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Indian Muslims condemn Gustakh Dr. Zakir Naik

Gustakh Zakir Naik against the Prophet:

Gustakh Zakir Naik against Imam Hussain (R.A.):

Zakir Naik, a successor of Yazid:

Community up in arms against Islamic preacher
18 Nov 2008, 0308 hrs IST, Mohammed Wajihuddin , TNN

MUMBAI: Controversy is the middle name of this man who likes to wear many hats. Dr Zakir Naik — Islamic scholar, televangelist, director of
Islamic Research Foundation and owner of Peace TV — has an uncanny knack for sparking a row.

In the eye of a storm again for saying that “seeking intercession of sacred Islamic personalities, including that of Prophet Mohammed, with God is heresay,” the doctor from Mumbai looks in trouble this time. Earlier this month, the UP government banned his lectures in the state. Now, his 10-day peace conference in Mumbai is under threat.

However, Naik apologised and bought peace for his remarks. “I was quoted out of context. There was a slip of tongue. I apologise for the hurt my remarks might have caused,” he said on Friday, kicking off the conference.

Though the Sunni Muslim groups, which have been agitating against the preacher, have put off their protests for now, the community at large doesn’t seem to be convinced with Naik’s explanation that he was quoted out of context.

“He is neither an `aalim’ (scholar) nor a `mufti’ (one who gives fatwa). He is free to practice Islam as he wishes. But he should not issue fatwas from public platforms,” says Maulana Mehmood Daryabadi, general-secretary of the All India Ulema Council.

Naik’s remarks have sent shivers through the community, making leaders to speak against him. “We need voices of unity, not division at a time when the western world is demonizing Islam. Why does Naik need to touch controversial topics?,” asks Shia scholar Maulana Zaheer Abbas Rizvi.

Brought up on the heavy dose of Saudi Arabia-backed Salafist-Wahabi Islam, Naik follows a supremacist ideology. “The Saudis think they have a divine right to convert Muslims across the world into a puritanical Salafist Islam. Naik is their public face,” says sociologist Imtiaz Ahmed. “The exclusivist Wahabism is inimical to an inclusive, tolerant Islam practised in India. I have heard him a couple of times on TV and am deeply disappointed.”

Naik’s TV show, watched across the subcontinent, has landed him in the soup on a few occasions. His remark on Osama bin Laden had created quite a controversy some time back. “If Osama bin Laden is terrorising America or the enemies of Islam, every Muslim should become a terrorist. I can’t call Osama a terrorist because his involvement in the dastardly act of 9/11 is not proved,” Naik had said, defending the most wanted man in the world.



Group threatens to disrupt Zakir Naik’s conference
8 Nov 2008, 2357 hrs IST, Mohammed Wajihuddin, TNN

MUMBAI: Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik’s remark that help should be sought from Allah alone, and not even from Prophet Mohammed, could threaten a
sectarian clash between Sunni and Deobandi Muslims.

A day after a Lucknow-based mufti issued a fatwa against Naik, a group of Sunni ulema from Mumbai, on Saturday, accused him of working at the behest of Saudi Arabia-backed Wahabis and Deobandis. The group also called for Naik’s immediate arrest and a ban on his conference scheduled to be held at the Somaiya ground in Sion from November 14 to 23. The group has also threatened to disrupt Naik’s Islamic conference if the state government did not cancel it.

“If the conference takes place, we will be compelled to go there and ask him to explain his blasphemous remark,” said Mufti Ashraf Raza Qadri, a senior cleric belonging to Idara Sharia, the Shariah court of Sunni Muslims in Maharashtra.

However, community leaders are worried and feel that this could lead to a confrontation between the Deobandi and the Sunni sects.

This is not the first time Naik has been caught in the eye of a storm. Last month, Uttar Pradesh government had to cancel the permission granted to Naik to hold meetings across the state after he was accused of supporting Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Naik vehemently denied supporting Osama bin Laden but refused to label him a terrorist. “I condemn the perpetrators of 9/11. However, there is no evidence to establish Osama bin Laden’s involvement in the World Trade Centre bombing. I can, therefore, neither call him a terrorist nor hail him as a saint because I don’t know him.”

Last year, Naik had stirred up a controversy with his statement that Allah’s blessings be upon Yazid, whom a section of Muslims, especially the Shias, call the killer of Prophet Mohammed’s grandson Imam Hussein. “There is a difference of opinion whether Yazid should be condemned or hailed. Those who are offended by my statement are free not to believe me, but they cannot deny me my right to speak what I believe is true,” he had said.

Meanwhile, Shia scholar Zaheer Abbas Rizvi said that some city-based Shias were also planning to launch a campaign against Dr Naik.



Sunni Muslims demand ban of Zakir Naik’s talk
DNA Correspondent
Sunday, November 09, 2008 03:24 IST

On November 8, 2008, members of India’s premier Sunni Muslim organisation, Raza Academy came together to demand a ban on Zahir Naik’s programme ‘Insaniyat Ke Liye Hal’ to be held from November 14-23 at Somaiya grounds.

Maulana Ashraf Raza of the Darul-Uloom Hanfia Rizvia, Colaba also issued a fatwa against Naik. Members alleged that Naik had made derogatory statements about Islam’s prophet. Maulanas from the All India Sunni Tableeq Community were present.
Members complained that on many occasions Naik had urged crowds to pray to Allah alone instead of Prophet Mohammed Paigambar, as he claims the prophet is human.

They also alleged that Naik had praised, Yazid, the murderer of Imam Hussein. Saeed Noori, general secretary of Raza Academy said, “Naik has been very indifferent about Osama Bin Laden. He hasn’t said anything about Osama, even though we see him as a terrorist.”

Ebrahim Tahil, member of the academy said, “He earlier targeted Christians and is now against Sunni Muslims. We have met with RR Patil and KL Prasad urging them to ban the programme.” He added, “We want to know from where Naik gets his funds?”

What if the ban is not enforced? Noori said, “Maulanas from the Sunni community plan to confront Naik on his knowledge of Islam before the public during the programme.”
DNA tried getting in touch with Naik, but he was unavailable for comment.



Zakir Naik’s statement raises storm
8 Nov 2008, 0452 hrs IST, Mohammed Wajihuddin, TNN
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MUMBAI: Nearly a year after he stirred up a tempest with his statement that Allah’s blessings be upon Yazid, the killer of Prophet Mohammed’s
grandson Imam Hussein, Dr Zakir Naik is back in the eye of another storm. A section of Sunni and Shia Muslims is up in arms against the Islamic preacher for saying that help should be sought from Allah alone, not even from the Prophet himself.

The 37-year-old suited, bearded Dr Naik who also owns the religious channel Peace TV, is a familiar figure known for his preachings. He founded the Islamic Research Foundation and travels all over the world giving speeches, especially in the Middle East. On Friday, the former medical professional told a news channel that Allah alone should be approached for help. Immediately, a group of Sunni Muslims rushed to home minister R R Patil demanding a ban on his Islamic conference to be held in the city between November 14 and 24.

Dr Naik said he was being targeted for a statement which most Muslims believe in and share. “I stand by what I said,” he told TOI. “And I didn’t commit any sacrilege. The majority of Muslims across the world believe that Allah is the almighty and help should be sought only from him. Parts of my earlier speeches are being taken out of context and presented with malicious intent.”

Last month, a group of Shias in UP put pressure on the administration to stop the series of lectures Dr Zakir Naik was supposed to deliver in Allahabad and Lucknow because of the Yazid controversy.

On Friday, a Lucknow-based mufti issued a fatwa against him for allegedly supporting Osama bin Laden.

