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The Kufi Shia sellouts of the military establishment – by Laibaah

Pakistan's Shia Muslims are a victim of terrorism by jihadi & sectarian groups sponsored by ISI

Syed Mushahid Hussain, Nasim Zehra, Ejaz Haider, Mosharraf Zaidi, Syed Talat Hussain, Shireen Mazari, Meher Bokhari and Abbas brothers: Take a bow in front of your Yazid Masters!

While the massacre of Shias in Pakistan continues unabated, these establishment apologists continue to serve their real masters. In the last few decades, they have been at the forefront in obscuring the role of the security establishment in creating and nurturing the monsters who are not only killing Shias, but also all other oppressed ethnic groups, sects and religious groups of Pakistan.

In the last thirty five years, the military establishment used the State to spread the poison of religious extremism that provides them with hundreds of thousands of Jihadi and sectarian mercenaries (e.g. Lashkar-e-Taiba, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Jaish-e-Muhammad, Lashkar-e-Jhangavi, Taliban).  These mercenaries are then used to gain strategic depth in neighbouring Afghanistan and India. While these Islamofascist mercenaries have failed in gaining strategic depth, they have been highly successful in killing hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis.  From suicide bombs at shrines to pogroms against Pakistan’s vulnerable and oppressed Ahmadis, Hindus, Christiains and Sikhs, they have shown their true Yazidi character with their blood-lust!

In the meanwhile, what have those Shias done who have significant presence in Pakistan’s ISI-dominated media:

Syed Mushahid Hussain: A chauvinist and sauve media personality, he has been a loyal servant of the security establishment and has served various army-backed administrations with distinction, right from General Zia-ul-Haq to General Musharraf.

Nasim Zehra:  In the 1990s, this sorry excuse for a journalist built a career by defending the Taliban. She was a formal member of Imran Khan’s PTI until 1999. Post, 2007, this former PTI spokesperson gave herself a career boost by aligning with the movement to restore ISI-friendly, Islamofascist, rape-friendly judges in the Supreme Court. She has also infiltrated the Citizens For Democracy (CFD) Group whose platform she uses for her virulent political score settling with the PPP. This was evident in her blog for CFD where she blamed the failure to change the Blasphemy Law on the PPP and not on ISI-backed right-wing judges and political parties like PTI.  It was PTI which openly participated with thousands of Jihadis and shared their blood-curling slogans against those who opposed the blasphemy law like many PPP and ANP leaders, some of whom were killed and some muzzled by the Jihadi boys of the Deep State.

Meher Bokhari: This mediocre journalist will always be remembered for the ugly role she played in inciting the murder of Governor of the Punjab, Salmaan Taseer by spreading the disinformation that Taseer was blasphemous to Islam. While she has established her credentials as ISI-apologist and mullah-apologist anchor, she has consistently failed to highlight the issue of mass murder of Shia Muslims by the ISI and its proxy organizations such as TTP, SSP, LeJ and JeM.

Syed Talat Hussain: Aside from muckraking and spewing the lies fed to him by ISI (e.g. to hide LeT/ISI’s involvement in the Mumbai Attacks, to obfuscate the Raymond Davis issue), this journalist became famous for writing a sexist, racist, homophobic piece about internationally renowned UN charity worker and volunteer, Angelina Jolie. This publicity starved loudmouth also participated in a Flotilla set for Gaza thousands of miles away but has never felt the need for a similar relief effort for the far worse affected Shias of Parachinar!

Shireen Mazari: Dr. Shireen Mazari is notorious for her ISI-TTP apologist stance. She has been tasked by Pakistan’s military establishment to spread Imran Khan-philia and USA-phobia in Pakistani media and masses.

Abbas Brothers:  In the past, Zafar Abbas did occasionally highlight the plight of the Shias as a BBC correspondent. However today, Azhar, Mazhar and Zafar are all part of the Duffer apologist brigade via their brother, General Athar Abbas, head of Pakistan Army’s ISPR!

