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A 6-year-old boy thrown into a hot water tub in Sargohda, Pakistan. His crimes? Hunger, Poverty,Helplessness

6-year-old hungry boy died after being thrown in boiling water

In Sargodha Pakistan, a hungry young boy, Tassawar, was thrown in a tub of hot water when he approached for food at the cooking area of a wedding in the neighbourhood. The boy belonged to a poor family. He was taken to a local district hospital, where no emergency aid was provided to the burnt boy. He was left in an irrelevant ward with no medical attention at all. The superintendent, Sher Mohammed Rana, in the hospital refused to admit him or pvoide medial assistance to the crying and suffering boy, who was later shifted to Lahore. After seven days, the child died in suffering yesterday. (Daily Express, December 4, 2008).