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Indians and Israelis helping them (Baloch) to fight against Allah and our beloved prophet’

Killing these Baloch is a serving Islam’ said one of them. They chanted “Allahu Akbar” and one moved forward opening fire at me’, said Nasir Dagarzai Baloch who miraculously escaped death the first time after being shot and dumped by Pakistani army. He wasn’t so lucky the second time.

The story is of young teenage Nasir Dagarzai Baloch who was first abducted on January 23rd, 2011 along with other colleagues Rasool Baksh, Abid Saleem and Mehrab Baloch. On January 25th, two days later, they were shot at and dumped in Panjgoor area. Nasir Baloch miraculously, indeed, made it alive besides being extremely wounded and dumped.

After being brought to hospital in Panjgoor, Nasir Baloch was shifted to Quetta as his condition was too severe and needed extensive care. Due to continuous visits from intelligence agency personnel in Quetta hospital, Nasir was then shifted to home and the rest treatment was carried out there.

After four months of slow recovery, Nasir Baloch was abducted the second time on May 25th, 2011 while travelling from Kharan to Quetta on the way near Lakpass. This time the army personnel abducted his brother along.

Nothing was known of Nasir until his bullet riddled mutilated body was found in Western Bypass area of Quetta on July 17th along two other Baloch’s, who were later identified as Maqsood Qalandarani and Murtaza Sarpara.

While Nasir made it alive the first time and was recovering, he expressed what he had gone through in army custody. He explained how a dozen of army personnel jumped into the house where Rasool Baksh, Abid Saleem, Mehrab Baloch and him were present. They snatched the earrings and rings of the women present in the other room and locked them along their children. Nasir Baloch had told his friends how they were blindfolded and tortured when army took them away.

“There was this dark room, people were hanged upside down above us.” Nasir had told one of his friends. There came this old white bearded man the first day and said:

‘Look, I’m in the status of ablution from past 25 years. I haven’t committed any sin since I grew up. If anyone lies to me, I instantly come to know about it through my afflatus. So now you guys tell me how many people have you killed?’

Nasir and Mehrab replied, god being their witness they never killed anyone. The old man then took off his knife and cut a small piece of flesh from Mehrab’s thigh and kept marking Nasir’s chest with the knife. Meanwhile another soldier pushed Abid Saleem to the wall and hammered a nail on his hand where he screamed and went unconscious.

Nasir explained further; the next what he remembers, a soldier rubbing an unknown white powder around his wounds which made his entire body and mind gone warm. Abid and Mehrab were tied with electric wires and as soon as they give them electric shocks, they’d agonize like a fish out of water. The torturers kept saying:

‘You’re enemy of Allah, his prophet and Islam. You kill Punjabis here, and we’re here to safeguard them. Any Baloch who’d say wrong about any Punjabi, We will cut off his tongue!’

Nasir had said they were then not questioned about anything. It was just different torturers with different torture tactics by then. The other day that same old bearded man showed up again and asked them not to force him to commit any sin. We could only hear and could not speak. He ordered one of his men to untie our hands and all of a sudden they attacked Mehrab breaking his arm. They did the same with Abid Saleem and then came for me to break my arm, Nasir explained to his friend. All of them went unconscious and when they came back to conscious they saw Abid Saleem’s body hanging in the middle of the room. They had hanged him.

They then took Nasir Baloch tied up in one jeep. Nasir thought he was lucky as they were going to let him go. They stopped the jeep, took me out and I saw them lining up in front of me. One of them moved forward and preached:

‘As we’re Allah’s army and fighting for Allah the almighty only, And these Baloch are infidels.. They’re backed by Indians and Israel, our enemies. Therefore, killing them is serving Islam!’

They all then chanted “Allahu Akbar” and one moved forward opening fire at me. The next I opened my eyes, I was in the hospital.

That was Late Nasir Baloch’s story he told his friends. Interestingly, recent videos and reports of Taliban killing others show the exact same manner of the one ”Pakistani Army ”using. Or let’s say the other way around.

Source: Baloch Johd

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  • Heart breaking narration. So brutal it was. May his soul rest in peace. This reminds me Major General Obaidullah Khan, FC’s following comments.
    “Inspector General of Frontier Corps (FC), Balochistan, Major General Obaidullah Khan, when asked about the FC’s role in….death, said: “I have no problem with encounters…” means extra judicial killings are their norm. Such crimes dealt as ethnic cleansing in International courts.

    (Taking salary from the government and ignoring the judicial procedures) Army personal chanting “Allahu Akbar” and then opening fire at point-blank to unarmed fellow Muslim is nothing but an insult to Allah.

  • Heart breaking indeed but do i buy it, probably not!

    and furthermore the way these Baloch Maggots kill innocent Punjabis just for the sake of being Punjabi is despicable. Tit for tat, I say!

    Jaisa karo gay, waisa bharo gay!

    Some nations are made so that they can serve as a reminder to the rest of the world, i.e. native indians of North America, these spear chukers didn’t learn any thing from modern man and reorted their backward, stone age as a result they were wiped out from the face of the earth. Similarly, Baloch maggots take pride in their backward stone age traditions and are hell bent in keeping them, well, it’s their choice. They had it coming!

    To all the Baloch maggots who have the piles of independence from Pakistan, hope you get a peacful death at the hands of a Punjabi ISI officer. Your ignorance is killing you!


  • BTW, it’s hilarious that PPP toadies have suddenly become the bleeding hearts for Baloch maggots?

    Remember what Bhutto did to these maggots?

