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Why Pakistan wants to destroy India?


Quoting former Pakistane P High Commissioner Abdus Sattar “ I do not think Pakistan ( P ) or India ( I ) can be friends or have normal relations in our live times. Not perhaps for another two generations.” There are religious political and religious reasons for the animosity. Britian too played its part while leaving India.

1. The partition of India has its roots in Islamic ethos. It goes back to the Prophets journey from Mecca to Madina in 622 a.d in the face of persecution and harassment known as Hezira. This concept is acknowledged as a norm, to the effect that Muslims do not live in tyranny or oppression from peoples of other faiths. Where Islam is not dominant, Dar-ul-Harb must be created. The Muslim ethos does not seem to accept being part of a pluralistic, multi-dimensional where they are not dominant elements.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan said in 1887 “ Suppose we all have voting rights as in America and let us suppose that every Muslim a voted for a Muslim and a Hindu for a Hindu, it is certain that the Hindus would have four times as many since their population is four times as numerous. And now how then can a Muslim protect his interest ?”

This explains the reasons why Indian Muslims have so many children. They realize that the only way they can gain control over India’s democratic process is by increasing their numbers. It is for precisely this reason they have not opposed infiltration from Bangladesh.

Said another doyen, Sir Muhammad Iqbal “ I would like to see Punjab, North-West Frontier Province, Sindh and Baluchistan amalgamated into a single state. Formation of a consolidated Muslim state appears to be the final destiny of the Muslims atleast of North-West India.”

The demand for P came from areas where there were sizeable minorities wanting to escape from an anticipated Hindu domination. The concept of Hezira got translated into sub-continental politics.

2. According to Dr Ambedkar, the Muslim leadership of India desired a separate country because of social stagnation, communal aggression and frustration of the Muslim masses. Thought the desire was met it was flaunted.

3. Not getting the whole of Punjab and Bengal, Jinnah talked about having got a moth eaten P. Muslim ruled states of Junagarh, Hyderabad, Bhopal became parts of India. This generated bitterness. Sardar Patel’s success in integration of the Princely States added to the frustration.

4. The British did not want a strong India but hoped for a strongly allied P. For years they had been pitting the Hindus and Muslims against one another. They hoped that the situation in I would deteriorate to the extent that they would be called back. They did not anticipate that the unification of India by Sardar Patel.

5. After Partition, while India got involved in the process of nation building P floundered with the death of Jinnah and the assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan. The country was taken over by bureaucrats, military dictatorships and political parties. Since nearly one third of the Muslims stayed back in India, the social, cultural connections with the overall sub-continental phenomena could not be obliterated. This created a crisis of identity for P was outlined by Najam Sethi in his now famous Delhi speech.

P had no option but to continuously harp on its Islamic identity. India’s secular experiment had to be prevented, made to fail, questioned otherwise it would have destroyed the reason for creation of P.

6. The 1971 defeat with the breaking away of East Pakistan only compounded the problem. The fear of Hindu domination came alive. This is what goaded P into attempting to break Punjab from the Indian union.

7. Inspite of all its problems, India was nudging along at a leisurely pace, the failure of P power structure only increased the hostility. The failure in organizing a political system that was responsive to the needs of the Pakistani people, the nexus between the army, the landed elite and the business class made the average Pakistani frustrated. The only way of diverting his attention was the real or imagined threat from India.

8. Dr Ambedkar in his book, Pakistan or the Partition of India rejected the five reasons for the creation of P. This increased the Muslims League apprehension about the intentions of the Congress. With Dr. A’s rejection, a leader of the backwards, all constituent elements of the majority community rejected the demand for P.

9. Nehru’s support to Dr Khan Saheb’s( frontier gandhi ) desire to keep the North West Frontier Province out of P, the division of Punjab and Bengal, holding back of the Rs 55 crs by India, Jinnah’s support to Hyderabad, Junagarh were some reasons too.

