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On Ayesha Tammy Haq’s role before and after Salmaan Taseer’s murder – by Fawad Siddiqi

Disclaimer: This post represents the personal opinion of the author and must not be misconstrued as a policy statement of the LUBP.

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The blaming the victim brigade and Shahbaz Bhatti’s murder

When earlier this year in January, Punjab Governor and the real lion of Punjab, Salmaan Taseer was shot multiple times mercilessly by Mumtaz Qadri, the whole country was divided between those who supported the end as a deserved for Taseer very vocally, while those who condemned it, did so but in a meek manner.

Result is that even after 8 months, Mumtaz Qadri remains behind bars but no decision is taken to send him to the gallows. Further result of that killing was Shahbaz Bhatti was killed while many more Jihadi terrorists (Malik Ishaq, Hafiz Saeed, Qari Saifullah Akhtar etc) have been set free by the judiciary of Pakistan. The fate of Aasia Bibi still hangs in balance. Salmaan Taseer it seems has died in vain.

Taseer was always vocal and never minced his words on issues which were against common logic and his conscience. He is sorely missed by us. Not just that he was a politician of great stature but he was also a true entrepreneur, a dying breed in Pakistan. He raised the voice for a poor Christian lady of his province who was on death row and to show how committed he was, he included his family i.e. wife and daughter in the campaign. This is quite unlike many other politicians who use such issues as an opportunity to get press value for themselves.

Sadly, a questionable role was played in the events leading to Salmaan Taseer’s murder and even in the aftermath by none other than his sister-in-law, Ayesha Tammy Haq, a part-time lawyer, fashionista and talkshow host.

Like other typical urban liberals, Tammy Haq used the Aasia Bibi case for her personal promotion, encouraging her brother-in-law to take a very bold and vocal stance on an extremely sensitive issue which required more subtle legal and constitutional activities than political gesturing. At the same time, Tammy Haq publicized her friend Sherry Rehman’s solo effort to present a private bill in the National Assembly to repeal the Blasphemy Laws. In both the instances, there was nothing wrong in addressing the plight of Aasia Bibi and presenting a law to repeal a bad law, the problem was that these issues were highlighted by individuals as opposed to the political party they belonged to. As a result there was almost negligible public and political support in the street.

Very quickly, Salmaan Taseer was killed and Sherry Rehman went into hiding. Those who incited these two PPP leaders then started blaming the same PPP which itself was a victim. Such dishonest critics include Ayesha Tammy Haq, Mosharraf Zaidi, Cyril Almeida, Nasim Zehra etc. Other civil society blogs (eg Pak Tea House of Raza Rumi and Raza Raja) who used to abuse Taseer changed their tune after his murder. https://lubpak.net/archives/273049

It is important to contextualize the whole episode. Ayesha Tammy Haq is known to have connections with Imran Khan’s PTI (which in turn is known for its connections with the ISI).  Tammy was nominated by Imran Khan for a National Assembly seat on women’s quota, however, she lost the election because of her zero credibility. Tammy also played an active role in the so called lawyers movement to restore the CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry.  It has now become clear that ISI and General Kayani played an important role in the restoration of Iftikhar Chaudhry. Tammy Haq is known to be acutely critical of political leadership in Pakistan while remaining very soft on the military establishment and its jihadi proxies. Recently she blamed the police and prosecution for the release of Malik Ishaq (SSP terrorist) while completely ignoring the SCP and the ISI in the whole case. All of the above suggest that she has dubious credentials as a journalist and also as a civil society activist.