  • @Rajput, I am not a Baloch but I have found Balochs generally more honourable and honest than most folks around. Can you please spare us from your racism?

  • The Federal Government and provincial Govt. is of PPPP in Pakistan. Why don’t you stop it this persecution? Why your Prime minister defended Army in parliament when a few MNAs criticized it after Sarfraz shah case? Why your Govt. asks Army to run all security and foreign policy related matters and just let them do corruption?

  • We too are maggots.
    Baloch, Sindhis, Siraikis, Pashtuns, Long live the land of dangerous duffers and bastards and their apologists.

  • Bili theley se baher agayee..
    Finally,a Punjabi has admitted that their punjabi officers are killing Baluch in masses in revange of their punjabies killed in baluchistan. BTW, MQM has killed more punjabies in karachi then those less then dozen settlers killed in baluchistan.
    I would ask the IGFC baluchistan,Major General Obaid to be a MAN and take revenge of thousands of pathan killed by MQM.BTW general Obaid sister is married to a Brigadier Qaiser Tareen who attacked LAL MASJID , killed hundereds of children ,burned all the Qurans and Ahadeeth books in that mosque and school and dumped them in the sewerage nullah in Islamabad.

  • A man his hair ashy white , weak from hunger and thirst was hold a 6 month old child in his hand in desert in front of a mighty army. He was saying to them “What have we done to you look at me! Am i not the only grandson of your prophet? Am i not the one who along with my brother was declared by prophet to be the prince of paradise! Wasn’t it our aunt from whose house the blessed prophet ascended to heaven on night of miracles? Wasn’t it my uncle who was declared Prince of Martyrs ib the battle of Ohad? Wasn’t it my uncle whom Allah granted wings and he is flying with those in paradise when his hands were cut in battle! Why than are you ready to kill me?
    If i have done some harm to you i am here settle ur score but this child , the progeny of your prophet is innocent, he is half dead from thirst please give him two drops of water” This was Hossein in Kerbala and child was Ali the lesser!
    What was the response of the Moslems
    Hurmala , the Hafiz of Koran took aim with his triple headed arrow, his hands were shaking , inn-order to steady himself he recited Chapter of Ya-seen (o Syyed) and with chant of Allah hu Akbar released the arrow which broke the neck of syed and Hossein was left with handful of innocent blood which he smeared on his face saying i will meat my grandfather in paradise like this to show him what his people has done to us!!
    This is tradition of moslems

    Lanat ullah he allal zalemeen wul kazebben and ashqia
    Those betrayed the righteous those who took what was not rightfully there
    Those who took away the rights of people
    Salam on the lady who was alone in court but who demanded what was rightfully hers
    salam on the prisoners of Syria
    Salam on Baluch prisoners may Sukena bless you my sister Shazia where ever you are

  • May I clear one thing, I am not a racist, I am a realist.

    An ethnic group that takes pride in it’s backward traditions of burying women alive and that cheers when innocent men and women are butchered deserves no sympathy. Doctrine of survival of the fittest is un folding right in front of our eyes, Punjabis are loving, caring and welcoming people and those that hold grudges, hidden agendas and hatred are vanishing slowly but surely.

    It’s just pure social science nothing more.

  • “A lot of people say that if you want to go abroad and get a visa from Canada or citizenship and be a millionaire, get yourself raped,” Musharraf said, according to audio of the interview posted on the Washington Post Web site Friday.

    whom is mushi talking about!Never heard this kind of treatment metted out to a Baluch lady by a Baluch man. A woman , Dr. Shazia Iqbal a karachiite serving in sui gas company was raped by a punjabi capt.Those backward Baluch took a stand on Dr Shazia and taught a good lesson to scumbegs who would not dare do it again. The doctorine of survival at the cost of IZAT bests suits those who would divorce their women after geting millions as bounty from americans.
    Its shamelessly numbnessness nothing more.

  • Another absurd conspiracy theory which lacks concrete evidence. Yes the situation in Baluchistan is in dire straits but that does not mean we blame it on others. We should try to stabilize the province for our own sake.

  • Rajput, see the latest human rights reports…95% of the gang-rapes in Pakistan occur in Punjab not to mention Punjab being at the top when it comes to other crimes like rapes, car stealing, murders, sectarian killings, etc…the so-called civilized Punjab.

    Stop your Dravidianized Ranjit Singhi tirade against Baluchis and look into the facts.

  • @Sania,

    BRAVO, 95% of gang rapes occur in Punjab, what a great statistic!

    Is it a part of Punjabi tradition to rape women? Do Punjabis take pride in raping women and hail it as their age old tradition which must continue?

    Also, do you realize that majority of Pakistan population lives in Punjab? Did you realize that rapes in others backward parts of Pakistan like Sindh, KPK and especially hell on earth called Balochistan are not reported so they are not a part of this statistic.

    Did you also realize there is rape in US every 4 minutes? Does that mean US is a backward uncivilised country?

    Leave statistics for those who can use the gray matter inside their skull!

  • In United Snakes Of America every year more than a million children are killed before they are born,yet its civilized nation cuz they gave it the name of ABORTION.
    Majority of americans are born to out of wedlock couples and produce children. since they changed the name for such children from B*****d to a LOVE CHILD so no problem ,its still a civilized Nation.
    They would kill human beings in millions by using the excuse of which you might not have ever heard before.They can do that cuz that killing, rapes,steallings and occupations makes them civilized.
    Wake up Baluch , u need to become civilized and do all those kind of CIVILIZED things to be acceptable to our Rajput community. viva rajputs, great job done.