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Thank you, Supreme Court and PML-N, for releasing Malik Ishaq

Portrait of a Supreme Court - ISI backed Killer
Malik Ishaq was showered with rose petals by the right wing assets of Pakistan's military establishment

Note by Suleman Akhtar:

Malik Ishaq, prominent figure of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) (also known as Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) or Ahl-e-Sunnat-Wal-Jamaat) was today set free by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The head of Sipah-e-Sihaba Pakistan, Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi, received him outside Lahore Kot-Lakhpat Jail in Lahore amidst jubilation and red roses. Apparently the deal to get Malik Ishaq released was brokered by Police Officer Mushtaq Sukhera, ISI official, Rana Sanaullah and Maulana Tahir Ashrafi Deobandi. Same LeJ who have claimed responsibility for taking more than 800 lives in Quetta since 2004 are about to unleash yet another bastard to Hazara Shias in Quetta (or possibly Saraiki Shias in D.I.Khan or Toori Shias in Parachinar) and the stage is ready for blood, flesh and dust act.

Maulana Ludhianvi receives Malik Ishaq at Lahore Kot Lakhpat jail (Express News Report)

ISI backed judge Iftikhar Chaudhry was showered with rose petals by right wing proxies and fake liberal proxies of the military establishment

Mumtaz Qadri (killer of PPP leader Salmaan Taseer) was showered with rose petals by right wing proxies and urban lawyer proxies of the military establishment

Note by Maula Bux Thadani:

Unfortunately, an Ostrich mentality is not going to get us out of this mess. Today a terrorist like Malik Ishaq is freed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan after being charged in the murder of scores of Shia Muslims and other Pakistanis as well as attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team. His supporters boast of such killings. This is what a local report said about him:

Thirteen years ago, Fida Hussain Ghalvi and three other witnesses boldly testified against Lashkar-e-Jhangvi’s top hitman Malik Ishaq for the killing of 12 members of their family. They didn’t know that their search for justice would lead them nowhere, the ordeal had just begun…”


If Malik Ishaq had been killed by a drone, the mainstream media and the Ghairat brigade would be jumping up and down, and screaming and frothing about “sovereignty” and “honour”. They and their intellectually and morally bankrupt cohorts and guests would blackmail us as to how this killing would lead to greater radicalization without a care for the victims of terrorism being butchered daily in Pakistan.

When we have such blatant double standards is it any wonder?? When our Supreme Court releases the Malik Ishaq’s and the Hafiz Saeeds: assets for some folks and existential threats for scores of innocent Pakistanis on the basis of “lack of evidence”, do we wonder why the world treats us with such skepticism!

The same Judiciary also allows the likes of Maulana Aziz, Maulana Ludhainvi, Masood Azhar and Qari Saifullah Akhtar to freely roam the land and spread hatred and fear and plan violence, not to mention the late (?) Illyas Kashmiri.

Of course, this “lack of evidence” is not an issue when selectively going after some politicians in the NICL, Hajj and NRO case, where those being charged are directed to produce evidence against themselves! With such blatant double standards, why do you wonder why?  There were scores of murder cases lodged against Malik Ishaq.  However, our “independent” Judiciary could not find him guilty on even ONE of these cases inspite of eye witness testimony made at great personal risk by the victim’s family! Travesty is too mild a word to describe the disgraceful conduct of our Judiciary! If Malik Ishaq had been a Pakistan People’s Party MNA or minister, he would have been found guilty within days. It was Malik Ishaq’s good luck that he was an ISI-backed Jihadi butcher of Pakistan’s endangered Shia muslim communities.

The fact that the world does not trust Pakistan on the Taliban is largely due to the fact that the media has failed in informing the public. After every terrorist attack, which until recently were proudly claimed by the TTP and their Jihadi buddies from LeJ and other such groups, the media deliberately played dumb and mislead the public with wild conspiracy theories that started with RAW, went on to Mossad and ended with Blackwater.