10. Another contributing factor was the attitude of resentment of Jinnah, Liaquat, Bhutto. Many believe that P was created to satisfy Jinnah’s desire of becoming PM. Bhutto’s mother was a Hindu converted to Islam. Married into a Sindhi Vadhera family, she and her son were never allowed to forget their infidel origins and lesser social background. Bhutto had many rejections in India on the social and sports fields ( he stayed on in India till 1951-52 ). This generated bitterness n him and got reflected in his hatred for India.

11. Another reason was the political, economic and military support by Western nations led by the U.S. Notwithstanding the recent Muslim Christian riots in Egypt, Phillipines and Indonesia, there exists a religious and cultural empathy between Islam and Christianity, on the belief that both are true believers of the Book. They are Ahle-Kitab. It is well known that a substantial portion of the arms meant for the fight against the Soviets were diverted to terrorists fighting the Indian state. Operation Topac was started in Kashmir after Pakistan had achieved nuclear capability.

12. China, realized that the best way of containing India was by supporting P. It has consistently provided support to P in defence and nuclear areas. It suited the Chinese perfectly to talk of friendly relations on one hand and supply arms, nuclear secrets to P on the other. The art of Double-Speak needs to be learnt from the Chinese.

Reports from the U.S. laboratory tests have revealed low levels of weapons grade plutonium at Chagai Hills. The only source of weapons grade plutonium in Pakistan is the 40 MW Khushab reactor put up with Chinese assistance, to have become operational in late 1999. Since Khushab is not under international safeguards, China assistance to Pakistan is a violation of Art III(2) of the NPT which enjoins any nuclear weapons state not to provide source or fissionable material to a non nuclear state unless it is subject to IAEA safeguards. Once the Khushab reactor becomes operational it would provide plutonium for two weapons annually. This bomb is lighter and more efficient. It can also be used to produce tritium which is an essential ingredient of thermonuclear weapons and is needed to produce the trigger. Pakistan got its plutonium for the Chagai tests from where ! Pakistan’s nuclear capability is only an extension of the Chinese arsenal with delegated powers to launch. Now ! the Chinese did not give plutonium to Pakistan for using a bomb against Afghanisthan.

13. Amazing as some of you might think, it’s the power of Satellite TV. Through out the eighties, Pakistan used PTV to carry out an effective anti-India propaganda. As usual we failed to respond. Truth shall prevail is our motto. The Pakistans were fed with stories about the lack of progress made by India, state of Indians Muslims.

With the advent of Satellite TV, an average Pakistani has India in his bedroom. He sees India 24 hours a day, its democracy, freedom, progress, Madhuri Dixit and listens to the melodious voice of Lata Mangeshwar. The sub – continent including Pakistan gets to see cricket matches live on ESPN Star Sports because of advertisements – subscription revenues collected from India. The size, strength and attractiveness of the Indian market to foreign companies is not lost on the average Pakis.

All this has made the average Pakistani realize that his country has been left behind. In order to control this fall out, the Pakistani govt ups the anti-India phobia. Liberation of Kashmir is a core problem.

Pakistan’s failure to break India and the lack of an effective response have only enhanced the desire to destroy India. We have let them off in 1948, 1965, 1971 and 1999. We have made a big mistake of emulating Prithviraj Chauhan. When will be realize that Good Boys do not win Matches. Like Vijay Amritraj, the Indian cricket team are well behaved but what is remembered is the number of matches won.

Only the naïve will believe that Pakistan’s animosity for Bharat would cease if the Valley were to become a part of Pakistan. Assam, North-East and districts bordering Bangladesh are already on the agenda.

Like many others, my forefathers lived across the border. I have grown up listening to stories of their wealth and life style. I would love to see their houses, schools, Khyber Pass. Having said that, I have also read excerpts from the Home Minstry Paper on the Cost of ISI Terror during the decade 1988 – 1998, 29151 civilians and 5101 security men dead.

