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Pakistan’s Shia Muslims reject President Zardari’s false assurances

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Based on feedback from Shia Muslims including Shia Hazaras, LUBP has decided to publish the following response to President Zardari’s press release in the aftermath of his meeting with some members of an ethnic Hazara party.

The so called Hazara delegate which met Prez Zardari today was led by none else than the Deep State’s chosen man, Abdul Khaliq Hazara, known for his special relations with Pakistan Army. He is the same man who, as proudly quoted by Ejaz Haider, justified Hazara killing by terming Hazara Shias as Iranian agents.

It is deeply shocking to note that President Zardari did not refer to Shia Muslims even once in his vague (pre-approved by ISI?) press release!

Misrepresenting Shia massacres to a particular ethnicity or region is no service to Shia Muslims. Such false narratives serve to obfuscate, and enable future massacres of Shia Muslims by LeJ, SSP, Jundullah etc.

President Zardari must note that those slaughtering Shia Hazaras are not different from those who are killing Shia Tooris and Shia Saraikis.

He must also note that mass murders of Shia Muslims will continue until Pakistan army abandons its policy of proxy war through jihadis.

According to the press release, President Zardari has directed Rehman Malik to take it up with Balochistan Govt to put to an end the tide of violence against the Hazara

Given Rehman Malik’s callous statements against Baloch nationalists, Shias of Balochistan cannot trust a man who speaks ISI’s language.

President Zardari reportedly directed authorities for taking stern actions against all those involved in attacks on Hazara to bring them to justice.

The same authorities who pledged to send a truck of tissue papers to Hazara Shias?

Not only Shias and other faith group but also the Baloch are deeply disappointed with the PPP government. The Baloch have suffered the most in last 4 years!!!

The ongoing blockade of Parachinar by ISI-backed Haqqani Taliban is an evidence to the fact that Deep State is punishing anti-Taliban Shias.

If President Zardari and General Kayani are sincere with Shia Muslims, they must relocate their offices to Parachinar until the siege is lifted. (Why would Gen Kayani relocate to Parachinar while his own (non-uniformed) good Taliban warriors siege the town?)

President Zardari said: “Heavy hand of the government would fall on all those elements behind the attacks on members of Hazara community.”

For a start, Prez Zardari must try heavy hand of his government on those who killed Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and are impeding investigations.

Instead of false assurances, President Zardari must carefully reflect on the high number of Shias, Ahmadis, Balochs, Pashtuns, Christians killed since 2008 when his party came into power. According to an estimate, more than 1400 Toori Shias, 500 Hazara Shias, 1000 Saraiki Shias in D.I.Khan, D.G.Khan and adjoining areas, and hundreds of other Shias in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and other parts of the country have been massacred by the LeJ-TTP-SSP in the last 4 years. This figure is in addition to hundreds of other Shias who have been killed in indiscriminate public attacks by SSP-TTP-LeJ in the last few years on Pakistani markets, streets, shrines and security forces. On the average, this equals to approximately 1000 Shia killings per year or 2 to 3 Shia killings per days since the PPP came to power. Approximately 5,000 to 10,000 Shias are currently injured, undergoing ongoing medical and/or psychological treatment or are disabled because of serious injuries sustained in the terrorist attacks.

Increasingly Pakistani Shias and religious and ethnic minority groups are becoming disillusioned because of PPP’s lack of will and ability to protect them.