Dear Pakistani fake liberals (Supreme Court apologists), lets not be coy about this, ok?

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  • From Suleman’s facebook:

    Why was set free?


    “LAHORE: Some key leaders of several jehadi and sectarian organisations, including a jailed militant, were flown from Lahore, Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan to the garrison town of Rawalpindi on special flights to hold talks with the hostage takers who had stormed the GHQ building on October 10, 2009.

    According to well-informed officials in Islamabad privy to the happenings of the October 10th storming of GHQ by terrorists, wherein 42 staffers had been taken hostage. The terrorists had listed their demands and expressed their desire to hold talks with the Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani. The hostage takers had given a list of the jailed militants belonging to several Sunni Deobandi militant and sectarian groups, seeking their release, failing which, it waswarned that the hostages would be killed one after another. However, as a time buying tactic, the negotiators decided to rope in some key leaders of several jehadi and sectarian groups to hold talks with terrorists. Special planes were subsequently dispatched to Lahore, Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan to bring to Rawalpindi Malik Ishaq, a jailed leader of the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, Mufti Abdul Rauf, the younger brother of Maulana Masood Azhar who is the acting Ameer of the Jaish-e-Mohammad, and Maulana Mohammad Ahmed Ludhianvi, the chief of the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, to hold talks with the hostage takers.

    According to the sources, though Malik Ishaq and Maulana Mohammad Ahmed Ludhianvi had been taken to Pindi because of their sectarian connection with the Taliban-linked attackers, the SSP leaders, in the very beginning of the telephonic negotiations with the hostage takers, told the military authorities that they had no prior acquaintance with any of the attackers. Later, Mufti Abdul Rauf and Maulana Fazlur Rehman Khalil of the Jamiatul Ansar, who was summoned from the federal capital Islamabad, tried in vain to negotiate with the hostage takers. “

  • Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leader released

    Updated at: 1834 PST, Thursday, July 14, 2011
    LAHORE: The man believed to be the operational head of banned organization Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Malik Ishaq has been released after being imprisoned at the Kot Lakh Pat jail for almost fourteen years, Geo News reported.

    Speaking after his release Ishaq said that the integrity of Pakistan was dear to him and he would not let anything happen to the country.

    Ishaq had been in prison since 1997 and had 44 cases ranging from murder to terrorism lodged against him. The court had acquitted him in 34 cases while granted him bail in the rest.

    Head of the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, Maulana Muhammed Ahmed Ludhianvi along with other members greeted Malik Isaq upon his release. Speaking to Geo News, Malik Ishaq said that he was satisfied with the decision of the courts and he had nothing to do with terrorism. Ishaq added that he would continue to fight for the country and the Sahaba.

    The Supreme Court’s Lahore registry on July 11 had granted bail to Malik Ishaq.

    Ishaq was accused of masterminding the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009 while in prison. He had appealed to the Supreme Court to overturn the decision of the Lahore High Court which had rejected his bail plea.

    The case was heard by Justice M.A. Shahid Siddiqui at the Supreme Courts Lahore registry. The defense attorney for Ishaq had said that the chargers against him could not be proven and thus the Supreme Court had approved his bail. The court had directed that he submit two separate security bonds worth Rs 500,000.


  • ملک اسحاق کو سال انیس سو ستانوے میں پنجاب کے شہر فیصل آباد سے گرفتار کیاگیاتھا اور وہ تب سے جیل میں تھے۔

    اب ان کی رہائی سپریم کورٹ کی طرف سے ان کی ضمانت کی منظوری کے بعد عمل میں آئی ہے۔

    جمعرات کے روز عدالت کے حکم پر پانچ پانچ لاکھ روپے ضمانتی مچلکے جمع ہونے پر ملک اسحاق کو لاہور کی سینٹرل جیل کوٹ لکھپت سے رہا کیا گیا۔

