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Petition: Silence of Human Rights Organizations on Shia Genocide in Pakistan

HRW, Amnesty, HRCP have no data available on Shia genocide in Pakistan

Please sign this petition here: http://www.petitiononline.com/PakBlogz/petition.html

To: Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, United Nations Human Rights Commission, European Union, Governments of Pakistan, USA, UK and other countries

Silence of Human Rights Organizations on Shia Genocide in Pakistan

This is our appeal to international directors of all human rights organizations including but not limited to Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International (AI), Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) and the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

Today 31 August 2011 is Eid (Muslim festival) in Pakistan marking the end of holy month of Ramzan.

Today once against sectarian foot-soldiers of the military state killed at least 20 Shia Hazara Muslims while they were offering Eid prayer in Quetta. More casualties are feared.

The very next day, there was an attack on a van carrying Shia passengers in Kurram agency, killing at least seven of them.

For the last several years, hundreds of Hazara Shias in Quetta, Saraiki Shias in Dera Ismail Khan and Turi Shias in Kurram agency, along with many other Shias in other parts of Pakistan, have been massacred by the jihadi and sectarian extremists belonging to Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and other similar groups, which are known to be supported by Pakistan’s spy agencies (ISI, MI etc).

Apologists of the murderers are either in state of denial or misrepresent the silent Shia genocide.

Unfortunately, this massacre of Shia Muslims in Pakistan remains: (1) ignored in Pakistani media or/and (2) misrepresented.

In other words, Pakistani media either does not report (or under-reports) the mass murder of Shia Muslims, or it misrepresents the mass murder of Shias by jihadi/sectarian proxies of the military state as Sunni-Shia sectarianism thus creating a false sectarian colour and false symmetries.

Unfortunately, leading human rights organizations e.g., HRW, Amnesty International, HRCP etc too suffer from the same deficiences as evinced in Pakistani and international media. These organizations either ignore or under-report the Shia mass murder or misrepresent it as routine sectarianism between Sunnis and Shias.

For example, HRW and Amnesty have not written a single report on the ongoing genocide of Saraiki Shias, Hazara Shias and Turi Shias taking place in Pakistan for at least four years. Barring one or two very vague reports on sectarian killings in Pakistan, these organisations have not bothered to compile full data on Shia genocide nor made any efforts to inform Pakistani and international audience about this silent genocide which is ongoing.

We, therefore, appeal to the HRW, Amnesty and other organizations to urge their country directors /representatives in Pakistan to urgently publish statistics on Shia genocide in Pakistan.

Instead of issuing vague statements condemning violence against Shia Muslims, we need exact data and reports on how many Shia Muslims have been massacred in Dera Ismail Khan, Quetta, Kurram agency and other areas and under what circumstances. We also need HRW, AI and other organizations to pay attention to each incident of Shia genocide and ensure its adequate coverage in Pakistani and international media.

In our next petition, we will highlight how some representatives of these organizations remain urban and class centric and selective in morality under the influence of pseudo-liberal proxies of Pakistan’s military establishment.

Please treat this petition as an SOS to save Shia Muslims of Pakistan from an ongoing massacre.

The Undersigned

Don’t forget to sign this petition on Petition Online: http://www.petitiononline.com/PakBlogz/petition.html

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  • Bomber kills 11 outside mosque in Quetta, Pakistan

    Several cars caught fire after the blast

    A bomb attack has killed at least 11 people in the south-western Pakistani city of Quetta, hospital officials say.

    The suspected suicide car bomb exploded in a parking area as hundreds of people were leaving a mosque after Eid prayers, a senior police official said.

    Police found the remains of the suspected attacker in his car. About 20 other people were injured. Most of the victims were Shia Muslims.

    Pakistan is celebrating the festival of Eid after the fasting month of Ramadan.

    “It appears that he [the bomber] was not wearing the explosives on his body but he had planted those in the car and detonated [them] when he could not go beyond the parking lot,” Quetta police chief Ahsan Mehboob told the AFP news agency.

    “Our security was alert, so he could not go beyond the parking, otherwise he might have caused a lot more casualties.”

    He added that all the dead had been identified by their relatives except the body of the bomber.

    Police say that two women and a seven-year-old boy were among the dead. Several cars caught fire after the blast which also damaged nearby houses.

