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Shias enabling Shia killings in Pakistan

Pakistani Shias demonstrate against ISI’s role in Shia massacres

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A significant number of prominent Shias in Pakistan seem to be repeating or reinforcing the military state propaganda misrepresenting the ongoing Shia killings as part of foreign conspiracy by the USA, Israel, India etc.

Quite a few Shias seem to recycle other obfuscating narratives of the Deep State, e.g., by misrepresenting the systematic and on going Shia massacres as some kind of Sunni-Shia sectarianism ignoring the fact that there is little or no sectarianism between Sunnis and Shias in Pakistan. There is only Pakistan army-facilitated terrorism against Shia Muslims through jihadi proxies such as TTP, SSP and LeJ.

Some Shia operatives of the military state are actively involved in misrepresenting the Shia massacres as some kind of ethnic cleansing against a particular ethnicity (e.g., Hazaras of Quetta) while ignoring the fact that LeJ-SSP-TTP killers are killing Shia Muslims of all ethnic backgrounds in Pakistan and the region.

This is all too familiar. kul yom ashura, kul arz karbala, kul opportunists kufi shia! (every day is Ashura, every land is Karbala and every opportunist is a Kufi Shia). Kufi Shias were those who assured Imam Hussain (AS) for support but instead participated in his slaughter in Karbala on the day of Ashura or looked the other way.

There are currently four types of Shias dominant in Pakistani media and society:

1. Sajid Naqvi types, IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) + ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) infected mullahs who burn USA and Israel flags to protest Shia killings by KSA-ISI;

2. Abdul Khaliq Hazara types, who mislead their own people by selling the ethnicity card to blame the Pashtun and/or Baloch instead of LeJ-SSP-TTP terrorists backed by the KSA-ISI duo;

3. Ejaz Haider types, who are confessedly champions and advocates of the Deep State (like several urban fake liberals such as Abbas Brothers);

4. The last type comprises those Kufi Shias who claim to support progressive causes or parties and may opportunistically utter an odd vague statement but either serve as apologists of the Deep State or misrepresent the Shia massacres. Some of them are known to be paid operatives hired for flattery and propaganda (e.g. some PPP office bearers) or have their financial interests aligned with pro-military establishment institutions (e.g. some members of the Aman Ki Asha project of the Jang Group).

And certainly this is not a case of naiveness but deliberate complicity with the killers. They are anything but naive or uninformed. It’s the same old story of opportunism and deception which was witnessed in Karbala.

A very clear example is the JANG/GEO group.  On the one hand, GEO gives the maximum air time to right-wing extremists, conspiracy theory mongers, pathological liars (Ansar Abbasi and Shaheeh Shehbai, please take a bow)  and ISI mouthpieces (yes Imran Khan, we are referring to you) all of whom variously promote the anti-India, anti-West  propaganda that is churned in the bowels of Aabpara.  On the other hand, they also sponsor cosmetic gestures like “Aman ki Asha” and “Bol” to ensure that their funding from the likes of Voice of America (VOA)  continues.

On the surface, both these gestures (Aman ki Asha and Bol)  appear to have some utility.  However, when examined closely, they are hollow gestures that weakly highlight a few symptoms but skillfully avoid the core issues of why conjoined phenomena like extremism and anti-India schizophrenia persist.  How can these issues ever be resolved without examining the central role played by the probable main backers of Jang Group, i.e., the military establishment.

For greater exposures of JANG/GEO one can view other blogs like Pakistan Media Watch and Pakistan Blogzine.  Suffice to say, GEO is the same channel that was promoting the ISI-Taliban-Al Qaeda-Jamaat-e-Islami backed “Lawyer’s Movement” as a Pro-Democracy movement!

For every single Toori, Hazara, Saraiki and other Shias, and other ethnic and faith minority groups, killed by the LeJ-SSP-TTP etc, we consider the above described affiliates and apologists of the Deep State responsible.

Video report on how Pakistan army is supporting Taliban in killing Shia Muslims


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  • I know at least one paid employee of PPP media cell who is suspected to have links with ISI. He always praises brave army despite the fact the he himself belongs to a community sieged by ISI backed Taliban. He is bringing shame to his own employer or perhaps she too is sold out?

  • I condemn you on writing against Allama Sajid Naqvi. He is a respected Aalim, a champion of Sunni Shia unity.

  • On Twitter, my leader Beena Sarwar, a great defender of the defender of the Deep State (Ejaz Haider) http://pakistanblogzine.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/lets-justify-the-hazara-genocide-on-ejazhaiders-lies-and-marvisirmeds-go-to-hell/ is inciting people to demonstrate against corporations.

    beenasarwar beena sarwar
    Great, inspiring, peaceful movement #OWS. But how about targeting the laws that allow corporations to exploit in the way they do?


    Of course, Beena’s own work for Jang Corporation’s Aman Ki Asha is a noble project. Everyone needs money for living.