As noted by Ali Dayan Hasan, a leading human rights activist, “What is his [Prez Zardari] party’s government doing to end the killings ? Not Prez as person but as party leader of ruling party & of coalition at center & balochistan SHOULD be best placed to deal. No?” (via Twitter)

A delegation of Hazaras in Balochistan call on the President

President Asif Ali Zardari has said that incidents of target killings and sectarian violence in Balochistan were most regrettable and that the heavy hand of the government would fall on all those elements behind the attacks on members of Hazara community. The President also directed the Interior Minister Rehman Malik to take it up with the Balochistan government and render all possible assistance if asked by the provincial government to put to an end the tide of violence against the community. He directed the concerned authorities for taking immediate and stern actions against all those involved in attacks on Hazara community in Balochistan to bring them to justice. The President condemned the recent barbaric and inhuman killings of the members of Hazara Community in Balochistan and expressed his heartfelt condolences with the delegation of Hazara community over the killings, who called on him at the Aiwan-e-Sadr today. He also asked the delegation to convey his regrets and deep concern to the entire Hazara community over the acts of violence against them. The Hazaras delegation included among others, Mr. Nazar Ali, Dr. Neroze, Haji Barkat Ali, Mr. Abdul Khaliq and Mr. Kozad. A. Rehman Malik, Federal Minister for Interior,Secretary General to the President Mr. M. Salman Faruqui and other senior officials were present during the meeting. Senator Rehman Malik, Interior Minister briefed the President on the steps thus far taken against the culprits involved in sectarian violence in Balochistan and the attacks on Hazaras community. He also apprised that immediate measures have been taken to provide protection to pilgrims travelling from Quetta to Iran. The President asked Rehman Malik to proceed to Quetta immediately, if so requested by the provincial government, to assist the Balochsitan government in providing protection to Hazaras and apprehending the culprits. The President called for a report on the arrests made so far and progress in the cases registered and reasons if no arrests had thus far been or no cases initiated. The President said that Hazaras were law abiding patriotic citizens and it was the responsibility of the government to protect them and make them feel safe and secure. He asked the Hazaras not to be deterred by the acts of a handful of vicious elements. The President said that peace and development of Balochistan was a pillar of the present government’s policy and said that the government was rapidly working on early implementation of the mega developmental projects initiated under the flagship program Aghaz-e- Haqooq-e –Balochistan. He expressed the hope that a series of development projects initiated by the present government would heal the wounds of Baloch people made during the previous regimes and would help bring the province and the people at par with rest of the country in terms of socio- economic development. The delegation thanked the President for the interaction and appreciated the President’s resolve to address the grievances and problems of the people of Balochistan.

President Zardari in a meeting with Hazara comunity. Oct 13, 2011

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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • I saw many sold out Shias and Sunnis doing wah wah on Zardari’s meaningless and vague statement on Hazara Shias today.

  • Saray SHia Hazaray Badmash must go to Iran and Afghanstan. Leave pure Pakistan, not for Na Paak Qom.

  • Don’t agree with the tone and content of this post. But at least it proves that LUBP aren’t PPP’s perennial yes-persons as some Pakistani Twitterati accuse this blog of being.

  • aliarqam aliarqam
    RT @YusraSAskari: Pres Zardari askd delegation to convey his ‘regrets & deep concern’ to Hazara community over acts of violence against them

    RiazToori Riaz Ali Toori
    RT by mSaleemJaved
    Prez #Zardari directed @SenRehmanMalik to take it up with #Balochistan Govt to put to an end the tide of violence against the #Hazara

    marvisirmed Marvi Sirmed
    @AliDayan But saying that President is responsible for delivering in Balochistn, is just too simplistic to say the least….The very fear that boots can come, and boots running business covertly, is failure of political class.

  • Mustafa_Qadri Mustafa Qadri
    Welcome news – Zardari orders Ministry of Interior to investigate Shia killings in Balochistan, report status of invest’ns to him directly.

    marvisirmed Marvi Sirmed
    Read yesterday, someone was saying he made “false claims”. RT @Mustafa_Qadri: Welcome news – Zardari orders Mi… (cont) deck.ly/~2tSgU

    marvisirmed Marvi Sirmed
    @Mustafa_Qadri Someone sent me a post on LUBP that said Zardari’s claims of ‘seeing the issue seriously’ are false. Was commenting on that.

