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PAF airbase attack: The costs of promoting Devil’s Advocates like Imran Khan

Pakistan has once again been beset with yet another terrorist attack undertaken by the frankensteins that are have been created and still being protected by the powerful security establishment. The day began with the news of two more Shias (both lawyers and brothers) being killed in Karachi by groups like Lashkar e Jhangvi that are allied to the Taliban and Al Qaeeda.

Karachi has also been the location of Imran Khan’s 2-day dharna whose attendance was bulked up the Jihadi groups allied to the Taliban like Sipah Sahaba and Laskhar Tayaba (renamed Jamat Dawa). The centrepiece of Imran’s dishonest political posturing is to condemn the killing of the Taliban by drones while blaming the 35,000 victims of Taliban violence on America and the elected government. In his harangues, Imran Khan is careful to avoid mentioning the double game being played by his political mentors and backers, the ISI. The ISI uses failed Islamist politicians like Imran Khan to highlight to the world that there is an alternate political force in the country aside from the PPP which they should accept now.

In the last few hours, it is not yet been confirmed if the situation is under control and if the terrorists killing Pakistan’s Navy engineers and personnel have been brought under control.

However, one thing is glaringly obvious. The security establishment’s continued support of the Taliban and of the use of violent Jihad as a tool of foreign policy needs to be scrapped. In this regard, the ISI has greatly weakened the elected government via its Judiciary and a media that takes its direction from ISPR has obfuscated the existential threat to Pakistan from violent religious extremism.

The world community needs to come to grips with the fact that the security establishment is unwilling to change its total support for the doctrine of “strategic depth” in Afghanistan and Kashmir via the Taliban. As the violent attacks clearly illustrate, the elected government is a hostage to this policy. Furthermore, a severely compromised media and an intellectually and morally degenerate intelligensia have created an enabling environment for the security establishment.

In the last 3 days, Pakistan’s largest corporate, feudal entity and the highest paid entity is busy promoting and supporting Taliban ideologues like Imran Khan to blackmail NATO. Instead of this, it should have been ensuring its own safety and that of the civilians for which it has been amply paid by the Pakistani tax payer.

By promoting Imran Khan’s dharna of Taliban activists and sympathizers, the security establishment has weakened itself and the Pakistani nation.  It is the establishment that has created utter confusion in the minds of ordinary Pakistanis and today, they are clueless as to who Pakistan’s real enemies are.  Instead, our educated elite are awash in conspiracy theories and a warped sense of nationalism.   For decades they have been fed concocted myths that define patriotism as a martial, supremacist and Salafist view of religion.  They have been brainwashed into glorifying murderers and this makes many of the educated elite more amenable to generals and failed Islamist politicians who fuse their discourse with false machismo. 

This most recent attack is a direct result of enabling the  religious extremists by events like Imran Khan’s dharna.

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Humza Ikram


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  • Shame for the fascist politicians who are least concerned about the killing of Pakistan army men and innocent Pakistani citizens and more concerned about the killing of Chechans and others in drone attacks.

  • excellent post.pakistan is at war. instead of spending tax payers money on politically bankrupt people like imran khan, our security establishment needs to put its own house in order.they should utilise their energies and potential in eliminating the terrorist groups from our soil.lets face this bitter truth that many of the threats to our country comes from within.and we need the armed forces who vigilantly guard our nation from enemies ‘within’ and ‘without’.nothing can better explain the present scenario in pakistan than the famous words of ARAHIM LINCOLN : ”we will never be destroyed from outside. if we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”. my heart felt condolences to the families of shuhadaas( may ALLAH bless them with eternal peace).once again dissappointed to see our”analyst” r referring to ”conspiracy theories”. when will we identify our real enemy?

  • Dear Hamza you proved yourself a part of same Pakistan where everybody speaks nonsense and the same category claps. but i hate to see this kind of Pakistan and don’t want to be a part of it so please show the proof or just shut up if you are a journalist then try to do investigative journalism instead of second hand spy.

    sorry for being little harsh but its matter of Pakistan.

    stay blessed

  • Hamza I have been saying it all along that Kiani & its military establishent is mother of all evils , people like Mr Be Ghairat khan are it new production. He have to name & shame this gang of islamofascists who have brought us to this diasater. We must confront them rather than keeping quite. I praise LUBP that its doing a remarkable job in this context.

  • What a propostrous way of putting it. You are speaking the language of traitors. Looks like this post is on ppp’s payroll. What a stupid post; you think pakistanis are idiots to believe in your mumbo jumbo

  • Please remove this post. Everybody can see through your propoganda. Or perhaps you are actually stupid enough to say what you have said.

  • An increasing observation that is being made at social network sites is the comical hypersensitivity of PTI trolls. Keep commenting, you are making our case more effective.




