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Media is selling anti-Americanism & fake nationalism

Though we live in an age of media abundance, but Pakistani media still be quite unreasonable and irresponsible. The security and intelligence establishment with the help of media owners control and command information and media indusrty here, despite media freedom guarantees. And conspiracy nuts and journalists do what their masters and proprietor commands. The media’s opinion makers and so called analysts are instrumental in disseminating state sponsored Pakistani nationalism which is entirely based on GHQ’s input and anti worldism.

The truth is that the politics of hate, anti democracy and confusion, combined with media complicity and Internet access, has led not to a discussion of issues but to garbage spewing hate towards West & democracy, especially United state and civilian elected government, with religiosity, fake nationalism and bigotry as its pillars.

Since, the mainstream media don’t present the liberal and democratic narrative that put question and cast doubt on the security based state narative, so the political commentariat has been reduced to partisan state one sided propaganda.

When it comes to hate-infested Anti-Americanism and Anti-Zardarism, the commercial channel’s cartoonish news and comment talk shows have been mixing biased opinion and ultranationalist extremism with news stories without clearly labeling and categorization, for the sake of a breaking news, some ratings points, better job package or to oblige masters.

Most of our “best corporate media’s talk show anchors” in Pakistan are great at being entertainers and practicing tabloid-style sensationalism, but are lousy at informing people, furthermore, are selling and spreading the lies of the extreme right wing. And, now, we have fortunately or unfortunately ‘Bhand experts’ on every issue ranging from Pakistan United States relations to democracy, as they are providing more entertainment than news anchors, and their rating is also better.

To define precisely what nationalism means; accepting people of all faiths and not differentiating between them on the basis of race, religion, color, ethnicity or caste, and it also means that every nation has the right to determine itself within the frame of its own interests. The national interest of a state is multi-faceted and usually as defined by its representative government or parliament, yet being nationalist does not mean that you have to follow blindly any order or policy given by a security and intelligence establishment.

The article, published in the New York Times, In Pakistani Media, the U.S. Is a Target for Acrimony, describes how Pakistani media have provided fodder for the spread of anti-American views.

“Such is the media frenzy and warmongering that popular talk show hosts have even begun discussing possible scenarios of how Pakistan should react if the United States attacks the country. One television news channel has even aired a war anthem.”

The Article further states:

“The rambunctious electronic and print media have been rife with discussions about the possible rupture between the two troubled allies. Several retired army officials have taken on a very hard line, urging the government to break ties with the United States.”

The article especially highlights the lies and propaganda of Hamid Mir:

On Monday, Hamid Mir, the host of “Capital Talk,” a talk show on the popular news network Geo, started the show asking, “Is United States going to attack on the ground in Pakistan?”

Mr. Mir, who has a penchant for sensationalism, asked Asma Jahangir, the president of the Supreme Court Bar Association, what would happen if, in response to an American attack, Pakistan blocked the NATO supply lines that pass through the country for the Afghan war.

Ms. Jahangir rebuked the host. “America hasn’t launched any attack yet, and you are talking this way,” Ms. Jahangir said. Instead, she urged Pakistanis to reflect on where they have gone wrong.

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Junaid Qaiser


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  • This fascist rightist media is a recepie for disaster, the whole upper middle class is suffering from mental sickness, they have been taught islamofascism with saudi petro dollars. The greatest evil of 20th century was Amir Ul Munafaqeen Zia Ul Haq, his modern version is Imran Khan.

  • Sorry to say this, but this article has been written by some amateur who tried to touch upon an important issue without having much to say. No point repeating the same arguments over and over again. But I agree that Pakistani media is nothing but a circus.

  • can u name any tv channel in the world who is not there to promote someone’s agenda… do u think cnn and bbc are balanced channels…

    to run these channels you need money and that come through corporate houses…

    american and indian channels are bz in labeling pakistan as terrorist state… in this scenario how pakistan media should respond…

    for this world US is the biggest threat… n if you think they are not… then please do let me know why they invaded iraq and then lybia?

  • Dear Aamar, Thanks for your valuable Comment. Agree, in order to understand this important issue, it is imperative that our distinguished journalists, authors and other celebrated anchors who frequently write and speak on other less important issue should focus on these issues. Surely, we need a comprehensive report including detailed analysis on media and nationalism.

    And the basic purpose of this post was to highlight the silliness and jingoism or war mongering of media & to request media celebrities to stop producing extremists and think before they speak.

  • Dear Saad sahib, firstly I have not tried to compare the Pakistani media to the other CNN/BBC etc, nor I said that other Channels are not promoting someone’s agenda.

    My point was very simple. Pakistani media is irresponsibly promoting extremist and medieval mindset via anti-worldism, anti democratic views and fake nationalism rhetoric.

    Defiantly, as corporate competition has increased, so too has the need for revenues on massive expenditures, but it does not mean that media should not design or follow certain code of conduct. With great power comes great responsibility, and media need to strike the right balance between advertisements and informing people.

  • Good article.
    The basis of a progressive and just society should be for the majority to protect it’s minority and for the connected minority to run the country for the overall benefit of the majority…. unfortunately too many politicians (worldwide) are of the mindset that it’s best to make your friends poorer than make your enemy (and friends) richer.

  • Saad sahib, The journalistic profession has an obligation to articulate its basic professional values, ethical principles, and have a basic responsibility to help strengthen and support democratic processes. Yeah, it includes in its list of responsibilities to promote national interests and state’s policies, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you should not ask or raise questions on national policies.

    Most political observers and historians think that the Strategic Depth and Bleed India as a policy are flawed. So how can we protect or defend these policies or their tools on international platform. Firstly we need purely pro people domestic and foreign policy, then we can urge journalists/media professional to make defense sure.

  • bhai, hate sells. I wonder how many people watch these talk shows and news. I am quite certain that over the last two years, the number of people watching TV channels especially talk shows and news has fallen. Statistics related to this, we will never get to see.

    On the matter of our journalists, they are in a tight corner. Till now they used to be king makers rather king breakers. With the PPP, they got rid of them twice in the 1990s and they were hoping to repeat their performance. They have failed till now. They have used Anti-Americanism, Drones, Adliya, Army, Corruption, Bad governance etc to get rid of the PPP. In order to justify their existence, they will continue to lie and sensationalize things, hoping that they will hit jackpot some day.

    They are liars and blackmailers of they highest order.

  • Sounds like the author is losing a lot of sleep over the pitiful quality of the Pak media.

    Fox News, CNN anyone ? even BBC or Al Jazeera these days, any of the popular Indian media for that matter (Albeit most international media outlets have superior production values. Simple fact is, for profit capitalist owned media will run whatever sells the most.

    Methinks the author is really just concerned about his own holy cows as he laments “hate-infested Anti-Americanism and Anti-Zardarism”. One might ask, what have the two done lately to help their own image ?

    Media values and quality, which is a subject of global import and concern, ought to be treated with more respect. The whole effort is a tad parochial I would say. Though the irony is probably completely lost on the author.