    marvisirmed Marvi Sirmed
    Ji RT @AliDayan And it is quite clear that Zardari is doing what I was suggesting to you that he do: personal effort to deal @Mustafa_Qadri

    Mustafa_Qadri Mustafa Qadri
    @marvisirmed @AliDayan yep according to press release he’s doing just that. Obv need to monitor impact but a welcome development

    marvisirmed Marvi Sirmed
    LUBP might like to revise their post #PresZardari #Balochistan MT @Mustafa_Qadri: @AliDayan .. need to monitor impact but a welcome devpmnt

  • Since 2008 nawaz sharif and his terrorist groups (LeJ-TTP-SSP) have been actively engaged in killing of innocent shias in Pakistan. Nobody holds nawaz sharif accountable for massacre of shias in Pakistan. Dig the grave of zia(spritual father of nawaz sharif) and put nawaz sharif in it after hanging him 1000 times, infront of parliament.

  • The fact that the word Shia or Shia killing was not used a single time in President Zardari’s press release shows he is repeating the ethnic cleansing narrative promoted by vested interests.

    Perhaps it is easy for me to welcome such “development” (Prez Zardari’s press release) sitting in my drawing room, for Tooris, Hazaras and other Shias, such development would mean anything only when the Parachinar siege is lifted and when Hazara and other Shias in Quetta do not have to think twice before stepping out of their house.

    That will be the development!

    Till then, let us hear to the persecuted and the mass murdered. They deserve to be heard and supported!

  • @Mian Hakimuddin

    Was President Zardari’s press release drafted by Mian Nawaz Sharif?

    It is ISI’s policy to censor or misrepresent Shia massacres in Pakistan. It seems President Zardari’s press release was drafted by ISPR.

    At least one junior staffer in Zardari’s team has been an open supporter of Pakistan army. Should I spill a few more beans?


  • Apparently, President Zardari is concerned about attack on Hazara tribe. He sees no sectarian dimension.

    Other Shias in Balochistan and other parts of the country are not being killed!!! LeJ factor is not there. !!!!

    ہزارہ افراد قتل: تحقیقات تیز کرنے کا حکم

    آخری وقت اشاعت: جمعـء 14 اکتوبر 2011 ,‭ 20:01 GMT 01:01 PST

    صدر نے دہشت گردی کی وارداتوں میں ہلاک ہونے والوں کے لواحقین سے تعزیت کی

    پاکستان کے صدر آصف علی زرداری نے صوبہ بلوچستان میں تشدد کا شکار ہونے والے ہزارہ قبیلے کے افراد کے قتل کی تحقیقات تیز کرنے اور ان حملوں میں ملوث افراد کے خلاف فوری کارروائی کی ہدایت کی ہے۔

    صدر زرداری نے وزیرِداخلہ رحمٰن ملک کو یہ ہدایت ہزارہ قبیلے کے ایک وفد سے ملاقات کے دوران دی۔

    صدر نے اس ملاقات میں وفاقی وزیرِداخلہ رحمان ملک سے کہا کہ وہ صوبائی حکومت سے رابطہ کر کے ان حملوں میں ملوث افراد کے خلاف کارروائی اور ہزار کمیونٹی کو تحفظ فراہم کرنے کے لیے مؤثر اقدامات کریں۔

    صدر کا کہنا تھا کہا کہ کسی بھی دوسرے پاکستانی کی طرح ہزارہ کمیونٹی کے ارکان بھی محب وطن ہیں اور ان کی جان و مال کا تحفظ حکومت کی ذمہ داری ہے۔

    “رحمان ملک صوبائی حکومت سے رابطہ کر کے ان حملوں میں ملوث افراد کے خلاف کارروائی اور ہزار کمیونٹی کو تحفظ فراہم کرنے کے لیے مؤثر اقدامات کریں ”
    صدر آصف علی زرراری