    لاہور سے بی بی سی اردو کے نامہ نگار عباد الحق کے مھابق سینٹرل جیل کوٹ لکھپت کے باہر موجود تنظیم کے کارکنوں نے ملک اسحاق کا استقبال کیا ۔ کارکنوں نے ملک اسحاق کے حق میں نعرے لگائے اور ان پر گل پاشی کی۔

    کالعدم تنظیم لشکر جھنگوی کے ملک اسحاق پر لاہور میں سری لنکن کرکٹ پر حملے کی منصوبہ بندی کرنے کا الزام ہے اور سپریم کورٹ کے دو رکنی بینچ نے گیارہ جولائی کو ان کی ضمانت منظور کرتے ہوئے رہا کرنے کا حکم دیا تھا۔

    کالعدم تنظیم کے رہنما کے وکیل قاضی مصباح الحسن کے مطابق ملک اسحاق پر چوالیس مقدمات قائم کیے گئے جس میں دو مقدمہ میں ان کو ان کے اقبالی بیان پر سزا سنائی گئی جبکہ پینتیس مقدمات میں وہ بری ہوچکے ہیں اور ایک مقدمہ میں ان کو ڈسچارج کردیا گیاہے۔

    وکیل کے مطابق ملک اسحاق کے خلاف ابھی چھ مقدمے زیر سماعت ہیں اور ان مقدمات میں ان کی ضمانت ہوچکی ہے اور سری لنکن کرکٹ ٹیم پر حملہ کی منصوبہ بندی کے الزام میں مقدمہ کی ضمانت ہونے پر ان کی رہائی عمل میں آئی ہے


  • Members of extremist groups have routinely escaped justice in Pakistan because of the legal system’s perceived ineptitude.

    Ishaq was arrested in 1997, and has been accused of a slew of crimes, including attacks on minority Shiite Muslims. In 2009, he also was blamed for orchestrating the attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore. Six security officers and a driver died in that assault.

    Although he’s been implicated in some 44 cases, he was convicted in just two minor ones, and has already served the time for those, said his lawyer, Qazi Misbah. But prosecutors have tried to keep Ishaq behind bars, even as they’ve struggled to prove other cases and persuade frightened witnesses to testify.

    The Supreme Court on Monday decided that there was not enough evidence to prevent Ishaq from being granted bail. After posting bonds worth 1 million rupees (£7,200), Ishaq walked free on Thursday, Misbah said. TV footage showed hundreds of Ishaq’s supporters greeting him as he left the jail in Kot Lakhpat, a town on the outskirts of Lahore.
    Ishaq told Pakistan’s private Geo TV channel that he had been falsely accused and that he would do whatever possible to ensure peace in Pakistan.
    Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and the affiliated Sipah-e-Sahaba are among the most notorious extremist groups in Pakistan. Jhangvi, in particular, is suspected of ties to al-Qaeda and roles in a variety of terrorist attacks, including the 2008 bombing of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad.
    Criminal conviction rates hover between 5 and 10 per cent in Pakistan, according to a report by the International Crisis Group, a respected think tank. Terrorism convictions are rare, even in major cases, and convictions in lower courts are frequently overturned by appeals courts. Part of the problem is that police are ill-trained in the art of gathering evidence, while witnesses are often afraid to testify.
    Prosecutors could not immediately be reached for comment in the Ishaq case on Thursday.


  • Over the years, the cases against Ishaq have faltered as many witnesses have been too scared to testify.

    Jail official Malik Mubashar said the Supreme Court granted Ishaq bail on Monday and he was freed Thursday after he posted it.

    TV footage showed hundreds of Ishaq’s supporters greeting him as he left the jail in Kot Lakhpat.


    A large number of activists of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Sipah-e-Sahaba and Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jamaat, including Sipah-e-Sahaba chief Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi, greeted Ishaq when he emerged from Kot Lakhpat Jail this afternoon.

    The activists garlanded and hugged Ishaq and distributed sweets among the jail staff and others present at the spot.

