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Sadqay on Kamran Khan & Geo’s Innocence – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi


"Muddat ho gayee ilzaam lagatay lagatay"

Kamran Khan, Geo TV’s ace anchor having his show named after him, “Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath” is known for his end of times scenario build ups related to the PPP government’s demise. Starting from corruption stories to bad governance and support for right wing in the country, his shows begin with his diatribe against the PPP and ends with the PPP. Starting from Zardari the program has to revolve around predicting a near end scenario for the PPP.


In President Zardari’s speech on MBB’s birthday on 21st June, 2011, there were two targets: Molvi Nawaz Sharif and his support for those who are killing Pakistanis and the other was Political Actors on TV. He said “Aik din jald aye ga jub TV channels par adakar nahee, bulkay danishwar bethayn gay” which basically translated into


“Soon time will come when intellectuals will appear on TV Channels rather than political actors”.


Thankfully for the political actors, majority of his speech’s post-mortem revolved around his comments on Nawaz Sharif and the “changing political scenario”, with yet another lifeline given to political actors to paint doomsday scenarios. However, his taunt on the anchors was to get a response. Whether it was positive or negative, only time would tell


On June 29, 2011, Kamran Khan’s show was titled “Talk show’s mayn cheekh-o-pukaar, gaalam galoch, Kuch Karna Hoga” which in English means “Rowdiness and Abusive language on Talk Shows, something needs to be done”. The whole show can be seen here: http://www.awaztoday.com/playvideo.asp?pageId=15476


Though the program highlighted a very pertinent matter, but the angling on the program showed majority of those clips where PPP representatives were seen engaged with opposition politicians on mindless accusations and counter accusations.


The program clippings showed included:


  • Firdous Ashiq Awan’s abusive accusations against Kashmala Tariq’s character  on  Javed Chaudhry’s program
  • Faisal Raza Abidi against Ahmed Raza Kasuri on ZAB’s retrial – News Beat on Smaa TV
  • Zulfikar Mirza and Mushahidullah  – ARY’s 11th Hour
  • Sharmila Farooqi’s shouting match with Chaudhry Abid Sher Ali – Kashif Abbasi’s program
  • Jamil Soomro and Naeem-ul-Haq on a Business Plus program where water glass was thrown


The purpose of showing the above mentioned clips is to again give an angle against the PPP and especially those who are considered close to the PPP top leadership.


Prominent program clippings not shown in my opinion include:


  • Abid Sher Ali calling Shaheed Salmaan Taseer “Ahmaq” on Kashif Abbasi’s program
  • Hassan Nisar (Geo TV Anchor of program Choraha) hurling abuses on Mushahidullah of PML-N
  • Ahmed Raza Kasuri hurling expletives in a Great Debate
  • In a Capital Talk show in December 2010, Hamid Mir asked an “aam admi” about CNG shortage, where the “aam admi” hurled an abuse on the show at Asif Zardari,  the expletive was “beeped” but anyone could understand what was said
  • When Faisal Raza Abidi tore Ansar Abbasi apart over Ansar Abbasi’s false accusations that Raymond Davis was released by the PPP government and even the blood money was given by the government, thereby implying that Asif Zardari deliberately released Davis to appease the Americans.


I am sure readers can list many more programs which I may not have seen where abusive and negative character of opposition politicians could have been seen. That is why we say, our media is most unfair, biased and angles information in a certain manner to give the ruling PPP a bad name.


It would be better if Kamran Khan returned to his diatribes on “corruption” and “bad governance” than to highlight programs of his own journalistic community. It is also hoped that some day he will have courage to do a program on false and unproved accusations and dates given by his colleagues related to the removal of PPP government.


As they say, “Sharam Kar Kay Geo!


Program clips can be seen here too:

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Ahmed Iqbalabadi


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  • Irrespective of having soft corner for a particular political party, I honestly feel that some of participants at Talk Shows lack decency and art of conversation.
    The existence of Vulgarity, abusive verbal and body gestures is actually an integral and essential part of DNA of Pakistanis.
    This is a good sign where, within a few years of performance, a member has acknowledged that he is also part of the gang of ‘political actors’.
    Out of the gang of ‘political actors’, there are emerging some intellectuals, where one can collect some information and guidance about Current national and International Affairs, such as Mr. Najam Sethi, Mushtaq Minhas, Nusrat Javed, Arshad Sharif, P.J. Meer, Saleem Saafi.
    According to my personal preference the following Talk Shows provide and expose a tolerable and educative format:
    1. Aapas Ki Baat-Najam Sethi
    2. Reporter- Arshad Sharif
    3. Jirga- Saleem Saafi
    4. Bolta Pakistan-Mushtaq Minhas, Nusrat Javed
    5. Q & A with P.J. Meer
    6. Lekin
    Most of other Anchors and Talk Shows are not better than a ‘Barbar’s Shop’ inside Bhatti Gate Lahore.

  • @Javed Sheikh Sahab,
    Thanks for your detailed comment and analysis. Without doubt the programs you’ve mentioned stand apart from the ones you’ve not named. They are not just balanced but do not make your blood boil. At the end of the day, it all depends on the anchor how he wants to conduct the show. That is the whole reason why he is known as an anchor.

    I forgot to mention Geo’s ugly role through its news bulletins. Imagine how they raised public opinion against Salmaan Taseer on blasphemy and against Fauzia Wahab on the matter of Hazrat Umar(RA). Programs is something different but Geo’s news bulletins are the most abusive promoting vigilante justice.

  • @Ahmed, thanks for this well-researched article. It just goes to show that “Kamran Khan kay Farts” as someone appropriately titles his shows is the typical rubbish spewed by vast sections of the media.

  • For once I agree with an article on this site….

    This Kamran Khan is total lota of MQM, when ever he gets the poke he starts his blatherings….

    350000 tehqiqati reports, tabsaray and a mountain of horse sh!t is what this d-bag is known for…