    صدر نے دہشت گردی کی وارداتوں میں ہلاک ہونے والوں کے لواحقین سے تعزیت کی اور انہیں یقین دلایا کہ حکومت ان حملوں میں ملوث عناصر کے خلاف ہر ممکن کارروائی کرے گی۔

    واضح رہے کہ گزشتہ چند ہفتوں کے دوران صوبہ بلوچستان میں ہزارہ قبائل سے تعلق رکھنے والے شیعہ زائرین کو لے جانے والی بسوں پر دو حملوں میں مجموعی طور چالیس سے زیادہ افراد ہلاک ہوئے تھے


  • If matters can be resolved through statements, then President Zardari has missed the bus. Unfortunately, things only get resolved and settled over time.

  • Today I feel sorry for every Pakistanis not only Hazaras because the future does not look bright if things stay as it is.

  • Hazara nation is being killed by the same goons who are killing our Baloch brothers and sisters.

    FC = ISI = LeJ

    Shmae on Riaz Toori, Kufi Shia and other flatterers of Pakistan Army, agents of dark forces in the PPP.


    Shame on Saleem Javed, a Kufi Shia, a worker of Abdul Khaliq Hazara who plays the ethnic card as directed by ISI:

    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    It seems as if MNA Nasir.A.Shah’s bn tasked to defame #PPP leadership while de Hazara delegation’s meeting aimed to undermine Shah’s sit-in

  • I don’t want to identify myself. Needless to say that I write for a major newspaper.

    I would like to know why Ali Dayan Hasan and Riaz Toori sent emails and DMs to me (and some other people) to get Alaiabaah’s twitter account suspended?

    I think Alaibaah’s was the most potent voice in Pakistan’s social media highlighting sufferings of Tooris, Baloch, Hazara, Ahmadis, Shias. Why was she silenced?

  • President Zardari is a patriot Pakistani American citizen. Abdul Khaliq Hazara, Ejaz Haider, Beena Sarwar, Ali Dayan Hasan, Riaz Toori too are patriot Pakistanis. We are happy with them.

  • Zardari Saeen, Look at your own Sindh where Shia killing has already started. Don’t act like an ostrich, Saeen.

    It’s not an issue of Hazara Tribe as General Pasha and Abdul Khaliq Hazara told you.

  • Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) President Abdul Khaliq Hazara, who was also part of the delegation, when approached for comments on the burning issue, told The News that within a day or two, culprits could be located and nabbed. “Areas falling in the jurisdiction of three police stations, located in Shalkot, New Saryab and Brewery are safe havens for the killers, as the Inspector General of Police is also helpless here,” he charged and said they had informed both the president and the interior minister about this bitter fact.

    HDP president pointed out that the areas in jurisdiction of these police stations were sparsely populated and it was quite easy to have an eye on the movement of criminal elements. “We have credible information that the perpetrators live in these areas and freely go out, gun down innocent people and then return home despite the presence of three check posts along the road, leading to Mastung,” he noted. He charged the provincial government as well as the Quetta administration had been paralysed and as a result no one was being questioned or held responsible for these glaring security lapses and the killers were making their escape good.

    Abdul Khaliq contended despite knowing the incidents of killing were taking place in a part of Mastung, the native district of chief minister Balochistan, no sincere effort was made to check this bloody trend.

    Asked what the president said to them when they explained to him their ordeal, Abdul Khaliq noted “the president expressed his concern and regretted all this was happening during his tenure as head of the state”. The delegation, he noted, also apprised the president of growing sense of insecurity among Hazara community after no arrests were made and no heads were rolled after repeated massacres of Hazaras.


  • The administration has conveniently laid the responsibility, and blame, of the Mastung attack on transporters who manage the route, as well as on various Shia organisations. “We had asked Shia organisations to inform the administration about the departure of any pilgrims. Likewise, transporters were also supposed to inform the administration about the pilgrim journeys they’d arranged, so that at our end we could oversee the arrangements made for their safety. However, due to a lack of communication on their part, this tragic incident occurred,” said the Home Secretary of Balochistan, Akbar Durrani, in an interview.

