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Saleem Shahzad Murdered: Yet Another Victim of the Deep State!

The LUBP team is deeply saddened and stunned to hear this news.

Reports claim that it has been confirmed that his body has been identified and showed signs of torture.  Earlier it had been reported that Shahzad’s car had been found in Sarai Alamgir and a body had also been discovered nearby. However, it had not been identified at the time. Police also reported finding a diary in the car with many contacts listed inside it.Days before his disappearance, Shahzad had authored an article that alleged links between navy officials and al Qaeda.

As evidenced by the wide outpouring of condemnation and anger on different discussion groups and social networks, there is not much confusion this time around as to who is responsible.  In his tragic death, Mr. Shahzad has succeeded in exposing the Deep State for all to see…..

We invite our readers and supporters to share their thoughts on this tragic and horrible development as we wish his family our deepest condolences.

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  • What will ISI lover’s say now? Call him a CIA agent? I am waiting for Zaid Zaman Hamid on this one. RAW/Mossad ki karwayee hay. TTP pakistan ka dushman hay. Pak Fauj wahid Islamic Fauj Hay. Allah Sab sa bara hay. Meri Jaib main fauj ka ^#^%&#%& hay.. (oops)

  • What are we doing with our nation! Is this why Pakistan was founded that anyone who talks against the interests of the state within our state has to be killed? Appalling!


    After the recent incidents where the Army and intelligence services were shown to be failing badly, and thus were rightly criticized and scrutinized by some in the media.
    This is a message to them, lay off. You are going to be treated same way. A hallmark of a fascist ideologues bent on suppressing the people. Deep state doesn’t take criticism lightly
    It is now on real journalists if they are willing to accept this, or rebel. Politicians are a easy fish to fry, the real game is Deep.

  • Inallillah hi wa ina ilahi Rajion..

    I thought they were just going to torture him and let him go but they killed him in the most heinous way possible.

    Hey Peoples Party are you watching this? How many more NRO and deals would you sign, how many more compromises would you make, how will you go to keep yourself in Power?

    Just despicable!!

    No political party should ever deal with the establishment. Ang San su Ki in Burma refuses to deal with the Military Junta, Nelson Mendela spent 28 years in Jail but our freaking so called revolutionary party continues to shake hands with the devil.

    This devil of Military Establishment need to cordened off from all sides, totally boycotted by all politicians so that we can get rid of it but unfortunatly money hungry and greedy politicians of this country don’t want to make any sacrifices.

  • I fear for the very people that have the ability to make the necessary changes. The true heroes in this country are getting killed and now, tortured and killed. I just hope this tragedy doesn’t stop people from speaking out.