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In support of Shahbaz Taseer

We are extremely perturbed to hear the news of the kidnapping of Shahbaz Taseer and our thoughts, prayers and wishes are with his family in this trying hour. In trying to make sense of this disturbing and depressing event, we have come across the following:

– The abduction could be linked to the Islamofascist lobbies who want to use this as leverage to free Mumtaz Qadri, the killer.
– The release of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi founder and GHQ-ISI proxy, Malik Ishaq by the Pro-rape Islamofascist judiciary has not only lead to a spurt in recruiting activities by Jihadi-sectarian groups but also an increase in their criminal activities.
– Prof. Akbar S. Ahmed, writing for the Guardian, also posits that this abduction could be a message to his sister, Shehrbano Taseer’s journalism/activism to expose the Islamofascists.

We also came across this on the pkpolitics forum; a website that promotes a rightwing-Islamist agenda (this website is co-managed by Samad Khurram and Ghulam Mustafa.):

On one of the forum (pkpolitics.com), a person posted this message, I am not sure whether this person is in Pakistan or UK, but authorities in Pakistan should track such people down.

Salam said:
لو جی سلمان تاثیر کا بیٹا اغوا ہو گیا، لگتا ہے اس کے اپنے والد سے ملنے کے دن قریب آ گئے ہیں
سلمان تاثیر کو ایک قادری صوفی نے ایسا سبق سکھایا کہ مغرب نواز اب صوفی اسلام سے بھی بھاگتے ہیں

(Translation: see here, (late) Salman Taseer’s son has been kidnapped; it seems that his days of meeting his father have come closer. Salman Taseer was taught such a lesson by a Qadri Sufi that the Occidentalists are now even running away from Sufi islam.)


All these motives are very plausible and interrelated.

One thing that is certain though is the role of two institutions whose job it is to provide Justice and Security but who have done anything but that! One institution and its Jihadi proxies (TTP-SSP-Haqqani Network-Jundullah) is known all over the country for its expertise in kidnapping. Ask the Baloch Nationalists, the women and children of Parachinar and journalists like Omar Cheema or the late Saleem Shahzad.

The other institute is the “Independent” Judiciary run (often independent of the Constitution of Pakistan) by Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry who was able to win his job back after an NRO with the ISI. This judiciary has clearly reneged on its promise to pursue the missing (kidnapped) persons case, which as per some estimates involves nearly 8000 missing Baloch Nationalist youth. Furthermore, it has made it a mission to release all the sectarian terrorists and criminals arrested by the Government on some flimsy excuse. The chief such excuse is “lack of evidence” (often promoted by urban liberal apologists of ISI and SCP) as our esteemed judiciary does not consider press conference and public admissions of the crimes in question, circumstantial evidence, detailed investigations, motive, opportunity, past record and eye witness testimony obtained from Pakistan and other countries as “sufficient evidence”!

These “efforts” by the “independent” judiciary are then whole-heartedly supported by the rabidly Pro-Taliban, anti-democracy and Pro-Army “independent” media who, on que, jump in to deflect the crimes of the Judiciary on to their favorite target, the PPP-elect government.

It is the sins of omission, commission and blatant disregard for the norms of humanity by these enabling institutions, also known as the Three Jeem Alliance, which has created an environment of lawlessness where criminals and terrorists are not only protected but encouraged.

A friend recently noted that Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping is the second high-profile abduction in Lahore this month. Only a few days ago, on 13 August, a US citizen (Warren Weinstein) was abducted. The murders of Salmaan Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti and now Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping underscores the failing writ of the Punjab Government. Kidnappers of Shehbaz Taseer dropped a gun which could be used for investigation and media airs it to advantage of criminals.

The unholy Teen Jeem are so evidently in action once again.

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Jehangir Hafsi


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  • May Allah bless and protect the Taseer family.

    Shame on the Deep state and its foot soldiers in madrassahs, media and judiciary.

    The Deep State is responsible for creating robots such as Mumtaz Qadri and Baitullah Mehsud.

  • Why don’t mullahs give a fatwa that those who kidnapped an innocent young man, an orphan whose father was mercilessly killed by a religious fanatics, are traitors of Islam. Those who have kidnapped Shahbaz Taseer are neither human nor Muslim.

  • It was bound to happen.