“I never supported Osama. I have always been saying that all those who kill innocents are terrorists. So if the USA kills innocents, it doesn’t have the right to call Osama a terrorist unless it owns up its own crime. Here again my statement has been twisted,” he said.

When asked if he felt threatened, Dr Naik replied, “Only cowards get scared. They have no guts to face the truth and level baseless, false charges. My programme in Mumbai is on and even R R Patil has accepted my invitation.”



Zakir Naik apologizes for his statement, Peace Conference to go on
Submitted by Tarique on Fri, 11/14/2008 – 17:13.

* Indian Muslim

By TwoCircles.net staff reporter,

Mumbai: Famous Islamic preacher Dr. Zakir Naik, who was under attack for some of his statements have apologized for hurting the sentiments of other Muslims. A meeting was organized by the Mumbai Assistant Commission of Police yesterday where Dr. Naik apologized and signed a letter of repentance.

In the meeting Mufi Mahmood Akhtar and Mufti Ashraf Raza objected to Dr. Zakir Naik’s statement regarding Prophet Mohammad that it was insulting to the Prophet. Dr. Zaik acceted his mistake and said it was unintentional on his part.

A Letter of Repentance was prepared in front of the Joint Commission of Police L K Prasad which Dr. Naik signed and promised that he will never repeat this statement that can hurt the sentiments of the followers of other sects.

Representavie of Ulama Ahl-e-Sunnat Maulana Mueen Mian, Hafiz Athar, Saeed Noori, and Maulana Yusuf Raza participated in the meeting. Meeting also decided that since Dr. Naik has apologized, the ten-day long Peace Conference may go on now.




Fatwa of Deoband Darul Ifta against Zakir Naik:

Question: 7077 Afghanistan

Asalamu Alikum wb our respected scholars of Islam, My question is regarding the famous daee of Islam Dr.Zakir Naik whether the method & way of his preaching,debating, studing different religons’ scriptures are valid in the light of Quran & Hadith or not, and should Muslims learn his Dawah techniques or not? what are the particular things in his work that are against Islam? please send me a private email.

Answer: 7077 21 Aug, 2008

(Fatwa: 1541/1322=B/1429)

The statements made by Dr Zakir Naik indicate that he is a preacher of Ghair Muqallidin, he is of free mind and does not wear Islamic dress. One should not rely upon his speeches.

and Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) Knows Best

Darul Ifta, Darul Uloom Deoband



Peace, he says: Letter published in Daily The Nation, Pakistan
November 15, 2008

Something good is happening to the Muslim world. A man with half-Muslim parentage will soon take oath as the President of United States. Recently, a number of Muslim scholars, activists and clerics got together and issued a fatwa delinking Islam from terror. An 18-coach train, aptly named Sheikh-ul-Hind Express, set off from Deoband carrying 2,000 clerics. They were going with a message of peace and integration to Hyderabad where some 6,000 clerics from 21 states of India congregated to issue consensus edicts against terrorism. Shaking off the previous mode of shock and denial, the Indian Muslim community has entered a phase of introspection and redefinition. This collective body of Muslim clerics took another commendable step by denouncing televangelist Zakir Naik’s speeches, demanding a ban on him. Popular Muslim resentment against Naik became evident last December when he used the phrase ‘May God be pleased with him’ for Yezid, the debauch ruler of Ummayed and murderer of Imam Hussain. Throughout Islamic history, these words have been used only for the Prophet’s trusted companions. I have been particularly disturbed by the growing popularity of Mr. Naik, the founder of Peace TV and president of the Islamic Research Foundation.

I don’t consider Mr. Naik to be an Islamic scholar per se. He can best be described as a preacher with computer-like memory of almost all religious scriptures including the Bible, Torah, Vedas and Quran. Naik loves to debate with Hindus on the Vedas, with Jains about vegetarianism and atheists on religion and science. In the garb of inter-faith dialogues, he not only runs down all major religions, but also rubbishes as haraam (sinful) all Muslim devotional aspects that differ from his viewpoint. In the subcontinent, Islam is a legacy of the Sufis who gave us traditions of syncretism and communal harmony. By condemning followers of Sufism as ‘grave-worshippers’, the ‘scholars’ of Salafi and Wahabi ideology like Naik reject an entire historical body of Islamic scholarship, jurisprudence and almost 80 per cent of Islamic literature. Dialogue within the Muslim community on what form the rightful Islamic traditions should take had long been overdue. Thankfully, Muslims are now alert to need of the times, identifying and rejecting intolerant elements within them. -SADIA DEHLVI, Delhi, India, November 11.


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  • Dear Readers,AS Salamu Alaikum,
    I feel very sad by reading above comments against Dr.Zakir.
    He is a greate scholar, yet he is a human being can make mistakes.
    “To err is human & forgiveness is devine”
    Before the creation of the universe,ALLAH SWT wished to create a light from HIS own light” A Holy Soul of Prophet Mohammed,HE blessed the soul and said
    YA Mohammed, had I not created you,I will not have created the Universe”
    Let me put the supporting evidence: This is the will of ALLAH SWT to bring perfection of Religion (Islam )through Holy Prophet Mohammed(MSAS).
    ALMIGHTY ALLAH SWT sent 123999 Holy Prophet before , they all carried the
    message of Islam, but could not succeed. In the very beginning Cane(Kavil) commited great sins by killing his brother & trying to marry the sister born with him.
    Cane’s generation grew over 40,000 & followed the path of satan, and as a result
    ALLAH SWT dronwned the world at the time of Prophet Noah.( His ark (Boat) now discovered in the mount of Ararath in Turky”
    So virutually Human being started to grow again from the time of Prophet Noah &
    Hazrat Ibrahim right through Hazrat Ishmael, Hazrat Ishaq, Hazrat Musa & Hazrat Isa & lastly the holy Prophet Mohammed.
    Because ALLAH SWT blessed Holy Prophet Mohammed ,ALLAH SWT glorified the House of Kaba & as Dr.Zakir said that inspite of all laziness ALLAH SWT is glorified by none but Muslims. Thats why ALLAH SWT said that HE would not have created the universe,if HE had not created Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAAS).
    Imagine, when a photo was taken from outer space A light was seen .the light was coming from Holy city of Makkah & Holy city of Medina.
    Holy Prophet Mohammed is the Prophet of the mankind, therefore ALLAH SWT
    order us to read Durud on Him. Again our each Namaz(Salat) is presented to
    ALLAH SWT with the seal of the name of Mohammed. We worship ALLAH SWT
    We stand in the prayer” Our head is MIM” on Ruku(Hey) we stand again “Mim) We bowdown as”DAL” “Its Mohammed” a pure honour to Mohammed (MSAS) granted by ALLAH SWT. who also ordered us to follow Him . With Azan Mohammed ,s name is attached,in kalima is same .
    Therefore how DR.Zakir can make an unwise statement? Must be a mistake or
    forgery by media to blame him.
    We pray to ALLAH SWT & pleade ” OH ALLAH grant our prayers through Holy
    Mohammed MSAS) We can pray ” YA Rasul ALLAH seek forgiveness for me,for us”
    Similarly we can seat in Any Holy Mazar & pray to ALLAH seeking blessing through these Pious saints.
    As Holy Prophet Mohammed said We must love mankind, I will never speak against any sects even if they are non Muslims.
    Deobandi,Wahabbi may have different methods of understanding but they are pious Muslims. Let us love all humanbeing & respect them for this is holy teaching of ALLAH, Holy Quran, Holy Prophet Mohammed the mercy to mankind.
    Jews wanted to kill Holy Jesus because He gave witness that Mohammed”MSAS) was the forthcoming comforter.
    This was also contained in Hindu Prediction kalki Avatar which was recently
    published by a Hindu Pundit of Alahabad University Pundit Vedaprakash Upadhyay
    conforming that Holy Prophet Mohammed is kalki Avtar.
    Therefore lets not torment any one by evil writing, let us not be terrorists to take innocent lives in any country.Let us not attack Shia or Sunni or Qadni in prayer hall or anywhere for ALLAH is the best Judge!
    Let us make treaty with all non Muslims countries & seek & propsperity by
    propagating peaceful message of Islam as done by HOLY Prophet Mohammed
    Thank You,
    B.Ahmed Independent thinker.