    Before 1998, there was only one incident of sectarian killing when the then education minister of Balochistan Sardar Nisar Ali Hazara was attacked in a high-security zone in Quetta city, where he sustained serious injuries and his bodyguard was killed. In recent years though, there has been a surge in sectarian attacks in the province. Notably, after the murder of two Sunni religious scholars, Maulana Abdul Karim Mengal and Hafiz Zubair Ahmed in July and August this year, an immediate backlash resulted in the deaths of 11 Hazaras. Then, on August 31, a suicide bomber attempted to attack the Imambargah of the Shia community on Eid-ul-Fitr but was unable to reach his target and instead blew up a vehicle at Major Muhammad Ali Shaheed Road, killing 13 people, again Hazaras. In the three weeks following August 31, 42 people lost their lives in separate attacks. Sadly, attacks against the Shia communities of Pakistan is nothing new, but attacks have continued to escalate since last year.

    Saying goodbye: A Pakistani man holds a portrait of a gunshot victim during a funeral ceremony in Quetta in September. LeJ claimed responsibility for the death of the young man and 25 other Shias who were pulled off a bus and shot. Photo: AFP

    “If the government cannot provide us security, then at least it should provide us a piece of land for the burial of our people as we have no burial spaces now,” says Zohra, who, along with a large number of women, had gathered at the Hazara town graveyard to protest against the killings. The Hazara community has lived in Quetta since before the partition of India. Their forefathers arrived from Bamiyan, Afghanistan, and settled in the Balochistan province while the British still ruled united India more than a hundred years ago.

    The provincial government has temporarily banned pilgrim-travel to Iran without a no-objection certificate and has urged the Hazara community to inform the home department about travel plans to Iran or to any other part of Balochistan, in order for it to ensure security. But these are short-term, short-sighted measures.

    The provincial government received flak from the Balochistan High Court for presenting an “inadequate” report on the Mastung incident to the BHC, causing the chief justice to remark that the provincial government was pushing Balochistan towards its destruction with the careless implementation of a vague security policy in the province. Prominent human rights activist and President of the Supreme Court Bar Association Asma Jahangir had something similar to say. While addressing the members of the Balochistan Bar Association in Quetta after the Mastung bus incident, Jahangir stated that the deteriorating situation in Balochistan was a result of government policies and advised the High Court to take suo moto notice of the incident. She added that the division among the Baloch people was being fostered by such detrimental policies. However, she did add that often politicians were sidelined from the decision-making process and, instead, power was appropriated by the security forces in Balochistan. Nevertheless, if the current situation prevailed, said Jahangir, Balochistan could become the ideal playing field for superpower war games.

    Political observers believe that unless a serious commitment is made by law-enforcement agencies in Balochistan to curb incidents of sectarian killings, the province will be further pushed towards an increasingly volatile situation.


  • Were Blasts Against Shias in Lahore and Quetta Impossible to Stop?
    By Newsline Editorial Staff 4 SEPTEMBER 2010 NO COMMENT

    Three bomb blasts rocked a Shia gathering in Lahore on September 1. Photo: K.M. Chaudary/Associated Press

    “As soon as the first blast occurred, I turned to my guys and said, ‘Okay, be careful, watch out for a second one,’” recalls a Lahore resident who was outside Karbala Gamay Shah on Wednesday evening. He was right. Soon there was a second blast. They were trying to leave the area when the third bomb exploded. “We weren’t expecting the third one.” They were untouched by the final suicide bomber, but it was that final explosion that did the most damage, killing and injuring scores of innocent people. The 60-year-old man, who has requested to remain anonymous to protect the privacy and safety of his family, has been taking part in Shia processions in the walled city for decades. Besides Moharram, he and members of his extended family have been devoutly marking the death anniversary of Hazrat Ali (PBUH) during Ramadan for just as long. In fact, there is a long history of public processions in Lahore.