  • This is the last throw of the dice for Imran. After failing to become a popular leader after struggling in politics for more than one decade, he is now trying to ride the anti-american wave to get people behind him… This is a very dangerous game and we are already seeing the results… two attacks on navy after his Peshawar Dharna and now this deadly one after the Karachi dharna.
    For many educated folks, he was seen as a last ray of hope and a sane voice among the corrupt feudal and mullah politicians… its very sad to see him becoming the source of even more troubles for the country.

  • another absurd conspiracy theory. We are just trying to make things worse for us just by giving these conspiracy theories. Shame on us!

  • Everything written is none other than the mere facts; Although the facts which are making us pay ; making pakistani people suffer. Nation must recognize the faces who are encouraging Taliban and extremists. Imran after missing the bus first time in Musharaf Era is ready to pay every price in shape of blood of pakistani people , destruction of pakistani economy and above all defaming the religion of peace and tolerance.I know that every body goes under transformation and transition as the age passes; But the transition of a play boy to a supporter and encourager of Taliban is not a positive transition as it is not only against the religion of peace , but also against the nation and national interests. People like Imran appreciate and facilitate the sabotage of Pakistan soverignity by welcoming taliban , Osama , Mulla umar and every kind of nationality holder so called jihadi , but when any such jihadi is killed ; they call him shaheed. Ya-Allah is qaom pe rehem farma; Ameen.

    Dear Hamza, please keep your good work going , you are not alone in this mission.

  • Mr Hamza, put your facts right before you speak. With his full life and career infront of me, I can confidently say that this man called Imran Khan is cut from a different cloth. His strong will, determination, single-minded pursuit (and achievement of his goals) and never-say-die spirit makes him so refreshingly different from all our dirty rotten scoundrel brigade of politicans.

    Mark my words, Imran is destined to rule this county one day and in all likelihood will bring it to sanity and safety as I know him. Any other person in his place would have given it up after the gruelling 15-year struggle in politics; but not Imran. He won it for Pakistan in cricket and he will do it again for his country in politics.
    Why the f… do we need a politican to run this country? Haven’t we seen eonugh of them – the Bhuttos, the Sharifs, the Chaudhries, the Zias and the Musharrafs. Let’s give a chance to a non-politican like Imran to put things right for a change.
    Wake Up Hamza and put your facts right before airing your views.

  • You really need to get your facts straight! PPP disbanded the political wing long ago. ISI has its plate full rite now & trust me if the political wing had been functioning and they wanted imran, a scoundrel like zardari would not be ruling us. One thing is for sure we Pakistani’s never take credit for the mess v create ourselves. wat has PPP given us in the last years or any other politician in the last two decades for that matter. Imran khan is the only politician who has toiled for the betterment of this country even without holding a public office! His achievements to b claimed are not utilizing the revenue generated by the tax payers but are based on his struggle and the trust people have put in him. So frankly supporting and speaking for PPP is hilarious. look at the debt they have almost quadrupled, the fiscal deficit that v face due to their extravagance & their need to buy support of political parties with our money. (Who were the bhutto’s how did they get so rich? check and then talk!) & please do not even think of saying that PP had to deal with the mess that the previous governments left. They knew wat they were getting in to and they shouldn’t have taken the reins of this country if they were incapable of putting things back on track. As far as the war on terror is concerned it was not our war at all, v should not have gotten ourselves mixed up in someone else’s mess. taliban were a joint creation in which CIA-US had a big role to play. so i agree with imrans ideology for this country self-sustenance is the key to get this country out of this mess! & v should not let foreigners decide wat v do!

    BTW I have seen our society disintegrate in to bickering fools blaming the first maverick v see. Instead of realizing wat dupe we elect and send to make policies that will affect our generations to come! & last but not the least anyone supporting a corrupt leadership that should have been overthrown years back has no right to call himself a patriot!

  • Brothers Hamza and Rishad, don’t mind these LUDP Let Us DESTROY Pakistan pithoos! I agree with you about Imran Khan. As a life long member of Jamaat Islami, we are very excited at Imran Khan ruling Pakistan for decades! This democracy is an anti-Islamic concept as it prevents true patriots like Imran Khan from ruling us! I can tell you that Jamaat Islami and other sister organizations like Sipah Sahaba, Jamaat Dawa, Sunni Tehrik and Lashkar are very excited about Imran Khan are are fully supporting him. When Imran Khan stood up to the PPP fascists when they were campaigning for the Women’s Protection Bill during Musharaf’s time, the MMA was with him. When PTI joined the brave marchers against revoking blasphemy Law, we, the true Islamic brothers of Jamaat and Lashkar cheered for our ghazi, Imran Khan. Down with democracy, we need Sharia and Imran Khan will get it for us!

  • This is no time for playing party politics. We should be coordinating our efforts to address the real threat of terrorism.