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Dr. Shireen Mazari knows revenge! -by Dr Shazia Nawaz

One thing is certain about Pakistan these days: If you are following all the news coming from Pakistan, you’re not going to have a dull moment in your life. Either they will make you cry by shooting innocent people down, and then letting them bleed to death on the road, or they will have hilarious episodes of different politicians’ melt down.

What Dr. Shireen Mazari did in that restaurant to that American was sad and hilarious at the same time. I would call it a petty revenge.

What else was it?

“You hit my chair you filthy American and did not apologize, I am going to hit your chair back and guess what, I am not going to apologize either.” Dr. Shireen Mazari truly believes in ‘Jo bakray nay mara hay bakree ko seeing / to bakree bhee maray gee bakray ko seeing’.

You send drones to us, what if I can not send drones back, I sure can hit your chair back.

I have no doubt in my mind that Dr. Shireen Mazari and Imran Khan are ultimate patriots. They are. They just don’t know politics. I am not a political analyst, but every political analyst that I know and trust, seem to have the same opinion of both Imran Khan and Dr. Shireen Mazari; They have no understanding of the current situation in Pakistan.

It’s displaced emotions, it’s anger, and it’s rage that made Dr.Shireen Mazari to hit that American’s chair back in revenge. As legend
has it, an American diplomat; one of those killers lose on the street with diplomatic immunity (or the power to buy us) pushed his chair back in a restaurant in Islamabad and that chair hit Dr. Mazari’s chair.

Dr. Mazari waited patiently for him to apologize. But apparently, people with license to kill and then with money to buy you later, do
not apologize, Dr. Mazari felt.

Being a modern women of 21st century, She decided to teach him a lesson. She too pushed her chair in to that American’s chair when she got up.

And then of course all that led to a big drama. I wonder if there was a slight, let’s say a tiny bit possibility that the American guy did not indeed hit his chair in Dr. Mazari’s chair on purpose and then did not realize that he had, so he did not apologize.

I throw in that random theory because I live among a lot of American people. They are everywhere here where I live in USA. And there is one thing they never fail to do.

They never fail to say ‘excuse me’ when passing through or passing by, and also they never fail to say ‘I’m sorry’ if they accidentally hit you or come in your personal space in anyway. They do it so much that it is a reflex to them. Just like if I put my hand on a burning stove, I would lift it up immediately; the second any American enters in two feet of your personal space, he/ she apologizes immediately. At work, when myself and any of my colleagues enter in each other’s space, it’s always them who say, “excuse me” first.

So, in my opinion, this American fellow deserved benefit of doubt. It is highly unlikely that he hit Dr. Mazari’s chair on purpose to teach her a lesson for speaking against USA, as Dr. Mazari seems to believe. Besides petty revenges are only for the weaker.
The problem is that the beautiful land of ours make us all cry.

Situation is devastating. Every Pakistani heart weeps when innocent die in drone attacks. Every Pakistani heart weeps when innocent die in Taliban suicide bombing. Imran Khan and Dr. Mazari are convinced that if drones stopped, so would Taliban suicide bombing, since Taliban are actually taking revenge from Americans by killing innocent Pakistanis. Would that not be the best thing in the world if both drones and suicide attacks stopped?

Which Pakistani in his right mind would not want that? But sadly, the majority of country’s political analysts and intellectuals believe that it is not going to happen that way. They feel that Imran Khan’s vision is shallow. Sure Taliban want revenge from USA, but they have another goal, a goal that is a lot bigger than ‘Death to America’, and that goal is to bring their version of Sharia in the whole world, and what better place to start but Pakistan?

Taliban want to bring that kind of Sharia to Pakistan in which girls will be kept in the houses, girls schools will be closed, women would be stoned and flogged, no women would be allowed to leave their houses with out a mahram (chaperone), music will be banned and media will not be free. Taliban want to take Pakistan, and eventually the whole world, back to dark ages. They want to create a society where individual freedom would not exist and personal happiness will have no value.

This is why most Pakistanis have never voted for Imran Khan. He does not understand the consequences of letting Taliban loose. One thing is for sure, if Taliban took over, Dr. Shireen Mazari would not be sitting in that resturant with no hijab picking fights with Na-mehram.

Most intellectuals and analysts in Pakistan believe that once USA leaves, Taliban are not going to get settled in their small village
far far away and live happy lives. Taliban’s vision of Islam is a little different than modern Pakistanis’. Once USA leaves, Taliban are
going to try to create a state with in the state again, like they did in swat when peace deal was made. They will keep spreading terror and will keep killing Pakistanis until a Sharia state of the kind they made in Afghanistan is created in Pakistan.

So, sure, demand that drones should be stopped, but please also share with us your plan to get rid of Taliban, who have killed 30,000 Pakistanis in suicide attacks so far.

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Junaid Qaiser


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  • Shirin Mazari is allergic to Americans for reasons best known to her. She is not the only one, there are many journalists having the same perception but one prominent is Ansar Abbasi. He spelled loud and clear before an American delegates “I hate America”. Why should one hate America, you can hate American government, their policies, but to hate America as a whole is not expected from an educated person.