Instead of baiting Salmaan Taseer to vocally highlight Asia Bibi, Ayesha Tammy Haq could have done a number of things first, if she was truly sincere about the cause:

  • she should have raised this issue in the media and instead of attacking PPP, should have supported it.
  • she would then have realized what honest political analysts were seeing: that the PPP coalition was attacked and being dismembered by the routine MQM betrayal and JUI departure
  • she would have realized that on the street, the establishement was able to draw JUI away from PPP and remake the MMA as JUI-F has the greatest electoral strenght from JI, SSP, JUI-S, TJP all of whom have little if any support.
  • she would have realized that the once moderate (anti-SSP) Sunni Tehreek was also becoming more radical. Taseer had good rapport with the Brelvi Minhaj-ul-Quran group of Tahir-ul-Qadri but even he was clueless about the under currents of extremism.
  • she should also have realized that the blasphemy issue was being used by the establishment to sharpen the stakes against the PPP and ANP. The subsequent deaths of Shahbaz Bhatti and Salmaan Taseer proved that not much could be done about the blasphemy law in the current climate, at least not in a vocal and sensitizing manner.

Tammy Haq would have known all of this had she been sincere. Instead she probablygoaded and misguided Salmaan Taseer leading to his tragic death. She also knew that Sherry Rehman’s political ambitions would always triumph her sense of the larger picture and any harm that she inflicts on the PPP. Tammy played her personal contacts well to promote herself albeit to the detriment of Pakistan and the Pakistan Peoples Party.

Which is why, 8 months after Taseer’s murder, Aasia Bibi is still in prison, we have lost Taseer and Bhatti and their murderers escape justice under the watchful eyes of the ISI-backed Iftikhar Chaudhry.

In fact at least two of Tammy Haq’s close associates tried to sabotage Taseer’s murder probe. One of them suggested that Taseer’s murder was an act of a lone wolf, that Taseer’s murder “is a hate crime and nothing else. The security guard who shot the governor was not funded by a terrorist organisation or a political group.” Critical readers of Pakistani media are quite familiar with such narratives and their origins.  The other person, a struggling journalist who claims to be a paid Research Assistant of Sherry Rehman wrote a column suggesting that Taseer was murdered by more than one persons in the police van. These misleading reports were slammed by not only the PPP but also by the Taseer family. Thus, Tammy Haq’s post-Taseer murder role is as despicable as is her role in the events which led to Taseer’s murder. In fact she along with Aitzaz Ahsan refused to accept the Peasants for Democracy’s suggestion to act as a lawyer in the Tseer murder case.

It will not be out of place to highlight Tammy’s role in the so called Citizens for Democracy (CFD – an urban liberal organization which liberally blamed the PPP for Taseer’s murder).

Tammy Haq and colleagues reactivated the CFD as a vehicle to distort the Post-Taseer phenomena. CFD’s stated objective was to combat religious extremism. Aside from an odd token gesture, the CFD failed and due to the very obvious reasons that many of its core members as represented by Ayesha Tammy Haq, Sherry Rehman, Naveen Naqvi and Nasim Zehra were the patently dishonest sellouts that perpetually reinforce the establishment’s narrative.

The CFD was an ideal vehicle to have presented the thesis of the Peshawar Declaration which boldly stated the truth: that extremism in Pakistan was the direct result of the Deep State’s “Strategic Depth” policy and its use of extremist Jihadi militias to implement this strategy. The Peshawar Declaration was supported by both PPP and ANP in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Instead, CFD was hijacked by failed PTI opportunists like Nasim Zehra and Ayesha Tammy to blame the PPP for the murder of its own governor.

As per CFD’s narratives, as evidenced from its closed mailing list, its selective vitriol against the PPP was a deliberate tactic to protect the military establishment and its proxies such as:

  1. Extremist clerics who provide the footsoldiers that have murdered 36,000 Pakistanis and counting
  2. A corrupt Judiciary that pre-empted a potential pardon of Aasia Bibi by President Zardari by issuing a stay against it
  3. Rogue elements in the Punjab Provinicial government, as represented by Rana Sanaullah and Ahsan Iqbal whose party was at the forefront in inciting hatred against Taseer while PSF activists confronted and repelled the personal attacks against Taseer and his family.
  4. A media that was blaring hatred 24/7 against PPP and was supporting the Pro-Blasphemy Law
  5. Fickle and sellout coalition partners like MQM that deliberately and once again undermined and weakened PPP at this critical juncture.

However, these were not the narratives that were propagated by CFD whose few good members were helpless in countering the vengeful and false propaganda against the PPP and the vicious tactic of blaming the victim.