    Beena does not like fake IDs and abusive comments:


    Of course fake discourses are much more preferable to fake IDs.

  • Title is quite misleading, ask Shias how they see Sajid Naqvi, then please all around Pakistan bring a banner from any oppressed community who is despite being targeted by state institutions calls for the unity & security for all. Finally please read Pat Robertson before blaming all Shias for their massacre:
    “But if there’s an erosion at home, you know, Thomas Jefferson warned about a tyranny of an oligarchy and if we surrender our democracy to the tyranny of an oligarchy, we’ve made a terrible mistake.”

    PS. Please change title of the post.

  • An ode to Aman Ki Aasha, Jinnah Institute, CFD and similar projects approved by Pakistan’s ISI:

    From Twitter:

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    engaging is no big deal after all track II is thriving industry

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @amitabhmattoo @pragmatic_d @dhume01 the source is one so you may have diff tones of one color but not diff colors

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @amitabhmattoo @pragmatic_d @dhume01 hey our side the team reps just one perspective don’t fool yourself

    amitabhmattoo Amitabh Mattoo
    @iamthedrifter @Watandost Ayesha,surely people like Sherry are hardly part or sympathetic to the deep state. But I hope u 2 will be a part.

    amitabhmattoo Amitabh Mattoo
    @pragmatic_d @iamthedrifter I am not sure what balloon u r talking about?Do u disapprove of seriousIndians & Pakistanis talking 2 one other?

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @amitabhmattoo @pragmatic_d @dhume01 will be grateful if these folks can even spell extremism & terrorism
    6 hours ago

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @pragmatic_d the bottom line is state talking to state through replicas which makes it track 1/2
    6 hours ago

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @pragmatic_d the rest are carbon copies
    6 hours ago

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @pragmatic_d it also has Ejaz Haider, Musharraf Zaidi, Cyril Almeida, Sarah Khokhar and Shehrbano taseer
    6 hours ago

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @dhume01 u will get lot of them and Madame is suggesting some abuse I think not incl all voices is the real abuse
    6 hours ago

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @pragmatic_d sherry fails to bring marginalized view mainstream so he gang is mostly the power corridor friends type
    6 hours ago

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @pragmatic_d lots of tough guys and very sweet girls!
    6 hours ago

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @amitabhmattoo @dhume01 @smitaprakash @pragmatic_d have fun on Monday when you hear some of the ppl and then see if jaw-jaw is even possible
    6 hours ago

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @amitabhmattoo @pragmatic_d this is very American style I.e. talk to the establishment or those that represent it
    6 hours ago

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @amitabhmattoo @pragmatic_d I don’t have a problem bei part of the process except that this one is for sherry and her boys and gals
    6 hours ago

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @amitabhmattoo @pragmatic_d just run down the list from our side and most names are deep state’s bosom bodies incl sherry Bibi
    6 hours ago

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @dhume01 also no pressure on higher judiciary 2 change it’s methods this is as gentle as possible btw, read comment 2
    7 hours ago

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @dhume01 heaps of sympathy in LHC one judge related with Omar Saeed Sheikh but wanted to flag how SSP ppl being released
    7 hours ago

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @amitabhmattoo @Watandost with all those very sympathetic to deep state’s view it will certainly be very serious
    7 hours ago

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @dhume01 just wish friends can read the fine print
    7 hours ago

    iamthedrifter Ayesha Siddiqa
    @suhasinih don’t tell me you will be reading this enroute to Bangkok? Ed’s asstt Majid nawaz very accommodative 2 GHQ

  • Sectarian violence: Hazara victims remembered at Liberty vigil
    Published: October 16, 2011

    Participants vow to continue pressing govt to tackle sectarian violence . PHOTO: ABID NAWAZ/EXPRESS
    Students of the University of Engineering and Technology and the National College of Arts staged a small vigil at Liberty Roundabout last night in memory of Hazaras killed recently in sectarian attacks in Quetta.
    The vigil was organised by Saeeda Diep, chairwoman of the Institute for Peace and Secular Studies, through social networking site Facebook. Though over 300 people on a Facebook page for the vigil said they would attend, only about 25 showed up.
    Diep said that sectarian violence had now become so common in Pakistan that it did not register with the public, even civil society. She said that the Institute of Peace and Secular Studies would continue arranging protests against incidents of violence against minorities until all government authorities committed themselves to rooting out the elements behind sectarian violence.
    “We need to take violence against minorities, particularly the Hazaras in Quetta, very seriously and pressure the government to address it,” she said.
    Seven people of Hazara origin enrolled in colleges in Lahore also attended the vigil. Karrar Hassan, who has lived in Lahore for 12 years now, showed up with his son and wife.
    “I am here and probably safe, but I worry about my parents and my siblings back in Quetta,” said Hassan, who earlier this week attended a protest on the same subject at the Lahore Press Club.
    “We are here to give a message for the youth. They are the future and have to realise that Pakistan cannot grow in the right direction unless the minorities of the country are treated equally,” he said.
    Published in The Express Tribune, October 16th, 2011.