  • 11 COMMENTS: from LUBP old website

    Tim Gunter said…
    Yes, this is excellent and informative. I am an American, and unfortunately, I own a library of DVDs of this “scholar” and he did say that Osama bin Laden is not a terrorist along those lines and debates and puts down other religions including an unfriendly dialogue with a Christian, which is where I remain to be, in spite of all the stuff I have posted on Islam. I thought he is extreme and strict on his views, but I thought that about Islam in general, not realizing the various groups who vehemently oppose him. The articles tell me a different story and I am now informed. Listening to him, I knew there’s no way I could convert to Islam and unfortunately, there are Americans who are doing so and following it ignorantly, not knowing that they have converted to Wahhabbism!

    3 DECEMBER 2008 18:50
    Abdul said…
    Dear Tim, Perhaps you may like to have a look at the writings of late Dr. Ali Shariati (Iran) and Javed Ghamidi (Pakistan). Cheers,

    5 DECEMBER 2008 08:27
    Anonymous said…
    iwant to say one thing that howmany struggles and confernces werelunched when denmark had barked somuch about our beloved rophet Muhammad(S)?
    How many products were banned when we came to know that which states are involved in this rabish spread?
    the factthatu people had said here thathe is against grave-worshiping then read the HAdith of Prophet(S) that “after my death donot worship my grave as those people have done before you (jews and Christains)
    why you people just talk about things which really donot
    these are things taught us by Prophet (S) not zakir
    what the hell is anyone in front of our Prophet(S)………..But if some one is following Him we hav to acceptbutif the whole world is going against His trully teachings and a single manliek zakir speaks some thing ture then i will be with him……………plz leave Person Worshipingand startGod worshiping with out any favoritsim…………..and one more thing that JUnaid Baghdadi was also a pious man he said that if some one is going against the path of Prophet (S) then never accept that person so what is the proplem?????the problem is that he had taught a Deen forall human beings no one can rule the religion and that makes problems for ppl who want to keep their hold upon religion as jews and christians did………………thats why Prophet (S) said that “the similartyof my (comming) ummah and bini israail will be just like two pair of shoes if u keep them on each other they will be exactly

    mayAllah ALmighty help us to just focus on the pure deen of our Nabi (S), his campnions and his family ameen……

    28 JANUARY 2009 08:46
    DR.Ahmed said…
    ALL Brothers in Humanity,
    I am not here to accuse anyone or state I am a Muslim, therefore I am holy & others are unholy.
    Every person is born in Islam but later they change to other religions due to their family connection or otherwise.
    Islam press no compulsion in Religion.
    But We must not forget we are born to obey ALMIGHTY GOD alone & glorify HIM Alone by Prostrating before HIM as tought by Holy Prophets : Abraham, Moses, Jesus & last Prophet Mohammed .May ALMIGHTY shower blessing on all of them.
    We misconstrue Islam as a new Religion. Islam came with Prophet Adam .Any one that believed in ALMIGHTY GOD alone without setting a partner with HIM is a Muslim, for
    HE is the Supreme ruler of this Universe!
    Donot be critic of Dr .Zakir but of our ownselves. As a MUSLIM I believe I am worst of a person,if ALMIGHTY does not grant me solvation in the day of judgement.
    Humbleness & self criticm is the best Jehad of all period of times.
    Be Wahbi, hamali, Maliki or Sunni
    or Shia , We all believe in one ALMIGHTY GOD & same holy Quran.
    I will pray in any Mosque belong to any group for my heart must be clean without hate against anyone.
    ALLAH will not accept any prayer if I enter Holy Mosque with enmity in my heart against any human being
    be they christian or Hindus.
    ALMIGHTY GOD loves all humanbeing &
    set a date for Judgement.
    We can never claim Paradise but only on the will of ALMIGHTY GOD.
    Yes we can pray to forgive us for the sake of HIS beloved Prophets:
    Abraham, Ismael, Ishaq, Moses, Jesus & Prophet Mohammed. There were advent of 124,000 prophets in this glober.All of them loved by ALLAH SWT.
    We must know Islam through Holy Quran & through teaching of Holy Prophet Mohammed .He was guided by ALLAH SWT & tought us how to pray, give zakat, fast & perform pilgrimage.
    In addittion, Please read the gospel of ST.Barnabas who gave descriptive information what Holy Jesus said about Holy Prophet Mohammed ,how Jesus was taken away to Heaven in perfect body, how Juda turned to Jesus appearence how Juda was crucified.
    All were miracles from ALMIGHTY GOD.
    Why Christians donot accept that Holy Jesus had infuriated Jews as
    He told truth that ALMIGHTY GOD had promised to Holy Ishmael the first son of Holy Abraham not to Ishaq that His nation will floourish & that ALMIGHTY had created the Holy Soul of Prophet Mohammed & said”Ya Mohammed ,If I would not have created your soul, I would not have created the vast Universe” How right ALMIGHTY ALLAH .
    Out of all 124,000 Prophets only the disciples of Holy Prophet Mohammed are catching one true
    Golden rope of ALLAH & therefore ALMIGHTY GOD had sent all previous prophets to their respective tribes but sent Holy Mohammed as a true blessing of mankind.
    ALLAH is the creator of the vast universe & Holy prophet Mohammed
    is the blessing to the mankind.
    May ALMIGHTY ALLAH guide us to the true path.
    Badr Ahmed. PHD Member ,LawSociety

    21 MARCH 2009 09:49
    Sadia Muneer said…
    I think that is really bad for Islam, Because Zakir Naik have great work about Islam.
    That is our major bad think, we declare anyone in just a minute.
    What do you think, if anyone say, Usama bin laden is not terrorist, then that is kaffir?

    I beleive Usama is a great person, who fight atainst terrorist nation.
    so called my terrorist. i have no problem.

    I know he have some words who about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and yazeeed, but i think that is not these words, when anyone declare kaffir.

    17 APRIL 2009 07:35
    Anonymous said…
    @ Sadia Muneer

    Zakir Naik is a hypocrite hate preacher.
    The problem with him is that he is distorting historical facts. He admires Yazid bastard and I’m sure Zakir Naik must himself be a bastard !

    Shame on you as you are calling Osama as a great man !
    Osama is a terrorist who is responsible for the killing of thousands of innocent American, Pakistani, Iraqi and other countries people.
    He’s a coward person, why doesn’t he go to Afghanistan to fight with American troops like a MAN ????

    17 APRIL 2009 08:44
    Anonymous said…
    My name is hassan … Zakir naik is a bastard just like yazid …wahaabi piece of shit ..look at his his face even a normal hafiz has some noor on his face … His face is like the face of a gay dog … I bet hes homosexual like his father yazid ibn muawiya …i curse these three day and night Allah please burn dr zakir naik in hell and embaress him so much that he commits suicide

    7 JUNE 2009 11:02
    Anonymous said…
    Dr.Zakir Naik is a very intelligent scholar and I respect and love his intelligence. As far as saying Peace be upon him(Yazeed), it is agreed upon by Ummah that Yazeed was a kaffir. 1. He was the murderer of Prophet’s family and 2. He was the destroyer of Islamic way of government which is caliphate and governed as a King which is absolutely haram in Islam.