To add insult to injury, even the late Taseer’s Daily Times was misused by the Ayesha Tammy Haq’s lobby of Mehmal Sarfaraz when false stories of PSF activists supporting Qadri were deconstructed by LUBP and where the false “PPP abandoned Taseer” narrative was also deconstructed here:


Recently, it was equally educating (but not surprising) to see Tammy Haq’s reaction to the release of Malik Ishaq Deobandi of ASWJ-LeJ by the ISI-backed Supreme Court of Pakistan. Instead of blaming the most powerful institution of Pakistan, i.e, Pakistan army and the judges who remain subservient to Pakistan army’s wishes, Tammy Haq and her friends found it convenient to blame the police and the prosecution for the release of Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorist Malik Ishaq. At least three urban liberals, namely Shahid Saeed, Ayesha Tammy Haq and Mehmal Sarfraz, were seen on Twitter blaming poor prosecution. (Link)

Ayesha Tammy Haq, whose media career is the perfect example of corporate cronyism, is one of the biggest supporters of the pro-rape jihad friendly league of Islamofascist Judges. Nepotism, corruption and cronyism are the hallmarks of this pro-extremist judiciary which has failed to prosecute murderers and terrorists. Instead, it relies on dishonest spokespeople like Ayesha Tammy to continuously shift the blame of its many failures onto the elected government.

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Jehangir Hafsi


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  • Guys, you have invited the wrath of Omar Waraich, Urooj Zia, Samad Khurram, Sana Saleem and other flatterers of Tammy Haq.

    You are in thick soup. God help you.

  • Today at Karachi Press Club my friends and I kept looking for this woman. We had some rotten tomatoes and eggs to greet her. The camera was ready too.

    She did not turn up 🙁

    There’s always another day!

  • #KhalaTammy’s venom against the PPP:

    Q: Has the censorship situation varied at all under Zardari and Gilani as compared to Musharraf?

    HAQ: The government in general has a short fuse as far as the media is concerned. They tolerate it for their first five minutes, while coming to power.

    Q: What thoughts do you have on the many new startups that have arisen in spite, or in response to the censors, like GEO?

    HAQ: GEO is under attack because it launched campaigns explicitly to bring down the government, as opposed to the lawyers’ movement that has no intention of bringing down the government. After the marches the lawyers disperse. Of course, GEO hasn’t shown anything that isn’t true.

    Q: To what extent has this outpouring of media helped to create political pressure on government to tackle the judicial issue? What has the judicial issue and the media issue done to the PPP’s political position?

    HAQ: The issue is, the People’s Party (PPP) has never faced a free press, because the press really emerged under the Musharraf years. At the outset, the People’s Party was with the lawyers’ movement as was the PLM-N, really everyone but [the Karachi-based party] the MQM. The PPP used it to negotiate themselves back into the political scene, and then dumped it.

    [PLM-N leader] Nawaz Sharif came back to Pakistan without so much as a campaign slogan and he took this movement of “an independent judiciary” as a campaign slogan. The result is that Nawaz Sharif now has the strongest political hand in the country now because he’s actually delivered on an election pledge where the PPP, who actually won the election, hasn’t given anyone a roti yet.


  • This is excellent piece of research by Mr. Fawad Siddiqi. I hope police will arrest Khala Tammy and a criminal case will be registered against her for conspiring to murder a great man, her own brother in law.

  • Shame on you for writing this personal attack on a humble woman who is helping poor Pakistanis.

  • An eye opener on dark room journalism, is explicit but adorable on the very footprints of neutrality.

  • You guys are wicked. Shouldnt target a woman who is actually a Khala.
    I concur with Farieha Javed, now it will be a day of rage on twitter.

  • A bit harsh but why does Ayesha Tammy have to be such a blind defender of this increasingly discredited judiciary?