In view of P’s animosity towards Bharat I would be foolish to dream of visiting Pakistan or having any emotions for that state. West Punjab in undivided India had been the land of my forefathers but today India is my country. I will not have any dealings with a country that is out to destroy the oldest civilization in the world.

Be it Marketing or Defence Warfare, the rules of the game are the same. You can be pro active or react. Companies / Generals who anticipate, are known as Leaders while the followers are consigned to history. You have to grant it to the Pakis. They have set the rules of the game for most of the 53 years that we have been independent.

We need to shed this Defeatists Mentality ( politicians and cricketers, please note ) and learn to deal with the world on equal terms. Indians in the Information Technology Business have shown the way, na.

This essay is based on inputs from Anatomy of a Flawed Inheritance by J N Dixit.

Some Comments:

sanginkhan Says:
December 13th, 2008 at 3:16 pm

Look at this bastard zaidtracker.

Muslims were ruling india not that they were like you schezopheneric rascals. They were not hamidguls and qazi hussains and the like rascals.

Zaid bastard should know that the philosophy of secularism was given birth by muslims in subcontinent. Maulana hussain ahmad Madani sahib from Madrassa Deoband was the man who challanged the idea of muslim nationhood and debated it with iqbal. And it was this muslim thought which was making muslims rule subcontinent. This bastard hired by ISI is just spreading hartred among human beings. International politics is not like that.

I dont understand why the political parties and especially government is silent on this. there is no doubt that this rascal along with retired military bastards are preaching for and providing training and amunition to taliban though their NGO network.

zoinist and hindu zoinists and bla bla; whats nonsense is this advocated by these bastards.

this network working in media with the name of pakistani nationalists is no more than a recipe for international intervention in pakistan. these rascals will definitely make iraq of pakistan.

More demonstrations were there against iraq war in west and america than muslims countries.

And this rascal argumnet about the UN security council is absolutely wrong. jamatdawa was underdiscussion since very long when there fighters were found in iraq. and it was not banned due to china veto and this time china approved of it and only prevented hamid gul to be declared as terrorist.

The problem is that our people dont understand international regimes and international law. and its true for every country but problem is that no country except pakistan allows people like hameedgul and zaid bastard to preach.
Iraq was illegal due to the fact that it was not authorised by UN. war against taliban was legal and the UN has authorised. and being a studnet of international law I am of the view that even if 9/11 had not happened even then under international law attack on taliban regime was legal for any country.
this bastard should not be allowed to speak on media.

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  • Pakistan will be only DESTROYED. India is becoming a super-power. Nobody especially Pakistan cant even touch the dust of Indian Holy lands. You Pakistanis are yourself begging for alms. Then how for arms?


    • Hm sooper power? Desi pekar tujhay aisy khayal aatay hai ya bhang peekar? Tmhary pass atom bomb aata hai tm hamlay ki dhamki dytay ho, tmhary pass long range messile aajaey tu tm hamlay ki dhamki dytay ho, aircraft carrier aajaey to tm hamlay ki dhamki dyty ho, tmhari behen k beta hojaey to tm hamlay ki dhamki dytay ho. Jang ko mazak samajhtay hain indian.

  • No one can destroy India and no need to destroy Pakistan.

    India is on verge of becomming superpower.

    Pakistan is slowling becoming Afganistan by Talibanization by religious extremists.

    But definitely one day Pakistan will be destroyed from world map

  • i hope after harbouring osama bin laden and obtaining nuclear weopons you are blown off the face of the planet! remeber hiroshima!

    • Well they arrested or killed osama, they didnt showed it on tv. Now, its just they are saying so that they killed osama, and we are accepting it.