Mosharraf Zaidi: Opportunism personified, this shifty chameleon is a smooth operator who knows how to inveigle himself into cosy payouts from foreign donor agencies (USAID). A budding master of the art of doublespeak and obfuscation lately he been mourning the loss of moral leadership in Pakistan while completely oblivious of his own moral responsibilities as a journalist. He remains harsh in his criticism of politicians but remains very soft and tactful in his criticism of the GHQ/ISI.

Ejaz Haider:  Besides co-authoring (or editing) expletive-laden slanted tirades against elected president, he is a master apologist for the un-elected security establishment and has long formal associations with Pakistan Military Academy. He wrote a strange obituary for murdered journalist Saleem Shahzad without naming and condemning his killers in the ISI. He is also known for spreading ISI-fed lies on Balochistan. Currently he is mentoring some relatively younger graduates of the PMA to reinforce the ubran-centric, pro-establishment bloggers community.

All of these “journalists/analysts” share some common traits:

i) They are soft in their criticism of the military establishment, its Jihadi boys and Jihadi cheer leaders like Imran Khan.

ii) Their analyses deliberately exclude or dilute the ongoing genocide of the Baloch nationalists by the Pakistan army.

iii) They have either ignored or misrepresented the fact that the Taliban and the Pushtuns are not the same; rather the secular Pushtunwali code that is central to the Pushtun ethos is opposed to the nihilist and caliphatist outlook of the Taliban and their rich urban supporters.

iv) Their views on drone attacks are based on the one-sides narratives of the security establishment.

v) Their views against elected representatives, in particular the PPP, reflect their deep-rooted biases and pro-establishment, apolitical prejudices.

vi) As individuals from a Shia (some of them are Syed) background, they have either neglected the ongoing Shia genocide in Pakistan or attributed this phenomenon to the false narratives constructed by the Deep State. They wrongly label and justify mass murder of Shia Muslims in Pakistan as sectarian violence while ignoring the fact that there is little or no sectarianism between Sunnis and Shias in Pakistan. There is only ISI-sponsored terrorism against Shia Muslims through proxies such as TTP, SSP and LeJ.

It is this last characteristic that is a scathing indictment of the mindset of these Shia Kufi sellouts of the Deep State.

While Shias are being massacred in Pakistan on a daily basis, these media influential Shias have done NOTHING in their capacity to raise awareness of this issue.  Rather it is moderate Sunni Muslims like Khaled Ahmed (TFT) and Husain Haqqani, and foreign journalists like Christine Fair and Vali Nasr who have done the best work in highlighting the Shia genocide in Pakistan.

Central to Shia philosophy, as based on the Karbala paradigm, is the need to raise awareness against injustice and oppression.  However with these pseudo-liberal proxies of the Deep State on the one side and ISI sellout Shia Islamist parties like ISO on the other, the average Shia of Pakistan has no one to take up their cause.

As for the Pakistan Peoples Party, they have simply gone into survival mode and their representatives like Firdous Ashiq Awan and Rehman Malik have also started spewing the nonsense of the Deep State! One can understand if the top leadership like Zardari and Gillani stay silent but the 2nd and 3rd tier leadership of this party has to re-establish its anti-establishment creditability that has a legacy of 35 year of martyrs that started with ZA Bhutto, continued with the Chandio villagers of the MRD movement and has paused with Benazir, Taseer and Bhatti.  Otherwise, they are no different from these disgraceful Kufi Shias.

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Jehangir Hafsi


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  • No surprise the writers name is Laiba MARRI.

    No One likes you Baluch f@rts, GET IT!!!

    Shias and Sunnis hate you lowlifes equally!!

    Don’t try to spread sectarianism and divide people, all of these people are Pakistani first and Shia second.

    I know how much you pigs love Shias, Qaid Azam was a shia and what are your views about him?

    ISI will soon eliminate you cockroaches, it’s just a matter of time.

  • If only Imran Khan is elected as the next Khalifa, he will ban this website that is attacking PTI stalwarts like Nasim Zehra and Dr. Mazari. This is too much. Shias are being killed because they are not proper muslims. Why don’t you talk of drone attacks?

