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Mussali (A slave) – by Ali Sher Mussali

White Muslims from various parts of India had migrated in territories of Pakistan during early and mid of 19th century to restructure a land from non-pure to a pure land for Wahabi Muslims.

The White Wahabi Muslims Migrants (WWMM) from India was given proper citizenship and they were facilitated with agricultural land by British and then Pakistan’s administration. The British government had banned recruitment in Indian-British army of people from Dalits and scheduled castes and preferred white Muslims and Brahmans- high caste Hinud to be recruited as army officers.

The white Urdu and Punjabi migrants were largely settled in Western Pakistani Punjab and they were given proper citizenship and property rights over land there. Some of them were facilitated land property and employments in Sindh and Balochistan, where majority local indigenous population named them as “settlers”. While in Punjab, particularly in Northern Punjab, WWMM were in powerful majority therefore they easily overpowered the local indigenous black Punjabis. The WWMM perceived themselves as pure Muslims and only guards of the pure land and the pure Wahabi Islam in Pakistan. Most of WWMM were influenced by Wahabi doctrine of Islam and the locals, who were blacks, were affiliated with non-doctrined Islam which was not much close to Baralvi doctrine but our local Islam was a mixture of rituals of various religions.

The Islamic State of Pakistan had facilitated the WWMM and allowed them to oppress and humiliate the locals. The WWMM virtually posed themselves as invaders and they occupied local blacks’ residential and agricultural land and tried to convert them to their doctrined Wahabi Islam. The indigenous Hindus, affiliated with sanitary work, were converted to Islam and they were named pejoratively as Mussali. The Christian sanitary workers who had not changed their religion were named as Chuhras. A number of indigenous caste groups who were classified as non-cultivator castes, in British period, were named as Kammis. The WWMM invaders from India who were known as Choudhris or owners of villages and agricultural land had continued colonial approach as well as doctrined Islam to rule Punjab and Pakistan.

In Pakistan there is only one province where Muhajirs or migrants are ruling since long. The army of Pakistan is dominated by WWMM who are ruling Pakistan directly and indirectly since 1947 from most of them are affiliated with Wahabi Islam. The civilian Muhajir Choudhris and Chourdhri Army of Pakistan who posed themselves as pure Muslims and only guards of the pure Islam and the pure Pakistan always wanted to rule whole Pakistan through dictatorship.
Nawaz Sharif’s family and his party belongs WWMM from Kashmir and this family and his family’s party had always ruled Pakistan and Punjab with help of Wahabi army. Their family party ruled over above 40 percent of the population of Mussalis, Chuhars and Kammis in Punjab. The WWMM have control over judiciary, media, army and FSC, they jointly had always oppressed the poor indigenous Punjabis since 1947. WWMM hates black indigenous Mussalli, Kammi and Churhas of Punjab, they hate to speak Punjabi, and they hat to put Dhoti and Pagrri. This party of WWMM had gowned elite Choudhris to make us their slaves and electronic WWMM media used our caste names pejoratively as joke and for recreation of elite WWMM audience.

The WWMM always had criticized indigenous leadership of Pakistan who tried to follow their traditions for example WWMM jointly had flared up a movement against an indigenous President while he put traditional Sindhi cap on his head.

WWMM media appeared to be prejudice last day 21st June while least coverage was given to birth day ceremonies of a courageous woman, a daughter of democracy and a leader of oppressed class of Pakistan.

At the end I would like to appeal Pakistani scholars, politicians and opinion makers to come forward to take part in social change in Pakistan. Let you think that how a democratic system may flourish in Pakistan by which the black indigenous population (Mussalis, Kammis and Churhas) of Punjab can get rid of the WWMM. The White Wahabi Muslim Migrants from India want to see us as their heritable slaves but we want to come out of slavery and we want a democratic Pakistan ruled by democratic but not by WWMM or Punjabi Wahabi Talibans (Molvi Nawaz Sharif).

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Raza Baloch


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  • Massali, don’t pull a race card now!!

    There is no black and white in Pakistan…. Nawaz is a hypcrite garbage.

    And quit being such a crybaby, everyone knows why you posted this start the Noora Kushti between PPP and PMLN. As if PPP is a big supporter of minorities and others aren’t…

  • What you mean by [don’t pull Now?] So Rajput sb you decided better time for to pull a race card!

  • President of Pakistan in his speech said that “We had brought you here [Pakistan] but our graves are 800 years old”. So we blacks are indigenous and WWMM are invaders.

  • Mussali, you can be proud of who your are without accusing others!!

    Nawaz Sharif is white skinned because he never spent a day working hard in the sun…I am sure he would be dark if he was in sun….

    What about Bilawal Bhutto? Isn’t he white skinned?

  • FYI


    Skin is not only way to trace a race. In my article i just tried to mention social inequality between white migrants from India’s regions such Kashmir etc and local blacks such as Mussali and other who are perceived as untouchables in Pakistan.

  • ‘White Turks vs Black Turk’ the identity Politics was the card successfully played in Turkey but have no idea it will attract the same attention in Pakistan.

  • WWMM are agressive because probably they affraid of being left alone in Punjab in the event of breakup of Pakistan.

  • AS Mussali,

    Can you point out any single achievement of People’s party in emacipating your kind?

