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You can’t twist reality – By Farhad Jarral


Negativity will only take you so far, Mr. Imran Khan.

Today the media pundits proved their right wing psyche once again when they compared Imran Khan’s Jalsa with the arrival of Benazir Bhutto in 1986. Well, I must agree that it was a huge hit for Imran Khan today as he was trying to get the sympathies of ISI and GHQ for the last 15 years.  However that does not mean that he appreciates Bhutto’s ideology or he owns the hearts of all the masses ofPakistan. Pakistani Media and the “Ghairat” brigade always support rightists but no one can twist or change the reality, i.e.:

‘Taaqat ka sar-chashma Awaam hain’

a slogan raised by Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed.

Benazir Bhuttos revolution was for a democraticPakistan, it was a struggle for democracy which was started by her father Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and followed by her mother Late Begum Nusrat Bhutto.  The latter recently passed away and was aptly given the title ’ Mother of Democracy’ for her struggle for democracy during the dark and oppressive days of Ziaulhaq’s military dictatorship.

Mohtarma Benazir Bhuttos’ arrival in 1986 was not a concert or a musical function but an arrival of a lady who was daughter of a father who was hanged just because he wanted a prosperous, peaceful, eglatarian and a developedPakistan. I was amazed to see the elite singers at the PTI Jalsa today; the environment seemed very contrived and did not seem like a political jalsa or a so called jalsa for change – the vibe was that of urban middle-upper classes reinforcing the views ofPakistan’s establishment.

Farahnaz Ispahanis tweet:

@fispahani:Tragic #PPP cnt have open jalsas now as they keep killing leaders/workers,only rightists w/ backing of extremist groups R safe

was on the mark. The PPP, which is the most pluralistic, Progressive Party of Pakistan, has been backtracked because of the tragic deaths and martyrs of their founders, leaders, ministers and governors. Their only fault was to raise a voice for the minorities and take a bold stand against the Taliban.  PPP Leaders have been killed, murdered because of their courageous stance for a real democraticPakistannot a controlled democracy or one that caters exclusively to the urban elites.  Marvi Sirmed, in her tweet, also asked a very relevant question:

‘@marvisirmed: Good 2 see political activity with participation of people. Wish #PPP could also do it. Its only #PPP & #ANP that have militant threat. Why?

Imran Khan’s speech was not very different from his nighly racist and selective diatribes on the many privately owned television channels. His sad and immature attacks on President Zardari were pathetic as he owned a huge crowd but failed to utilize it to substantially address the core issues.  

Aside from providing some cosmetic and impractical remedies, his speech was typical of his performances on television where he blamed the US, President Zardari, PPP Leaders and all the political class for Pakistan’s many problems. Not a single word was said against the un-elected class or commonly known as Teen Jeem brigade.

He addressed the crowd without a bullet proof glass in front of him and without security guards which made some of his supporters hail him as “an awami leader”! The irony that all those extremist militias who are actually a threat to everyone’s security inPakistanare the biggest Imran Khan supporters was lost on them. Why would Imran Khan have to worry about security when the sucide bombing fanatics frequent his rallies and support him for his apologist stance on religious extremism.

When Imran Khan talked of Dollars ki barish (Rain of Dollars) inPakistanand makingChinaa friend ofPakistan, objective commentators found it hilarious.  One tweet was blunt and asked that Imran Khan should be informed thatChinais already one ofPakistan’s closest friends.  As for the “dollars” comment, what about those in is bank accounts which were collected as donation for flood relief (and still not distributed to the flood affectees) and donated by Pakistanis. I suppose these dollars are seen clearly via signboards, billboards, banners, posters and the other lavish arrangement of rallies/jalsas and we’ll also see the rain in the  future.