    Imran Khan’s popularity was exposed when we witnessed Dharna at Keamari Area. This Dharna was announed when Imran Khan entered into deal with Sunni Tehrik and Tank truck owners association that summed up to around 5000. There were bhangras and pop music in the dharna as if the gathering was celebrating. Even a sector incharge of MQM can gather more than this Dharna crowd.

    About Shireen Mazari writings. She is a good writer but has no substance in them except all evils in the world are due to USA. She believes in fallacy. Black Waters in Pakistan was her own brain child which she could never prove. I am the only writer that caugh her plagiarism on some other site. She was a regular writer there but after my unearthing her plagiarism she stopped giving input in that blog. Imran Khan and Shirin Mazari have every right to be sympathesizers of Taliban and Alqaeda but that goes in negativity of their populariity.

  • Good job Shazia, unless we expose such fabrications and lies people will remain confused.

  • I think Americans should give some dollers to her and she will start licking there foot immidiatly…she need money if they offer her more then what ISI is giving her they will get good and immidiate result..she is pimp..in other word she is taxi raedy to serve every one but on some cost…

  • You all must look at the comments, He made, I think no body would ever tolerate such stupid words in public places, Whats ever she did was absolutely right and rather then criticizing her, You all must think about the american behavior in our country !!! Its a Pakistan koi us k khala jee ka ghar nahe !!!

  • Shazia Nawaz is another apologist looking at things from Amercian lenses and clearly from the comments read has the backing of fellow brat pack burger generation who are suporting her, as she is one herself! The Amercian behaved in an obnoxious manner indeed using the F word is an inappropriate way to talk to anyone. Dr. Shireen Mazari was well within her rights to respond to such indecent treatment. Shazia Nawaz, what kind of simpleton are you? Do you really think it was a case of you hit my chair therefore i will hit your chair. The American knew who Shireen Mazari was and verbally attacked her. I suggest you need to read through the account of what happened. Perhaps you should consider giving Dr. Shireen Mazari the benefit of the doubt.

    As for the idiots who seem to be more interested Dr. Shirren Mazari looks, I have this to say; go get a life kiddi-winks and leave the grown ups to talk about more serious matters. Better still grab a burger!

  • News Details
    Kashmiri IAS aspirant’s brutal killing shakes Uri
    Lucknow Police files FIR, post mortem confirms murder
    2/15/2012 12:04:57 AM

    Ahmed Ali Fayyaz
    SRINAGAR, Feb 14: Ruling National Conference’s Lok Sabha member from North Kashmir, Sharief-ud-din Shariq, seems to be programmed to raise hue and cry over the killing of only those of his voters who die at the hands of Police and security forces. Same party’s Rajya Sabha member, Mohammad Shafi Uri, who served several times as MLA of Uri and a Minister in J&K, appears to be more concerned on political news than the crime done to the Kashmiris outside. Sitting MLA from Uri and Congress’ Minister of Irrigation, Taj Mohi-ud-din, is apparently preoccupied with dousing the in-house flames of his party that were fast leaping onto him, Peerzada Sayeed and some other of his Cabinet colleagues. Hurriyat’s tropical plant of Azadi has never taken route in temperate Uri.
    So, death of the IAS aspirant, Syed Danish Ali Naqvi of Kamalkote, in extreme brutality in the UP capital city of Lucknow, goes unnoticed, ignored and uncondemned. The story of transportation of the dead body, that took full five days, from Lucknow to Uri, is no less pathetic.
    According to his three roommates, one from Poonch and two from Budgam district of J&K, twenty-two-year old Danish walked out of the privately hired accommodation in Sarfarazgunj are of Lucknow at 2200 hours on January 31st, in informal outfits without telling them that he would draw some money from the local ATM. As he did not return for the whole night, they thought he was participating in a religious function in their neighbourhood.
    As the boy remained untraced on February 1st, Danish’s roommate, Murtaza of Poonch and two others called his cousin Syed Anwar Shah who is a student of Islamic studies at Jamia Imamiya Tanzeem-ul-Makkatib, Golagung. Danish’s three roommates from J&K, one more from Barabanki UP and cousin Anwar continued their search but failed to get any clue. Why didn’t they inform Police? “We thought it is election time here and Police would arrest and harass all the Kashmiri students”, Anwar revealed to Early Times.
    Finally, some labourers working at construction of Era’s Medical College hostel informed Police that there was a dead body hanging against a tree in the nursery. Police reached the spot, took the body into custody and recovered Danish’s belongings. These included cash of Rs 10080, an ATM card of J&K Bank besides the Identity Card of M-Tech Academy’s coaching centre, where the slain youth was enrolled in English Speaking Course. He had planned for go for MBA but not before trying his luck in current year’s IAS examination. After completing his BA from Degree College in Uri, Danish had left for the coaching in Lucknow four months ago.
    According to Anwar, some shopkeepers revealed to Police that they had spotted some strangers at around midnight of February ½ who were in a Wagon car with its number plate covered by mud. They asked for tea which was not available that time. Then they returned. Police on the spot found tyre marks of a Wagon R from the plantation backyard of the famous Era’s Lucknow Medical College and Hospital. According to eyewitnesses, the body was hanging against a tree, with both hands tied in the back. Gaping wounds in the area of neck and ears indicated forceful strikes of a sharp sword.
    Men from Balagunj Police Division and Thakurgunj Police station took next two days in registration of a “death in mysterious circumstances” and completing medico-legal formalities. The inquest proceedings conducted under section 174 CrPC found it a plain case of murder.
    Dead body was returned to the young student Syed Anwar with a preliminary post mortem observation that suggested that Danish had died of “asphyxia caused due to strangulation”. With everybody busy in Assembly elections, none among Police or civil administration came to Anwar’s help till his relatives sent him e-tickets.
    After a great deal of hassles, that includes a bitter exchange between the Kashmir Divisional Commissioner’s OSD and Resident Commissioner in New Delhi, Anwar succeeded in carrying the body to Kamalkote, close to LoC in Uri sector, for funeral. From February 2nd to 6th, the embalmed body remained in unattended rooms, airport mortuaries and transshipment.
    Danish’s barbaric murder has shaken up not only the father Syed Rehmat Shah Naqvi and his family but also sent shockwaves all across Uri. “We are completely shattered and are left with no strength to call for investigation and justice. We are broken. How can we approach officers and politicians to seek their help?” 50-year-old Rehmat Shah, who works as Assistant Executive Engineer in Rural Engineering Wing of the state Rural Development Department in Sopore, bemoaned. Danish’s mother, Sayyeda Nazir Fatima, lost her mental balance with the first news of her son’s slaying. After a week of treatment at SKIMS Medical College and Government Psychiatric Diseases Hospital in Srinagar, she was carried back to her village today.
    Rehmat Ali said that the Investigating Officer contacted him on phone today and informed him that it had been established as a murder case. He told him that the investigation was underway but none of the suspects had been arrested or interrogated in the last over one week. Even the motive of the murder, which was all the more blind after recovery of the entire amount of cash Danish had drawn from the ATM, was found intact. His other belongings, including his cellphone were all in his room, though he made a call to his younger brother Muntazar between 11.00 pm and 1.00 a.m on the fateful night. He wanted to talk to his mother, who was however admitted at SKIMS Medical College Bemina. He put off the call, telling Munatazar that he would call next day.
    DIG/SSP of Lucknow, D K Thakur, told Early Times over phone from Lucknow that Police had converted the matter into a murder case but there had been no headway. “We have not been able to do anything substantial so far”, DIG said. He added that the investigation was in progress.