    The fact that judiciary is adamant at releasing Hafiz Saeed, Malik Ishaq and other terrorists but hesitates to provide speedy punishment to Mumtaz Qadri was a green signal to dozens of dangerous robots created by the Jihado Fascist Military State.

    I feel sorry for the Taseers.

  • This is horrible news. As for Samad Khurrum, isn’t he the dubious fella who presented the “lone wolf” theory to hush up any investigation of a wider Islamofascist conspiracy in the Taseer murder case. Isn’t pk politics the same site that promoted the smut campaign against the Taseer family.

    @Babar, when this site published one such fatwa, Samad Khurrum showed his true colours and went into overdrive to discredit that fatwa.

  • A specimen of urban liberal hypocrisy on Salmaan Taseer:

    Case study: Samad Khurram

    1. Samad Khurram used to bad mouth against shaheed Taseer for his tough stance against ISI-backed judge Iftikhar Chaudhry;

    2. Samad Khurram used to co-moderate pkpolitics.com and Teeth.com, the two rightwing websites which published filthy pictures against the Taseer family.


    3. Samad Khurram published dirty propaganda against PPP on pkpolitics and Teeth.

    4. Samad Khurram published an article in which he said Taseer was killed by a lone wolf not by the Deep State or its jihadi proxies.

    5. Samad Khurram masterminded a mischievous campaign to discredit an important Fatwa against the killer of Salmaan Taseer and the apologists of the killers.

    6. Samad Khurram is notorious for his anti-drone stance.

    7. Recently Samad was dismissed from the British Council because of his pro-JI homophobic remarks.

    8. Samad Khurram mislead Tammy Haq, Urooj Zia and several others against the PPP and LUBP.

    9. Now pkpolitics is publishing filthy comments against Shahbaz Taseer.

    Do I need to provide more evidence of the hypocrisy of pro-military establishment urban liberals?


    This article was written by Samad Khurram for pkpoltics.com:

    Pakistani Law Students Shun Salman Taseer
    NOVEMBER 14, 2008 . 120 COMMENTS
    in Featured Articles


    Pakistani students shun Salman Taseer; tell him to stop anti-Pakistan campaign

    Pakistani Law Students today have done what the our elected members of National Assembly and the those in lucrative government offices have been unable to do so far: condemn Salman Taseer on his anti-Pakistan activities.

    The governor, who is also chancellor of the varsity, was the chief guest at its first convocation held here on Monday. Students of University of Sargodha were invited to recieve their diplomas from the Governor. But instead of sucking up to the governor, like many do, the students had in mind the anti-Pakistan statements and activities of Salman Taseer.

    The governor and his huge entourage were expecting a warm welcome as funds had been distributed in this regard. But to their surprise the students refused to accept their degrees from Governor Salman Taseer. Their message was clear: stop anti-Pakistan and anti-judiciary activities as they will not be tolerated by the people of Pakistan.

    The law students boycotted the convocation proceedings, while a group of lawyers staged a sit-in in front of the varsity’s main gate to express solidarity with them. The lawyers chanted slogans against the governor who, according to them, used derogatory language against the patriotic legal fraternity of Pakistan. They also marched from the district bar to university campus carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans against the governor and President Asif Ali Zardari.

    The whiskey ridden Taseer did not quite comprehend what hit him. While he, like always, had covered his eyes, the shock in them could be seen from miles.

    The unfortunate part is that none of the 80 or so Pakistani news channels highlighted the incident. Why did we allow private Pakistani channels in the first place? Why did we fight for freedom of media from Musharraf? Wasn’t it to project the demands of Pakistanis? If this was the Indian media, if this was the Chinese media, if this was the Iranian media, if this was the Arab media, if this was Turkish media, this incident would have been repeated at the top of every news bulletin for the day.

    Not only did Salman Taseer’s Chamcha Times or Business Plus did not cover it but neither did any of the free channels. Is this the freedom of media Sherry Rehman boasts about?

    I hope some of the defeatist ‘liberal’ Pakistanis working for television news channels might be reading this. If you know someone there, please admonish them. We need to make sure the voice of Pakistanis is heard. It is sad that ordinary Pakistanis will always be more nationalist and patriotic than their so-called ‘liberal’ intellectuals and their non-intellectual politicians. Only Dawn covered part of the story which can be seen here.

