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Negotiate with Terrorists ? Answer of propaganda – By Truthseeker

Politicians, Mullas and anchors belonging to Al Qaida and Taliban often present an argument in talk shows “If USA is negotiating with Taliban in Afghanistan , then why we cannot negotiate? “. many a times anti taliban/al qaida people do not properly respond to question.
Here is the answer to this question:

America is negotiating with Taliban in Afghanistan on following two issues

1) They want to withdraw their army and trying for peaceful settlement for face saving
2) They want to give taliban a share in power as somehow taliban are considered as atleast militant representative of pakhtoon community of afghanistan

Now why there cant be any negotiations with taliban in Pakistan

1) do we want to give some power share to Taliban ? Answer is no , we cant, there is a constitution in Pakistan and anyone wanna come to power should follow the criteria defined by constitution i.e electoral process..Politicians belonging to Taliban and Al qaida (Imran Khan, Fazal, Munawar, part of N league) should participate in elections and if people give them manadate then they have every right to govern. otherwise they should shut up.

2) America want to wthdraw from Afghanistan, from where we want to withdraw……do we want our army to be functionless and allow taliban to do whatever they want in Pakistan..answer is no..

3) there is an impression (which is false also) that Afghan Taliban somehow represent pakhtoon community of afghanistan, do TTP represent Pakhtoon community of Pakistan..answer is once again NO..Pakhtoons are represented by parties present in parliament from KP..and they are mostly liberal parties like PPP, ANP (Govt. in KP)

Anyone asking negotiations with Taliban is committing high treason, violating constitution of Pakistan, want to hand over Pakistan to Taliban and wants to surrender parts of the country to TTP thus conspiring against existance of the Pakistan as a state and against soveriginty of Pakistan. All such persons should be trialed under article 6.

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  • Very good point.
    Negotiations with Terrorists is a violation of Constitution, until terrorists surrender to the Constitution and Rule of Law.

  • well said. I wish someone would counter this stupid rhetoric on the talk shows!

  • Can Taliban Supporter media take the responsibility Of Sawat ?
    In Sawat Taliban captured the area and implemented their own laws ,killed many people ,destroyed schools and openly accepted and said that Pakistani constitution is unislamic , That time our Talbani Media and Hameed gul puppets like Imran khan ,Munawer hasan etc are asking for dialog and keep repeating the Mantra of “Mazaakraat Mazaaktaar ”
    what happened after so called “Muzaakraat ” ????????
    was it failed or succeeded ?

  • Mr.jinnah has given us a pakistan and there is no role of any tehrik taliban pakistan in foundation of pakistan , jinnah was a true liberal muslim,he has given us pakistan so that we should follow the right rules of islam,not rule of any taliban groups,we are a liberal nation ,we have a constitution,supreme national assembly,senate,supreme court, democracy and army any one cannot compare us with afghanistan and if we will surrender ourself to the thinking of taliban then our future generation and history will not forgive us,so we have to fight against them till the last breadth of our life and till the last drop of our blood for living in history and we will do with help of Allah almighty

  • Excellent propaganda piece to jam the NRO down ignorant public’s throat?

    No matter what you say, NRO was the biggest blunder to Pakistan after Bangladesh fiasco and again Poiltical and military elite was equally responsible for it!

    So much for being a truth seeker?

    Admin: why are you not publishing my comments? Can’t face the truth?

  • @Rajput

    your leader Imran Khn and his allies (JI and other ight wingers) are facilitating terorists to disintgerate Pakistan.

    no wonder JI an other religious cult opposed creatin Pakistan nd now they want to destroy the country with help of terrorists and Immi boy is also part of that game

  • @Rajput, why do you guys always change the topic. Don’t you have the decency to see how the public is sick and tired of your billionaire generals and their Jihadi pin up stooges like Imran Khan! Whenever there is any question raised against the army and their stooges, you PTI/Jamaat/Sipah trolls change the topic. Guess what, its not working. With all the power, the tens of thousands of Pakistanis killed by your beloved Taliban, you have still lost. Go, do another dharna.

  • Leaders who opposed Musharaf’s NRO, now, are asking for NRO with Terrorists.

  • The killers of Sawat Sufi Mohammad and Muslim Khan were the “Good Taliban ” and After the negotiations thay called Democracy is Haram . Now they are in Jail
    PTI,JI,Hameed gul and Talbani Media should support them now as they were supporting before “Negotiations “