    Secondly as far as asking for anything from Prophet or other personalities is concerned and in other videos the references are concerned.

    Al-Ma’idah – 5:116
    And (remember) when Allâh will say (on the Day of Resurrection): “O ‘Iesa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary)! Did you say unto men: ‘Worship me and my mother as two gods besides Allâh?’ ” He will say: “Glory be to You! It was not for me to say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, You would surely have known it. You know what is in my inner self though I do not know what is in Yours, truly, You, only You, are the All Knower of all that is hidden and unseen. (Al-Ma’idah 5:116)

    1. Virtues and Merits of the Prophet and his Companions.


    Narrated ‘Aisha and Ibn ‘Abbas: On his death-bed Allah’s Apostle put a sheet over his-face and when he felt hot, he would remove it from his face. When in that state (of putting and removing the sheet) he said, “May Allah’s Curse be on the Jews and the Christians for they build places of worship at the graves of their prophets.” (By that) he intended to warn (the Muslim) from what they (i.e. Jews and Christians) had done.

    In another instance Umar bin Al Khattab once said facing the Black Stone of Ka’aba, Hajre Aswad. “I kiss you because my prophet kissed you. Otherwise you are just a stone”. He also ordered to cut and remove a huge tree which was once considered as of possessing special powers in the time of ignorance before the coming of Islam.

    Visitng graves for the sake of saying Fateha prayers for the forgiveness of that holy personality from God is permitted. Visiting graves for reminding oneself that one day we will be in their so we should prepare ourselves by doing the good deeds and following the right path is permitted. Distributing food to the hungry and needy on graves is permitted. Talking about the history and life of that holy personality and how he persuaded people towards Islam with love and how he used to live his life as a role model of a good muslim practitioner is permitted. Calling people towards Islam at holy graves is permitted. But never ever it is allowed to worship or ask favors from the people inside the grave. Worshiping living or dead idols is Haram in Islam. Islam came for the very elimination of this concept of idolatory and polytheism.

    I support in this state of Zakir fully that we should not ask anything from anyone but Allah.

    14 JUNE 2009 07:02
    symaa said…
    one thing which muslim do not understand is to respect and realize the existance of others..that is why they r not only killing the human beings of other belief but to other creatures as they suppose…they are made for them by wot they call allah….i m sure allah can not be cruel to other creature….and one thing all should know that the laws of GOD is always unchanged….remain unchanged….but they suppose it started from Adam and ends on Mohammad…..muslim think everything is in koran…but can anyone tell me..can koran explain the experiance of soul be defined in words…NO…so muslim must realise that knowledge is beyond the word…

    17 AUGUST 2009 15:41
    bharat said…
    I am a born Hindu. And before you judge, I go by reasoning and not by the lessons of the religion. About Zakir Naik, he surely teaches Wahhabism. India is the only country where love and mutual respect surpasses the religious differences. If it were not so, the great Mughal Emperor Jalaluddin Akbar would not have started his own religion Din-e-Ilahi.

    Zakir Naik forgets that in this country people have learned, and are also still learning further to coexist, despite occassional undesired bitter conflicts. What Zakir Naik preaches comes from the teachings of Al-Taymiyya, that went to Al Wahhab, and is practiced in Saudi Arabia. Although I do not hold him in bad light because of his remarks on Osama bin Laden(who certainly hasn’t been proven to have had hand in 9/11 tragedy), but Zakir Naik is required to explain to the people why he thinks a Kafir like Yazid be considered almost as holy as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself. Also, if Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)cannot grant us anything anymore merely because he is dead (?), then what really is the difference between the (dead) Prophet (PBUH) and rest of the mankind? Zakir Naik is neither a scholar nor a Mufti, nor a Mulla, what right does he have to carry out such Ijtehad? Such Ijtehad, without having the right authority puts himself under the catagory of Kaffirs. In plain simple words, this is blasphemy. If he were in any other country except a tolerant India or an extremely Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, he would have been charged and rightly punished on the grounds of blasphemy.

    22 AUGUST 2009 11:21
    mstrojec said…

  • i am firoz khan from mumbai..

    i would like to tell all my friends here that what ever you listen and what ever u seen on video kindly confirm it.. because here in india TRUTH can be made FALSE.

    kindly listen what Dr. Zakir Naik says not what people here write or speak.

    and see what he says completely not what media show in his small clip. buy watching trailer of a movie you cannot say what will be the movie.

    Dr Zakir naik is a gift from GOD and you can from him about ISLAM, HINDUISM, CRISTIAN etc.

    so visit irf.net to see complete video and listen to him then come to a conclusion.

  • Assalam-u-alaikum, this is Fahad N. Khan from Karachi Pakistan.

    I want to say to all of you that Dr. Zakir Naik is such a great Islamic Hero to all of True Muslims.

    Enemyies of Islam want to creat problems for muslims therefore they are trying to do so. And some great scholars of islam are their targets and Dr. Zakir Naik is one of them.

    Dr. Zakir Naik please dont’t give up and keep continue to teach us about the Islam.

    Thank you,

    Your sincere.

  • Dear brothers,
    This is Jahangir Raza from Karachi, whether Dr. Zakir is wrong or right, but I like his famous quote “To learn about the true spirit of Islam, don’t look at me (Dr. Zakir), Mullas and/or any Muslim in this world but Quran and authentic Hadith only”
    Therefore, it is advisable to follow the teaching of Quran and Hadith only…
    As for another arguments, Prophet Muhammed PBUH and his caliphs (Khalifas) never addressed themselves as Shia, Sunni, Wahabi or Devbandi, Madni/Makki and GOD knows what else… neither any specific fiqua (maslak) has been ever been listed in the Quran or Hadith… then why we are arguing with each other!!! If Dr. Zakir is wrong, then Allah will deal with him… Think about ourself as to what we are doing about Islam and Humanity?

    It is very easy to point finger at each other (specially in today’s Muslim culture), but when it comes to any religious related matter, then every champion of the fiqua is having a different opinion.

    Last but not least, I’m not against Dr. Zakir neither 100% supporting his views… but at the moment, he is the only Muslims scholar after Ahmed Deedat, who have balls to challenge whole NON-Muslims in the world to prove Islam is wrong! Yet he can alone face the crowd of hundred thousand to face and reply their disgusting question against Islam… Is there any mullah have balls to organize such an open debate with non muslim? The answer is BIG NO… So stop mucking about Dr. Zakir and support his vision to spread Islam as per Quran only and not by Mulla’s Islam… specially Paki mullas are nothing but bunch of s**t and extremist extremist…

  • Some one who read the holy Quran with meaning’s automatically they understand what is the state way of Islam, i mean first you have to read the holy Quran with meaning then you understand what is the Dr Zakir philosophy/comments/preaching or all other things regarding all issues because ( Quran wo rasta dikhata hay jo sab say seedha hay) or ( Hum nay is (Quran) ko samaghnay kay liey aasan kar dia hay to koi hay kay sochay samjhay) (Al-Quran) its not my word, so plz, justice your self.

  • No doubt, he is a great showman.But any retard condoning polygamy, misogyny and denying equal rights for women should not have a space in a civilized society.

  • What he talks is RIGHT..It all depends on how you understand it.I aurge media, while putting it across public please be careful put the complete statements of what he says, Please stop targetting him.

  • if someone wants to go to the right path,he will have some troubles in his way, he is the example of that,what he had said the same quran says. if someone does not agree so he is not believing in quran and in islam.