    The amalgamated name for the Karbala Gamay Shah imambargah is derived from two sources: the area in present-day Iraq where Imam Hussain (PBUH) was martyred plus the name of Baba Syed Ghulam Ali Shah (Gamay Shah), a Sufi who lived in Lahore at the beginning of the 18th century. He was fastidious and regular with his mourning: he would walk around the walled city, carrying a taziah on his head, mourning for the family of the grandson of the Prophet (PBUH).

    As sectarian violence and threats against the Shia community have grown over the years, so has security for these religious events in Lahore. It has become increasingly difficult to protect the public, and law-enforcement agencies are not happy about. “For years, they have been telling us to stop,” says the devout Shia man. “The government will use this tragedy as the reason to shut us down.”

    It’s very possible. A day after the Lahore sectarian attack, Pakistan’s Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, publicly said that the Shia community should not have public processions near markets or in the streets, and should hold their mourning programmes indoors. “How can police provide security to a gathering of 15,000 people?” asked the minister during a media scrum in Islamabad.

    He’s right. They can’t provide foolproof protection. The anonymous source who spoke to Newsline said that the police actually had information about something insidious being afoot. “They approached us on Wednesday morning and told us to be vigilant. They had received intelligence reports about something being planned.” In fact, the source claims that the police believed the terrorists had already infiltrated the area days before in preparation for the attack.

    Armed with this information, law-enforcement personnel were still unable to do much. It shows once again that protecting the public against terror attacks is nearly impossible: how do you stop someone who is willing to blow himself up without warning?

    There is no end in sight for the sectarian violence that continues to deepen many of the rifts in the country. It has metastasised across the nation. Three cities have seen violence against Shia mourners in as many days: Lahore and Karachi on Wednesday, and a gruesome strike in Quetta on Friday where over 50 people were killed and 197 injured.

    A Dawn editorial from September 3 said this:

    “The Shia community must also accept the fact that local administrations, inept or otherwise, cannot go it alone in preventing attacks on its members. Community volunteers are already doing a commendable job manning entrance points to various imambargahs and conducting security checks on those who wish to enter. Worshippers do not mind this frisking because it is carried out by their own. Perhaps it is time that such checks, though admittedly a far more testing task, were replicated at checkpoints along procession routes because the police are naturally hesitant to offend anyone’s religious sensibilities. In short, this is a joint struggle and everyone must be on board.”

    But is that enough? Or should large public processions by the Shia community be banned like the interior minister is hinting at?


  • PakistanEHRC Equality&HumanRights
    @maryamushtaq Can you plz name some non-Hazara Shias killed in Balochistan to put Abdul Khaliq Hazaa and General Pasha to shame?

    maryamushtaq Marya Mushtaq

    #Hazara are being targeted because they are #Shias. Those martyred in Quetta along with #Hazara includes other ethnicities.

    Dr. Mumtaz Haider (Urdu Speaking), Dr. Abid (Urdu Speaking), Mr. Sibtain Naqvi (Urdu Speaking), Mr. Ejaz Rizvi (Punjabi)

    Mr. Abid Abidi (urdu Speaking), Mr. Mureed (Punabi), Mr. Abdul Khaliq Bangulzai (Brahwi), Liaquat Lehri (Baloch-Brahvi)

    Syed Arif (Baltistani) Quds Day.

    10 Yousafzai (Qandhari) boys who were playing cricket. All these people were #non-Hazara Shias


    PakistanEHRC Equality&HumanRights
    Those misrepresenting Shia massacres by LeJ-TTP in Balochistan as an ethnic issue are willing or naive partners of killers. Beware of them!

