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We’ve to make a ‘Benazir’ Pakistan -by Saria Benazir

There pass decades and experiences inscribe themselves on sections of sheet. Eyes seize back to millions, who in their kick laid down their lives for the cause of liberty – for the sake of a detached home, where the Muslims of the Sub Continent could direct their survives, according to the lessons of their belief. The labors of those legends bore crops and lastly, on August of 14, 1947, the Muslims won a sovereign homeland for themselves. The struggle, the budge, which pinched numerous broods from their mothers, left several waifs and strays -that all appeared nil in analysis of the loyalty of the Muslims and to conclude, there came a day to exult & express thanks to God for the huge consent, He’d bestowed them with. My country, Pakistan -the land of pure, the earth, with which respite anticipates of thousands and plunks as the core of Islamic Power _ the ground, hallowed with copious natural possessions, with beauty, with minerals and with creature clout -with people, so enthusiastic and devoted to their land -such is meant by my adored Pakistan.

A state, which was sanctified with trinkets, the world never got – I hold back to the folios of the country’s history after its establishment & the empathy twinges to realize too much, it lost – Two great leaders, universe ever witnessed. Pakistan,-Which was split up into pieces was saved by the Hero of the Muslim World, Quaid-e-Awam Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who spoke out to his nation as “We have to gather pieces – very small pieces & make a new Pakistan”. He proved his ardor to this nation, when a dictator got him hanged, just because of his promise to provide Bread, Clothing & Shelter to the people of Pakistan & make it an atomic power. The world cannot close its eyes to the struggle and forfeits of my dearly loved leader Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, who always preferred her country to her personal reassures and returned to her land after years of exile, just to save it, Aware of all the threats, she valiantly fought for her country & at last, gave her blood for it .

This soil of Pakistan is filled with blood of our leaders & it’s we, who need to stride to save this PAKISTAN and make it a Pakistan of Benazir’s dreams – A Pakistan, free of poverty, illiteracy, diseases, unemployment & dictatorship.

Wedged in cavernous slumbers,

I get mislaid in dreams,

I look at a wilt,

Emerald & ashen,

With a falcate & star,

With all its glamour,

Its luminosity,

Greater than that of a sun,


Immense than the stars,

Its precincts,

Where lies a scrutiny of rapture,

My country’s flurry roofed crests,

And the beckons of its waterways,

The absconds and unadorned,

Lime & russet,

I get lost in the exquisiteness of my motherland!


I heed the birds twittering,

And thereby,

The accent of my beloved leader,

Yes! My mentor Benazir Bhutto,

Thumps my heart,

I feel someone clasping me,

Giving me audacity,

Valor to facilitate my member countrymen,

To move with far getting intentions,

To carry conviction,

Superior enough to defy obstacles,

To save – to shield this land,

Even if my own life’s its cost…


Then, I embrace to her,

The redeemer of this land,

Still with apparition,

Hope in her eyes,

For a Pakistan,

Strong & thriving,

I move on with an endeavor,

We’ve to fulfill our Bibi’s vision,

And make this Pakistan,

A Benazir Pakistan!


A Pakistan,

Which can never be shattered,

By earthquakes, too colossal,

With floods,

Too devastating,

For this terra firma carries in it,

Too much blood,

Blood of the martyrs…


Pakistan has come to exist forever!!!!





Without Pakistan, we’re like a body, without soul.


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Farhad Jarral


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  • It has been a while I visited this website. It is good to know the mental slaves of “Bhuttos” are still at it, spreading the personality cult of some of the most corrupt and moral bankrupted people on the face of the earth.

    PPP is ruling Pakistan at the moment isn’t it? On the basis of some genuine votes obtained on BB’s name and on the basis of majority of bogus votes registered and cast by the criminals of PPP (most of them are criminals anyway). This is not an allegation anymore, but a proven fact, with SC orders on the issue.

    But hang on a minute, we know for PPP SC’s orders are just that orders, not to be followed and implemented.

    I have been asking these questions from many BB supporters, but they are reluctant to answer them. May the writer, conveniently name after Benazir could do so. By the way, the name says it all, fake name like fake characters spread all over the spectrum in PPP.

    Asif Zardari, during the first two governments of BB in 1990s accumulated vast wealth, stowed away under dubious companies names registered in known tax heavens around the world. BB benefited from the stolen wealth in her later life. How come BB didn’t figure it out from where the money is coming from?

    If she could not detect the fraud within her family, how could she be capable of ruling Pakistan? And what about her own character?
    Please don’t take it as an insult to BB, these are hard facts and PPP supporters should be eager to answer these questions.

    Pakistanis are facing the destruction and economic ruins since Zardari has taken over Pakistan and he and his cronies are looting it with both hands.

    You have made it a Benazir’s Pakistan, a Pakistan where thieves and crooks are running a mock, where there is no law and order. Where President, Prime Minister and Ministers are involved in huge corruption. Where life of a Pakistani has no value, where the interior minister a grand thief in his own right issues insulting and derogatory comments almost every day. He is never asked or has shame to resign, despite such worsening law and order situation in the country under his watch.

    No we don’t need Benazir’s Pakistan. We have nothing to do with Benazir and her Army of “Ali Baba and 40 Thieves”. She and PPP belong to dark ages, ages of corruption, loot, destruction murder and mayhem.

  • Benazir Bhutto must be very happy to see what Zardari & Co. is doing in Karachi to “Waderise” the city and its people.She must be hoping that in where she failed miserably, Zardari & Co.might succeed. Long live the PPP style “damn-u-cracy” in the guise of democracy. hurray to Benazir Raj……………

    بینظیر راج

    شاہان کجکلاہاں زردار و بے ضمیر
    ایسے عوامی راج کی ملتی نہیں نظیر
    سڑکوں پہ بہہ رہا ہے لہو قوم کا جناب
    مقتول سب غریب ہیں قاتل ہیں سب وزیر

  • aaisay Bay-nazeer pakistan jahan kay baray shehar karachi mein din bhar mein 30, 30 lasheen girti hain