  • I always wondered why after Shia killings Alama Abbas Kamilee blamed ‘Qadiani agents’ for the massacre and how it helped the cause of the Shia victims?

  • PakistanEHRC Equality&HumanRights
    @maryamushtaq Can you plz name some non-Hazara Shias killed in Balochistan to put Abdul Khaliq Hazaa and General Pasha to shame?

    maryamushtaq Marya Mushtaq

    #Hazara are being targeted because they are #Shias. Those martyred in Quetta along with #Hazara includes other ethnicities.

    Dr. Mumtaz Haider (Urdu Speaking), Dr. Abid (Urdu Speaking), Mr. Sibtain Naqvi (Urdu Speaking), Mr. Ejaz Rizvi (Punjabi)

    Mr. Abid Abidi (urdu Speaking), Mr. Mureed (Punabi), Mr. Abdul Khaliq Bangulzai (Brahwi), Liaquat Lehri (Baloch-Brahvi)

    Syed Arif (Baltistani) Quds Day.

    10 Yousafzai (Qandhari) boys who were playing cricket. All these people were #non-Hazara Shias


    PakistanEHRC Equality&HumanRights
    Those misrepresenting Shia massacres by LeJ-TTP in Balochistan as an ethnic issue are willing or naive partners of killers. Beware of them!

    PakistanEHRC Equality&HumanRights
    Follow @maryamushtaq for authentic coverage of #Shia & Shia #Hazara perspective from #Balochistan. Neither a Kufi Shia nor an opportunist!


    maryamushtaq Marya Mushtaq
    Kudos to #AkhtarMengal and #SyedNasirAliShah supporting #Baloch and #HazaraShias on #DunyaTV.

    PakistanEHRC Equality&HumanRights
    @maryamushtaq Thank you for using the right term #HazaraShias instead of Hazara tribe or ethnic group used by some enablers of the LeJ-ISI.


    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi of SSP: “#Shias should not take to streets in the month of Muharram” bbc.in/qw5TH2 (Farsi) via @bbcpersian

    maryamushtaq Marya Mushtaq
    Restricting Muharram processions due to security is ludicrous. Shias are being killed everywhere. @Razarumi @mSaleemJaved @PakistanEHRC

    maryamushtaq Marya Mushtaq
    Why is there so much similarity in what both M.A.Ludhyanvi & Khaliq Hazara suggest? Rings bells? @Razarumi @mSaleemJaved @PakistanEHRC

    maryamushtaq Marya Mushtaq
    It is the same Abdul Khaliq Hazara who is now presenting Shia genocide in Quetta as an ethnic case. @mSaleemJaved @PakistanEHRC @Razarumi

    maryamushtaq Marya Mushtaq
    Abdul Khaliq Hazara had suggested 4 years ago what Ludhyanvi suggests today. Ban Muharram Processions @mSaleemJaved @PakistanEHRC @Razarumi

  • These Kufis (Ejaz Haider, Abdul Khaliq Hazara etc and their flatterers Riaz Toori, Saleem Javed etc) are modern version of Shimar and Kholi, the killers of Hazrat Hussain (R.A.)

  • i didn’t understand the purpose of this article, do you mean to say that shias are opportunist, so there are opportunist in every nation, shias are pro army so there are many people who work for deep state, shia scholars are on payroll of iran, so there are many who are on payroll of KSA.Will i be justified to say that there are sunnis who are opportunist and work for deep state, so they enable the killing of own mates? the article doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • @Abdul Nishapuri

    What about ABBAS BROTHERS, i mean Maj-Gen Athar Abbas, Dawn Editor Zaffar Abbas, Geo Editor Azhar Abbas ARY Editor Mazhar Abbas? They are the most powerful Shias and posterboys of the ISI… don’t you see blood of innocent Shias on their hands….. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • کوفے کے بارے ميں شناسائي ايک اہم مسئلہ ہے ۔ ہمارے خيال ميں کوفہ کا مطالعہ اور تاريخ کے مختلف ادوار ميں اہلِ کوفہ کي نفسیات کا جائزہ انتہائي دلچسپ بحث ہوگي۔جو لوگ اس کام کي لياقت رکھتے ہيں ‘ ماہرين ‘ معاشرہ شناس اورنفسيات داں ‘اُنہيں چاہئے کہ وہ بيٹھيں اورکوفہ کے بارے ميں گفتگو کريں ‘ سوچ بچار کريں ‘ بحث کريں اور ديکھيں کہ يہ کيسا عجيب مقام ہے جہاںايک موقع پرانتہائي حيرت انگيز عظيم انساني کمالات کا مظاہرہ ہوتا ہے اوردوسرے موقع پر اس قدر بے ضميري ‘کمينگي ‘ سستي ‘ کا ہلي اور ذلت کا ۔ايسا کيوں ہے ؟ — خامنہ ای