  • asslam o alikum
    bat assal main yeh hay k hum logu ka hisab us shakhs ke trha hay jis ko kaha jy k tumhara kan kuta lay giya to wo forn kutay k pechy bagnay lgta hay.
    number 2 hum log aadhe bat suntay han aur lay k shuru ho jatay han k fulan aadmi aisa hy yeh nahe daikhtay k hud kaisay han hum bs itna suntay han k nimaz mt parh aagay condition nahe daikhtay k jb tu nashay may ho.
    hmaray aik firkay k aulama jb daikhtay han k dosra koe peak pay ja raha hay to us ke tang khenchnay k leay tayar ho jatay han aur us ke khamiyan tlash krna shuru ho jatay han.
    no 3 hum log jzbati boht han sochtay nahe kush k is bat k pechay asal bat kiya hay aur issi cheaz ka fida kafir uthatay han apne tareah ko daikh lain k kissi muslim koom nay kuffar say medan a jang may shikast nahe khai tu kuffar nay muslaims ko aapis may lrwayajis say un ka ziwal aya aaj b yehi sazish hay is leay meri ulmaa say b aur awam say b yehi guzarish hay k ikhylafi msayl ko mil baith k hal kiya jy aur aakkhirat ki fikar ki jay.
    agar kissi ko meri bat passand na i ho to muaffi ke derkhuast hay.

    yours sweat brother.
    M nauman akram
    AiL 1455

  • we are people with idiotic thinking. we are against a person in a minute without getting into details about the fact and start blaming. most of my non muslim friends, who are full of hatered and calling him a terrorist as he actually proved who was actual master mind of 9/11, how can they understand the actual terorrist and who had actually killed the innocent lives. the so called super powers and their residents who dont know whom they have voted to lead them is a bastard liar and accepted it after creating havoc with innocent lives in iraq and afghanistan. all lives perished in those 10 years are gone to dust by these few words by mr bush that we had wrong intelligence reports and by tony blair who misguided their people into war by saying all but lies that iraq is having WMD and if we dont stop them they can attack us in 10 min. and my dear rumsfield showing map of iraq with places of WMD marked, and in answer to question he said that we are having a credible intelligence about the positions of WMD marked on that map. so game, set match as far as misguiding people into war. terorrist is a big term. as far as Dr Zakir Naik is concerned he is a man of stature and he is better then most of us by chance muslims. it is well said that you cannot keep every one happy at one time some one is likel;y to hate you as remarks will be not of his liking. simple answer to that stop listening to talks u dont like and chill

  • I was shocked when i listned by some people that Dr. Zakir commented on Islam very wrogly I investigated deaply and bought ‘sahee ahadees’ and i was complecent that Zakir Naik is 100 percent true. People who are giving their comments first should search out the truth.

  • Dr Zakir Naik is my favourite islamic preacher, even not only islamic, he had a good commond on all religions also. May GOD help him and Let him to explode Islam in all over the world. He had done nothing because every one is viewing just a clip of his video not the fulll talk