    Rose petals were showered on Ishaq as he drove away from the prison in a vehicle.
    Talking to reporters, Ishaq claimed he was not involved in terrorist activities and respected the law.

    Ludhianvi paid tribute to Ishaq for “facing the cases and proving his innocence”.
    He said they would continue to uphold the dignity of the ‘sahabas’ or companions of Prophet Mohammed.

    Besides being accused of masterminding the attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore, police had registered 44 cases against Ishaq.

    He was also accused of involvement in the killing of members of the minority Shia community. Ishaq’s counsel Misba-ul-Haq told PTI that his client had been acquitted in 37 cases while he faced imprisonment of up to eight years in two cases.

    Ishaq had secured bail in the remaining cases, Haq said. The Supreme Court granted him bail in the case of the 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team that resulted in seven deaths.

    Ishaq reportedly left for Jhang district, the hub of sectarian groups, from where he will travel to his hometown of Rahim Yar Khan.


  • its a sad affair but lets not take a single view,its a multy pronged problem. It will not with the blame game,there is a built in flaw in our legal and prosecution system which needs to be re written butt it cant be done without a strong political will and a strong political system,the khaki hegemony will go by a strong and collective resistance resulting in a strong parliament and not only by the blame game,i think we will loose our supporters in judiciary and lawyers if we give sweeping judgments like this,remember the greatest and most courageous struggle against military hegemony was waged by BENAZIR SHAHEED which is matchless but she didnt do it with just sloganeering and blames,she did it with a programme and ideology.

  • Some Supreme Court Apologists on Twitter:

    The only way an SSP terrorist might merit punishment by Pakistan’s ISI backed judges is to present the accused as a PPP Minister.

    @cpyala @tammyhaq @kaalakawaa @shahidsaeed What witness & what prosecution when State (ISI) creates & protects SSP terrorists! is it a joke?

    Can any person on Twitter ask (fake) liberals eg @beenasarwar @cfdpk @gawaahi @naveenaqvi will they come out and protest against ISI-SCP?

    Will you please write on ISI’s institutional support for SSP-LeJ which ensured Malik Ishaq’s release thru ISI-backed judges.

    Here’s an ISI-SCP apologist, a PMA Kakul graduate liberal RT @shahidsaeed evidence in SL team case against Ishaq was filmsy, even hardened judge would have acquitted him

    Well, Mr @shahidsaeed instead of blaming the police “pathetic investigation”, discover some honesty in your blood and blame ISI-SCP. Shame!

    An apologist to judiciary @Shahidsaeed came with same arguments when #Mukhtaran rapists were acquitted

    Apparently 78 cases against Malik Ishaq. 78! Not one of them had sufficient evidence against him?

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    To ALL journos who write in Jang, Dawn, Daily Times, Tribune etc: Will you write a CLEAR post condemning ISI-SSP for releasing Malik Ishaq?

    Ali_Abbas_Zaidi Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi
    “Law Minister Rana Sanaullah admitted that the main cause for acquittal of terrorists like Malik Ishaq was the annihilation of eyewitnesses”

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    Shame on Nawaz RT @Ali_Abbas_Zaidi hopes Malik Ishaq will party with Rana’Sana’Ullah of PML-N tonight. Birds of a feather, partaay together!

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    Congratulations to Aitzaz Ahsan, Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan and Munawar Hassan. Punjab’s pro-SSP mafia: youtu.be/my6jZsTrnuE

    @beenasarwar & @naveenaqvi’s @cfd is organizing a seminar against Malik Ishaq’s release by ISI-SCP. Plz attend. @mohammedhanif

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    @saadjaan99 One day, the target killed communities (Baloch, Shia, Hazara, Pashtuns) will hold Iftikhar Chaudhries, Gen Kayanis responsible!

    Malik Ishaq’s release by SCP is in exchange of General Majid’s son-in-law’s release by SSP. ISI-SSP deal.

