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Shazia murder case: Accused Naeem advocate granted bail by Islamofacist judiciary in Lahore

Family members of Shazia Masih, including, from left, her sister; her mother, Nasreen Bibi; and her aunt and brother. The girl died while working as a maid. Photo: NY Times

Lahore: February 13, 2010. (PCP) Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz group PML(N) and bureaucracy of the Punjab government bulldozed justice in Pakistan with fabricated medical reports in Shazia killing case.

Accused Mohammad Naeem was granted bail by additional session judge Shafiq-ur-Rehman, Lahore Cantonment Courts Lahore in murder case of 12 years old Christian housemaid Shazia Bashir.

According to electronic media of Pakistan, the lawyer of accused argued “Postmortem report of Shazia did not indicate that Shazia had been murdered. However, the report states that Shazia’s death was due to the infection caused by old injuries nor the police have also found any evidence in 14 days remand that advocate Naeem and his family were being involved in Shazia’s murder”

The court granted bail of one lacks and confirmed interim bails of son and wife of accused Mohammad Naeem.

Commenting on bail of Mohammad Naeem, PCC Chief Nazir S Bhatti said “ Poor parents of Shazia have lost the case while influential and rich Mohammad Naeem have won”

Source: Pakistan Christian Post

The lawyer of advocate Naeem argued before the court that the postmortem report of Shazia did not indicate that Shazia had been murdered. However, the report states that Shazia’s death was due to the infection caused by old injuries. The lawyer argued before the court that Shazia’s case is not a murder case, and the police have also not found any evidence in 14 days remand of advocate Naeem that could prove that advocate Naeem and his family were being involved in Shazia’s murder.

Shazia’s lawyers opposed the bail of accused advocate Naeem, however, the court granted bail to the accused and his family after listening to the arguments of the both sides.

Source: Samaa News

A younger Shazia, third from left in the front row. Photo: NY Times

According to Shazia’s mother, Nasreen Bibi, her daughter had been abused, an account that the medical examiner’s preliminary report seems to support. It lists 17 injuries, including bruised swellings on her forehead, cheek and scalp, “caused by blunt means.” “Our justice system operates against the underprivileged,” said I. A. Rehman, a prominent human rights activist. “Will there be justice? I have my doubts.” Source: New York Times

Panel of 9 Muslim doctors declare cause of death of Shazia

Lahore: February 10, 2010. (PCP) A medical board comprising of 9 Muslim doctors constituted by medical superintendent of Jinnah Hospital Lahore to investigate cause of death of 12 years old Christian housemaid Shazia Bashir issued here final report.

The infection in wounds and lack of nutrition were declared cause of death by this ever big medical board constituted to make public cause of death in any case in Pakistan.

This medical board also confirmed that there was no evidence of negligence by Jinnah Hospital doctors or staff in death of Shazia.

The punjabi doctors nailed down justice by this report as punjabi lawyers blocked justice to safe one influential Muslim accused in rape-murder of poor 12 years girl who was his housemaid.

Shazia Bashir was employed by Mohammad Naeem Advocate in 2009, as housemaid, who brought her in critical condition to Jinnah Hospital Lahore where she died on January 22, 2010.

Mohammad Naeem, former president of Lahore High Court Bar Association approached family of Shazia and pressured them to accept cash and remain silent in presence of one general ranked Muslim officer of Pakistan Army. The poor parents of Shazia Bashir turned down any deal and rushed to Jinnah Hospital where they found their daughter dead.

The doctors on duty told Bashir Masih, father of Shazia that she was raped and murdered. The 36 wounds were visible on her dead body with broken arm.

The electronic media of Pakistan broadcasted death of Shazia as breaking news referring her as victim of rape and killing according to statement of duty doctors of Jinnah Hospital Lahore and family of deceased.

The family members of Shazia requested to lodge First Information Report FIR with Defense Police Station but same was denied.

A civil society organization named CLAAS, which claims to provide legal assistance to persecuted Christians in Pakistan contacted father of Shazia and offered their support which illiterate and poor Bashir Masih accepted and signed blank papers rendering his power of attorney.

The Christian Federal Minister for Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti on directives of President of Pakistan rushed to Lahore from Islamabad and announced 5 hundred thousand rupees compensation from Pakistan Peoples Party PPP government to family of Shazia vowing justice for 12 year Christian victim of rape-murder by influential culprits.

Mohammad Naeem, as President of Lahore High Court Bar Association played active role in rallies and Long March to reinstate deposed Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan by President Parvez Mushraaf.

Accused had also close relations with Sharif brothers who owned Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Group (PML-N)

The Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif also rushed to home of Shazia Bashir and promised to ensure justice and monitory compensation of 5 hundred thousand rupees. In Punjab is government of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz PML(N) and Christian member of PML(N) Kamran Michael was being used to assure Christians that PML(N) is more supportive than PPP.

Chief Minister issued directives and FIR of rape and murder was registered against Naeem Advocate in Defense Police Station on January 25, 2010.