    But students of Sargodha Law College, no matter what, we are proud of you.

    Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, you are moments away from restoration.

  • Shahbaz Taseer is most probably kidnapped by those who are most experienced in kidnappings in Balochistan and Swat, i.e. the Deep State.

    The Deep State wants to create chaos and terrorize the PPP supporters. The aim is to undermine the democratic government. First Karachi, now Lahore. Long live, Deep State.

  • On Twitter, Samad Khurram and Omar Waraich are so worried for the sanctity of the Deep State:

    RT @SamadK Please. RT @OmarWaraich: Please can we avoid speculation about the captors’ motives #ShahbazTaseer

    also this RT by SamadK: Oh you pseudo urban, pseudo leftist, kind of liberal, pseudo intellectuals, pseudo proxies YOU!!

    In other words, they are saying, please attribute it to a lone wolf, don’t blame the jihadi robots of the Deep State.

    Shame all around!

  • Shehryar told the Guardian that the kidnappers had not yet made any contact with the family, who had been receiving threats from religious extremists.

    “They left everything of value. His Mercedes, his iPad, his BlackBerry. This is not a kidnapping for ransom. That’s the worrying part.”

    Gangs of professional kidnappers who target wealthy individuals for ransom operate in Lahore and other cities. This month a US aid worker was abducted from his home in Lahore by several armed men. He remains missing.

    Shahbaz is a law graduate of London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies. He worked in the family business empire and married several years ago.


  • The Governor Punjab Latif Khosa has been most upright in holding Shabaz Sharif responsible. A guy who ever ready to take personal notice if anyone even takes a piss at the wrong lampost in Lahore took three hours before bothering to look into the matter. The law minister remained absent and the moronic police incharge was overly preoccupied with giving inerviews.

    CM Punjab is surely involved in the matter along with his cronies Mullah Ludhianvi and Rana Sanaullah.

  • Please do publish Murtaza Rizwi article from Dawn on this website. Thay are talking about Karachi but Lahore is only safe for islamofascists.
    My prayers are with Shahbaz at this trying time.

  • جان کے ضیاں کی تشویش تو ہے ہمیں مگر کیا کیجیے

    ہر راستہ جو اُدھر کو جاتا ہے ، مقتل سے گُذر کے جاتا ہے۔

    ٰیا رسول اللہ ﷺ جمعۃ الوداع کی برکتوں کے صدقے میں شہیدِ رحمتہ اللعالمین سلمان تاثیر کے فرزند شہباز تاثیر کی با حفاظت بازیابی جلد ممکن ہو۔

    آمین سُم آمین

  • I am so sad after reading this news of NDTV and I just open LUBP to know what is behind this shocking news.My prayers to God that wisdom prevail and this stupidity stopped now.My prayers to God for Tasser family,you guys and all the rational people of Pakistan.

  • @Uma, you make our efforts at LUBP worthwhile. Thanks for your kind and gracious wishes for the Taseer family who are going through this terrible ordeal.

  • Punjab Governor Latif Khosa has lashed out at Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, blaming him for deteriorating law and order situation in Punjab in wake of Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping from Lahore.
    Khosa alleged that the abduction was a result of support the Punjab government had been extending to extremists and defunct organisations.
    Khosa said that Sharif should focus more on Punjab than commenting on Karachi.
    Sharif spent much of Thursday in Karachi meeting families of the PML-N lawyers, local businessmen and other people, inquiring about the deteriorating law and order in Sindh’s capital.
    The Punjab Governor made it clear that the government will not impose Governor rule in the province despite the worsening law and order situation.
    The governor said the Sharif’s party is ruling in Punjab only due to the PPP’s policy of reconciliation, otherwise the PML-N does not have a majority in the provincial assembly.
    He also said the PML-N is trying hard to topple the central government before March 2012.
    An American aid worker, Dr Warren Weinstein was abducted from Lahore earlier this month by whom police believe to be elements related to banned terror groups.


  • Lets pray 4 poor Shahbaz Taseer. May he return safely to home. (Ameen)
    This is a sad event and should not happened to anyone.

  • Let us pray for Shahbaz Taseer’s return, but also another life in jeopardy, let us pray for the American aid worker, Dr. Warren Weinstein’s return.
    No one who speaks the truth is safe right now.