  • What I think of Dr Zakir Naik and why I am against him?
    Dr Zakir Naik MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) is a preacher and speaker from the Islamic community talking on various different topics relating widely on religions, religious scriptures, political issues and many other topic. One of unique things about Dr Zakir Naik is that he suggests that he knows everything about different religions, Islamic, Christianity, Jewish, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Jainism. Moreover he is also aware of what is said in every scripture’s and knows the chapters, verses and quotes of by heart. He has been all over different places countries and spreading those lectures in relation to these areas specifically. In every session taken place on different topics, the whole building has been full up with public for his lecture. A lot of people ask questions in relation to those topics and they answered very smartly by him, whether the person asking is Muslim or not Muslim.
    What I personally believe about Dr Zakir Naik?
    With Dr Zakir Naik talking about all these different topics and spreading his opinion is not right and I believe that it is totally wrong. This is because; he always thinks logically his way and assumes that must be the right way. As a result, most of the people see what he believes and happens to change their decision in that case. Should that be allowed publicly?
    Why I believe this about Dr Zakir Naik?
    For Dr Zakir Naik having this type of discussion influences people and believed that it is only him that is aware of what is right and wrong. The people drown into what he believes. As a result, this gives him to opportunity to divert their brain however he wants them. This then would stop them from thinking and they believe that Dr Zakir Naik is the god.
    Comparing two different religious scriptures:
    It is a fact that all different religions have their own scriptures. More common is that even the scripture say the same thing; they are going to have different meaning and different belief because; they introduce different religions. The way Dr Zakir Naik approaches them is by comparing two different scriptures from different religion. The most common way is to by looking at the similarities and mentioning those points in an Islamic way. Also, in various scripture, he says that he knows Chapter, verses and quotes of by heart, which is not the case all the time. Also misinterprets the meaning, but makes it some obvious to public and they believe them. This turns down other scriptures and make them less informative to people that belong or do not belong that community. The main effort by him is having good argument and logic involved on those topics. But to my point of view, it is totally baseless if they are not to have the real meaning. The audience happen to believe them as they are influenced by them very strongly. But it gets a lot worse when people from those community loss faith. I believe that is very bad and unacceptable way to lecture over different religion. It is not only me, but various other people that are Muslim and non Muslim thinks the same.
    Comparing two different religions:
    When the discussions are done on religion, Dr Zakir Naik has the common approach carried out by comparing two different religions. The religion introduced all the time is Islamic and in comparison introduced other religions that are Christianity and Hinduism most of the time. By introducing Christianity, he implies how their values and Islamic values are similar. It is the same approach with the Hinduism and what values come under that religion. The comparison introduced in this what Hindus and Islamic believe in common. I really am not satisfied when such comparisons are made that do not have any similarities at all. This is because; in comparison, he makes judgement of what Hinduisms have in common. Comments are made by him regarding Hindus believing in Idols as god and holy offering that are given in temple to the worshipers and in counter responses brings in what the scriptures say by misinterpreting it. Can this not have negative impact on what people should believe in Hinduism? I see that it has nothing go to do with Dr Zakir Naik and he does not the real fact on what Hinduism believes. The most approaches carried out are by connecting things that have different meaning but want to introduce that their in no dedication like this. With Hinduism being vegetarian, he also counter argue and introduce false believe is carried out. In many discussions, he has been discussing about existence of the Hindu gods and introduces what the Hindu scriptures say by totally misinterpreting what it means. As a result, this misguides many people and they happen to go against the belief. This creates a lot of problem because other religions would have bad opinion about Hinduism and can brainwash people from Hinduism and other people from different community. Is Dr Zakir not racist? Also, in discussion suggests some things that Hinduism needs to follow by saying that they do not. Is this not going to demoralise the Hindus community? Will it not make the Hindu community look bad in comparison to other communities?
    Discussing about political issues (Islamic Terrorism):
    Apart from religion Dr Zakir Naik also has discussion on political issues that very closely relate to Islamic community. One of the main topics introduced by him is on terrorism and in what ways political reasons have defamed the Islamic community in the society. To make the people think in a different way, Dr Zakir Naik shows how other religions and community are part of terrorist organisation. In the discussion, Dr Zakir Naik had involved how Great Britain had been affected by terrorism. It was obvious that Great Britain was affected by terrorism on the 7 July 2005 and America on the 9/11 attack. In defence of Islamic community, Dr Zakir Naik introduces how Great Britain and America was affected by the IRA (Irish Republic Army). But the fact is that IRA (Irish Republic Army) terrorist organisation was finished a long time ago and recently, they have not done terrorist attack. Why would Dr Zakir Naik want to bring in something that is old? Apart from that, LTTE (Liberation of Tigers of Tamil Eelam) was brought in front. But LTTE (Liberation of Tigers of Tamil Eelam) only causes problems to Sri Lanka and they have finished. Also, they did not spread their ideology all through out the world. The Islamic terrorism had started a long time and ago and they are still on going and there is no end to it. I believe this is one of the ways to victimise other religious minorities and make them look like the culprit. On top of that, also make the British media responsible for all this. Despite the evidence are shown, still Dr Zakir Naik comes out with defence on them. But all the information is given by him is orally and no concrete evidence on that is introduced.
    Calling people from different religion’s to Public sessions:
    Dr Zakir Naik call people called from different religion for discussion. This makes it more obvious to the audience that anything. Also, they would not feel that he is biased and the person brought into the conversation and the public would take more interest. They all have discussion on the religious discussion on the topic raised in the session. Later, they argue on that issue of what is said in the scriptures and how the religious society and community is made. As a result, Dr Zakir Naik is able to win the arguments. The affect of the public is that they believe that he is very knowledgeable on the all the religions comparing to the other people. To my point of view, this is not right because just arguing any point logically and having evidence presented falsely would not mean that they are the winner. Are all the people right all the time of they win the arguments?
    When people talk about Dr Zakir Naik?
    People are going to be talking about Dr Zakir Naik in public and general conversation as they are influenced by them. As a result, they would make others interested in to what they believe and later they would also follow Dr Zakir Naik. This is just one of the ways people would not follow what they believe and go against their principle. This could against their religion and how they see things. This will only happen because in every session Dr Zakir Naik always goes on about how different topics and is very detailed. I believe this is wrong because other people that are also like Dr Zakir Naik would not be seen by the public and will be ignore. As a result, this is wrong make others turned down in that fashion. Is this going to be a bad influence on other people?
    Where does Dr Zakir Naik travel for his purpose?
    There are various nations that Dr Zakir Naik has travelled to experience how people in different countries are like. The main logic for Dr Zakir Naik is to have a public session and make people aware about him. As a result, he would involve them and make them as part of those lectures. In the lectures, he would want to discuss what facilities those are in their country and how they are bad influence they to them. Dr Zakir Naik would not even understand anything as in those countries as he himself would not know and just talk about it. Even if the information is not right, he would not bother as the public would follow and understand what his logic and understanding is. Also, those public would be coming often their and they would develop understanding of what he is trying to say. But Dr Zakir Naik does not just want to spread logic round the world but spread Islamic logic and make people think their way. Would it be right to use Islamic logic to have public sessions?
    Who comes to be part of Dr Zakir Naik Public sessions?
    This makes people from different religion and countries come and listen as all this may relate to them. This results Dr Zakir Naik to be a lot famous in front of the people that belong to different cultures and community. Does Zakir Naik have any rights to famous that way? In the nation wherever they live, they would not follow the rules and regulation as part of that religion and would look for changes in those nations. In certain nation, they have their own logic and ways to deal with thing. I totally do not see point that Zakir Naik should make any comments of everything. Also he would not have the full knowledge what happens in different countries. As a result, their conflicts and be a problem to those areas. This is just a way that Dr Zakir Niak is going to cause a dispute and problem overall by spreading irrelevant logical reasons.
    How do people react after listening to Dr Zakir Naik?
    People are brainwashed of what he says in the public sessions. As a result, in future only his logic would be used by people. This would people see ways differently and not understand their own belief, cultures and background, which they come from. Those people become so dedicated and all follow his logic. Does anyone even bother to look at why Dr Zakir Naik thinks of anything that way? The problem occurs when others get affected by these types of thought and later produces disturbance all through out.
    People in the public end up converting their religions:
    Dr Zakir Naik in all of the conversation has mentioned about the Islamic community and what benefits they have. Also to produce more depth in the information discusses about how the Islamic community function with the community, society and community. In contrast says a lot opposite about other religion and community. In the audience, this would influence many people against other religion and also go against their religion. This would result to extent that they would convert their religion to Islamic community. This has taken place in the public session that he has and ask them of they have not being forced. But the fact is that they have been forced and they are not going to admit that in public as they know the result later on for them could be bad. Also, they are brainwashed about Islamic community and they happen to follow Islam. Many British, Americans, Australian and many different citizens have converted to Islam and they are successful Islamic scholar and have discussion on what Islam is all about afterwards. Also in Hinduism, many cases people have been forced to convert to Islam and they are not originally from the Islamic community. Previously, many Hindus have been forced to convert to Islam. In Dr Zakir Naik public session, this has been the same result and many of them have taken the similar step. I would like to ask that how many people belonging to Islamic community have converted to other religion. This is because; if atheist can convert to Islam that apply many restriction to them, then why cannot people from Islamic community converted to atheist? As a result, they would have much more freedom and also would keep balance on what Islamic community take, they can also give. If not atheist, then other different religion, they can covert to. There are various Muslims in the world that are not strict Muslims and do not going the Quran like other Muslim. But is says in the holy Quran that if any Muslim converts to another religion, they are going to be given a death sentence. Is this not just going to develop Islamic community and turn down other religions?
    Negative impact of Dr Zakir Naik on different people and professions:
    On all discussion, Dr Zakir Naik introduces negative information on politician, religions, Media and so on that all happens to be wrong. To my point of view, it is just going to be defaming people and their profession. The information presented is always one sided by him and introduce nothing positive about the same topics. This would influence the public to think only one side and not allow them to use their own initiative. If any dispute between communities or religious minorities happen, Dr Zakir Naik would blame others and defame them. This would make it obvious in terms that he would always have logic used all the way through. In contrast to all this, it is only Dr Zakir Naik that is gaining honour and getting away. As a result, he is quite successful in terms how the audience is responding to him. This also allows him to continue on what he believe is right to do all the time. Is this right way to use the knowledge? Dr Zakir Naik also came on NDTV 24X7 in the “Walk the Talk” show. Later he denied what he had said in the news and said that the whole of show was cut and pasted. Can anybody believe Dr Zakir Naik? In this issue it is possible that the media for the audience attraction, they may lie. But in many cases Dr Zakir Naik have done the same and ruined people and professions. As a result, I cannot believe that Dr Zakir Naik is right as on many occasions he has made up opinions. There are people that have bad opinion on him, would believe that anything mentioned negative about him in the media would have to right. It is obvious that Dr Zakir Naik would not agree with that and would counter argue to self defend himself.
    May result religious dispute between two different communities for example Genocide?
    This can cause a religious dispute between two different cultures because on many occasions he has only talked positive about Islam and negative about other religions. The effect of this on the community has been negative at some point. If is gets a lot worse, he can create genocide between two communities and have people killing each other in the name of religion. Dr Zakir Naik wants communities to be closer and live happily in the society. But certain actions have caused damages to many people are not happy about it because only he himself and Islamic community have earned the benefit. Are the people from other communities not going to feel abused? As a result, two different communities are going to have dispute and later spread disturbance all round. Even if the situation gets worse for the two different communities, it will be again that Dr Zakir Naik would come and have public session and blamed other and get away for that causes. But the real culprit would be he himself. In future, different communities would not appreciate help and mixture of others, which would result worse atmosphere. In response to all this, I would see he is one of Blasphemers that people in the community, Muslims and Non-Muslims have as risk.
    Dr Zakir Naik using different ways to attract the audience:
    When I had gone on Your Tube, I had seen many different videos on Dr Zakir Naik’s public discussion on the religious topics. This implies that there are many different ways he is trying to pass his message to the audience. To my point of view, I believe this is one of ways; he is trying to catch people and brainwash. In the commenting section, many different people have given positive comment on his logic. But in contrast, I have seen many people giving negative comments on his video. This illustrates that many people do not like the way as he is using his knowledge and they want all this to stop. Moreover the people that do not like him, they have also made video of him to introduce his way of logic is not right. In that case, I believe those type of videos produced against him, should be understood why they are made. This would enlighten people not to fall in his trick and believe what he says. Also, I would recommend the owner of the Your Tube to eliminated his video for as they are relating to Blasphemy.
    Dr Zakir Naik doing Fraud:
    On having so many public sessions, Dr Zakir Naik has earned a lot of respect on what he believes people in the community think of him. Later, the news had come out that he had been charged with fraud. The fraud involved using the quotes for the Quran and copying and pasting and giving his own point of view. This implies that he has plagiarised someone work and effort, and tried to earn his name. To my point of view, wherever anybody does as part of their work, they need to have their own knowledge and understand. Using other people’s knowledge for your purpose is known as stealing and anybody who lives in respective community and society would not appreciate that. It also makes me believe that all the public sessions that he has are nothing and have no value because; he had been carrying this type of approach all the way through or exaggerating information. Dr Zakir Naik was going to come to Britain to have a public session. But he was not refused to come and was not able to make it. The reason why he was banned because of the way he was spread his Islamic logic all the way and on the public this was a band influence. I believe that this was the right approach to make the people think how his attitude can cause a problem. There were few people that were not happy but mainly, they were people that belong to the same community has him. It makes it much worse if the religious community that he belongs to in questioned because; they would feel pinpointed. To my point of view, I believe that these types of people should be thrown out the community and society.
    Public have different point of view of Dr Zakir Naik now:
    After seen different point of views, many people also have negative opinion on Dr Zakir Naik and believe that in many ways he is wrong. This has created his negative images in front of the people that are dedicated to him and believe that he just wanted to be their god in front of them and use them. In response, not just Non-Muslims but, many Muslims disagree with him and the way his attitude towards the society and community is. This may imply people that his approach has not been right been right. The public at some point believe that he has been a cheater to them and believe that he was just wanted to get noticed by the public. He was a doctor and studied MBBS (Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). So did he not continue with practicing his medicine degree? This can just mean that he was not happy with his profession or found it hard to cope with it. As a result, he decided to become a preacher in that case and later take that as a different approach. Dr Zakir Naik could have been someone in the society and community that would have treated normally. But this type of response has given him a bad impression overall at some point.
    How people in the world are and what Dr Zakir Naik talk about them in public sessions?
    There are people that have their own way to deal with things and are able to keep themselves safe from all the problems. As a result, he had made a lot of personal comments on how people live the community and society. It is important to make sure that you stay safe and respect people in the community and society. Also cultures and religion for the people plays a major role in terms of their dedication and I believe many people do show respect. But personally, I think people have their own lives and they have full rights to live how they like to on their agreement of the community and society. If in the middle of the road, somebody has a problem, are they not going to ask for help without looking at what they are and who they are? This demonstrates people understand that if somebody live life different, does not mean that they do not have humanity. On this issue, I am able to come across Dr Zakir Naik is so interested in discussing on how people to people can be a threat and introducing a lot of superstition. As a result, I think that Dr Zakir Naik has no rights to talk about people.
    Political power that Dr Zakir Naik may have:
    If Dr Zakir Naik gets away after all this, it will be politics in terms of what type of support he has. Also many people support him and if anything happens to him, the public that are very dedicated to him, will protest for him. Also with him, there are other systems that would be in his contact and can do something to support him. In political purpose even if people are wrong they will get away easily or if they are caught, they would be have other higher people that could have put their effort behind them, which would save them. As a result, these people would have no end till the others are caught as well. I would suggest the community and the people in the society to stay away form this type of people are concentrate in how to follow you culture, religion and faith. There is no need to compare religions
    Conclusion on what I think should happen to Dr Zakir Naik?
    As conclusion, I believe that however Dr Zakir Naik has behaved in the public sessions as a blasphemer should be penalised from doing that and stopped appearing in front of public for public sessions. Moreover, a police complaint and the case should be filed on his name and press serious chargers. On the basis of that, he should be given a serious punishment for his deeds. It is not only Dr Zakir Naik that has been part of this but, may other Islamic Scholar have been involved in this and they should be given the same punishment. This would imply to anybody not to become a blasphemer like him and treat people from different community and religion with respect. The community that have been following him, does not realise that he has been creating problems for others. Most of the problems have come when he had talked about religious comparison, religious scriptures and political issues. In the entire topics he had always used Islamic logic and diverted the public’s attention on them. In contrast, made others turned down. If in future they should only have religious scholar discussing about their own religion, religious scriptures, society, community, belief and so on. This will keep peace and harmony in the community and make others feel a lot satisfied that way.