    Television footage showed thick black smoke as people ran into the street. Ambulances were taking the wounded to hospital.

    Reports say the area where the blast took place is mostly populated by the minority Shia Muslim community.

    It is not yet known who carried out Wednesday’s attack but sectarian attacks in the past have been blamed on Sunni militants.


  • According to Ali Dayan Hasan, HRW Pakistan is not ignoring Shia genocide in Pakistan. When two of my friends asked for any data or reports, he blocked them on Twitter.

  • Voices of conscience:

    naeemshamim Naeem Shamim
    I signed the “Appeal to HRW, Amnesty, HRCP : Don’t ignore or misrepresent silent Shia genocide i” petition! petol.org/PakBlogz #petol

    gedrosian Gedrosia
    a suicide bomber in #Quetta #hazara shia area…just next to Cantt where security is high alert…wah g wah

    As soon as reports are about #hazara Shias.. #Pakistani media switches off to mute #Quetta

    mazdaki Mohammad Taqi
    Plz sign Petition against #Hazara #Genocide in #Pakistan http://j.mp/prZy3G State,Army & its terrorist assets &their apologists responsible
    23 minutes ago Favorite Undo Retweet Reply

    mazdaki Mohammad Taqi
    Eid bombing on #Quetta Shiite http://j.mp/qfg1im Shame on those who painted target on Shia #Hazaras’ back & on those who didn’t condemn it

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    RT @Laibaah Please sign this petition: Don’t ignore or misrepresent silent Shia genocide in Pakistan PetitionOnline.com/PakBlogz/petit…

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    ISI-SSP-TTP’s Eid gift to Shia Muslims of Pakistan in #Quetta: bbc.co.uk/urdu/pakistan/…

    atifahmads Atif S Ahmad
    plz sign and share! Appeal to @Amnesty, HRCP : Don’t ignore or misrepresent silent #Shia genocide! petol.org/PakBlogz v @Laibaah #Pakistan

    MirSohaib Mir Sohaib Mengal
    F***ing agencies and their egg heads .. Will u stop plz .. U kill ppl on eid .. May u burn in hell #hazara #quetta

    Darveshh Darveshh
    @AliDayan Had it not been for Shias to protect themselves, the state would have given us hundred of dead bodies today

    airtiza Syed Ali Irtiza
    Brave volunteers in Quetta saved hundreds of lives by stopping the suicide bomber approx 150 meters from Eid-Gah

  • Ali Dayan Hasan of HRW being asked tough questions

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    These rights groups popup like Mushrooms in any war zone and disappear when funding dry! #Truth @AliDayan @SeemaSyeda @atifahmads @Laibaah

    These fake rights orgs work as pressure groups in warzone govt’s for US interests.

    These rights groups have tailored agendas, far awy from real issues, serving paymasters interests

    These fake right orgs blow some issues out of proportion and close eyes from rest, funding comes with strings attached

    Rights groups in Pakistan, funded by foreign donors are nothing less than any other Mafia, rather worst in blackmail

    AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    @Nadeem_Gehla aur aap ki jihalat ke tau kya kehnay. Malaysia main hi rahiye ga. yahan hamaray pass jahilon ki bharmaar hai

    Nadeem_Gehla Ahmad Nadeem Gehla
    This reflect level of your stupidity and ignorance, you might not have born when I was in practical struggle. But not a #Traitor @AliDayan

    Gilgiti Farooq Ahmed Khan
    Very sad and Tragic incident. I condemned the failure of security forces who could not prevent Blast in Eid Gah of Hazara People in #Quetta.

    Gilgiti Farooq Ahmed Khan
    Could you please ask @AliDayan why did he block me yesterday. My fault?? @SeemaSyeda @atifahmads

  • Ali Dayan Hasan of HRW being asked tough questions

    AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    @SeemaSyeda GO AWAY

    AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    @SeemaSyeda Lady, as you are evidently functionally literate, please go and READ instead of persistently airing your ignorance. Goodbye.

    AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    @SeemaSyeda either way there is NO evidence in the public domain that you have ever done anything for anyone’s rights #fail

    AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    @SeemaSyeda as I am not into ancestor worship I have no idea who your elders are. But good if they did the right thing. So do HR orgs.

    AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    @SeemaSyeda Step out yr advertising agency & put yr life at risk. In the interim you have NOT earned the credibility to be taken seriously.

    AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    @SeemaSyeda If today people like you even know the language of human rights, it is thanks to orgs like HRCP and the very brave work they do.

    AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    @SeemaSyeda Plz go to the HRCP website & READ what up on Bugti & Balochistan etc. Ditto Amnesty &HRW. Yr comments r ignorant not clever.

    AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    @SeemaSyeda As a “Female Corporate Executive in an Advertising Consultancy” it is clear you know nothing abt HRCP or the int. HR movt. 1/2
    3 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    So start listing. Talk facts. RT @SeemaSyeda: @AliDayan @atifahmads @Laibaah I know at a few 100s who are not RE: Who is not (Hogwash)?

    AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    So who is not? RT @SeemaSyeda: @atifahmads @Laibaah #Amnesty International #Transparency etc are all hogwash, as is #HRW & #HRCP

    SeemaSyeda Seema Syeda
    @atifahmads @Amnesty @Laibaah #Amnesty International #Transparency International, etc are all hogwash, as is #HRW and #HRCP

    SeemaSyeda Seema Syeda
    @AliDayan @atifahmads @Laibaah I know at a few hundred who are not RE: Who is not (Hogwash)?

    SeemaSyeda Seema Syeda
    @AliDayan @atifahmads @Laibaah #HRCP was doing a tad bit of good in its early days (I A Rehman, Afrasiab Khattak) #Pakistan

    Today #HRCP has degenerated into a #Political club of vested interests and an instrument of blackmail

    SeemaSyeda Seema Syeda
    @AliDayan Okay, let us talk facts. Tell us what the #HRCP has done about contnuous targeted killing of #$Shia, #Baloch nationalists, etc.

    Lets make the brutal and insane murder of #AkbarBugti a test case. What did the #HRCP do about it?

    SeemaSyeda Seema Syeda
    @AliDayan That is a very effective escape route. But it won’t be. Tell us what the #HRCP did about #AkbarBugti’s killing

    Tell us if the #HRCP filed for a revision of the judgment the #SC handed down in #MukhtaranMai case?

    SeemaSyeda Seema Syeda
    @AliDayan Yeah. Ad hominem comments are very clever.

    SeemaSyeda Seema Syeda
    @AliDayan You, in any case have a vested interested in defending #HRCP so whatever you aver needs to be vetted on the touchstone of truth

    SeemaSyeda Seema Syeda
    @AliDayan We and our associates and elders have been fighting for human rights & the dignity of man long before #AI and #HRCP were conceived

    SeemaSyeda Seema Syeda
    @Laibaah Don’t set the #HRCP tasks it is not capable of #HumanRights

    SeemaSyeda Seema Syeda
    @AliDayan Just FYI I do not work in an advertising agency, nor is my job underwriting my life I work in a #consultancy there’s a difference

    SeemaSyeda Seema Syeda
    @AliDayan We’re talking #Pakistan and the doings of various so-called human rights watchdogs re #Pakistan,not the entire world

    SeemaSyeda Seema Syeda
    @AliDayan If the ancestors merit following, they should be followed

    @AliDayan Did I claim that I have done anything. I am asking you to provide evidence on #HRCP actions re elimination of educated #Shia

    SeemaSyeda Seema Syeda
    @AliDayan I, as a matter of principle do notrespond to ad hominem arguments:Let us see #HRCP do something about todays #Quetta killings

    AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    @SeemaSyeda GO AWAY

  • Kul yom aashura, kul yom karbala.

    Shame on human rights organizations. They speak on urban issues only!

    Very selective in morality, very commercially oriented.

  • It is not Sunni versus Shia. ISI-TTP-SSP terrorists do not represent Sunnis.

    Human rights groups must not blame Sunnis. Blame ISI!

  • There is no Shia killing in Pakistan. Everyone is being equally killed by enemies agents India, America, Israel.

    Zardari and Rehman Malik are killing everyone.

  • What about Mustafa Qadri, Asma Jahangir and IA Rehman? What are they doing to highlight this silent genocide?