  • یہ بینام سفاک قاتل کون ہیں جنکے آگے اللہ کے گھر کو بھی پناہ نہیں اور اسکی شہباز تاثیر کے گلے میں آیت الکرسی بھی بے اثر ہے – یہ تو چنگیزی بر بریت سے بھی زیادہ کوئی سفاک طاقت ہے جسکے آگے ’سپر پاور‘ بھی بےبس ہے – تو بیچاری ہماری ` افہام و تفہیم ‘ پہ کاربند جموری حکومت کیا کر لیگی اسکا – یہ عذاب ہے اس قوم پر حق و انصاف کو جھٹلانے کا – اب تو توبہ اور استغفار کے سوا کوئی چارہ نہیں –

  • OmarWaraich Omar Waraich
    @beenasarwar Beena, that’s the same lot who wrote this bit.ly/qk5Bz7

    OmarWaraich Omar Waraich
    #LUBP is like ISI on Twitter, same tactics and monitoring.

  • I am so sad too like many others and praying for Shahbaz Taseer’s safe return, may Khuda bless us all

  • Whoever is behind this heinous crime seemed to know Shahbaz’s routine, timing and route every day to his office, etc. That gives rise to the suspicion that either the perpetrators had been watching Shahbaz’s movements for some time, or they had insider information. Suspicion is further aroused by the fact that, contrary to Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah’s repeated statement on television that Shahbaz had been provided a security detail but was in the habit of sometimes not taking the detail with him (a patent distortion of the truth), on the day of the occurrence, the security detail failed to turn up. The Taseer family, including Shahbaz, had been receiving threats since Salmaan Taseer’s assassination. That should have been enough to alert our somnolent security forces to take greater care. Even if, for the sake of argument, the mea culpa put forward by Rana Sanaullah and the high ups of the Punjab police that Shahbaz refused to take the security detail with him is accepted, why, in the light of the obtaining circumstances, were the security people so lax as to ‘surrender’ their clearly defined responsibility and duty? In the light of the above, there must remain questions whether Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping is merely a security lapse or a deep conspiracy. What so ever no excuse could be given in this regard and Punjab Government should confess that it has failed to provide security to its people. Sine PML-N came into rule, Punjab has become a heaven for the terrorist, kidnap.pers and killers. PML-N should quit Punjab government with respect and dignity and accept its incapability to maintain good governance and law and order in the province.

  • Btw, why not avail the services of Ansar Burny who is expert in getting the release of the kidnapped simply by fulfilling the demands of ‘tawaan’ by kidnappers and the human rights of either side?

  • کیا جنازہ نکالا گیا ہے حق و انصاف کا اس پاکی لینڈ میں کہ جہاں قاتل کو تو ہار پہنائے جاتے ہیں اور مقتول کے بیٹے کو بھی اغواہ کر لیا جاتا ہے –

  • Mr Taseer’s kidnapping in broad daylight in Lahore on Friday is a serious crime that sends a grave message to the Punjab government that it cannot afford to continue with its favourite pass-the-buck game. The incident comes exactly a year after the high-profile kidnapping of a son-in-law of Gen Tariq Majeed on Aug 25, 2010, which fell on the 14th of Ramazan. This year American development worker Warren Weinstein was kidnapped from his house in Model Town on the 12th of Ramazan — perhaps offering a pattern for investigators to probe.

    These abductions are used as examples of just how exposed less visible citizens are to crime. The people are tired of government explanations routinely shifting blame to targets accused of not taking sufficient security measures, and the cover used to hide government inefficiency has been blown away. Governor Latif Khosa could hardly be pulled up for exaggeration when he lambasted the Punjab administration for failing to effectively protect the people. This Ramazan has been particularly bad, and police officers admit that crime has crossed ‘tolerable’ levels. There have been violent robberies and murders, leading to an unprecedented sense of insecurity. One reason often cited by the police for this rising crime is the media’s focus on the Punjab police’s preferred method of disposing of ‘criminals’ through encounters. Then the upsurge is blamed on Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s engagements in other areas. Mr Sharif cannot be present everywhere at
    one time. There is a basic flaw in his administration that needs to be corrected immediately.