  • India is almost a superpower and there is no way a lame, stupid,useless and poor country like pakistan can destry imdia even if it wants to during diwali when indians burst crackers, the taliban bursts bombs in pakistan so try to help yourself pakistan

  • india almost a super power
    bull shit……………………
    india is full of shit
    and that is totally a fact that Pakistan can destroy india
    u idiots we are strategically more stronger than you ass holes
    we have nukes jets submarines special forces that can kick ass
    so just wait for it…
    india will be fucked from face of the earth

  • totally agreed bro…
    india is full shit
    they just talk a lot
    and give away their indian pussies all over the world
    super power totally a bullshit
    super supplier of whores thats better to describe india.
    and yup Pakistan will destroy india
    and have proved in all four wars
    this time
    we will show it
    u mother fucking indians




      • Abay nam to pora likha nai, S likhker galian dyker bhag gaya ya gai tu…. Dhamkian to aisy dy raha hai jaisy atom bomb per baitha ho. Pakistani army ko chor, ham pathan b jama hoker aagaey na to betay na jany kia kia dyker apni jan bachani paregi tmko. Waisy apas ki baat hai I love india……hahahahaha. Kasam sy maza boht aaeyga.


  • haha,Keep talking porkis,why should india destroy pakistan..It will be destroyed by yourselves by means of suicide bombing and genocides..Dont worry,you cant stop it.Pakistan is becomming a beggar country depnding for un charity for food..You all will die of hunger one day..

    • See there are always stages untill final state. Pakistan is begger, then pirate, looter, then businessperson and then civilised, and finally super power like USA. For India its, vagina, then whore, then local slut then finally global hole for score ( they call it huge market of India). So be ready for your destination and we are for our own.

    • And why will USA do that? Dil chahraha hai na USA aisa kary hai na? Jaisy pakoray khanay ka, ya lassi peenay ka ya khatti chezain khanay ka dil chahta hai? 🙂

  • Please guys be nice to each other. Nobody wants to destroy Inida, nor we can compare India to Pakistan. We have our deep roots in Indian. People like Zaid Hamid should seek some mental help. However, Pakistani army is being defeated by talibans every day, how would they fight with well trained Indian Army. Pakistan Army needs to clean the talibans from our country so world could see that it is the same army as it used to be.

  • Believe me we Pakistanis dont have any intention to destroy india, rather we want to make india pak.
    Regarding taliban, gentleman, there is no real talib against us. Who ever is fighting Pakistan is on payroll of India or any other Pakistani friend. But there is limit for funds for any purpose (and who can know this better than us). Its an investment from Pakistani friends in Pakistan, but not a matter of life and death for them, but it is for us. So, let see how long you guys will feed these “Talibs” on your money.
    We have nothing to loose. And believe me india is no problem for us, but the real problems are indias friends. Let them be tired like USSR and then, we will see india( if india insists) .We are in state of war with some states of america and Euro union at once. You guys atleast will appreciate our capability.
    So india, chup karo. Khamosh, awaz na niklay. Werna 2014 dor nai hai.

  • you fucked pigs,pakistanis ,these days taliban is fucking u,after some days the whole world will fuck u ,especially india that has a great aim to make pakistan again his landmark almost after making pak a holy land like itself where no one lives for achieving more,that can be only achieved by sweeping pak once again with the help of hydrogen bomb which leaves no residue behind ,this is the only way out to get a strong hold over u and ur defence partner china who is also waking with a dream of hold over india like u mother fucking pakistanis.

  • I think Indians and Pakistanis should maintain a healthy relationship with each other. what is the matter of fighting ? just kashmir … leave it .. stop violating and harming each other. … what we gain on doing fight? ?

    I am Himadri and people say I am an indian but I oppose them and I thought that I am a human and all humans are kids of god whether indians or Pakistanis …..

  • Why does indians forget mm alam kicked their assess. being a super power india wasnt even able to damage pakistan in any war so think again before attacking us. We r not opressing kashmir we r not the one who are killing thousands of muslims in kashmir we r not racists and we r definately not afraid of any indian.

    FYI: i just ate ur gaai mata for dinner.
    Dumb nuts