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Tere dar pe sanam chale aai: On General Pasha’s visit to Washington

Army Chief says: ‘momin hou tau bey AID bhi larta hai sipahi’

Corps commanders’ meeting: Army shrugs off ‘punitive’ aid cut-off by US

On the other hand, General Pasha is going to Washington today to revive aid and clarify any “misunderstandings” between the USA and Pakistan army / ISI.

Here is a detail news:

ISI chief Shuja Pasha leaves for US to revive ties

The same ISI Chief (as reported by some Right Wing enthusiasts) reportedly told General Mullen that America is not our God, we only fear Allah.

When China has on numerous occasions pledged support to Pakistan, as is frequently stated by right wing and liberal friend of the ISI, why not test the Pakistan-China friendship which is deeper than the oceans, higher than the Himalayas and cheaper by the dozens.

In the recently held Corps Commanders meeting (such meetings are held more frequently than the parliamentary sessions in the Islamic Republic), Pakistani generals have threatened to withdraw forces from Pak Afghan borders. However, the statement is ridiculous as they have previously complained to NATO/Afghanistan of Afghan Taliban’s cross border attacks in Pakistan territories. Threatening of withdrawing forces from the Pak-Afghan borders shows how credible Pakistan army’s complaints are?

So, what does it show? Are khakis confused? or shallow? or both?

Reverting to General Pasha’s topic, a respected friend (who will remain anonymous) recently made the following apt comment in a closed group discussion:

“General Pasha has gone to the US to return all the money Pakistani generals have recieved from the Americans over the decades. Finally, ghairat jaag gai hai. (zameer aur ghairat kisi waqt bhee jaag sakti hai.) He will tell the Americans that we will eat grass but will not take a penny from America.”

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  • “…Soon after independence, Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah asked the US, in a letter sent with his emissary, for $2 billion in military and financial aid…”
    That means habit of asking for aid started from day one (can Pasha change this?)!!!!

  • ISI chief heads to US as ties nosedive

    WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s spy chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha, who heads the country’s ISI, an organization accused by the United States of terrorist links and of murdering its own citizens, is arriving in Washington for talks aimed ostensibly at defusing tensions with the Obama administration.

    The sudden, unexpected visit comes on the heels of mildly punitive US action including withholding $800 million military aid to Pakistan following US allegations that the Pakistani government “sanctioned” the murder of a journalist and that the ISI continues to foster terrorist groups in Pakistan at the expense of cooperation with Washington.

    In a brief, one-line statement, Pakistan’s military, de facto rulers of the country, said Pasha was going to Washington to “coordinate intelligence matters”.

    Pasha himself is under the gun, since he is listed as an accused in the 26/11 Mumbai attack case in a NY court case. His visit also comes on the heels of the assassination in Kandahar of Afghanistan president Karzai’s half-brother Ahmed Wali Karzai.

    The mood in Washington is decidedly hostile towards Pakistan, particularly the ISI, with sections of the US establishment wanting Pasha’s ouster. A New York Times editorial last week, prompted by the Obama administration’s views on the matter, said Pakistan’s weak civilian government could re-establish its bonafides “by insisting on retirement of Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha, the ISI chief, and the appointment of a more credible successor.”

    “The US needs to use its influence to hasten Pasha’s departure. It should tell Pakistan’s security leadership that if Washington identifies anyone in ISI or the army as abetting terrorists, those individuals will face sanctions like travel bans or other measures. The ISI has become inimical to Pakistani and American interests,” it said.

    The Obama administration has held back some $ 800 in military aid to Pakistan, including $ 300 million earmarked for training programs which Pakistan’s military scrapped by denying visas to U.S trainers and expelling those already in Pakistan. Pakistan’s military fears that the trainers are being used to infiltrate the armed forces and hire spies to track down its assets, both human and technical.


  • They are same, they will be serving United States , the rhetoric is only for Haroon Rashid and likes so that he can confuse our lums educated youth and chattering classes so they can wet their pants thinking about modern Bin Qasims fighting evil India and USA.

    we should not confuse ourselves nor should PPP. The concrete reality of establishment relations has not changed so far.

    It didnt even changed in 90s when they were about to declare Islamic Republic a rouge state.

    Keeping in mind USA policy of discovering “moderate Taliban” the stategic goals of Pakistani establishment and that of United States has actually come closer and in same direction.

    The stopping of Aid and stuff is actually an internal political decision by democrates to appear to be saving money in times of unprecedented economic crunch in USA and will only harm our political government who will be further accused by media and Right bout the benefits of policy of supporting usa war on terror

    PPP should also be looking into policy what will it do after we have moderate Talibans in Afghanistan. Establishment will get rid of PPP n ANP and Saudis will be facilitators.

  • Thanks Sherry for your valuable input. I think you should come up with a full post on this issue, the implications of Obama Af-Pak strategy.

  • Luv i am trying too. i have a 15 hours day these days. Post doc research is tough. i am dying to write but havnt been able to manage it so far. will try my best