  • Two cars and a motorbike were used to kidnap the son of former governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer, Shahbaz, from Lahore’s Gulberg area while he was on his way to work on August 26. The city was gripped with panic because this was the second high-profile kidnapping, coming soon after the kidnapping of an American official from the city. Most likely, Shahbaz has been picked up by the Taliban through their affiliates such as Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, which last February kidnapped the son-in-law of former chairman joint chiefs of staff committee (CJCSC), General Tariq Majid.
    The police is considering other possibilities too. It could be Mr Taseer’s tenants in a plaza which he wanted vacated for repairs; it could be a rival real-estate tycoon seen attacking the Taseer family through a local newspaper; and it could be a quarrel within his circle of personal friends. However, the most credible candidate among the kidnappers is al Qaeda and its subordinate groups out to augment the fast-dwindling kitty of the global terrorist organisation.
    Thirty-five year old Amir Malik, the son-in-law of General Tariq Majid, was kidnapped for ransom. He was picked up by armed men in August 2010 from his Faisal Town, Lahore residence. The videotaped message received later showed masked militants wielding kalashnikovs in the background. The price: Rs130 million as well as the release of 153 militants being held in various prisons across Pakistan. The American named Warren Weinstein, too, will most probably be returned after a big payment. An American officer similarly picked up in Quetta was rumoured to have been released after a payment.
    It is unfortunate that Shahbaz Taseer did not think much of the security detail provided to him by the Punjab government. The Taseer family had a total of 17 police and five rangers personnel posted with them while Shahbaz himself had two police guards for his personal protection. Because his father, the late governor Taseer, was killed by his own police guard, he travelled without them on the fateful day. The family says they have been receiving threatening phone-calls from the Taliban and their extremist followers in Punjab.
    Why should the Taliban-al Qaeda combine be interested in this kidnapping? It should be recalled that when the clergy led by the Barelvi school of thought went on the rampage in Punjab against governor Taseer’s defence of Christian Aasia Bibi’s conviction under the blasphemy law, the Taliban declared themselves resolved to take revenge from the governor. It should also be noted that the cleric who led the funeral prayer for governor Taseer was delivered credible threats till he fled to the UK to seek asylum there. The Barelvis simply don’t indulge in this kind of activity except al Qaeda is short of funds and has slowed down its attacks not because it’s ‘back is broken’ but because it needs to have money to buy weapons and explosives. This happens periodically and the kitty is replenished through kidnappings. These have taken place rather heavily in Karachi and Peshawar. In the latter city, rich people have been pauperised by the heavy ransom they have had to pay to remain alive. Those who collect include warlords like Mangal Bagh of Khyber Agency who have to finance their internecine wars. The last time al Qaeda ran short of funds, it got a retired army officer, Major Ashiq, to kidnap putatively rich people from across Pakistan for ransom. Use of explosives is the mainstay of terrorism in Pakistan and al Qaeda even tried to steal the Wah Factory explosives meant for the mining industry.
    Pakistan’s record in foiling kidnapping for ransom is not very good. It is said that one senior Pakistani diplomat kidnapped by al Qaeda’s affiliates in Waziristan was released after a big payment. The same is true of an Afghan diplomat who has recently been released and lives in the palace of President Karzai for fear of being kidnapped again and is narrating his tale of woe to the world media. In the case of General Tariq Majid’s son-in-law, the negotiations may still be ongoing and one should be grateful that state agencies still have a way of reaching the kidnappers. We hope and pray that Shahbaz Taseer will be released soon.

    Published in The Express Tribune, August 28th, 2011.


  • From Twitter:

    Urooj Zia (@UroojZia)
    Posted Sunday 21st August 2011 from Seesmic

    @shehrbanotaseer Oh? The LUBP had seemed “credible” enough to you lot when they’d been making personal attacks against me. @AamnaTaseer even RT them calling me a whore. Why the sudden opposition? Oh right, they’re assholes only when they come after YOU lot. Why should that make you hate them, though? They’re exactly like you lot: vile, lying, hypocritical fucks. Ek hee thhaali and all that jazz.

  • Mola Mushkil Kusha ,mushkil kushai kejeye

    The whole family is on target that what i was afraid

  • President must take this matter in his own hands, his life is in serious danger. Sharifs will not do any thing.
    we must appeal to president and Shaherbano needs protection