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Asghar Khan, How much can you hate ZAB? – by Amna Piracha

Surrounded only by evil and deception, puny men with high sounding titles and ill begotten wealth, small and craven minds, devoid of class or culture like scum floating on a cess pool, I seem to have recoiled into an inner quiet where even when the mind wants to scream no sound comes out. I always believed in speaking out. I always believed that if a falsehood is not rebutted it will become the truth. And now I find myself wondering is there is any point.


I was flipping through a copy of Newsweek and came across an interview of Air Marshal (Retd) Asghar Khan, immortalized as “Aloo”. The interview is titled “Bhutto was right”. I would not have spared it time but I saw a reference to the name Bhutto and I could not help but read. Just as the reference to the Aloo arouses disdain in me the reference to the name Bhutto arouses, yes even to this day, light and  hope. I ask myself this Aloo who has nothing to account for in this lifetime other than an illusion of glory prepped up by other inglorious creatures like himself, what is it with him that even at the fag end of his life he cannot hide his visceral hatred for a man who stood far above him and who may have under some mistaken belief approached him to join hands with him to oust a dictatorial regime. What drives a miserable old failed man who lives but is almost as good as a dead horse to lie about and berate a man who is no longer in this world but lives on. Can one really hate someone so much?


I suppose one can. Speaking in the Supreme Court as amicus during the course of proceedings of the mala fide attempt by the devil’s advocate to re-open the infamous murder case against Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, S.M Zafar, Mr. Bhutto’s colleague in the Ayub cabinet  was quoted as saying words to the effect “Bhutto is a relic of the past …like the ruins of Moenjo Daro”. My dear friend Jamil Abassi who spent seven years of his youth in jail under Zia exclaimed “That is something-Coming from the khandarat of Harappa.” The irony is that while S. M Zafar who was law minister when Mr. Bhutto was minister of foreign affairs and carved for himself a lasting name as a statesman of international repute, went into total political oblivion until the protégés of another military dictator and a vile one at that, the infamous Chaudhrys of the house of the alleged cattle runner Zahoor resuscitated him and placed him in the Senate, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto whom he chooses to call a relic of the past dominates this country even after death. Point for the Aloo to ponder. He whom he accuses of fooling the people has fooled them twenty years and beyond and what does that make us, the fooled?


What then do the Aloo and S.M Zafar have in common? visceral hatred stemming from the fires of envy and jealousy evoked so long ago but so all consuming that the fires will just not die down. Should I be getting angry at them or should I pity them. Actually, I am not even angry-they do not merit anger. I am just trying to understand.


Why is there no visceral hatred against the venal Generals who have colonized this country and have turned this land of hope into a land of utter despair? When the British colonized the sub continent they at least left behind viable infra structure, hospitals, educational institutions, a legal system. What has this institution that breeds the Generals and whom they control and which eats up the  lion’s share of the resources and not content with what is allocated to them from the national kitty go beyond and appropriate and misappropriate a share in every revenue generation venture possible, given to the nation in return? I really would like to know what have they given us-Taliban and a brand of Islam that would shake any humane well meaning and good Muslim’s faith in himself, Afghan refugees, heroin and guns, suicide bombers, the IJI, the PNA, the MMA the MQM, a bleeding Balochistan ?  I can tell what they have taken from us-our culture, our decency, our sense of values, our identity, they have turned us from a hospitable, open and liberal people of the Indo-Pak sub continent to an unrecognizable hybrid breed garbed in a fake Arab cloak. I ask myself did I ever hear “Allah Hafiz” when I was growing up and I really cannot recall. It was always “Khuda Hafiz”. Of course God was always Allah but so was Khuda always Allah. Whence the difference and why?   But coming back to the visceral hatred, why is there no visceral hatred for Zia, for Altaf, for Musharraf. I suppose the answer is that there was nothing there to envy and be jealous about. Who would want to be them?