    PakistanEHRC Equality&HumanRights
    Follow @maryamushtaq for authentic coverage of #Shia & Shia #Hazara perspective from #Balochistan. Neither a Kufi Shia nor an opportunist!


    maryamushtaq Marya Mushtaq
    Kudos to #AkhtarMengal and #SyedNasirAliShah supporting #Baloch and #HazaraShias on #DunyaTV.

    PakistanEHRC Equality&HumanRights
    @maryamushtaq Thank you for using the right term #HazaraShias instead of Hazara tribe or ethnic group used by some enablers of the LeJ-ISI.


    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi of SSP: “#Shias should not take to streets in the month of Muharram” bbc.in/qw5TH2 (Farsi) via @bbcpersian

    maryamushtaq Marya Mushtaq
    Restricting Muharram processions due to security is ludicrous. Shias are being killed everywhere. @Razarumi @mSaleemJaved @PakistanEHRC

    maryamushtaq Marya Mushtaq
    Why is there so much similarity in what both M.A.Ludhyanvi & Khaliq Hazara suggest? Rings bells? @Razarumi @mSaleemJaved @PakistanEHRC

    maryamushtaq Marya Mushtaq
    It is the same Abdul Khaliq Hazara who is now presenting Shia genocide in Quetta as an ethnic case. @mSaleemJaved @PakistanEHRC @Razarumi

    maryamushtaq Marya Mushtaq
    Abdul Khaliq Hazara had suggested 4 years ago what Ludhyanvi suggests today. Ban Muharram Processions @mSaleemJaved @PakistanEHRC @Razarumi

  • Hundreds of Pakistani Shia Muslims stage protest against Shia killings

    The French Anti-Islamophobia Collective asked Facebook to remove the page that called for the slitting of Muslims’ throats…

    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Hundreds of Shia Muslims were staged two hours long sit-in protest at Main Kachari Road Multan in Southern Punjab to condemn the ongoing genocide of Shia Muslims in Pakistan and rising incidents of sectarian terrorism in Multan and Southern Punjab.

    The demonstration was jointly organized by the Shiite Organizations of Majls-e-Wehdat-e-Muslameen (MWM), Imamia Students organization (ISO), Jaffaria Students Organization (JSO), Anjuman-e-Hussainia and other local Shia organization under the banner of Jaffaria Rabita Council against the rising incidents of Shia target killing, attack of Wahabi terrorists at Alipur, crack-down against Shia Muslims in Alipur, Shia genocide in Quetta, and attack on Alam-e-Mola Abbas (as) by the Wahabi terrorists.

    The hundreds of people were assembled at the Kachari Road Multan and staged the two hours long sit-in Protest by blocking the main street over the failure of the Federal and Provincial governments on the killings and rising incidents of sectarian terrorism in the country and the province.

    The enraged protestors demanded of the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo-moto action against the killings of Shia Muslims in Pakistan and to take the notice of the Lahore High Court links with the armed terrorists involved in the killing of hundreds of Pakistani’s and Shia Muslims.

    It may be noted here that the Lahore High Court had released the top terrorists of the Country Malik Ishaq on bail despite the fact that he was involved in the killing of 168 people of the country and the mastermind of the attack on Srilankan team.


  • Genocide of shias in Pakistan

    Posted on Mon , 17 Oct ’11

    The Shia Hazara Community in Pakistan’s resource-rich province of Balochistan is a victim of sectarian terrorism. On September 20, 2011, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a Sunni militant outfit with links to al-Qaeda, killed 30 people when they attacked a passenger bus carrying Shia pilgrims from Quetta to Iran in Ganjidori area of Mastung. According to eyewitnesses the attackers intercepted the bus and shot the pilgrims after identifying them as Shias. On October 4 in a similar incident, gunmen stormed a bus carrying Shia Muslims in Akhtarabad area on the outskirts of provincial capital Quetta and killed 13 men and injured seven others.


  • What is it that you want from mr PREz? did u see Imran khan interview to indian journalist in which he refused to say anything about the ppl responsible for all the killings.