He made cosmetic gestures about minorities without even mentioning Ahmadis, Asiya Bibi and Shaheed Taseer (how could he when PTI was actually with the JI in supporting the Blasphemy Law).  As for his comments on the Fata issue, he was rightly called out on twitter for not even bothering to attend Parachinar Youth protest inIslamabad.  The Turis of Parachinar have been protesting about the ongoing massacre of Pashtun Shias by the Taliban.


If Imran Khan is really as famous as the educated elite class ofPakistanportray him, then he must address a rally or Jalsa in Dera Bugti, Larkana or inKarachiwithout making the Jalsa a concert or resorting to cheesy jingles and gimmicks which he did in yesterday’s performance.  For someone who harps continuously on corruption, it would be interesting to see if Imran Khan can rally crowds without providing expensive food and entertainment as inducements for attendance; like he did yesterday and in earlier smaller rallies inIslamabad.

Quoting Bhutto is his speech cannot make him a Bhutto so I advise him to stop dreaming and just stick to his own agenda which revolves around the Ghairat Brigade.

Here are some videos of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed on her arrival in 1986 and in 2007. See the difference between a Democratic Leader and a Military Mullah Puppet:



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  • Nice Article ! afsos k sath kehna parta ha k imran khan bhe haqiqi Change k lye kam nahe kar rahey bul k unkay pechay Retired Khakis Aur Techocrats ke foj zafar mooj ha sath he sath mulla log bhe sath hain ya kaisay tabdele layengay iska matlab ya qateye nahe ha k dono bary parties koi bhut achre governance Delever kar rahe hain imran ko haqiqi tareqo say kam karnay ke zarorat ha !

  • Apni beeti huee Rangeen Jawani dega,
    Mujh ko Taweer bhi dega tau purani de ga.

    PPPians are increasingly becoming TIphobic.

    Imran shall never make it more than another JI jumping on bandwagons here and there. Even if he get’s there somehow, he will never be able to change things he is promising now.

    Stop giving him and his party so much coverage. Isfhani and Marvi’s questions are pertinent and important.

  • Teri aisi ki tesi hmari leader ka muqabla krta hai go and learn to play cricket again. you were cricketer and now you are international terrorist.

  • I am sick of all politicians whether it be Sharif brothers or Zardari and Co. I just want to see my country working towards progress, if your party PPP can do it then no one have any issues but the problem arises when you do nothing and still claim that we are the only party who can save Pakistan. Give details of single policy which has led Pakistan to right track in last 3-4 years of your government, people of Pakistan just dont need politicians to come on TV and fight with each other and show their leaders who is more loyal to them. Please ask your leadership to save Pakistan in real terms. If you will work in right direction no one will have any point to say that Zardari and Co is not worth governing this country.

  • There could be flaws in Imran Khan’s speech, there could be contradictory and vague statements but some points are very clear:
    1. He has mobilized educated youth and specially those sections of society who never goes to political rallies with families.
    2. He has used nationalistic approach which attracted masses, he didn’t use religious and regional biases to address public
    3. Youth don’t want old faces, they want CHANGE.

  • Excellent article Farhad.
    Imran Khan said nothing new in his speech. The right wingers just want to make him look like an awami leader. it is ironic that awami parties cannot hold jalsas openly whereas mullah and ISI supporters are able to do so.

  • a good post.patience z the key 2 democracy. and its the only thing missing among our youth when it comes to the working of nascent pakistani democracy. imran khan might be able 2 get a few seatsin the next elections but he will not be in a position 2 form the govt or make a ”change” in our political system as expected by his supporters.
    moreover , using the” chalay huay kartoos”,(like shah.M.qureshi, ex-MPA’s, MNA’s, nazims, etc) as his candidates in the upcoming elections, what change can we expect 4m him. also, by not challenging establishment and condemning its policies regarding patronage of banned organisations , balochistan killings,etc ,mr. khan has championed himself to uphold the status quo on all levels.
    let me add,benazir was accorded huge welcome by ppl of pakistan ,in 1986,not just as the daughter of ZAB but ,infact, as the people’s leader. under ZIA’s brutal dictatorship ,benazir bhutto proved herself 2 be a leader in her own right.and comparison b/w khan’s jalsa and benazir’s reception z unfair. more than 1 million ppl welcomed her at lahore as her gathering was an anti-establishment jalsa 4 a ”greater cause” ,that is, to end the dictatorship and restore democracy .with all due respect, mr.khan z no where near benazir bhutto’s leadership level. there z no comparison at all.