  • I think its quite inappropriate, there are contradictions in this narrative. By highlighting the plight of Ayesa Bibi to Taseer and Sherry R she did a good thing. That doesnt make her writer of a murder. Nor does this anyway amounts to instigating a murder.
    Apart from this criticizing PPP or thinking that PPP let down Taseer or Rehman is her opnion.Her anti PPP venom could be exposed in more approprate ways than this. Many Pro PPP people also believe that PPP let down the cause. The statements by Rehman Malik and Babar Awan were nausiating to say the least. Even Abbas Ather wrote a series criticizing PPP leadership attitude on the whole Issue

    I think its not helpful to make such kind of criticisms. No one is supporting PPP by this kind of criticism.

  • We dont have to link every thing in a circular manner. we must remember that this blog too was a supporter of restoration of judiciary and in the final analysis it was PM Gilani of PPP who restored these judges. He tries to take the credit too.
    PPP should have trusted its ideology and peoples power and clearly and categorically refused to bow to the pressure by PML-N and Jamati hooligans and refuse to restore judges who had been clearly politicized.This would have increased PPP prestige and gave us a clear reason to criticize other liberals as proxies.
    When PPP itself gave way to a pro rape and pro jihadi judiciary, they took a pragmatic position , in that case we should not be labeling people. Its most important to highlight in a most strict manner what is wrong with superior judiciary in Pakistan. Its most important to highlight their pro rape, pro jihadi attitudes, there insensitivity to minorities and oppressed nationalities and to remind liberals of so called civil society that they share the responsibility on the same time to remind PPP thats its always been her own grave digger by bowing to pressure from right, they bowed in 73, in 77 when ZAB announced Nizam e Mustafa which led him to gallows and now this restoration which is creating all the mess for PPP.
    Lets be fair and objective. By doing so we are supporting PPP. Why doesnt we motivate our party to do a struggle till end once and for all, why make compromises . Why not to say
    Ae yazeed a asaer hazir
    Tu nahi ya hum nai—-

  • @Shaheryar Ali,
    The point Fawad has made in the article is that Sherry and Salmaan Shaheed couldnt do anything on their own to either bring down the law or free Aasiya Bibi. In order to do something concrete, then a planned strategy was needed. In the end, both were left alone because it was a solo flight.
    It is a question if Ms. Haq was responsible, albeit, unknowingly for creating the grounds for Shaheed Salmaan Taseer’s murder.

  • @Shaheryar, an excellent comment. However, please do realize that the current PPP has tremendous pressure on various fronts. You yourself mentioned PM Gillani taking credit for restoring a judiciary that is hounding his son but freeing jihadis by the dozen. When Gillani and RM come out with their silly pro-establishment statements, we can clearly see the pressure they are under as Gillani suffered for years in jail as a political prisoner. I am glad that LUBP has evolved in its stance on the judiciary and I must commend you on your prescient stance on this issue in 2008 and 2009. Please write more. For someone like Ayesha Tammy Haq to continually defend this judiciary, it is baffling and am not surprised to see this rather harsh but pointed post against her. Surely, we simply cannot dismiss it because it asks some very important questions.

  • What have you been smoking lately. Do you have any idea what you writing, without any research , with no credibility, writing such an article is making fun of you. At least do proper research on the subject you are writing on. In this case Ayesha Tammy Haq.

  • @Rubab, the tenor of this article is no doubt harsh but to what extant can we consor our contributers who are disgusted by the rubbish that they read in the mainstream press. We have looked at the many points made in this article and ask you, our reader to suggest possible corrections for Mr. Fawad.

    Is Ms. Haq NOT a blind supporter of this increasingly discredited judiciary?

    Is she not a rabid and selective critic of the PPP

    Did she not benefit from the late Salman Taseer’s media corporation, specifically business plus?

    Its a very difficult post for us to have published and we are getting pressured by her supporters to censor it. However, LUBP is not a mainstream sellout and this post should be responded to properly instead of being dismissed without consideration.

  • In fact one of the most ridiculous post I have ever read on LUBP, the most visited political blog of Pakistan.

    Freedom of opinion and freedom of expression do not mean to write baseless things in such a reactionary way.