The Chief Minister of Punjab constituted Medical Board of three doctors which made first statement after postmortem that “Shazia was not raped”

Pakistan Christian Congress PCC raised objections on Medical Board of chief minister but CLAAS which was leading in case not bothered to challenge findings on rape of 12 year old girl instead kept them busy in sending reports abroad to their funding agencies.

Accused Naeem was arrested and produced in court where he was sent in police remand for investigation. Accused enjoyed VIP facilities in police station but CLAAS not bothered to raise this issue in higher courts that “ Accused is not being investigated by police but having political meetings in police station”

The interim bails were granted to wife and son of accused which were extended by additional session judge cantonment frequently without any objection raised by advocates of Shazia.

The Muslim lawyers of Lahore Bar Association, Lahore High Court Bar Association launched protest in favor of accused advocate and stopped entering media and family members of victim whenever Mohammad Naeem was produced for remand in court.

Source: Pakistan Christian Post

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  • Would those crying for suspected terrorist Aafia Siddiqui also shed a few tears and organize a few demonstrations in support of an inncoent daughter of Pakistan, Shazia Masih? I am addressing you, Zaid Hamids, Ahmad Qureshis, Imran Khans, Munawar Hasans, Shahid Masoods and Irfan Siddiqis of Pakistan.

  • It is not an excuse for the handover of Dr. afia. If it has been happened due to that lawyer he should also be punished, but it doesnot bother with Dr. afia case. And also why all your analysis ends upon accusing Islam and islamist. whether islam teach them to act like this? please be objective to issues. don’t intermingle it. because we also know what the so called secular politicians are doing and what are their preferences.

  • this is a fake story……. she has died her natural death coz she was ill…….but pakistani media and politicans are using this story as a issue coz ov dare own trust…………. all reports proved tht she dieed coz ov infection……………………… local NGO’S are using this story 2 earn a dollors 4rm europoen countries……………….. Her mother nd step father is also telling a wrong story, dey demanded 10 lac from Ch. Naeem nd threat if he did’t give then they will make a issue about this story but CH. Naeem denied, he said i did’t murder then why should i give 2 u a money, den her step brothers called the media and innocent Ch. Naeem……………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Hassan
    shame on u bastard mother fucker hassan…..u ashole.son of a slut fucking bitch.if u dunno the actuall story then u dont have right 2 say anything..em the accused ov this case if u want information regarding this matter then contact 2 me .i will put the actuall story in ur bloody ass koolharry_30@hotmail.com



    @Farhan: Refrain from obscene language.

    Instead of deleting your comments, we would like to show it to the world what kind of people we are dealing with, i.e., those who are charged with the abuse and assassination of an innocent girl, those who claim to be a victim of this shameful episode.

  • Daughters of a lesser god?

    Wednesday, March 03, 2010
    Talat Farooq

    Several rallies and protests have been organised by various religious political parties and their supporters in the aftermath of the Aafia trial in New York, demanding her release and return to Pakistan. Members of some non-conservative educational institutions have also joined in this flurry of emotional outbursts. The media has highlighted her ordeal without debating the downside of her story in objective detail. A whole generation of Pakistanis, grown up in an environment that discourages critical analysis and dispassionate objectivity in its educational institutions, has more or less allowed their emotions to be exploited.

    The Aafia case is complex and cannot be seen in black and white. The grey lady is grey precisely because of her murky past and the question mark hanging over her alleged links to militants. After all, she was not a run-of-the-mill housewife. Her family’s silence during the years of her disappearance and her ex-husband’s side of the story certainly provide fodder to the opposing point of view that does not consider Aafia’s case as a straightforward one.

    The right-wing parties and their supporters have once again played the card of anti-Americanism to attain their own political ends while simultaneously denouncing the human rights organisations for their silence. Our hatred of America, based on some very real grievances, also serves as a readily available smokescreen to avoid any rational thinking on any issue of national importance.

    The response of the religious political lobby to Aafia’s plight is symbolic of our social mindset. We, while throwing stones at others, refuse to speak up for the downtrodden right under our nose.

    Aafia has been dubbed as Pakistan ki beti; one wonders why the same right-wing lobby is impervious to the plight of many betis in Pakistan who are denied access to justice within the Pakistani judicial system. Even as they stir up our emotions in the name of Aafia’s motherhood and her suffering children they conveniently turn a blind eye to the plight of hundreds of mothers suffering in Pakistani jails. While unprecedented diplomatic efforts continue to bring Aafia back to Pakistan there are numerous women in Pakistani jails awaiting justice that could allow them to eventually return home. And this after the National Judicial Policy has directed the courts to dispose of these cases on priority basis!!

