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How long will we stay in denial? By Ahmed Iqbalabadi


I met a family friend over the weekend who recently visited Abbottabad for a wedding. She thoroughly enjoyed the visit because of cooler climate there. She had to because she was coming from Lahore. Imagine Lahore to Abbottabad in July does make a great difference.

Whenever Abbottabad’s name springs up, and a person who visits the place, the questions have to move to a visit to the place where Osama Bin Laden was found and killed in a US marines operation on 2nd May, earlier this year. The lady said “everyone I spoke to in Abbottabad say that OBL could not have been living in the compound. There was no lady (reference to OBL’s wife) being treated in a hospital in the city. The locals also say that where is the “laash” and why was he buried at sea.” I had to listen patiently but then ended the discussion with one sentence “if all that is true, why did our ‘derh hoshiar’ ISI admit their folly and the operation’s success in front of the parliament?”. This did end the discussion.

The point is, how long can we remain in denial? How long will media spinning and false conviction that we can’t do no wrong in our lives be the guiding principles? It is also a pity that well educated people fall in this trap and give credence to myths created to confuse us. Instead of living in utopia, we have to realize that mistakes are made by humans, but only those humans progress who admit their mistakes and make sure they don’t repeat them.

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  • exactly this has been bothering a lot of peaople.Lets admit that OBL has died in Abbotabad period. and lets start taking the name of abbotabad as a beautiful place like we used to before and keep it a vacation spot. thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Conspiracy theories are the root cause of why so far our nation has been unable to take a firm stance on terrorism.