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Judiciary and Islamization -by Rab Nawaz

Brief Intro: Author is Head of Punjab Chapter of KHUDI, A counter extremism social movement working to promote a democratic culture in Pakistan, who frequently contributes to LUBP.


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  • Right from the ‘doctrine of necessity’ to date the judiciary has always been the epitome of that state sponsored narratives contrived by the handful of section of society bent on running the country on their devised lines.

    Here, this would be interesting to note that despite the Islamic tendencies of most of the judicial personnel these were the despots and extra-constitutional authorities who have always been the beneficiaries of the verdicts taken in the light of so-called Islamic laws that the author has brilliantly pointed out -selective justice and that too lame by maneuvering the religion.

    Great effort by the author, I must say. We need more and more articles on these lines to make the people aware the blatant dishonesty of the judiciary in Pakistan that has gone overboard now.

  • Suleman, Rab Nawaz should be appreciated for being critical of the Judiciary who are worshipped by the urban liberal elites. For this class, the judiciary can do no wrong. For this class, the judiciary aids their fantasy to getting power by sneaking in through the back door. Can Rab translate this into English.

  • Thanks Suleman and Mr. Thadani. It is one of the basic tasks to unmask this generally held misperception that religion is the primary constitutive element of Pakistani state. While liberals know that clearly, they have to deconstruct and expose the sham arguments and put forward to the great majority of populace who is victim of obscurantism. I have worked more on it but that is more of academic nature. Will hopefully write more journalistic pieces out of that as well as translate this one.