    Mussali, Bhangi Churhay, Mochi Nai, kammi kameen, what di PPP ever do for them?

    Bhutto who was himself a feudal lord, did you ever think about the peasents that worked for him?

    what happened to the land reforms that he promised along with roti kapra and makan?

    Now we are get to put up with a new BS theory about white and black Pakistanis!!

    PPP is nothing but a curse on Pakistan along with GHQ, and guess what they are together now…pohnchi waheen pay khaak jahan ka khameer tha!!

  • Dear Mr. Rajput thanks for queries and your baseless critic on ZAB.

    Can i remind you that Rajput is not a caste name in your holy Pakistan. I am sure that you belong with our community but you are disguising your caste identity and trying to Pakistani Muslim Nationalists.

    You know some elite indigenous Muslim Leagies had tried to legislate for we The Blacks but they failed after WWMM completely invaded Pakistan see some excerpts:

    ….We have not dealt … We do realise that this class of workers is almost entirely at the mercy of its employer [….] This, however, is a problem which, to our mind, is more akin to the conditions of labour generally. Sooner or later it will be necessary to provide the agricultural labour some measure of security and protection, but the problems involved in devising such measures are so intricate that it would need far more time than we had at our disposal…..

    Mr. Bhutto was the first politician who abolished Sardari System by legislation.
    Bhutto was first person who made us citizen of Pakistan before him we were not allowed buy or even to touch agricultural land (according to colonial laws).
    He gave us property rights over residential land (called Marla scheme) first time in the history of your holy land Pakistan.

    I know i can not change your mind set but can say that Bhutto himself was not a feudal or if you believe in lineage and family tree than go and get knowledge about his mother (she was from our community) and Bhutto was proud of her mother.

    Yes Zardari has right to realize a person without caste name in Pakistan and person who feel shame to be called Lohar which actually he is?

    Molvi Nawaz should feel proud if he was a Kammi in Kashmir and converted as Sharif in Pakistani Punjab.

    Sorry if i exceeded.

    Warm regards

  • Dear Ali Sher,
    I read the link you shared,thanks.Just for your information sake that in India now words like ‘Chura’ and ‘Bhangi’ are considered derogatory and the oppressed are called as ‘Dalit’.No one use such words in conversion and in writing.
    No comments on Caste Politics in Pakistan but I just wish a prosperous Pakistan for a caste less society.
    Uma shanker

  • So let us pray fifty two times in day to wish for or to see “a prosperous Pakistan for caste less society”.

  • Dear Ali Sher,
    First of all I am more a learner on this forum to understand the complex politics of Pakistan.I do not mean mere prayer will transform your society but it is basically you guys have to determine what way will bring prosperity to Pakistan.
    I do not like the identity politics as it only approve the aged old caste system.I believe in Free Society and supporter of Free economy.I guess the leftist policy of depriving the merit in the name of affirmation action is detrimental for a healthy society.
    If you think that your identity politics will empower the oppressed sections of your society on the basis of caste then go on.My best wishes.But I do not think that this will make any difference at grass root level.The society shall remain same.
    Only rightists policies can bring prosperity to Pakistan.And in a prosperous society there will be no discrimination on the basis of caste.I do not think that upper caste of Pakistanis are more rich than Mussali.All are sailing in same boat.I guess it is difficult to accept on LUBP that is working hard to build a Multicultural and Secular society in Pakistan-:)
    But after all this is my opinion from out side,You guys knows better.Best wishes.

  • Dear South Asian Brethren
    I conduct Specialist Academic Research & Study.
    May i remind you that race has no basis in Human Genetics and the notion of Ancestory in South Asia is mostly ,false and distorted.

    I have spent approx.20 years researching Castes,Jatis & Biradris.
    I am due to publish a report (25 pages)about all aspects of this topic/Subject.
    Also Caste (Aryanism) is thew worlds oldest forms of Continual Racist,Prejudist & form of Discrimination ever devised & created by the human mind.
    The most hypocritical people in the world i am ashamed to say live in our sacred land.
    Caste is the most Extremist & Oppressive Ideolgy & thye World’s Most dangerous belief system worse even than Nazism according to some.
    It inspired Them & Aryanists & is the reason why India was invaded more than any other nation. South Asian people are not only the world’s most Racist & Prejudicial People but Histories aswell.
    Please Eradicate & Abolish this Ancient Hatred instigated by Brahmanic Aryans of Hinduistic faith (no offence intended)I see all as equal & of one Origin.as confirmed by Genetic Demographics,Humans share 99.8% of our Genes.And 98.6 with Chimpanzees Bonobos.
    So how can anyone claim to be superior & treat others as inferior,only Ignorant & Arrogant Malicious & Evil Scum can use caste to justify Racism!



  • @sher musalli

    why talk nonsense? ethnologically you belong to the dravdian tribes who were subjected to being dalits by hindu brahmans not muslims. Nawaz sharif is a ‘mian’ a title used by high caste hindus in hill states like chambal, kashmir where the indeginous people are white due to the climate. You may cry foul of your status as a mussali which by the way means one who would spread the musala in masjids for prayer but today in pak most people who have light skin are also suffering from poverty and mismanagement of our government. Plus many of your mussali people have grown rich over the years by hiding your poverty and continously begging of others that today you see mussali children going to good schools.