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Benazir Bhutto – A shining example for the younger generation- By A.L


When Benazir Bhutto landed in USA on her first visit as PM, she stood out not just as a statesman but also a mother

21st June is one of the longest day of the year. It is also that day of the year when a great leader of Pakistan was born 58 years ago. Benazir Bhutto was a brave and dauntless leader. With her charisma, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge and compassion she was in many ways an ideal woman. Tested through fire, she never abandoned her ideals and belief in the freedom of humanity from tyranny.


In a male-dominated, Islamic society, she became the youngest chief executive of the country world and the first woman elected ruler of a Muslim country in modern history.   She stood bravely against both the tyranny of terrorism as well as the tyranny of dictatorship. She has been martyred for her courage and pursuit of pursuit of freedom. She was an embodiment of courage and endurance who did not allow her personal tragedies to stand in the way of her larger commitment towards her people. From getting the best of education, being a great leader to a conscientious mother, Benazir has done it all. She fought for democracy until death. She worked selflessly for the Federation of Pakistan and gave the supreme sacrifice for the people and their democratic rights and giving up her life so that the torch of freedom could burn in the night of dictatorship.


She spread knowledge by building colleges and universities, especially of professional studies and vocational training. She opened the way for the middle classes to develop and prosper in the fields of medicine, engineering, law and other specialist studies.


She had also fought for women’s health, social and discrimination issues. She had plans to set up police stations of women, banks and also courts. She was in the forefront to form the council of women world leaders.  As a politician, daughter, sister, wife and mother, she fulfilled her responsibilities to the best of imaginable capabilities. She was a Benazir in every manner, thus being an icon to many women the world over especially Muslim women.


She was against violence on woman. Traditionally, Muslim women are stuck to household cores and would not venture outside. But Benazir’s zest for life, her charisma was so good that she became a role model to many. she was a woman of honor who gave honor and raised the honor of her country and the people and gave the identity to them.


She was a heartthrob of millions of people and continues to rule their hearts and minds.

Her entire life is a role model not only for the people of Pakistan but also the world.

She may not be physically with us today but her ideals and vision continue to enlighten our path.


Her intelligence and charm has an everlasting print in everybody’s mind. She will live forever in the annals of history. She is a fine example for young people to emulate as they build independent lives and take our society forward in this still young century. She is a shining example inspiring generations of Pakistanis, Asians and Muslims to reach the heights of greatness by dedicating their lives selflessly to their country, to their people and to the pristine values of justice, equality and freedom in this still young century”.


She was a role model for young generation. She had a great faith in the youth of Pakistan  always encouraging the youngsters to do their  best. In one speech she said:


I appeal to the youth of Pakistan to come forward and unite for the restoration of democracy and constitutional rule.

I have great faith in the youth of Pakistan. I know the youth will redeem my faith in them.

You, the Youth, are our successor generation. To you we pass the torch of leadership, our democratic vision baptized in the sacred blood of our Martyrs.

Dear students, Dear youth, fight what you believe in. Fight for Democracy. Fight for our exploited and impoverished people.

Remember: it is better to live like a lion for one day — than live like a jackal for a thousand years.


Today her courageous outlook has set an example for future generations. We do not have many parallels in history to her life. Today she is a shining example inspiring generations of Pakistanis, Asians and Muslims. Mere words are insufficient to pay tribute to a leader who lived and died solely for her nation and its people.


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Ahmed Iqbalabadi


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  • MBB was for sure a star for the youth. She was a young woman who achieved much more than anyone else does in his or her lifetime. May she rest in peace

  • Zindah Hi Bibi Zindah Hai


    Un Ka Qatil bhi Zinda Hai (Generals Musharraf, Kiani and Pasha)

  • whole of pakistan is not PPP and PPP is not whole pakistan, this means that with a vote bank of 20%, they always take away the seats in parliament and under such fraud democracy (with 45% fake votes listed) they claim to be the champions of democracy. the whole fight of this family was for money and power.
    jiyalas have given bhuttos the status of “saints” and people remember how zardari shouted “kufr” at one of the occasions.
    these secularist, who donot believe in islamic principles are only following mackavele and chankia.

    these secularists are not our role models. whatever they do, they cannot achieve their objectives and insha-allah this is the last time, they are ever in power.

    benazir fought for the lust and desire of power but ALLAH swt proved that HE IS ONLY SUPER POWER and nothing can happen without HIS WILL AND COMMAND.

  • In eastern nations where women are facing social taboos, there are signs of change in Asiatic societies. They have given birth to celebrated women with charismatic personalities. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was one of them. As a student of social sciences and politics, she had shown keen interest in the international system of nations. Truly, she exhibited a brilliant mind during her studies abroad and when she returned to her homeland, she helped the great leader, her father Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.
    When General Ziaul Haq took over, she had to go through unbearable pain and sorrow. Her loving father and public leader was hanged, her brothers were exiled, one of whom was trapped and killed in France, her mother Nusrat Bhutto was jailed in various prisons and tortured mentally, but Benazir Bhutto always looked in high spirits. Facing the hardships of martial law, she led the public towards the path of democracy in her prison and exile days. Moreover, it was a political miracle when Benazir became the first woman prime minister of the country. Benazir never lost her confidence and the public witnessed her leadership qualities. In both her tenures, Benazir always encouraged women to become masters of their destiny to uplift themselves in education, employment, etc. She always remained a source of inspiration for all. Benazir Bhutto left an international legacy of leadership. She had ideas to bring change in the lives of labour, students and the women of Pakistan. She once said, “You can imprison a man, but not an idea, you can exile a man, but not an idea, you can kill a man, but not an idea.”
    We do not have enough words to pay tribute to our sister Shaheed Benazir Bhutto.

  • one of the most inspiring things about her is that she achieved it all while also successfully managing to raise 3 children. amazing woman! And one of the most touching parts of Sohail Waraich’s interview with her was when she said that in a way the positive side of her political exile was that she managed to spend time with her children during her political hiatus.

  • I am an Indian,i strongly respect and take up the ideal paths followed by this great lady of East.Benazirs will power in following her faith,her wisdom,knowledge and her charisma makes her an ideal women for all. Being born in a socity were women are consider with no respect,
    she stood up as a beacon for the young girls of Pakistan and the world.
    She may not be present with us physically but her ideals and vision still breathes life through the youths of Pakisthan and the world.
    With all love we salute you from the depts of our heart. 🙂