    A survey of the jails in Punjab shows that about 45 per cent of female prisoners are awaiting trials. 80 per cent of all female prisoners are mothers and 25 per cent have children aged between 1 to 3 years. More than 70 per cent are illiterate which goes to show why almost 85 per cent of them are unaware of the status of their legal proceedings including those who are unacquainted with the charges registered against them; 35 per cent have failed to engage lawyers. According to another survey, in Punjab alone nearly 78 per cent of women prisoners complained of maltreatment in police custody and 72 per cent complained of sexual abuse. A female juvenile offender fares no better and, like her adult counterpart, spends long periods awaiting trial or hearing, often in violation of the law. She is even more vulnerable to abuse while in detention despite The Juvenile Justice System Ordinance 2002. Judging from the statistics of Punjab it can be assumed that the situation in other provinces cannot be any better.

    Although women police stations were established in response to complaints of custodial abuse, minimal efforts have been made to provide them with human and material resources as compared to regular police stations. Women are still being detained at regular police stations overnight despite court orders and regulations, and sexual abuse by police or guards remains a sad reality. Women prisoners are raped in police custody and in prison. Children born as a result of rape, as well as those who live with their mothers in jail usually grow up to be emotionally disturbed individuals.

    In Aafia Siddiqui’s case the Pakistani government has spent $2 million already and the president has directed more legal assistance after her recent conviction on all seven counts. In Pakistani jails a majority of women continue to suffer due to financial deprivation because successive governments have failed to build a separate financial pool to foot the legal bills for these Pakistani betis.

    According to a recent study, the prisons for women in Pakistan are in dire need of health facilities. In most of the rape cases, if the woman gets pregnant she ends up delivering the baby in jail where there is hardly any access to pre or post-natal care. This leads to an increased rate of infant mortality and maternal deaths. The women are undernourished and suffer from multiple health issues including mental health, substance abuse, physical abuse and resultant trauma. A large number of these women have a pre or post-arrest history of physical and emotional abuse and suffer from depression, anxiety and are more likely to attempt suicide. The study informs us that over the last couple of decades the number of women prisoners has increased by 273 per cent thereby multiplying the problems manifold. Wouldn’t it be more meaningful if the pro-Aafia lobby also pressurised the Pakistani government to spend another $2 million on improving the women’s jails in Pakistan?

    If Aafia has been wronged the judicial process must be allowed to run its due course to redress her grievances. But the fundamental question is justice for Aafia Siddiqui or justice for all? Only when our religious and liberal lobbies decide to transcend their opposing worldviews to jointly work towards a just social system, will justice prevail in letter and spirit in Pakistan. Till then we can brace ourselves for more political stunts in the name of justice.

    The writer is executive editor of the magazine Criterion, Islamabad. Email: talatfarooq11@gmail.com


    Giving judiciary names?
    Declaring nobel profession of law monsterous?
    What is your conduct?
    This cheap news cum add is to draw support for shazia by showing innocent pics and declaring naeem as monster. This is biased news publishing designed to serve vested interests on foreign funding and to declare ones self champion of humanity. Shameful indeed.

  • No justice for Shazia Bashir, the Christian girl raped and murdered
    Lahore – There is outrage and disappointment in the Christian community in Pakistan. Chaudhry Naeem, the rich Muslim lawyer accused of raping and killing Shazia Bashir, a 12 year old Christian girl killed in January 2010, was acquitted. The case made headlines internationally and has become the symbol of the violence against Christian girls in Pakistan (see Fides 25/1/2010, 8/2/2010).

    Naeem, accused along with his wife, Ghzala, and his son, Haris, was acquitted for lack of evidence by the District Court in Lahore. The family was accused of having forced the girl to work as a maid in their house, seizing her and using violence. According to the defense, the verdict of acquittal came after the prosecution could not prove with medical evidence that the girl was raped and killed. The medical report submitted to the Court states that Shazia died a “natural death”, due to a “skin disease”. The testimonial evidence of Shazia’s mother and her siblings were not deemed sufficient by the Court.

    According to sources of Fides, the process and the tests were skillfully manipulated to exonerate the family of rich bourgeois Muslims. “For the family of Shazia justice has not been done. It is not the first time that, in cases like this, the outcome of the process leaves influential Muslim citizens unpunished, despite the atrocities committed on poor and helpless Christians,” revealed Nasir Saeed, head of the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement”, told Fides. The Centre has offices in London and Lahore, which offers free legal assistance to Christians in Pakistan. The lawyers and Christian organizations with an interest in the matter told Fides there will be an appeal.

    Peter Jacob, Executive Secretary of the Justice and Peace Commission for the Bishops of Pakistan commented to Fides: “It is disgusting. This verdict demonstrates that some characters are ‘above the law’. These judgments guarantee impunity; because of this, phenomena such as human rights abuses, child labor, and violence against women will continue to flourish. So the work of organizations like ours, committed to the protection of human rights, becomes more difficult. The verdict further demonstrates the inefficiency and lack of independence of the courts and is proof of how you can drive justice.” Source: Agenzia Fides

  • Took me time for you to read all the comments, but I truly enjoyed the piece of writing. It proved to be in actual fact helpful to me and I’m sure to all of the commenters right here! It’s usually huge when you can not just be informed, but additionally engaged! I’m certain you had enjoyable writing this write-up.