Map of Left Bank Outfall Drain
Map of Left Bank Outfall Drain

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  • To,
    The Honourable, Sir

    Subj: Complaint Against Corruption In A World Bank Project Over DPOD/LBOD Drain

    1. Most Respectfully It is submitted that A Bridge named “WATER MORI” was constructed over DPOD LBOD drain (world bank project) during early days of this project. Many of the farmers have their villages one side and lands on the other side of this drain, to keep their necessities in mind a “BRIDGE” of 7 fit width was constructed over this drain contained 2x joint water courses for supply of water for the cultivation of lands and a pathway for transportation of farmers. During earthquake 2001 the “BRIDGE” was damaged but it was in working condition till June 2012.
    2. During 2011 Flood, all bridges situated over this drain blocked the flow of heavy flood water resultantly thousands of villages of this constituency had flooded. Crops of millions rupees destroyed. In reaction government has launched a mega project for sanitation and maintenance of this drain. This “Bridge was completely pull down by government in mid of June 2012.
    3. 4 Months has passed away but still not water courses nor the pathway for farmers have reinstate by government so far, resultantly crops cultivated by formers on thousands acres of land have been destroyed due to not supply of water, farmers got million of rupees loss due to negligence of concerned authority, whereas all other schemes have been completed more than 60% to 70% but most important project of all this “BRIDGE” is still 0% progress ignored by some unknown reasons that can be ask from concerned authority / contractor.
    4. Now it has come to know through reliable sources that a documentary plan for construction of this bridge is under process according to which only pipes will be connected over 1000 fit longer drain for supply of water and a small path of 2.5 fit are planned to be established for transportation of farmers. We all the farmers are reject and protest against this plan because pipes will be blocked with sand and mud within one year due to sandy area, so these pipes will not fulfill the requirement of water courses as were previously established, and small path of 2.5 fit is not enough for transportation of bulls, Carriages and tractors over this path. This is completely a temporary plan for capture million of rupees on the name of this project.
    5. All Formers are demand following:-
    a. This bridge be constructed in its original shape as it was constructed previously (a pair of joint water courses and a pathway of 7 fit over them).
    b. Compensation of crops destroyed due to negligence of concerned authority be paid to the farmers from concerned responsible authority.
    c. Present plan to be stopped still “BRIDGE” be planned on its original map as it was previously established.
    d. A temp system for restoration of water supply may be planned on emergency basis so that wheat the main crop can be cultivate in time its season has been started since 15th October. Our water courses are running in DPOD drain instead of our lands we are taking that whole process as our blood is running in DPOD not water.
    Your obediently
    (All Farmers of Mithi No 2 Taluka and District Badin Sindh)