    As we have insisted again and again we should deconstruct ideas rather than personalities.

    Ayesha is host to a talk show which no one really watch, except those who participate in it and inform and insist ppl to watch it.

    She casually write for Express Tribune and has nothing to do with Dailytimes and Mehmal Sarfaraz, one associated with SAFMA, which is under attack from extreme right Wing Zaid Hamid and Mehr Bukhari for their bold efforts to bring peace and harmony between two neighbours Pak And India.

    Criticising ppl in this way with outpouring your emotional diatribe, maligning them with false narratives and blatant lies will not serve the blog and party it affiliates itself too…

    LUBP should have posted a disclaimer with the post as it does not reflect our own opinion and is by a relatively unknown person, who is not at our regular contributors and authors panel.

  • Excellent, objective, non-personal and polite deconstruction of Fawad Siddiqi’s post:

    LUBP has proved today why they have zero credibility and readership! Rabid infactual lunatics

    they are vile and should be ignored

    @smokenfog yeah @UroojZia is right. they have nothing better to do. all LUBP ppl are blocked. rat faced btards.

    It would seem that LUBP’s only purpose now is to slander people. Vile, revolting stuff.

    who is Fawad Siddiqui am so shocked and disgusted by what he has written

    no idea #LUBP wrote a nasty piece on ST before he was murdered & have now decided 2 attack me

  • @Ahmad
    The issue is that point is very badly made, its rather counter productive.
    i will never understand this logic, its like saying that Bhagat Singh killed himself.
    It will always be one or two people whose courage will motivate others,
    Its not as simple, we all know very well that President Zardari actually supported both initially, statements are on record , that by Fauzia Wahab actually was published in this blog too where President said that to go ahead with the issue.
    Blasphemy law was always on PPP agenda , even when we were in opposition we use to say in meetings to repeal it, our members appeared on tv debates to oppose it.
    @Maula Bux
    Thanks i know they are under pressure, the issue is if they want to bow to pressure or say No. unless they start saying No i think they should be criticized.

  • i think we should be mature enough to know that we cant bully some one into changing their opinion. Its Mrs Haq fundamental right to say what she believes in. we can disagree but we should not act as bully

  • This post has really made me sad. Atleast we should respect memory of Shaheed Salman Taseer. We should not be writing these sort of things, anyone understands its the same logic that Why BB got her head out of that vehicle.
    Why two people had the courage to say what was right?
    i hope editors will look into this matter.

  • I agree with Sherry that we can’t bully Ms. Haq into changing her opinion about Iftikhar Chaudhry, President Zardari etc. Nor can we bully Mr. Siddiqi (the author) to change his opinion and analysis.

    I can clearly see some good points in Mr. Siddiqi’s post and also some points where my personal analysis would have been different.

    I like the idea of a disclaimer as suggested by Ali Arqam, which I will now insert into the post.

  • Abdul good but i think you there must be a difference between slandering and analysis.
    The post is problematic , u must realize what is actually being said here. i think it should be re-phrased. Do you really think that its analysis why two people choose to say what is right? one got killed other is in hiding shouldnt we be slandering those who murdered him instead of slandering the whistle blowers?
    this will make Faiz irrelevant

    nisar teri gallio pe ae watan ke jahan chali he rasam keh koi na sur utha ke challe?

    now we are asking why koi sur utha ke challe?
    because if any one does we are asking question were they responsible for their murder?
    or anyone who suggested that they should do or say right thing is some how instigating murder?
    where does it leads us?

    anyways its your choice

  • Sherry, saying and doing the right thing is one thing. To deliberately mislead others about ground realities is another. To align oneself with this shamelessly Taliban judiciary is even worse. Didn’t the judiciary also have a role in Taseer’s death. He supported the PPP to not give into JI and PML N to restore corrupt judges until Gen. Kiyani finally forced the PPP govt. to restore them. These facts cannot be ignored.

  • I think, after posting this post it will be ridiculous to insert a disclaimer after 12 hrs.

    It will be better to remove the post with rendering an apology to Ayesha, Mehmal Sarfaraz and Shehrbano Taseer for naming DT.

