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Edhi Sahib We Are Disappointed:—- By D. Asghar

Undoubtedly, Edhi Sahib is the last bastion of hope in the Land of Pure. A selfless human being, who has rose to immeasurable heights, all because his countless services to humanity.

The entire Pakistan is proud of him and he is the symbol of the real Pakistani spirit. A man who’s rescue vans go through the cities, immediately after any disaster. He is the pioneer of “Emergency Response” in Pakistan.

His simple and honest personality is so uplifting for many. A source of real inspiration for millions across the country. He is the angel in our land, where greed and lust rules.

However his recent statement, asking the Army General to take over for 6 months is down right pathetic (http://www.jang.com.pk/jang/jul2011-daily/10-07-2011/topst/main6.gif). Agreed, as a private citizen, Edhi Sahib has all the right to express his political opinion. But at the same token, doesn’t that amount to violation of the constitution, especially after the passage of the 18th Amendment?

Very respectfully, Edhi Sahib, can you kindly explain:

A) How can an Army General come in, under what law and take over the will of people?

B) No matter how wretched, diseased and messed up the system may be, but don’t you think, its not up to you or the Army General to decide, how to fix it?

C) Sir many years ago, you went into hiding to avoid any involvement in Politics, what has made you change your mind now?

D) Sir you are the last hope of every Pakistani, when it comes to goodness, humanitarian search and rescue, philanthropy and selfless duty. Please do not tarnish your image by eluding to such irresponsible statements. Who is asking you to say such stuff and why?

E) Sir do you really think that 100,000 lives lost in this “worthy cause” is not much? Sir you of all people, who tries to preserve the lives of many, how come?

Sir we have seen the intervention of the Army, way too many times. The intervention has always been supposedly for a “clean up” act. Have you seen we have been “cleaned out” so many times by this fallacy, that we don’t buy this anymore.

Responsible people and nations try to fix the system, within the framework of the law. Democracy is not the perfect system, but relatively close to one. Sir to say the least, we are utterly disappointed, by your statement. This was not expected at all, at least from a man like you.

About the author

D. Asghar

D. Asghar is a Pakistani American. A Mortgage Banker by profession who loves to write as well. He blogs frequently at popular South Asian websites. A repository of some of his scribbles is http://dasgharspoliticalprism.blogspot.com/. He can be reached at dasghar@aol.com.


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  • Well I think it just shows the desperation of even the most resilient of any citizen, like Edhi sahib, that the affairs of this moral cesspool of the muslim world (pakistan) have now become so bleak that they are overwhelmed to accept the worst means to an end.

  • Vow great analysis , thank you Mr D.Asghar you qualify ( 100 percent ) for a dog shit on your face, people like you carry a worth not more than a toilet paper , you are so obsessed with Zardarism , cannot differentiate between good and bad.