  • Announcement

    31 August 2011

    Rally & Dharna against Shia massacre in Quetta on Eid: From Khurasan (Numaish) to Governor House. After sunset (Maghrib prayers) on 31 August

  • Major attacks at mosques, religious events, and Islamic institutions in Pakistan since December 2007:

    Aug. 31, 2011: A suicide bomber detonated in a parked car outside a Quetta mosque, killing 11 people.

    Aug. 19, 2011: More than 40 people were killed in a suicide attack at a mosque in Jamrud in the Khyber tribal agency.

    April 3, 2011: The Taliban killed 41 people in a double suicide attack on a Sufi shrine in Dera Ghazi Khan.

    March 4, 2011: The Taliban killed nine people in a bombing at a mosque in Nowshera.

    Jan. 25, 2011: Suicide attacks that targeted Shia religious processions in Lahore and Karachi killed 16 people. The Fedayeen-e-Islam, a subgroup of the Pakistani Taliban, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, and Jaish-e-Mohammed, claimed credit for the Lahore attack.

    Nov. 5, 2010: A suicide attack outside a mosque in Darra Adam Khel killed 50 people.

    Oct. 25, 2010: Five people were killed when an IED was detonated inside a shrine in Pakpattan.

    Oct. 22, 2010: Five people were killed when an IED was detonated inside a mosque in Peshawar.

    Oct. 7, 2010: Two suicide bombers killed eight people in a coordinated attack on the Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine in Karachi.

    Sept. 3, 2010: A suicide bomber attempted to storm a mosque in Mardan, but was stopped by security guards. One person was killed after he detonated his vest.

    Sept. 1, 2010: Suicide bombers detonated during Shia religious processions in Lahore, killing 28 people.

    Aug. 23, 2010: A suicide bomber detonated at a mosque in Wana, South Waziristan, killing 18 people.

    July 1, 2010: Suicide bombers detonated at the Data Ganj Bakhsh shrine in Lahore, killing 41 people and wounding more than 170.

    May 28, 2010: The Punjabi Taliban assaulted two Ahamadi mosques in Lahore, killing more than 70 people.

    Dec. 18, 2009: A suicide bomber detonated inside a mosque frequented by policemen in Lower Dir, killing 12.

    Dec. 4, 2009: A suicide assault team stormed a mosque in Rawalpindi that is frequented by Army officers, killing 40.

    Oct. 20, 2009: A pair of suicide bombers detonated their vests at Islamabad’s International Islamic University, killing five.

    June 12, 2009: A suicide bomber killed five Pakistanis, including anti-Taliban cleric Dr. Sarfraz Naeemi, in an attack on a mosque in Lahore during Friday prayers.

    June 12, 2009: A suicide bomber killed six worshipers and wounded more than 90 in an attack inside a mosque in Nowshera. The attack collapsed the dome of the mosque.

    June 5, 2009: A suicide bomber killed 49 worshipers in an attack on a mosque in a remote village in Dir.

    April 5, 2009: A suicide bomber killed 24 worshipers and wounded more than 100 in an attack outside a Shia religious center in the Chakwal district in Punjab province.

    March 27, 2009: A Taliban suicide bomber killed more than 70 worshipers and wounded more than 125 in an attack at a mosque in the Khyber tribal agency.

    March 5, 2009: An attacker threw a hand grenade into the middle of a mosque in Dera Ismail Khan, wounding 25 worshipers.

    March 2, 2009: A suicide bomber killed six people during an attack at a gathering in a mosque in the Pishin district in Baluchistan.

    Feb. 20, 2008: A suicide bomber killed 32 Pakistanis and wounded more than 85 in an attack on a funeral procession for a Shia elder who was murdered in Dera Ismail Khan.

    Feb. 5, 2009: A suicide attack outside a mosque killed more than 30 Shia worshipers and wounded more than 50.

    Nov. 22, 2008: A bombing at a mosque in Hangu killed five civilians and wounded seven.

    Nov. 21, 2008: A suicide attack on a funeral procession in Dera Ismail Khan killed 10 mourners and wounded more than 25.

    Sept. 10, 2008: The Taliban attacked a mosque filled with Ramadan worshipers in the district of Dir in northwestern Pakistan. More than 25 worshipers were killed and more than 50 were wounded.