  • Drone attacks are blessing in disguise, because Army has abonded us at the mercy of Al Qaeda and Taliban…!

  • Good effort. And yes The Establishment is not solely Punjabi as generally perceived but Punjab dominated. It’s not solo Sunni but dominated by this sect owing to its population ratio compared to others. It’s not Orthodox Islamist by faith but dominated by this hard core sect. It is neither alone the military. It comprises of GHQ potted political beraderies, including Gillani and Pimping Superior Civil servants. The sector mostly let unmentioned while discussing The Power Circle is the most influential, resourceful and omnipresent Industrialists.

    Thus their faith or sect can best be termed as Opportunism. Every now and then a few new entrants makes entry into the club as adhocism continues at the cost of institutions and thus the country.

  • I cannot believe that people actually think that by killing other people for not being “proper muslims” they push themselves closer to god. These are satan’s agents about whom the holy Quran warns to beware of as they will spread fitna and fassad. Hypocrite retards go kill yourself! You have no respect for humanity and a good muslim is supposed to have that before anything else!

  • A conversation with Shia friend who is Imran Khan apologist : ” Don’t you see there is nothing wrong in asking SSP , JuD , Sunni Tehreek , shia uleema in dharna . tum yeah dekho ju aik dosri ki gardan katay thay aaaj kandhay kandhay mila kar mulk bachana niklay hai ” .

  • How can one be sure that these are all Shias? One can be sure of Mushahid and Talat but others may not be! One thing is for sure that they are opportunists of the highest order

  • Faisal Kapadia is an Ismaili Shia. His Imam, Agha Khan, pays billions of dollars in bhatta to the ISI every year in order to save Ismaili Shias from the ISI proxies wrath. Perhaps Iranian Ayatollahs should pay a hefty amount to their partners in GHQ to save the Twelver Shias from the ongoing mass murder?

  • I don’t think the lines of responsibility from the sectarian psychopaths to Aabpara are that clear.

    I don’t think Kayani and Pasha sit around a table plotting how to shed Shia blood.

    This article goes a bit too far. If the Pakistan military is as omnipotent, why can’t they stop attacks by out of control proxies on their own soldiers and officers. I should also mention that their own Generals receive death threats.

    I do not think that the lines of responsibility are that clear, and the situation is more akin to a miasma of competing prejudices, combined with well armed opportunistic murderers thrwon into the mix. It’s a mess, and screaming at the military entirely will not stop sectarian assholes from having the minds of sectarian assholes.

    Better policing, preventive intelligence gathering, better analysis, detective work, these things on the other hand….

  • A bit true; that the named people are all opportunists. It is true that the establishment does not treats Shia as an integral part of nation; the contradictions are the same as of Indian state with Muslims there. But the remedy of situation cannot be Shia specific. To use the kerbala paradigm; the opporessors who killed Hussain were equally bad for the Muslims at large. the best tribute can be a sustained struggle against this impotent establishment and its eqaually inhuman civil partners. that done; we can claim to have achieved something!

  • well Raymond Davis, u mean that Pakistan is really a GHUNDA state that asks for money so that other people could live here.

    u have proven the saying right that Pakistanis can even sell their mother for money, it was said when Raymond Davis was about to go, and the same happened.. am i right ????

  • I am surprised this and shocked. This writer has no proper source of information. Among the listed Shias I know atleast one. That is Mosharraf Zaidi. And for your kind information he is not Shia. Now dont tell me that since his name has Zaidi as surname and mostly Zaidis are Shias.

    He lives in my neighborhood and his parents run a school here too. And I know the whole family. They are not shias.

    This is another thing. The first thing is whats the point in writing this article? Whats the purpose? Sectarianism?

  • Ilitterate ignorant rotten stinking crap you are. Laibah. You people are totally sick. Working on an horrible agenda. Using secterian issues and falsly accusing to provoke and ignite spark of hatred. This website is a total piece of dirty fucking shit.