  • aslam o alikum .

    mr zakir nayek allah may comlete your and oyr mission the truth of islam. may allah help you .don t leave it. thanks


  • HI

  • Doctor Zakir Naik ,is a great Hero of Islam as a Muslim – and modern civilized and scientific arguments and Debater – Only Jealous Mullas declaring hiM Kafir .

    God Bless You Mr.Naik in this Life and Next – well you are Al-humdulillah Already Blessed By GOD so so much …

  • Million Million Non-muslims are focusing towards ISLAM ,and Mr.Zakir Naik declared Muhammed as a Messenger and Allah as 1 GOD – any one saying him Kafir or Agent of Yahood with out any Proof are playing with fire and indeed fall into the Pit..

    GOD Bless (Real)Muslims – .

    My ancestors are from Pakistan and i love Pakistan well Pakistaniz make a Joke of Religion ISLAM and destort the Image as well –

    east to west – Saudia Arabia is the BEST !!!

  • Dr zakir is a great islamic hero.I love him and respect him very much,If we analyze these comments,only non muslims and others like them disliked him.True people liked him and loved him.May Allah give him the time of my life.




  • zakir abdul karim naik, is one of the greate muslims scholer in the world, i like his teaching method,, some one who read the Holly Quran with meaning,s automaitically they vl understand the phylosophy of zakir naik,.

  • Hey there, Needed to ask you something. Is this site a wordpress site? I am contemplating transferring my web site from Blogger to wordpress, you think that is feasible? Additionally did you set up this template yourself some how? Thanks for the assistance!

  • Dear Brothers of islam please get out of targetting each other and dfeclearing each other Kafir or Mushrik and join hands to set an unflinching unity against all the enemies of Allah and your enemies.
    As for zakir Naik is concidered atleast he is better then millions and billion of we Muslims by prsenting the Islam with so strength and convictions that is not liked by our enemies and they feel rejoiced when they can air our diftences. there are diffrent factions in cristianity and jews and hindus but they try not to air these so please let Allah be the judge and not declair any one kafir.
    and support zakir in his actions.

  • this is just a spy web against mr.zakir.and those who say that he is a succesor of yazed.those people are namrod of this era.i love u naik. aur mein ap ke nokar ban,na bhe apne lye bais.e.fakhar samjhte hun.



  • I don`t believe in all this rubbish,Dr.Zakir in my opinion is a true mujahid he is a gr8 muslim scholar,he proves everything through logic and the thing which has no logic is not the teaching of Islam becoz Islam is a natural deen(religion).So,plz DR.Zakir keep it up, as muslims we need u,as we have already lost Dr.Israr Ahmed,you plz don`t lose hope we r praying for ur and ours success.

  • My humble doctor don’t mind the critics, keep on spreading ISLAM more grease to your elbow, GOD bless.

  • Its traditional way of hindu’s mentality to divide opinion of Muslim umma in different sects by using illiterate / semi-literate molvees. DR Zakir is a true Muslim scholar and possess in depth knowledge of Islam.
    May God bless him long life to complete his mission of spread of Islam.