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  • Generals or Air Marshals or top military personals are being portrayed as “intelligent & decent humans who have magic wand for every problem” is unfortunate. There may be few good ones. Infact most of them have the expertise only in hate mongering, shooting, killings, disguise, misguide, torture and wage war using a battalion of soldiers. Instead of using such expertise only during the wartime against enemy as strategy, these super-state Scums use their expertise as policy to control and run the government with impunity. These Scums also reappear after retirement as “custodians of Nation” thro’ spying agencies, to “plan and operate covert-insane activities, waging proxy wars both inside and beyond the borders” is really “national tragedy”.

  • ZAB is physically not with us for 32 years now, but his ever presence in Pakistan’s political scenario still haunts his haters. Imagine, had he lived for a few more years, what these haters would have done. Its a pity!

  • without doubt it is envy and jealousy for zab that they have to name him every now and then to keep themselves alive

  • Well the Generals committed a lot of MISTAKES but ZAB committed an unforgivable BLUNDER of dividing our beloved Pakistan for his greed of power—that is where the viscerel hatred comes from the true patriots. After committing the blunder he may have reformed himself and did some good things also but THE BLUNDER will always overshadow them.

  • @truepakistani:

    Who had to call the session of the National Assembly?
    Who ordered the military action?
    Why was an army action ordered when talk were underway between Mujib and Bhutto and
    Why was the army not sent to Larkana instead of Dhaka?

  • The death of khuda hafiz was the death secular values we always cherished. In other words it was the death of humanity & a crime against humanity.
    kudos to Amna Piracha.
    For ZAB
    Bhulya asaan marna naheen
    ghor pya koi hor

  • @Saad Mansoor,
    I am telling you the facts only and nothing else.
    Bhutto divided my beloved Pakistan–this was his biggest achievement.
    Can you deny the fact that he had ordered for the murder of Qasoori?
    Can you deny the fact that he said:”Whoever will go to Dhaka,I will break his legs”?
    During BB’s rule Pakistan became the most corrupt country in the world and was hence overthrown on both the occasions.
    So called”President”Zardari killed his own brother-in-law!! What should we expect??
    I know you will deny all this because you are on the payroll of Mr.110% and you wont like to lose the job.

  • @truePakistani,
    if you read Jang akhbar, then off course, your facts are 100% correct. Khush?

  • Amna sahiba forgot to mention full name, Aalo Khachalo Khan. The Aalo Kachlo Khan didn’t learnt anything from history, atleast he had acknowledged his shameful role in late 70’s we would be spare of the copy kat of him another Aalu Kachalu Khan in the making.

    These loose canon have no utility except this he is doing, distorting facts and telling a personalised version of history.

    It was he who considered himself the future PM when in a meeting with Iran Shah, found him giving more attention to him. And On his return he started propagating that As Shah was smiling while looking at me hence there is a significant role for me in the coming days, and he was the first who demanded ZAB to be hanged in a public gathering.

    Alas his own son was found hanging in a locked room with a suicide note written but with no pen in that room.

  • @ true pakistani .. absolutely correct bro … these writers on LUBP are nothing but a product of zardari khapey and maha bharat sewa.. therefore its useless…our arguments cannot turn them over.

  • @True Pakistani,

    Please enlighten me where did you get these ‘facts’ from?

    Bhutto divided my beloved Pakistan–this was his biggest achievement? Can you deny the fact that he said:”Whoever will go to Dhaka,I will break his legs”?

    Please read the history and read the questions I asked you. PML-N threatened to boycott AJK assembly session on account of alleged rigging, political parties boycott all the time, so it shouldnt have mattered what Bhutto told his party members. Yahya had the power so how did Bhutto break Pakistan? Why did Yahya not order an army action in Larkana and get Bhutto arrested? Why did he not call the session of the assembly?

    Can you deny the fact that he had ordered for the murder of Qasoori?

    I think even the judge has openly said that the only reason he convicted Bhutto was kyunki unko ghussa aagaya tha, I’ll find and provide you with the link of geo program.

    During BB’s rule Pakistan became the most corrupt country in the world and was hence overthrown on both the occasions.

    Please provide a transparency international or any other organisation’s report to prove it. None of those case have been proven in court.

    So called”President”Zardari killed his own brother-in-law!!

    While he was accused for it, no evidence has ever been brought about it. Also note that BB order Scotland Yard to investigate it but as soon as the government was dissolved Scotland Yard was sent packing by Farooq Leghari.