    Aug. 19, 2008: A suicide bomber killed 29 Shia mourners and wounded 35 after detonating in the emergency ward of a hospital.

    June 17, 2008: Four Pakistanis were killed and three wounded in a bombing at a Shia mosque in Dera Ismail Khan.

    May 19, 2008: Four Pakistanis were killed in a bombing outside a mosque in Bajaur.

    Jan. 17, 2008: A suicide bomber killed 10 and wounded 25 in an attack on a Shia mosque in Peshawar.

    Dec. 28, 2007: A suicide bomber detonated in the middle of a mosque in Charsadda in an attempt to kill former Interior Minister Aftab Sherpao as he conducted Eid prayers. More than 50 were killed and more than 200 were wounded.

    Read more: http://www.longwarjournal.org/archives/2011/08/suicide_bomber_kille_2.php#ixzz1WcZTAa3G

  • Shia organizations announce protest day on Friday to condemn Quetta blast

    The Shia organizatons on Wednesday condemned the car bomb blast on Shia worshipers in Quetta and announced ten days of mourning to condemn the barbaric act.

    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The Shia organizations Majlis-e-Wehdat Muslameen (MWM), Shia Ulema Council (SUC), Jaffarai Alliance Pakistan (JAP), Imamia Students Organization (ISO)

    Pakistan, Asgharia Organization Pakistan (AOP) and others strongly condemned the car bomb blast in Quetta and termed the incident a failure of the Provincial and Federal Government.

    They announced to hold the countrywide protest demonstration across the country to condemn the blast and demanded of the government to take indiscriminate action against the Wahabi-Nasabi terrorists organization in Balochsitan and other parts of the country.

    They termed that the car bomb blast on the EId-ul-Fitr prayer was a part of the ongoing United States intervention in Balochistan.



  • Dharna against Shia massacre in Quetta on Eid: From Khurasan to Governor House. After Maghrib prayers on 31 August

  • I don’t there’s a plan in Aabpara to actually hurt Shias. The khakis are being idiots. Don’t credit them with having the skill to carry out a plan successfully. If only anybody in Pakistan was that smart.

  • AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    @yasmeen_9 is making defensive argument ignoring reality of pervasive sectarian prejudice. But @Laibaah please do not misuse term “genocide”

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    @AliDayan Sir, Shia genocide is not taking place in Pakistan? Is that a fig of my imagination? http://t.co/9TwmGtL

    AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    @Laibaah Shias are being targeted, killed, discriminated against widely. True. But “genocide” is a big word – overused and misused.

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    @AliDayan Genocide: “the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, religious or national group” (Wiki), These are definitional issues which we can debate. Call it mass murder or whatever, but please publish data and highlight it.

    smhaider smhaider
    @AliDayan @Laibaah Mr Ali i would like to refer you to 1948 UN Convention CPPCG Article 2 wch defines genocide as act commtted with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group. So.. aint it genocide

    @AliDayan Its genocide according to definitions @laibaah

    MirSohaib Mir Sohaib Mengal
    @AliDayan The Genocide Convention of 1948, to which Pakistan has been a party since 1957, applies to killings of or causing serious mental or physical harm to, members of a racial or religious group as such, with intent to destroy that group in whole or in part.

  • AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    Why do people think they can get your attention or your sympathy or both by being abusive and insulting? #FAIL
    19 minutes ago

    vancejee N.A vance
    @AliDayan “State sponsored Persecution of #Ahmadi Muslims must STOP!!
    1 hour ago

    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    Appeal to @hrw , Amnesty, HRCP : Don’t ignore or misrepresent silent Shia Hazara genocide in #Pakistan @AliDayan
    2 hours ago

    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    For #Shia #Hazaras, it’s Funeral After Funeral :pakistanblogzine.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/for…’s-funeral-after-funeral-by-zofeen-ebrahim/ @AliDayan @hrw #Pakistan
    2 hours ago

    AfghanHawk Mohammad Fazil
    @AliDayan pls note RT @AbasDaiyar HRW, AI & other right groups in fancy Islamabad offices shld take notice of children abduction by Taliban
    3 hours ago

  • There is a problem with petition page bcoz petition menue window stuck after signing petition :s what is the problem ? how can we sign petition in real ????????????