  • dr nike is a great man of muslim community. kuch bechary jahil muslman us pr ilzam luga rahy hain k wo ghustakh hy halan k wo hr bat quran o hades sy krta hy mugr kch firqa prst os ko apny firqy ky khilaf sumjh kr us ky khilaf propoginda kr roy oin likn haiqat mian islam ky khlaf kam kr rhy hain dr nike zinda bad

  • Whats wrong with dr.zakirnaiks comments abt rasoolullah sallallahu alhi vaslam.Even i readed from some hadeeth that rasoolullah also told i can’t do anything if u ask me.allah only can do everything.



    Dr.Zakir naik Iis the only person i can say doing something what ALLAH and Rasool said.keep going zakir saab allah knows u very well ignore this sleep speakers.

  • Zakir naik is one of d greatest sahih scholar of islam.wat he said is right”only allah we can ask of help,not even prophet muhammad(saw) bcos even d surah fatiha v5 we read in every salat confirmed it,so y d disagreements?

  • As for as the case of Dr. Zakir naik is concerned, I am totally in opposition with the views and thoughts of those who say that Zakir bhai is wrong.He is not wrong, He is the only person in the present Islamic world who preaches the true Religion.Look at his studies, Lectures, Style of preaching, what a great person. Its a great mercy of Allah upon us who sent such a great scholar. Please study his books, lectures, Then you shall know what he preaches.

  • yeah i read the comments yeah really he is great muslim though we can’t get the people from depth but again surly we can say him a great man

  • Inshallah! haq jete ga or batel hare ga. ham sub musalman dr. zakir naik k seth hen haq or batel ki is larahi main.

  • i just read all the above comments,and i reach on the reality that whenever a person do something good for Islam he will safe a lot of difficulties,PLZ first analyze the person deeply and then give comments.

  • What truely dedcribes extremists and its practioners violent,cruel,fundamental,blasphemous,who dony approve othet religions ,against humanity,find no difference betwen animals and nonbelievrs,kill and eat animals.Today they r majoriyy but someday but will get reduced to smallnumbers and killed by USA and its allied forces……..because change is tje only thing remains contants..religious scriptures failed the test of times b it any…….save urself from the cancer.ie…..religion…u all r fools disusing meaningless issues…..figting to prove god…nobody has seen him ….All rxtremists are terorists just check the statistcs…..And moderates are truely reformists….They deserve to live on this earth

  • zakir naik is a literary person. and we all muslims are proud of him. how shameful is this to blame a genuine muslim. u people live in non-muslim state, so, i guess u all shoud be united.

  • I work in oman and hindu and love my religion,after working with arabs, i find there is no problem with arabs,pakistanis they are good people but indian muslims are fraud and engage in activities which are unislamics .This zakir naik and his family was schedule caste as he cannot leave his hindu family name “naik” ,may be his forefathers had converted to islam to escape the hindu caste system, as a grand children he has rage in his blood ,so he abusing hindus and trying to create uncomfortness. if he is so much knowledgable about islam then he should become the chief priest at AL-Haram mosque in saudi and try to get saudi passport instead of applying for british.

    and then he should try to solve the shia & sunni problem in the arabworld ,instead of putting finger in hindus.

    As a hindu ,i am very sorry to say that pakistanis are far better than indian muslims of bombay origin,our media and leaders should understand.

  • Zakir naik (LANTI) ko agar yazaid (LANTI) itna hi acha lagta hi to us ko chaiea ki apni (bewi) (beeti)(bahin) Maan) ko kohti par batha kar jo rakam mili us sy sari Yazaidon ke pervrash kari our khud gaand marwai.Lanat ho Zakir Naik par.our us ky poori khandan par.

  • 15 years back i had got a book named THE BIBLE THE QURRAN IN THE LIGHT OF SCIENCE. written by Dr.William Camble. while reading i reached at the stage where it was written that holy Qurran has 30 errors. Of course I hung up and dumb founded reading about it. I read and read again and again with a sheer logical way all 30 errors were mentioned. I spinned being a true mislim I could not belive. I know it was absurd but i had no logical answers. I tried to bring in contect some islamic scholors but all in vain. they were not able to prove the logical accusation but hanky panky because they were Mufties but not knowledgable, educated elites. for 15 years i had been in restless. I did not find any islamic scholor around the world who had courage to defeat and call spade a spade to Dr. Camble. pity was that the books were taught in many universities. Alhamdullah a man was born. 2 years back he visited America and invited Dr. William Canble to debate and defeated him. I watched that 9 hours programme and was very much glad and joccond to see Dr. Zakir Naik dashed down Dr. Willium Camble. and asnwered all 30 errors logically. shame on those muftis who could not do for years. secondly, when i listned Dr. Zakir says Yazeed (rehmal ullah) i was realy confussed but i quickly could not reach to conclusion so i took ‘hadit’ and the reference quoted by Zakir Naik I saw he was true. then I confussed more that I had been doing wrong for years that I though Yazeed was wrong.

  • Any person who worships anything or anybody besides Allah SWT is not a Muslim. A Muslim recites, with conviction, surah Fatihah everyday, which includes the verse ‘Thee alone we worship and Thee alone we ask for help’. Worshiping and asking the help of anything or anybody besides Allah SWT is absolute heresy. It is completely wrong. Dr. Zakir Naik is absolutely correct.

  • Asslam u alaikum.
    I m from pakistan.
    I would like to say about some major criticism made on Dr. Zakir.

    1. “He what he said about Usama Bin Ladin”
    Guys it is an open secret that usama is not proven to be involved in 9/11 attacks. Dr. Zakir says that he neither calls him innocent nor a terrorist. And we muslims are directed from Allah not to spread roumers unless it is not proven.

    2. “What he said about seeking help from Propeht Muhammad (PBUH)”
    My reply to this crtic is that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself always taught us to seek help from Allah. He never said to seek help from him. Propeht always seek help from Allah, if he could not help himself during his life than how can he help one when now he is dead.

    3. “What he said about Yazeed”.
    There is a conflict in muslim ummah about yazeed. Many of major schollars e.g. Imam Ghazali , have praised him and did not accused him murrerdrer of Imam Hussain.
    So every muslim has a right to hold a personal opinion, we can not call him kafir merely on this fact.

    My Personal Opinion About Zakir Naik:
    Zakir naik is doing a wonderful job. He is doing what Allah has given us duty to spread Islam. May Allah save him and Help to work more and to spread islam in the entire world.

    Carry On Dr. Zakir,,, Allah Almighty is with u.
    Insha Allah.

    • Lots of people have spread Islam but have they done it in the right direction or by ways of misleading or deception just like Zakir Naik here or what the Wahabi Preachers have done, by preaching and propagating only what goes in their interests and opposing the truth? No He is just a false holy figure and an Idol to be Smashed.

  • Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

  • ございます。それだけに迚も愉快でした。『もういい加減に勘忍して下さい』うめくように小田切さんがいいます。『私と結婚すれば勘忍して上げるわ』するとあの人は黙ってしまうのです、新夫人を迎えてから、彼と私とは始終口争いをして居

  • Hofmann a dit que ses vers ne mangent pas autant pendant l’hiver, mais dressent lorsque la temp茅rature se r茅chauffe, elle r茅colte castings tous les quelques mois pour son jardin. Il a 茅t茅 facile, dit-elle.

  • 」婆「一円二十五銭に負かりませんかね」与「お婆さん一円二十五銭にゃァ負からないよ」婆「負からなければご縁がないのだ、さようなら」与「アレお婆さん、さんざんたたいて拝んだりしておきながら小便するなァひどいな」婆「どうも年を