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Daughter of The East (Tribute to Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto) – by Rida Haider

PM Benazir Bhutto with PM Rajiv Gandhi
Benazir Bhutto wasn’t popular and loved by just Pakistanis but she owns a huge fan-list all around the world. People in every corner wept on her death. Here’s a poem written by supporter & lover of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed from India. Her vision for a progressive and peaceful Pakistan was alive in the form of PPP. Benazir Bhutto always wanted to resolve the Indo-Pak issue and she struggled a lot for a better relation with India and rest of the World. No doubt she is ‘Daughter of The East’. I remember a statement of BB ‘ Every Pakistani has a little Indian and every Indian has a little Pakistani inside’.

From the shrine of east,
Emerged a lady listed in the least..
As a bridge she stood between the Unknown west and her east..
Named Mohatarma Benazir, our Daughter of the east,
Seeped in sheer patriotism , she stood up twice..

Garnered hoardes, allured by her phillipic and smile,

Which were indeed very nice..
Projected Mohtarma benazir, our Daughter of the east

Covered in the soft cloth of white, she Held her head very high
Strongly flaking the corruption , dictatorship and gruesome lies
Preached Mohtarma Benazir, our Daughter of the east

With hope in heart and vision in mind,
She stood up the third time, bolstered by the unity which had already bind
Amidst the danger to her life,
Those rumours that anew, anew resulted in strife..
She refused the danger rimes and focussed on one line,
“Long live bhutto .. Long live bhutto cutting the rumours like a knife..

Inclined to the East’ s reconciliation ,

she rallied and convened,
With each step she made, the sun almight,
Happily showered tonnes of light
Sweeping swiftly throughout her land..

Karachi, peshawar, baluchistan, Lahore, rawalpindi..fragments of east’s sand,
Emerged Mohtarma benazir, our Daughter of the east
“Where is she ” howls the wailing crowd,
“Bhutto is eternal, Bhutto is immortal ” they shout and clamour loud and loud,
“Omnipresent” a riposte comes, from the idyyl Garhi Khuda Bax,
lays Mohtarma benazir, our daughter of the East ….


“The writer is an Aspiring Doctor and Politician, Philanthropist-Philosopher, Writer and a Poet”

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Farhad Jarral


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  • heart touching poetry. welldone, rida and keep it up. For Bibi i would say, ”wo kal bhi benazir thi , wo aaj bhi benazir hai”.

  • While editing this poem I was enjoying every single word of it. Loving the way BB Shaheed’s lovers are expressing their love for her. She indeed was a great lady and no one can takes her place as the masses of Pakistan still love her. Benazir was Benazir 🙂 Thanks Rida Haider for sharing this beautiful poem with us.

  • I express my deep gratitude to each one of you.. for appreciating my poetry .. and indeed Mohtarma rules our hearts as well… she was idolised for her personality, strength and will .. the best part about her was that she never gave up ! She stood firm amidst the storms.. She s still alive in every young pakistani s vision and every indian s hope that one day Peace shall replace

  • Daughter of the east or the “Daughter of the West”???
    She was sent by west in 2007 to fulfil their agenda but “Asif Baba & chalees chour” managed to get rid of her. She killed her own brother and she was killed by her own husband!

  • Well, i dont wish to comment on the statement made above :), this poem is about Mohatarma and all praises in her name… No lacuna for negetivity and political agenda within bhutto family 🙂 please respect the text …