    LeJ and SSP are nothing without the support available to them from ISI, MI and Supreme Court Judges.

    why are folks on Twitter condemning Malik Ishaq’s release but not the ISI-SCP who ensured his release?

    See, for instance, http://t.co/2MUNsyz if news reporters can write on Shia mass murder, why can’t analysts and columnists?

    Zulfiqar Mirza was wrong abt Afaq being biggest “political prisoner” after Zardari. Malik Ishaq beat them both

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    @cpyala By comparing a despicable sectarian terrorist to Zardari, you are showing your true colors, MQM online! @saeedshah

    Ali_Abbas_Zaidi Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi
    LeJ demands Rs130 million for release of General Majid’s son-in-law > bit.ly/gokB4O [also, wish-list included Malik Ishaq of LeJ]

    Razarumi Raza Rumi
    RT @MaulaBuksh: “lack of evidence” excuse of Jihadi completely at odds with forcible evidence in NICL, Hajj and NRO case #SSP #terrorism

    “Jo kartey aa rahey hain, wohi kareingay” – Malik Ishaq (Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan) upon his release from Kot Lakhpat #Lahore

  • According to Mohammaed Hanif (Twitter): Let’s not forget that Malik Ishaq is a strategic asset. He was flown out of jail to negotiate with the GHQ hostage takers.

    For ppl asking who is Malik Ishaq? here: http://t.co/OId0GmP Apparently he has read a lot of books



    videos of Malik Ishaq’s release

    RT @Ali_Abbas_Zaidi:

    Malik Ishaq was flown from Lahore 2 negotiate w/ fellow terrorists during GHQ siege > http://t.co/8cPTlw5

    what kind of judiciary is this? Mumtaz Qadri (self acknolwedged killer in broad day light) not convicted still and LeJ Malik Ishaq set free?

    etribune The Express Tribune
    (News) Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat supporters shower Malik Ishaq with rose petals on his release tribune.com.pk/?p=209674 #Pakistan

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    As long as ISI-backed Supreme Court is releasng terrorists eg Hafiz Saeed, Malik Ishaq, Qari Saif Akhtar, there’ll be more attacks on Mumbai, Quetta etc

  • Every man have own views,maybe wrong or write.malik ishaq a icon in history of pakistan who just mishaped by police and shahbaz shrif.if isi backed malik for what he spent 15years in jail.?u have any single item term like just chat,meeting or any kind of term?,am sure u r just making fool pakistani people,isi linked men never jailed for2days,pak sc is a openwide sheet for nation,dont misuse ur web against pakistan,plz learn abaut mision jhangvi shaheed and then talkabaut it,thanku

  • پتہ نہیں اس ملک پاکستان کا کیا ہوگا؟ جہاں پر دھشت گردوں کو انصاف کے نام پر رہا کیا جارہا ہے اور معصوم و بے گناہ لوگوں کو بے دردی سے قتل کیا جارہا ہے


    Let’s blame the prosecution: On urban liberals’ reaction to Malik Ishaq’s release

    Shahid Saeed, a PMA graduate, is currently under training by urban fake liberals of Pakistan

    Note: For background reading, please read these articles:
    Thank you, ISI-backed Supreme Court, for releasing Malik Ishaq

    Malik Ishaq wielded clout in jail; helped Pak army

    First the sorrow, now the fear

    It was quite educating (but not surprising) to see Pakistan’s urban liberal elite (also known as darbari liberals) reaction to the release of Malik Ishaq by ISI-backed Supreme Court of Pakistan. Instead of blaming the most powerful institution of Pakistan, i.e, Pakistan army and the judges who remain subservient to Pakistan army’s wishes, they found it convenient to blame the police and the prosecution for the release of Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorist Malik Ishaq. At least three urban liberals, namely Shahid Saeed, Ayesha Tammy Haq and Mehmal Sarfraz, were seen on Twitter blaming poor prosecution.