    As it has damaged us and we who were declaring again and again on social networks that we do not concur to the tactics employed by Pakistan blogzine of attacking individuals for not speaking or tweeting on their terms.

    Using pennames for writing bold pieces is no doubt an appropriate strategy for our writers and authors safety and security but on the other hand, it has drawn us on alienation path as we dont care how others react to what we have uttered.

  • @Sherry,

    Whistle blowing is an insider’s job which does not apply to the case of Ayesha Tammy Haq and co who are known opportunists and known haters of the PPP and Asif Zardari.

    Nor does it apply to the case of the person who has been awarded a hefty amount as a bribe to keep her mouth shut.

    When I read Faiz’s poetry, I never imagine to support the class which and whose interests these people represent in their narratives and ‘activism’ (CFD is a case in point).

    For example, urban elite’s silence on the genocide of the Shia, Baloch, Hazara, Pashtuns and Tooris is not a fig of our imagination. These are URGENT human rights issues ignored or misrepresented by these very people. Recently, a daughter of Shaheed Taseer was seen commending an ISI-proxy’s articles on Balochistan which justified the murder of Baloch nationalists including Prof Dashtiyari. She has a right to free speech, and so have her critics.

    Previously we were asked from various quarters including from “within” to remove similar “slanderous” posts on Babar Awan, Rehman Malik, Husain Haqqani and President Zardari. Reasons were different but the emphasis was on removing the posts and rendering an apology.

    Of course, our pages have been used previously to shower praise on Babar Awan, Sherry Rehman, Husain Haqqani etc in reaction to our posts critical of them. Authors can use our pages again in defence of Ayesha Tammy Haq and her paraphernalia.

  • @Ali Arqam,
    As far as I can remember, none of us or the blog have been looking to score brownie points with these FCS walas. How much can they add value will remain a myth rather than a mystery. These are good for nothing people looking only for self projection. If self projection and taking advantages were the motives, then no one at LUBP would have used pen names and used their real identities.

    let me give you chronology of the Blasphemy issue and why it was defeated:

    15th-20th November, 2010 – Salmaan Taseer raises voice against Asiya Bibi’s plight.
    21st November – 28th November, 2010 – Government trying to meet deadline of the implementation of the Reformed GST as per agreement with the IMF
    25th November, 2010 – The infamous program on Samaa TV by Meher Bukhari
    26th November – 5th December, 2010 – Sunni Ittehad Council speeds pressure on the blasphemy issue
    1st-3rd December, 2010 – the matter of the RGST gone into deadlock with all parties backing out. MQM threatens to leave coalition
    9th December, 2010 – RGST deadline missed
    1st December to 15th December, 2010 – Hajj Corruption ramblings on. Fight between Hamid Saeed and Azam Swati
    14th December, 2010 – JUI F Leaves the coalition followed by a few days later MQM leaves!

    If you also remember, during those days, Salmaan Taseer was also targeted by Jang Group on issues of leaving the country without informing the head of state.

    All this was brewing up and the government was fighting on too many fronts.

  • I agree with Ali and Shaheryar.

    I would also like to add that it’s very interesting how whenever a controversial post needs to be written a new author emerges to write it. Who is Fawad Siddiqi? How is he so in tune with what certain writers at LUBP have been saying about Tammy Haq for the last several months? If you are going to write something controversial, at least have the courage to use your regular pen name.

    If Tammy Haq caused Taseer’s death by asking for the issue to be highlighted then we might as well take the argument a step further and say that Asia Bibi caused Taseer’s death by acting irresponsibly around muslims as a Christian. Where will this end? It’s a nonsensical line of reasoning.

  • Urooj Zia (@UroojZia)
    Posted Sunday 21st August 2011

    @shehrbanotaseer Oh? The LUBP had seemed “credible” enough to you lot when they’d been making personal attacks against me. @AamnaTaseer even RT them calling me a whore. Why the sudden opposition? Oh right, they’re assholes only when they come after YOU lot. Why should that make you hate them, though? They’re exactly like you lot: vile, lying, hypocritical fucks. Ek hee thhaali and all that jazz.


