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Musharraf’s newly born Puppy

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Ahsan Abbas Shah


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  • Thats great….
    kutay ko kutay ka pila e gift diya jata hai Ahsan shah great job

  • Bhai main nay nahi dia Mushi nay dia hai.. Ab pata nahi kya science hai yeh

  • don’t speak pro american language. Imran is the only person which have courage to answer america.

  • Oo Band roads ko “block” kar k NATO hi k containers par NATO ko lalkarny waly Bewaquf ” Noise of Youth” !!!! Awam tumhy khub janti hai…!!!
    Ex Foji Musharraf ko jesy tumny President elect karwany me pana role play kiya sab janty hain…
    “Tumhy yad ho k na yaad ho….
    Hamy sab he yad zara zara….!!!!”
    Tumhy Bradford University U.K ka Chancellor q lagaya gaya sab janty hain….!!!
    Ham youth of pakistan tumhy voice of youth nahi balky “Noise of Youth” ka khitab deti hai,,,, 🙂
    Jawani sari cricket me laga di… Ab jab koi khata nahi bacha to Politics ka rukh karliya…!!!
    Pakistan ki jan choro aur U.K wapis ja milo apny aqao se… Ham pakistanion ko tumhari zarurat nahi….!!!

  • america k jootay polish karnay walo. tumhara waqt khatam honay wala hai.
    just compare Zardari , geelani with imran khan.

    imran khan is far better person with no corruption accuses.

  • @ True Pakistani…

    Seeta White .. Jamayma.. Do u know these womens?

  • O false Pakistani@ Agar yehi bat imran khan ko kehty to bat me wazan bhi hota… ” Imran is the only person which have courage to answer america” Is ko nahi manta aur challenge karta hu jis forum par kaho wahan sabit karny k liye k woh apparently un se mukhatib hota hai….
    ALTAF HUSSAIN par abhi tak us ne FIR q nahi darj karwai ??????
    Imran khan sb Bradford University k chancellor isi waja se lagaye gaye hain k woh inke agendy ko paya takmeel tak pohoncha sakain… ALTAF HUSSAIN U.K ka shehri hai aur Imran khan ka “Khata” band hojayega agar us k khilaf action liy ato….
    YEH SAB KIYA HAI??????????????
    Kiya aisy biky huye , Zameer farosh admi ko pakistan k awam ki numaindgi karny ka haq hai ???
    Apny andar basny waly “Patriotism” nam k pakistani(Agar pakistani hi ho to) se pucho k kiya usy aesa karna chahiye??? Diye huye challenge se mukarna chahiye??? Agar woh aaj is bat se mukar gaya to Karachi me shaheed hony waly 12 may k waqiyat me masoom logo k khilaf kon awaz uthaye ga???

  • very nice

    Imran khan is a great leader only for dogs
    @True Pakistani
    Imran khan yahodi agent hai or america k kuta hai tumhain jald hi samjh a jai gi

  • Aism@ Q Dogs ki “Hittaq-e-Izzat” kar rahy ho…??? Pata he na k pakistan me bohot salo bad Democracy aai hai aur Woh Protest kar sakty hain and yeh unka Democratic right bhi hai…. 🙂 Usy zero k sath compare kiya jasakta he bas q k uska coparison banta hi us se hai… Dono aik jesy 🙂

  • Tumhary 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Time unlike karny se bhi us ne nahi badalna 🙂

  • “don’t speak pro american language. Imran is the only person which have courage to answer america.”

    What is so great to answer America?

    All those who ask not to speak pro American language are either hypocrites or supporters of moulvi terrorism in Pakistan.

  • Imran married jamayma after she accept islam. and it is quite legal. as for as the other lady is concerned. it is not more than a scandal which is not proved.
    i ask from all of you. Zardari and Gilani is implementing which country’s agenda by allowing drone attacks in FATA by taking dollars. don’t you people think that they are also human beings. will you ever support drons in your area. will ever think of shifting to FATA.



    if you think that this is democracy. this is not democracy
    this is a fake government of fake degrees and fake votes

    where as Imran has no corruption accuses on him.


  • i ask from all of you what other parties have done to stop drone attacks.

  • imran khan has already announced that he will do sit in in all parts of country including islamabad and rawalpindi

  • “kuttay” tuhfay mein daina… yeah to mushi ki purani

    aadat hai… jaisa kay us nay pooray pakistan ko NRO deal

    kar kay “kutton ki aik fauj” tuhfay mein di…

    now he is giving bilawal bhutto (kept at a UK farm) as

    gift to IK… but IK does not need this “kuttay ka


  • I fully agree with TruePakistani and RimJhim.
    Now all those NRO dogs gifted by Musharaf are rulling Pakistan.(I feel I am insulting real dogs by comparing them with the NRO dogs).
    Imran is a very sincere leader of Pakistan who has no corruptin charge.
    These jialas over here seem delebrately give a retarded look because they are being fed by “Head of NRO dogs”–The uxoricide Zardari.

  • Admin you are really going low, can’t you take criticism?

    Why are you changing commentators names?

    Iqbalabadi get a life!!

  • @Janju

    There is a difference between criticism and verbal abuse, and we hope that you understand the difference between feedback and abuse.

    We welcome constructive feedback, criticism with logic, and suggestions. However abusive derogatory remarks, vulgar Language, rants against democracy are not allowed at LUBP.

  • @Admin,

    You are right ….. moron IK’s supporters should behave or gtf out of here !

  • What an amazing culture – Give dogs as present, but did Musharraf or Imran Khan ever compare themselves with dogs – They’re far worst than them. TRAITORS, who barely have the slightest concern with the natives of the country, rather, they’ve been breeding & providing safe houses to the Talibans for their own purposes – That’s no longer vague why they were given so much assistance – they were used to remove the greatest hindrance from the path of the dictatorship & extremism – Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. She was a martyr & remains alive in the folios of history – her vision, as a source of eternal inspiration for all.
    Following in her footsteps, President Zardari was the only being to possess the valor to hand over the FBI’s most wanted person. I am sure that none of the so called patriots in PMLN, PTI or the establishment had the courage to do so!
    And please people – Never mind! The Bhuttos & Zardaris gave their lives for Pakistan & democracy. Review your comments before posting such hideous words for them. Fights with arguments, not bad language.

  • Imran Khan, head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) almost on daily basis accuses the government of being a slave and a puppet of the US. Nawaz Sharif, leader of PML-N, has recently said that people have to resort to mutiny in order to put the house in order. I do appreciate the concerns raised by our learned politicians, but when I deeply probe their statements I fail to find any workable solution. Their statements are just full of empty criticism. Let us not forget PTI has failed to secure its way into the assemblies in any of the past elections despite being in the business for more than 15 years. Imran Khan questions the government’s and the army’s strategic options in the war against terrorism but fails to come up with his own strategic options. He has his own provocative interpretation of drone attacks, amplifying the problem, which creates confusion in the masses. He talks about breaking the begging bowl but fails to provide a workable solution on how to fuel the economic growth within without taking loans.