    Pakistani tweeple and blogger Shahid Saeed is a graduate of Pakistan Military Academy Kakool. Here is my open letter to him which offers an exemplar of my response to Pakistani urban liberals’ reaction to Malik Ishaq’s release.

    TwitPost: An Open Letter to @shahidsaeed


    Sir, I am an avid reader of your posts and tweets on Pakistan politics. I hope you will take my criticism in this TwitPost in a constructive manner. I don’t mean any personal offence to you.

    I have always noticed your “harsh on politicians, soft on GHQ stance” which is amply documented elsewhere.

    I also notice that you operate in a tight network of ex-cadets and soldiers (including yourself), urban elite and their middle class aspirants.

    The following few lines may help you reconsider your position and stance on certain issues.

    Please read these tweets from bottom to top. Then read the Dawn article.



    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    @cpyala @tammyhaq @kaalakawaa @shahidsaeed What witness & what prosecution when State (ISI) creates & protects SSP terrorists! is it a joke?
    14 Jul

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    Well, Mr @shahidsaeed instead of blaming the police “pathetic investigation”, discover some honesty… and blame ISI-SCP. Shame!

    shaista_azar Shaista Azar
    @Mehmal An apologist to judiciary @Shahidsaeed came with same arguments when#Mukhtaran rapists were acquitted

    Mehmal Mehmal Sarfraz
    @JunaidGhumman yeah right. Read @shahidsaeed‘s tweet. He’s not innocent. The prosecution didn’t do their job
    14 Jul Favorite Retweet Reply

    tammyhaq Ayesha Tammy Haq
    @SamadK @shahidsaeed @Ali_Abbas_Zaidi if you don’t prosecute them they will walk free, prosecution is states job. State not interested?
    14 Jul

    kursed Abdullah Saad
    Twitter logic; Judge=Prosecution. RT @shahidsaeed Evidence in SL team case against Ishaq so filmsy, hardened judge would have acquitted him.

    shahidsaeed Shahid Saeed
    Evidence in SL team case against Ishaq was so filmsy, even hardened judge would have acquitted him. pathetic investigation


    Dawn article:

    “it is very surprising that one of the Supreme Court judges who released Malik Ishaq on bail last week scolded the prosecution and said the case was weak. The same judge, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, was part of a Lahore Hight Court bench that had asked the police to close down cases of hate speech and incitement to violence, against Jamaatud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed. The bench would simply not accept that Jamaatud Dawa was another name for Lashkar-e-Taiba, because the new name was not present on a certain list.”



    There are still some people who don’t want to name and shame ISI-SCP as accomplices in continued massacres of the Shia, Baloch, Hazara etc in Pakistan. Instead, they blame poor prosecution. They must reconsider their stance.


  • If there was no proof against this man, then why should the supreme court keep him in jail. This is the problem, we tend to take the system in our hands. For Gods sake let the judiciary do its job.

  • Wah Wasim Younis, wah!!! Kya baat hay!
    When it comes to politicians especially PPP leaders, when nothing is proved, yet everyone wants to call them corrupt and criminal. Killers should be left scott free by your judiciary

  • If with Shia every time Judaciary don’t give proper justic and shia take the gun in the hand then this findamaintalist and Tararist where are runaway from pakistan, and wahllah they can’t be runaway from us, only our Mujtahid give a “Fithwaa” to kill this eliment to every where and any where. I swear to say Shia love to dia for this iem but to beet to this element.

  • wah kia baat ha……kia kehne……ppp wale b maasoom ho rahe hein…jinhone aik badnam e zamana shia terrorist faisal raza abidi ko aala uhde pe rakha..aur jub us ne istifaa deya aur jo baatein ary news aur aaj tv pe kin pakistani sunni qaum k kaan kholne k lieye kaafi thin…aap aaj b internet pe shia terrorist ki pics daikhin faisal raza abidinazar aaiga…malik sab tu sirf in ko dra rahe hein aur yeh dar rahe hein