  • An example of instigation to murder:
    Source: http://criticalppp.com/archives/41737

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    Tribute to Shaheed Shahbaz Bhatti: ay puttar hatan te nain vikde http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0oRRcrqWCM

    Anyone who doesn’t recognize the Military-Mullah-Media trio as killers of #SalmaanTaseer and #ShahbazBhatti is an accomplice to the murder

    Analysts/journalists who R blaming the victim (PPP) for #ShahbazBhatti murder while ignoring Military-Mullah-Media killers R part of ‘them’

    @OmarWaraich Your article in Time describes #ShahbazBhatti as a Christian instead of #PPP leader. U use his martyrdm to blame his own party!

    @OmarWaraich I hope U realize that he wasn’t killed 4 his faith; not unlike Taseer, he was killed bcoz of his affiliation with PPP & Zardari

    @declanwalsh In your article in #Guardian U describe killing of #ShahbazBhatti as a loss for Sherry Rehman. Not for PPP?

    #PPP workers will monitor statements & articles of #FCS proxies and boldly confront their dirty tactics of blaming the victim

    #FCS proxies who are stinking from their hatred of #PPP & #Zardari shedding crocodile tears on PPP leaders’ martyrdom by the jihadi proxies.

    Is Mr Pres going to attend the funeral of his minorities minister? @shahidsaeed

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    You want to get him killed too, don’t you? RT @OmarWaraich Is Mr Pres going to attend the funeral of his minorities minister? @shahidsaeed

    #FCS asking if Pres Zardari will attend #shahbazbhatti funeral should first ask should he also risk his life & how’d that advance our cause

    Razarumi Raza Rumi
    Are you suggesting that #Zardari should be killed given how security establishment calls the shots @shahidsaeed: Is Pres attending funeral

  • Pretty lame, really. Editors kindly pull this post off. It’s rather shallow and silly.

    PS: There’s a person here using the nick ‘Urooj Zia Fan.’ LOL!! Hello, Urooj, I’m sure you can do better than this.

  • Abdul what these follish people do should not push us to become like that.
    You guys are taking the arguement on other side. No one is here defending Mrs Haq or civil society selective biases.
    If you think i am doing that its really sad because i started criticizing these issues when not many in blogosphere were doing it.
    So lets not teach me or other what is slective bias of Haq or civil society. i know very well
    My problem is what Rabia has written very clearly. That its faulty logic. Write a piece on Mrs Haq stand on judiciary criticize her, i have no problem
    I have a problem when you say that She wrote murder of Salman Taseer.
    As Rabia said it leads to Aasia Bibi murdered Taseer.
    The fact that Shaherbano Taseer has commented in such a way should make us really worried?
    Is that what want to return her for sacrifice her family made?
    Abdul its not right. Its insensitive. We should not be using Taseer murder to criticize Haq. Its not decent, its doesnt make any sense. its rediculous really but thats my opinion. i said what i felt. wish you guys luck

  • Retract this post. It will increase your credibility. Its our responsibility to keep LUBP well. we need to protect it and strengthen it. Lets not be careless.
    i hope you understand.

  • @Sherry I have already stated there are certain points in this post where my approach and analysis would have been different. Personally, I tend to agree with you on the faulty logic issue. It is however a fact that I don’t entirely agree with several posts published on LUBP and elsewhere. Nor am I supposed to.

    I have already presented the issue you highlighted in an internal thread to the editors. Let’s wait to hear from them.

  • Ahmad iqbalabadi

    you said:

    Shaheed Salmaan Taseer’s murder.

    Please grow up and look up the meaning of the word Shaheed. Not every Tom Dick and Harry like ZABhutto, Benazir Zardari and Salman Taseer can be called Shaheeds.

  • Ahmad Iqbalabadi

    I confirm that you need to grow up and learn the meanings of the word Shaheed and even the person doing the Moderation need to consult a dictionary for the meanings of the world Shaheed.

