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Our Media Role: ‘Destructive or Critical’ – by Ahsan Abbas Shah

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Ahsan Abbas Shah


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  • good Ahsan…
    Pakistan ka sab bara dusham yai media hai or yai theak nhi ho sakta

  • I think Ahsan abbas is quite right on some points, media has create awareness among masses as well, but still some of the channels have anti Pakistan and anti govt policies and some new anchors and reporters comes up with different and illogical questions just to show professional efficiency to their bosses but they were showing there lack of knowledge about the incident took place.

  • Good article. The issue is that it is difficult to draw the line around what to cover and what not – what to publish and what not.
    I feel it is a failure (AGAIN) on the part of the Pakistani forces that they were not able to control this situation which gave the journalists a free hand. The forces should have taken necessary precautions to avoid this situation.
    The media didn’t exactly help, but thats free media.
    On a more solemn note, the loss of life of the brave personnel was extremely sad.

  • @Kashif Naseer,

    “”Shia Lobby in Pakistan always try to make stupid and baseless propaganda “”

    Tell us what’s ‘stupid’ and ‘baseless’ propaganda in this blog ?