tribal context it was little shameful for Bhayos that Hindus, the most weak people, forced Bhayos and got the girl back. In a ray of revenge on very Eid day, just to send a loud and clear message to the Hindu community, three Hindu doctors in Shikarpur were killed, in relation they were brother to each other, while they were performing their routine professional work in their respective clinics.

This is that Shikarpur where the great leader of Sindh, Shaheed Allah Bux Soomro was murdered on same grounds of communal riots, almost 68 years back. Shikarpur was Hub of trade and commerce, which even Karl Marx has acknowledged on his notes on India as colony of British Empire. Prior partition it was either Karachi or Shikarpur which had colleges and best education institutions and hospitals that even Hyderabad and Sukkur was far behind it.

Shaheed Allah Bakhsh Soomro was first Chief Minister of Sindh, who was against the formation of Pakistan, was from Shikarpur city. This was due to this fact that communal riots of Manzil Masjid Gah were spread. His rival was Ayub Khuro, he was also belonging to the same region. This was Allah Bux as middle class Sindhi that to feudal Sindh it was not acceptable. This was the rising power in trade of Hindus that to the feudal of Sindh not acceptable.

Bhaghat Kanwar that great mystic singer was murdered at that time. Allah Bux soomro another symbol of religious harmony and secularism was murdered at that time. People like AyuB khuro took refuge in riots on religion basis, and got there leadership shine on it . Ayub Khuro was charged in the murder of Allah Bux. Pirs of Bharchondi were charged in the murders of Bhaghat Kanwar. And now Bhayos are charged, who are this time in PPP, not because PPP is good party, but they are in, partly due to the power structuring of that area to compete with other tribes.

This is yet another story of trader whose brther was murdered in Jacobabad under the patronage of Babul Jakharani, father of Aijaz jakharani, minister ppp, that the family was forced to compel to migrate to India. Small children of hindu community are kidnapped in Kashmore, near Shikarpur, by the Mazari Tribe, for ransom.

This Sindh from north to South is increasingly become miserable for schedule castes and upper castes of Hindus. Ayub Khuro was succeded by Bhuttos and that Bhuttos made the symbol of secularism and tolerance revive back.

This is a test case for Asif Zardari, the transitional successor of the Bhuttos to prove himself and bring the culprits to the task so that the justice could be made.

That Shikarpur, which was seat of renaissance of Sindh, which gave great entrepreneur to India, in the name of Bajaj and Hinduja family, is dilapidated. It is a land of wilderness now. Karo Kari, tribal fueds, kidnapping, murders are the order of day.

Shikarpur is a land of my friend late Junaid Soomro, that on his murder thousands of people gathered, that it was a unique example that despite the fact this grandson of Shaheed Allah Bux Soomro was not in PPP, but since he was always friend of people, he always stood by the common men in their all thick and thin, people by assembling in such a way was an acknowledgement of this secular grand son of Secular shaheed Allah Bakhsh Soomro, who always was saver of minority and the poor.

It is a high time for the civil society of Sindh to give support to this feeble and fragile minority of Sindh. That not only the feudal, there is also a rising chunk of fundamentalist wahabis over there who is also gaining a clout in Shikarpur.

It is times to let us all make Shikarpur to come and gain its position as history tells us that it had a 100 percent literacy rate prior partition. People like AK Brohi, Sarki who despite children of poor people, have got a highly good education in ordinary schools of Shikarpur. This is that Shikarpur, which gave us a great poet Shaikh Ayaz. Shikarpur has given us a great and vibrant middle class as well.

It was indeed an honour for us when last year Asma Jahangir, renowned human right activist came herself to the Ruk Station (Shikarpur) to pay homage to Bhaghat Kanawar Ram. The civil Society activist did not say me no and paid a visit to Shikarpur to pay homage to Shaheed Allah Bux Soomro.

Let us stand up irrespective of any differences and issues, together against this crime. Never let criminals to escape this time.

Source: Javed Ahmed Qazi

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  • This writer’s English is very poor. I wish this important subject had been covered by someone with a better grasp of the language.

  • We request to President of Pakistan, Chief Justice, Home Minister Sindh take serious notice and provide protection to all the minorities. Pakistan Hindu Seva condemn this brutal killing of minorities in Sindh.


  • sad news: Three Hindu people murdered in CHAK nearby SUKKUR sindh Pakistan. unknown people targetting to hindus without no reason and nobody is taking serious stand against them. Still we are feeling alone and elected people jst come and go but not taking step i m condemned this type of incident it show the sign of illiteracy.