    Down with the corrupt leadership of PPP

  • What the internal thread suggest is to ask the editor about my suggestion to retract this post and render an apology to the ppl we have ridiculed in the above post. it doesn’t talk of the points raised by Rabia, Sherry and Humza Ikram.

    Its absolutely a sadist approach to attack ppl with ridiculous and idiotic accusations and enjoy their reaction. Not a sane person can resort to this.

    And giving space to that insanity at a popular political blog is making us fools.

    Calling me Wakeel of these ppl is a personal attack on my ideological leanings and thoughts which I have zillion times expressed in my posts, discussion and updates at social networks.

  • This tweet on 29 August 2011 to Ayesha Tammy Haq by Sara Taseer (Proud daughter of Shaheed Salmaan Taseer):

    sarataseer Sara Taseer Shoaib
    @tammyhaq What on earth is going on..cant believe u r cracking jokes in the midst of this grave & hideous situation re Shahbaz Taseer
    29 Aug

  • Mubasyra Mubasyra
    @tammyhaq were you ever nominated by IK for quota seat? an article circulating and relating this thing to ISI …hahaha

    tammyhaq Ayesha Tammy Haq
    @Mubasyra yes in 2002 but parted ways with him when he voted for maulana fazal ur rehman for pm. isi?

    Mubasyra Mubasyra
    @tammyhaq yes ISI, it narrates that you were nominated by IK/PTI which is close to ISI so you..and bla bla bla..never mind..

    tammyhaq Ayesha Tammy Haq
    @Mubasyra I must b making some1 nervous which has 2 be good Is it the LUBP lot? Its their standard attack As the man said I dont give a damn

    tammyhaq Ayesha Tammy Haq
    @Mubasyra if its not lubp then its got to be the right wing lobby they dont believe in any anti extremism discourse

    Mubasyra Mubasyra
    @tammyhaq its an old one but being re circulated again, just happened to come across it randomly shar.es/W6cH2 its too irritating…

    Mubasyra Mubasyra
    @tammyhaq dont bother, even being v.conservative i never tune to their version of islam,specially re blasphemy #salmantaseer. #apathy

    tammyhaq Ayesha Tammy Haq
    @Mubasyra anyway this is not all they have written more I have serious words with their bosses they are absolutely disgusting people

  • Laibaah1 Laibaah
    When almost all liberal & right-wing bloggers were busy in mudslinging on Taseer family or were silent, one blog took a bold, clear stance!

    19 Nov 2008: We condemn dirty propaganda against #SalmaanTaseer and his family by right-wingers and fake liberals shar.es/WhqoY #LUBP

    26 Oct 2008: Javed Chaudhry, the mouth piece of Taliban, writes an indecent column against #SalmaanTaseer shar.es/WhqpG #LUBP

    20 Nov 2008: Abbas Ather condemns personal attacks on #SalmaanTaseer by PML-N shar.es/Whqsh #LUBP

    21 Nov 2008: After dirty propaganda against #SalmaanTaseer family, Rana Sana declares them as his blood relations shar.es/WhqcZ #LUBP

    21 Nov 2008: Mudslinging on #SalmaanTaseer family: Mind your language, PPP warns Rana Sanaullah shar.es/Whq7t #LUBP

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    @Laibaah1 Thank you. While we supported Shaheed Taseer on most occasions, we also criticized him on principles. e.g. criticalppp.com/archives/34446

    In particular, we criticized Shaheed Taseer’s comments on BB’s murder probe and also on Pak-India relations. We stand by our crit.

    Similarly, while we support PPP, we condemn ZAB and parliament’s role in constitutional amendment against Ahmadi Muslims.

    Our criticism of PPP leaders is based on principles, much different from those who published insulting pics of Bhuttos and Taseers

  • This sort of personal attack and venomous slander is disgusting. It does not help the image or the cause of LUBP at all. At the very least, you should realise that you are attacking a member of Salman Taseer’s family, who is still mourning his loss and helping his children and wife get on with the day to day burdens of life without him. Kuch to sharam karo.