  • Dr. Sheerin Mazari spent her life as a journalist and now as a politician. Imran Khan established his Tehreek-e-Insaf almost fifteen years ago and you think that they don’t have the vision to understand the current situation of Pakistan but you do have… It is the funniest thing I have ever read. Who are you? a politician, a journalist working for a news agency or you are working for the CIA…thats is why you are so aware of whats going on in Tribal areas of Pakistan and what are the aims and ambitions of TTP.

    You want to give the American a benefit of doubt, what do you say about Raymond Davis…. he also accidentally shoot the two people to their deaths, accidentally possessed the illegal arms and accidentally took pictures of military and other important installations? I think you are blind folded by the your brain. What about those Black water and Xe corporation agents who free moved on the streets of Islamabad with illegal arms and not even bother to wait at traffic signal.

    Frankly speaking, you have a very shallow vision over the Pakistan’s current affairs. You never write about the killing of the people of Tribal area of KP province. They are human too. There is no suicide bombing and no religious extremism in Pakistan before 9/11. Who did the 9/11 is another issue, but I want to mention Alex Jones, who is an American too but he reveals the truth about 9/11 that it is a False Flag operation of the Bush administration. Fahrenheit 9/11, Loose Change and many other documentaries made by American film makers not Muslims or Pakistanis.

    Another thing I want to add that before Taliban, there is no peace in Afghanistan for a long period of time. Tabliban brought back peace and harmony. I know Taliban did some wrong things but that doesn’t prove that they are evil and another interesting thing you should know that all the alleged hijackers of 9/11 incident were Arabs not Afghans, Osama bin Laden was never convicted by US officials as a mastermind of 9/11 attacks, check the FBI website!!!!!

    The real evil is Bush who drove the world in endless war against the enemy who doesn’t exist. Killed hundreds and thousands of people in the name of war against terror but no one knows what terrorism really mean and who are the terrorists.

    Why don’t you write about the killing of innocent men, women and children in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. I think you don’t consider them as humans, right???

    Last words for you, broad you vision and try to realize the truth, you are far from it.

  • Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not
    writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

  • I do not create a lot of remarks, however i did a few searching and wound up here Dr.
    Shireen Mazari knows revenge! -by Dr Shazia Nawaz.

    And I actually do have 2 questions for you if it’s allright. Could it be simply me or does it look like a few of the remarks look like they are coming from brain dead individuals? 😛 And, if you are posting at other sites, I’d like to
    follow anything fresh you have to post. Could you list of every one of all your shared pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page
    or linkedin profile?

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