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Jang’s dirty and confusing role continues – Hamid Mir, Saleh Zafir, Ansar Abbasi, et al

The Abbottabad Saniha Commission has been under the scanner from day one. Firstly the government was being lambasted for not creating the commission and when it finally did under the chair of a “senior judge” of our azad adliya, it is again under the scanner. Karo to phanso, na karo to phanso.  Off course immediately after announcement, we have seen all sort of controversies: Fakhruddin G Ebrahim saying I am sorry. Justice Javed Iqbal saying I am up to it but need to take approval from Anti-Christ of Pakistan. Ansar Abbasi writing that the commission has been made controversial so that there can be delays in the investigation. The lion of Pakistan saying that it is an insult to the Parliament that a commission has been made without consultation of the Parliament parties.

But the funniest aspect was the report on 1st June that Lt. Gen. Nadeem Ahmed has fallen sick. That was given by none other than Saleh Duffer.  Off course the whole point of the report was to make the government look small and make fun of it and say that the commission is not workable. Apparently, Lt. Gen. Nadeem Ahmed  is not sick and he has given a rejoinder to duffer’s report in 2nd June’s Jang. He said:

The funniest aspect is the response from Saleh Duffer. He says that on Tuesday he had an accidental meeting with General Nadeem where he was admitted in the CCU and he was having all sort of diagnoses “aalat”. Being a magician, he says that no one was allowed to go inside the CCU but as he got for himself a “special permission” to see someone else, so he took advantage of the opportunity to meet General Nadeem. And off course he says “Mayn apni khabar par qaim hoon, kyoonkay yeh haqaiq par mabni hay.” Just to remind you all, Saleh Zafir was the famous man who though Washington DC is a mountainous area even though he has been to US umpteen times on free visits. We just love this duffer.

Most lovable duffer

On a serious note, Hamid Mir did a very important show of Capital Talk that had Shaikh Waqas Akram, Asma Jahangir and Zafar Ali Shah on 1st June, 2011. The title of the program was “Islamabad mayn aham sarkari shakhsiat kay qatal ka mansooba nakam!!!” or “Assassination plan of an important government personality foiled in Islamabad”. The program had a very important disclosure from a boy who was crying as well as he knew some information about the planning of PNS Mehran in Rawalpindi’s Cantt as well as this foiled assassination attempt. The disclosure of the boy is without doubt scary and raises a lot of questions about hand in glove nature of retired army officials with terrorists. That is exactly what Syed Saleem Shahzad had reported and was killed for it. In the clip below, the boy’s disclosure begins from 29 seconds.

Off course later on the discussion was moved towards the fact that people do not feel safe in talking to the Police or other law enforcement agencies therefore they resort to giving information to journalists.

Sadly, the issue is that in their report on the program, Jang has not talked about this assassination plot being foiled and not disclosed what the boy had said. Instead they only talk about what the participants had to say. Now what does one say? After airing of the program, Jang must have been called by the who’s who of not to highlight the matter anymore? I also did not hear about it on any of the top of the hour news headlines. See Jang’s report on the Capital Talk below:

This just goes to show the honesty of our media and especially Jang group which leaves no stone unturned in embarrassing the government and highlighting heroes like the Anti Christ, our army and ISI but fails to do its job responsibly.

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  • very good report,an eye opener for whom who has the wisdom to identify patriot Pakistanis.

  • regarding the first paragraph this is such a typical stunt by PML-N – it turns out that all their calls for an independent commission was just playing to the gallery – now that there actually is such a commission formed they have conveniently withdrawn their support, trying their best to ensure that the commission is dead on arrival. We know very well that most of PML-N will be very uncomfortable with the first point in the commission’s agenda which is how OBL was living in Pakistan anyway. It turns out that PML-N’s “anti establishment” role is limited to hollow rhetoric….

    as usual PPP is the party that puts its neck on the chopping block while everyone else plays to the gallery for cheap publicity

  • that whistle blower guy in Capital talk changed his stance and statement by 180 degree on Dawn tv today.

  • There has been an interesting twist in the tale. The boy who was interviewed in Capital Talk and made the disclosure that the attack on PNS Mehran was planned in Rawalpindi’s cantt area by a person named Arshad, has been termed fake. On PTV News, the boy, Junaid was interviewed who has claimed that he was under duress from the guy named Arshad and he named him so that Army could beat him up. This has been termed as personal enmity.

    Hamid Mir was taken on PTV News and he was asked how he could relay something without verification. He said that I relayed the interview after verification from LEAs while I also highlighted that what the boy was saying didnt sound true. He also said if I have done soemthing wrong, take me to court.

    This is the height of it!!! Whether PTV is towing the lines of ISI and Military or not, but one thing is for sure, Hamid Mir ko mamoo bana diya gaya.

    It seems May and June are not kind months for Hamid Mir. Last year in May and June he was embroiled in the Khalid Khwaja killing. Now this in 2011. Hamid Mir, bhaaaag!!!

  • Hamid Meer and some other TV Anchors are smart enough to protect their economic and financial interests.
    These opportunists are strongly convinced that Pakistan, sooner or later is not going to become an ideal Welfare State, like China or Korea.
    These people gauge the changing circumstances and anticipate to protect their interests.
    They are not loyal to the profession of journalism but to their belly.