  • No doubt PTI public Meeting in Lahore was a great success.
    Only one Jsalsa doesn’t guarantee a land slide victory in the next elections.
    There are many slips between the cup and lips.
    It is not wise to compare him with Benazir.
    Benazir’s rallies and public meetings were always against the Establishment,
    where Imran Khan Show was a pro-establishment and orchestrated by the Establishment.
    Under the current situation PPP, before holding a public meeting, gets threats from Taliban, Jash-i-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and other Terrorist organiztions, where Imran Khan Show was protected and promoted by Terrorist Groups.

  • PTI is gaining immense support in punjab and becomming more popular than PML(n)!
    Imran’s agenda is a good one… we can only hope that he wins and revolutionize the systems of our weeping Pakistan…!

  • True, there was no comparison between BB’s rally and Imran’s but it was an impressive show nonetheless.

    And the video is that of Rawalpindi not of Lahore where the crowd was alot larger.

  • one Punjabi saying for PTI workers who are still in a hangover of their successful “Jalsa” at Minar e Pakistan and sharing unnecessary views/analysis of dumb media anchors about their success “khusrian ghur munda jum piya te onhan chum, chum mar dita” 😉 bhai hum ne sari umer es se buri rallies daikhee hain…jo log isay BB Shaheed ke 86 julsay ke buraber keh ruhe hain unhain BBC ka record check kurna chiye french news agency ke mutabik imran khan ki ralley main 1 lakh 50 huzar log thay aur BBC ke mutabik BB Shaheed 86 waley julsay main 12 lakh log thay media anchors ulu ke puthay hain jo es kursion waley julsay ko 86 waley julse se mila ruhe hain.

  • heyy farhad….i hope ya noe me…buh jus in case ya dunt who cares…..neways…ya r a PPP guy who has been blessed wid thngz i dunt noe abt for sure…buh le me jus tell ya wht i noe from my sources….n dat is dat da actual figure is more dan 6 hundred thousand ppl….more dan wht ne of da BHUTTOS could gether in dere respective rallies..including 1986 BENAZIR’s comeback rally…. ya want da proofs or nethng contact me i have da evidences even….n seriously ya dunt look good tawking abt GHQ or ISI….cuz MR.zulfiqar ali bhutto used 2 call FM ayub khan as his daddy….n he took his political birth from him…n besides ya know who is da ONLY CIVIL MARTIAL LAW ADMINISTRATOR IN THE ENTIRE WORLD SO FAR….its MR.zulfiqar ali bhutto…who took charge of administration by requisition sent by PAK ARMY….n yes how can ya forget BEnazir ..who came after dealing wid a dictator twice…1986 n 2007….n em sure ya r smart boy..ya wont ask me 2 give ya proofs for that…NRO!!
    n yes ialso know why she was killed….buh to know dat ya may have 2 leave ya job….cuz ya know why…!!

  • انقلابِ عمران

    کیونکر وہ انقلاب کا عنوان بن گئے

    طالب زدہ صحافت کا اَرمان بن گئے

    وہ تو یہود و سعود کی گودی میں بیٹھ کر

    کرکٹ کو چھوڑ طالبان کے کپتان بن گئے

  • another gem 4m imran khan. now he says that zardari has inspired cricketers 2 be corrupt. may i ask ”who ”inspired immran 2 fix matches or do cricket betting when he was playing 4 pakistan eleven.imran khan has admitted this fact (his involvement in cricket gambling) in his book.