    Now minorities has no any option in sindh having a sardar system they all sardar are involved in this case even though police are enable to arrest the killers now we what expects from GOVT side..?

  • sad news: Three Hindu people murdered in CHAK nearby SUKKUR sindh Pakistan. unknown people targetting to hindus without no reason and nobody is taking serious stand against them. Still we are feeling alone and elected people jst come and go but not taking step i m condemned this type of incident it show the sign of illiteracy.

  • *Killing of Three Hindus in Shikarpur: Fill the Besant Hall Road against
    Religious Intolerance *

    Press Release

    *Hyderabad:* Paigham-e-Sindh Forum, Movement for Peace & Tolerance,
    Pakistan Peace Coalition and Woman Action Forum condemning the brutal
    murder of three innocent Hindus in Shikarpur has announced ‘Fill the Besant
    Hall Road against Religious Intolerance’ rally in front of early
    20thcentaury Theosophical Society’s interior Sindh’s centre Besant
    Hall in
    Hyderabad on Monday November 14, 12:00 PM.

    Representatives of the forums Punhal Sariyo (Sindh Harri Porihyat Council),
    Zulfiqar Shah (Institute for Social Movements (ISM), Jabbar Bhatti (Indus
    Institute for Education & Research), Amar Sindhu (Woman Action Forum),
    Zahida Detho (Pakistan Peace Council), Mohammad Ali Shah (Pakistan
    Fisherfolk Forum), Mustafa Baloch (Strengthening Participatory
    Organization), Suleman G Abro (Sindh Agriculture and Forestry Workers
    Coordination Organization), Shehnaz Shidi (South Asia Partnership
    Pakistan), Jami Chandio (Centre for Peace & Civil Society), Dr. Ashothama
    (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan), Shuja Qureshi (Pakistan Institute of
    Labour Education & Research), Masood Mahesar (Research & Development
    Foundation), Sikandar Brohi (Participatory Village Development Program),
    Javed Soz (Sindh Community Foundation), Murad Pandhrani (Prbhat), Mahesh
    Kumar (We Journalists), Iqbal Mallah, Kashif Bajeer (SPARC), Ghaffar Malik
    (SDS), Asghar Leghari (Laar Human Development Program), Shaheena Ramzan
    (Bhandar Sangat), Dr. Haider Malokani (Green Rural Development
    Organization), Akbar Dars (Civil Society Support Program), Adam Malik
    (PPC), Shaukat Memon (Indus Rural Development Organization), Mansoor Dahiri
    (Dharti Development Society) and others demanded the government to take
    immediate actions for detention of the culprits and ensure security to the
    Hindus, Christians and other minorities in the province.

    In a statement the civil society representative have said that the killing
    seems to be a targeted action that is potent threat to the composite and
    harmonious environment of Sindh. They showed their deep concern over the
    increasing intolerance in Sindh particularly in flood hit northern
    districts of the province where tribal conflicts and weaponization have
    been major challenges to the law and order, peace and human security.

    They said that the victimization and harassment of Hindus through
    kidnapping, murders and forced convergences since last decade in Sindh has
    left no other option to the minority community then that of migrating from

    They demanded that provincial and federal government should ensure the
    security to the minority in Pakistan particularly in Sindh, which houses a
    larger number of Hindus, Christians, Zoroastrians, Bihais and others.

    They said that this is the high time when political parties, broader civil
    society, enlightened religious scholars and media should act together to
    prevent such insanity in the interfaith tranquil province of Sindh.


    Punhal Sarriyo, PSF, 0332260557

    Zulfiqar Shah, MPT, 03334648881

    Amar Sindhu, WAF, 03003033095

    Zahida Detho, PPC, 03083902297

  • We request to President of Pakistan, Chief Justice, Home Minister Sindh take serious notice and provide protection to all the minorities, because they are not save in pakistan…!!!!!

  • Since last few years the minority is in very trouble and facing many problems from our sindhi brothers mostly from sindhi.I request you to all nationalist that take effort and save the minority including Scheduled Castes like as Meghwar.
    I request to Mr Asif ali Zardari President of Pakistan, Yousif Raza Gillani , Rehman Malik that take action against culprits and their supporters of them. Otherwise I will suggest that give the permissions to all minority that they move to neighbouring country India, where the Law is enforce and provide everybody security.

  • I feel very sorry for my fellow Hindu brothers with whom I’m bound in relation of ‘humanity’. It’s a pity that our society has become a hell for minorities. Aren’t we living in Dead men’s society where a ‘Human’ is valued on the basis of caste, creed, faith, minority, majority…The prevailing incidents against minorities in Pakistan show a sign of decaying society without tolerance and self-respect.